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A "Suite" Trip to Disney World UPDATED 1/28 with Turret Suite Pics!!

Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by thesupersmartguy, Aug 16, 2008.

  1. thesupersmartguy

    thesupersmartguy New Member

    Hi all, starting my first TR here, so I will take it in installments.

    Ok, here we go, we arrived at our "Stop-At" Disney hotel CBR about 1:20ish.

    The Check-In CM was rude, and used phrases such as "I'm not finished" and "You didn't ask me to do that". The rate was different from what we had booked, and we were told "Disney will have to "Suck Up" the difference in the two.


    We had requested a renovated room when we booked, as well as one close to the food court, and got one in Martinique, we had requested a extra cleaning, and were told at check in it had been done, and was ready for us to go to. It had in fact NOT been done. As you will see in pic #2, there was not even shampoo or soap in the bathroom. Personally, I will never stay here again.


    NOTE:There IS a refrigerator in the room.


    NOTE: The Underside of the beds are the standard "Box" form.


    Next Up: Same day, Animal Kingdom.
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  3. thesupersmartguy

    thesupersmartguy New Member

    Hi all, welcome to the next installment of my Trip Report.

    We arrived at AK just as the parade was starting.


    We had a ADR at Yak and Yeti later on in the day, but decided we would try to get in early. 1 1/2 early to be exact, and guess what, they had a table ready for us! Here are some pics of our meal.


    After we ate, we decided to go try Kali.


    It was roughly a 25 minute wait, so we had time to take some pics.


    We headed back to the resort to dry off, and head to MGM (Hollywood Studios) later on for EMH.

    Up next: EMH at Hollywood Studios, and TSM.
  4. Disney_Angel

    Disney_Angel Cylons for McCain 08' ---- (aka the Tacky "un-scho

    Great Pics....subbing

    Sorry about the rude CM. :(
  5. Aaron'smom

    Aaron'smom New Member

    It seemed to get a bit better after the check in issues.
  6. magicmouse2

    magicmouse2 New Member

    Great report thankyou! excellent pics!:thumbsup2 I have got to have that meal at Yak N Yeti!
  7. prototypeking237

    prototypeking237 Your Highway In The Sky!!

    Hey loving the trip report so far!
    Im going to Walt Disney World in 3 days!
    Guess what hotel im staying at..CBR:lmao:
    Im glad to know youll never stay there again!
    Haha but it makes me worried for our trip
    Keep it up!
  8. flafan

    flafan New Member

    Subbing. Can not wait to hear more :goodvibes
  9. WDW Fan

    WDW Fan New Member

    Sorry about the rude CM but the pics of CBR look pretty nice.:)
  10. jkjjhuddle

    jkjjhuddle New Member

    subbing.... staying at CBR in October... would love to hear more about the resort and the rest of the trip!
  11. scraplady

    scraplady New Member

    Great report so far. I am to am sorry about the CM (if it happens to me I am going to demand to wait for the next available). I to am staying there in December and have only heard more negative than positive. But I will make the best of it. I have stay in the All Star Sports and Movies as well as in The Poly and at WL and have never had any problems with anyone or thing.
  12. thesupersmartguy

    thesupersmartguy New Member

    Hi all, hope you are enjoying the TR so far, will have another installment soon.

  13. thesupersmartguy

    thesupersmartguy New Member

    Welcome to my next installment.

    The camera did not make it to MGM that first night, but I can pick up on August 8.

    We checked into the Yacht Club at roughly 9:00. Which means we made it in time for breakfast! Our room was not quite ready, so we were there through mid morning snacks.


    Our room was ready close to Check-In. Here is a view from outside(It's the turret on the left side of the pic).


    And here is a side view, the turret is on down the left side of the pic, and all the windows you see on the first floor is the room also.


    August 9 was a big stay in day, so up next: August 10, the food day.
  14. podsnel

    podsnel <font color=blue>just skippin' around, amusing mys

    Hey-I'm lovin all the pics- can't wait for the rest- subbing-
  15. Harters2WDW

    Harters2WDW New Member

  16. thesupersmartguy

    thesupersmartguy New Member

  17. jjk

    jjk <img src=http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/images

    great pictures, looking forward to more :goodvibes
  18. HockeyMomR

    HockeyMomR New Member

    We were at YC concierge August 2 - 9; probably saw you in the lounge on the 8th or 9th. Can't wait to see the suite pics!
  19. thesupersmartguy

    thesupersmartguy New Member

    Bump, will try to add more pics this weekend.
  20. thesupersmartguy

    thesupersmartguy New Member

    Bump. Will be adding more pics as soon as I can get them together.
  21. Trissy

    Trissy Indiana is where I live, but Michigan is my home

    What happened to your TR?

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