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A resale closing timeline (thru Fidelity)

Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by gncntry, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. Millionaire2K

    Millionaire2K New Member

    Give him a call and ask him how he's doing. pirate:
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  3. DanenRox

    DanenRox Disney Junkies DVC Gold

    I've been so patient but now I can't resist asking for advice...we are existing members who closed another resale contract. The date on the comptroller's site is 6/18. This contract has the same use year as our exisiting contract, when might I see points added to our account?
  4. Millionaire2K

    Millionaire2K New Member

    Should be by Friday.
  5. DanenRox

    DanenRox Disney Junkies DVC Gold

    Hey, thanks! :3dglasses
  6. DanenRox

    DanenRox Disney Junkies DVC Gold

    They arrived today! pixiedust:
  7. GOOFY D

    GOOFY D New Member

    6/5 – Offer submitted on 150 point BWV
    6/5 – seller accepted
    6/6 – Received contract
    6/7 – Returned executed contract
    6/7 – Seller returns contract
    6/9 – Sent to ROFR
    7/11 - Passed ROFR
    7/17 - Received closing documents
    7/18 - Closing documents and payment FEDEXED to title company
    7/22 - Seller returned signed document/closed (sent to OCC and Disney)
    7/24 - Shows up on OCC site
    7/28 – Account added to Disney website but no points loaded
    7/29 – Points loaded

    54 days start to finish.

    Our sellers were great. They returned documents very quickly in the beginning and the end.
  8. AMCSquared

    AMCSquared New Member

    This is an Aulani purchase. Seller is in Japan.

    5-21 Offer accepted.
    5-24 Contract signed by buyer.
    6-3 ROFR sent.
    6-30 ROFR passed.
    8-12 Received buyers paper.
    9-8 Seller returns signed paper.
    9-15 Recorded in Hawaii.
    10-3 Membership letter received.
    10-14 Membership ID received.

    Overall, took close to 5 month! This is a tad longer than "normal" probably due to the fact that this is an international transaction and the Escrow company is located in Hawaii (and probably work on "island" time).

    One interesting thing was that since the sellers are not US based, Uncle Sam and State of Hawaii wanted to withhold 10% and 5% (respectively) of the transaction price for tax on potential gain! Sellers had to hire US based accountant to try to recapture that (assuming they lost money on original purchase).

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