A new park near San Antonio, Texas

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    Aug 23, 1999
    I just read about a new play park that is scheduled to open this fall, specially designed to be accessible and fun for children with special needs and their families. It is planned to include:
    • 18 ADA compliant restrooms, one with a shower and clean up area. Several of the restrooms are family restrooms with diaper changing facilities
    • 2 First Aid stations with feeding area
    • 3 accessible playscapes
    • accessible train ride
    • accessible go cart
    • accessible water play area
    • a lake with an accessible fishing area
    • security fencing around the lake and a security fence around the entire park
    • controlled park entry and exit
    • locator wristbands and touch screen display monitors to help parents and caregivers keep track of their children

    Here's a link to their website with more information and a brochure you can download.

    And the best part (if all this was not good enough), is that it is being built by a charitable trust and entry will be free of charge!
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    Did you see the swing for people in wheelchairs. Fall is late for San Antonio and they tend to shut down amusement parks after Labour Day except for weekends and holidays. Wow a free park is amazing. I cannot get over the swing for wheelchairs.

    I love that they are secured and track guests. I love the idea of the picnics and they have lockers for storing stuff. They are addressing SID/SPD as well as vision, auditory, and physical limitations. I cannot wait to see this when it opens.

    Another great thing is that it is built on a former quarry which is great land use. Maybe someone can check this out and add it to the database.

    Great Find Sue.
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    We love Morgans Wonderland!

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