A Much Needed Trip for the Mominators...10/12 NEW! Much Ado About Nothing! #80

Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by Lauralee131, Aug 11, 2009.

  1. Sleepingbooty

    Sleepingbooty DIS Veteran

    Jun 3, 2008
    How great that the Dapper Dan's happened to be on your trolley ride - what a great way for Michael to recapture his Disney spirit! We had a ride with them on our last trip, and I thought it was so cool! Something we ought to take the time to do more often.
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  3. Lauralee131

    Lauralee131 DIS Veteran

    Aug 1, 2005
    It was fun and thankfully they managed to bring a smile to Michael's face! It was not looking good early on!!
  4. princessjv

    princessjv DIS Veteran

    Jul 29, 2005
    LL, I love your story telling. It is a hoot reading the trip from each of your views. Will Squishy have a return?;) Glad Michael popped out of his "non Disney mood".
  5. DisneyJo

    DisneyJo Missing my tags!

    Oct 22, 2006
    I'm so pleased the trolley ride and Dapper Dans rekindled Michaels Disney spirit, can't have him losing that, what would his Mom do? :rotfl:
  6. jcc0621

    jcc0621 DIS Veteran

    Mar 8, 2007
    Hey LL. Soooooooo sorry I wasn't here sooner, but I am all caught up now that I can see a bit better :goodvibesLoving the YT, as usual. I mentions on both T and V's reports, I can't get over how big the kids got just since last year!

    I didn't realize what chaos you were going through, so lots of hugs to you for geting through it with your danity my friend:hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug:
  7. Lauralee131

    Lauralee131 DIS Veteran

    Aug 1, 2005
    Ahhh...glad you're here! I'm really enjoying reading the girls' versions too - even though I was there it's fun to rehash it all and see the pictures and catch the little details I've missed!

    Jo you should have seen him...my poor little guy was miserable. Who'd have thought a trolley ride going in the opposite direction of the magic would recover the lost spirit?:confused3


  8. HomeschoolMama

    HomeschoolMama I raise kids... What's your super power?

    Jun 16, 2007
    Okay... I just read through everything. I'm ready to go to Disney now! :yay:
  9. tiggerwannabe

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    Aug 27, 2002
  10. lovealldisney

    lovealldisney Lover of all things Disney!

    Mar 16, 2006
  11. Lauralee131

    Lauralee131 DIS Veteran

    Aug 1, 2005
    Wow…time really flies.

    It’s been a whole MONTH since I’ve updated this bad boy.

    I actually had to go back and read to see where we left off…

    So we’d spent a couple of days at CBR, wandered Epcot in the rain, had a big “family” birthday celebration, and lost – and then found – Michael’s Disney Spirit. On the trolley, of all places.

    So, come Sunday, August 2nd, it was time to move to Saratoga Springs Resort - our home away from home. With all of our friends. Not quite under one roof, but in one section.

    We slept in a bit. Or – the boys slept in. I myself was packed and ready to go. Thinking of all the things we COULD be doing.

    But I tried to relax. After all, The Plan for this day was…No Plan.

    Ok, not entirely true.

    Switching resorts early morning had been planned.

    Spending the day around the pool had been planned.

    Even doing laundry while lounging around the pool had been planned.

    So, apparently you can Plan not to have a Plan. And yes, that Plan can also be thrown out the window.

    But I planned ahead to allow for that.

    Still with me?

    Ok good.

    When I could take the waiting no longer, the Drill Sergeant in me kicked in and I practically dragged the boys out of bed. Yes, I know, the plan was to sleep in a bit and take it easy today, but I’ll be honest. I was ready to get out of CBR.

    It was fine.

    For a couple of days.

    But Resort Snob that I am was ready to move on up, Weezie.

    We had our bathing suits on, had a small bag with a change of clothes in the event that our room wasn’t ready and had called bell services to transfer our luggage and Owner’s Locker over to SSR.

    I had done the on-line check-in before we left so really, all we needed to do was show up, take about 2 minutes to run in the Carriage House and get our keys and our little show “about nothing” (NO Seinfeld) could begin it’s run.

    If only it had gone that way.

    Now I didn’t do a pre-trip report, so all of the drama and resort switching and date changing was missed by most of you but I think I mentioned it in the beginning. In a nutshell, we were staying on points from August 2nd thru the 5th and on rented points for the night of the 5th. So when I did online check-in, I checked in for both reservation numbers with the plan of taking a quick moment to have my two ressie’s linked so no room switching would be necessary. It’s easy enough to do.

    Unless you are the Mominator and have been having the kind of year I have. Bad Juju had become a constant companion and apparently it must’ve slipped in to the car when I wasn’t looking as it reared its ugly head upon arrival.

    Anyway, the boys and I met up in the parking lot at the Carriage House (we had 2 vehicles don’t forget) and ran in together. The boys were charged with the mission of going to get us something to eat whilst I took a quick minute or 2 to get checked in.

    Those of you that know my DH though, know darn well that didn’t happen. Tony has a problem “splitting up” on vacation. He refuses to be a FP Runner, nor will he take our son and go and get lunch whilst I get our room keys.


    He would rather linger in the lobby and wait angrily whilst it takes too long.

    Occasionally complaining that it’s taking too long and telling me that they’re starving.

    Yet refusing to go get lunch without me.

    Despite my pleading for him to…well, just go away.

    I knew this ahead of time. It always happens. It’s about as predictable as what my drink order will be at the pool bar.

    Online check-in would be a great way for me to avoid this aggravation. Within mere minutes we’d all be together at AP getting an early lunch to take to the pool with us.

    So upon entering the lobby I was immediately received at the online check-in desk. Sweet.

    And 30 seconds later I had my welcome packet in hand. Why yes, Mrs. Mominator, your Grandstand request has been met and your room is, in fact, ready now.

    I request an additional parking pass and to link my 2 ressies. No problem they say.

    We’ll just pull up your name in the system here…ah, there you are Mrs. Mominator. I’ll just link the reservations and print out new room keys ….

    There. Now I just need to…

    Umm….this is strange….your reservation seems to be frozen.

    Let me try hitting this key…

    Hmmm…let me log out and log back in again.

    Ok, good. Now, let’s try putting your name in again…

    Ummmm….my system is frozen.

    Give me just a minute…

    Twenty minutes later, I was still standing there.

    With Tony complaining that he and Michael were starving and asking what was taking so long. Ahhhh…just like old times.

    “So go to AP and grab something to eat”

    No, he says, we’re not going without you.

    And so it begins.



    The lovely CM then explains that her machine is completely locked up.

    Please wait here, she says, and I’ll just go to another Cast Member’s computer and print out your other parking pass.

    She uses the terminal next to her between guests.

    Ok, she says, let’s find your ressie in the system. There you are…

    Now, let’s get those room keys reprinted and…

    Uh oh….

    Now this system was frozen too.

    As was the one next to that when she tried using that one.

    Apparently V is not the only one who has been blacklisted.

    The mere entry of my last name causes each terminal at the registration desk to freeze up and shut down.

    With that, the CM disappears into the back and comes back with a Manager.

    I let out a slight sigh of relief at the sight of “Anthony”. The CM I’ve been dealing with is…well, she’s never been the sharpest tool in the shed. She’s been here for a couple of years and I seem to get her each time I check in. Since she started training back in the day.

    Luckily, she probably doesn’t remember me the way I remember her.

    Although, since August 2nd, that may have changed.

    Now approaching forty-five minutes since arrival, you can imagine how happy my husband is.

    Michael, on the other hand, is quite content watching cartoons in a comfy just-my-size chair.

    This is where Tony gets loud. And has no problem making an issue out of the fact that his wife did online check-in and has been here nearly an hour. And he doesn’t understand what the problem is.

    But I do.

    It’s Cinnamon-Gate.

    The All-Seeing, All-Knowing Mouse has caught me. There is no pulling the wool over the Mouse’s eyes.

    It may have been too late to tell me I could have my illegally, immorally gained reservation, but they could certainly let me know that they know.

    What I’ve done.

    And that I wasn’t going to get away with it.

    I must be punished.

    And therefore, blacklisted.

    Stripped of my privileges and quite possibly my pool day.

    Finally “Anthony” had to make a call. He was nearly whispering to whomever he was talking to…Jim Lewis, perhaps, and looking to me every minute or so with a disapproving furrow to his brow.

    I began to feel like I was trying to pass counterfeit bills and had been caught and was simply being stalled until security could get there.

    I nervously cleared my throat as he called upon the original CM where they huddled quietly, occasionally looking over at me.

    I began to sweat.

    Then, they broke the huddle and approached me. One from each side.

    I’d been had.

    The jig was up.

    Anthony explained that they were very, very sorry for my inconvenience. Member services had to have IT work on my reservation. In the meantime, I could use the original keys and stop by at my earliest convenience and get the new keys that had the 2 reservations linked.

    I was well prepared to protest.

    Ummm….this IS my earliest convenience.

    But I decided that since I was merely a suspect at this time, and not the convicted felon, I would promise not to leave town and be prepared to answer any further questions later.

    With that, we got lunch, checked in with V and T and headed over to the Grandstand.

    Nervously laughing on my way out of the Carriage House…and on the way to our room.

    I have to end this now as I have to run out, but more later...

    Coming up…a 3-Focker collision at the corner of Pool and Beer:Thirty…

    And even though she’s laminated, should Kate have sunscreen??

  12. jcc0621

    jcc0621 DIS Veteran

    Mar 8, 2007
    :cool1: You're back!

    Was this no plan thing?

    Yes, yes you can!


    Oh no:hug:

    :confused3 Jim has no problem doing this...maybe I should be insulted!:confused:



    Another great update LL!:goodvibes
  13. Disneyland_Mama

    Disneyland_Mama <marquee><font color=peach>His head instantly infl

    Aug 13, 2006

    OMG! That was probably the funniest installment of Focker history!

    And the funniest part is that all of it freakin' TRUE!!! :rotfl2::rotfl2:

    Hey, LL? You really have to work on Tony and being the FP runner. ;)
  14. DisneyJo

    DisneyJo Missing my tags!

    Oct 22, 2006
    They're definitely on to you LL :rotfl:
  15. HomeschoolMama

    HomeschoolMama I raise kids... What's your super power?

    Jun 16, 2007
    It's even more fun reading now that I've BEEN to SSR, eaten at AR, and stayed in the Grandstand! I can totally picture it all now. :yay:

    If it makes you feel better, we got to SSR at 4pm and our room wasn't ready for an hour. I was surprised since that's check-in. I've heard so many people say their rooms were ready early. :confused3

    When you think about it, we had several problems with the busses, check-in, the monorail, etc. Not to mention the heat... I just choose not to think about. :cool2:
  16. cmp1111

    cmp1111 DIS Veteran

    Dec 17, 2006
    Busted! :rotfl2:

    Oh, dear... Can't wait to hear what happens next!
  17. PrincessV

    PrincessV DIS Veteran

    Jul 6, 2006

    :lmao::lmao::lmao: Well, that just solved my little dilemma on which we've been working via email! Moving up = good. ;)

    I think that line sums it up. :lmao::rotfl2::rotfl: I'm sorry LL - it was so NOT funny at the time, but it's pretty freaking humorous in hindsight! :hug:

    Oh... didn't I tell you I'd saved you a seat?!

    New Yorker! :thumbsup2

    I'd like to be the fly on the wall when they read your Mom's Panel application. "Oh, that's weird - my computer just froze!" :rotfl2:

    Come back soon? :hug:
  18. Sleepingbooty

    Sleepingbooty DIS Veteran

    Jun 3, 2008
    Alright, an update!:cool1:

    But, I think I'm going to have to go back to the beginning to figure out what's going on with your ressie problems. :confused: Well, at least they let you hit the pool while they gathered up evidence for your arrest!
  19. dlwharp

    dlwharp Mouseketeer

    Aug 30, 2004
    Oh my, what tension, what drama...you had me on the edge of my seat throughout that whole update :scared1:!
  20. Lauralee131

    Lauralee131 DIS Veteran

    Aug 1, 2005
    I know, right?? You can't make stuff like that up!!:lmao:

    I keep trying T. I have a feeling that he's subconsciously thinking I'm going to ditch him somewhere or something. You know, I once tried to book a vasectomy for him and not tell him. My plan was to get him to "go for a ride" and then say, "We just have to make one quick stop first..."pirate:

    Come on, if you knew your wife was capable of something like that, would you trust her when she tries to send you to the other side of the theme park and promise to meet up with you?:confused3

    I may, or may not have had such thoughts too.

    Let's face it...the kid and the old guy only slow me down anyway...:lmao:

    I'll just say this Jo...Karma has a way of coming back to you.

    Whether you like it or not...:rolleyes1 And in the unlikeliest of ways...

    Always glad to help... ;) That's what friends are for!

    OMG - I read this and laughed my freakin' butt off OUT LOUD...Tony looked at me like I was nuts and when he asked what was so funny, I had to tell him all about the blacklist "theory" and get him all caught up to what made me laugh.

    He didn't get it.

    Big, heavy sigh...do ya see what I'm dealing with here?!?!:confused3

    Probably why I haven't heard anything yet...whatdya think?:rotfl2:

    popcorn:: Hooo boy...you shoulda been there...:scared1:
  21. Lauralee131

    Lauralee131 DIS Veteran

    Aug 1, 2005
    So when I last left off, the DVC Gods had decided to royally screw with me. There. I said it. I’d been flagged. Frozen. Cut off. Denied.

    Perhaps even…dare I say it? Blacklisted.:eek:

    Notice I'm not saying I didn't deserve it though. Much like the New England Patriots, I ate my Cheaties for breakfast and took my chances that I’d be caught. Anywhooo…:rolleyes1

    I'd been told my original keys would work but that I'd have to come back to the desk at some point to get my new keys that would work throughout my added night.

    But would they? Really?
    With that, we were free to start our day!

    A day about nothing.

    We were going to get settled in to our studio and then hit the pool. V and Leo were already there. She was happily doing laundry. :laundy:Which, honestly, I don’t get. V loves to do laundry. If only we lived closer, I’d pay her to do mine. However, the fact that you can do laundry and hang out at the pool, makes it a little more bearable. I still miss having a washer/dryer in the room though. One of the drawbacks to staying in a studio.

    We brought lunch with us to the pool and then kept an eye on Leo so that V could go and get their lunch. Sadly, after she left, I went to the bar to get another drink and noticed that you could order lunch there too. Wish we’d known that prior to the laundry goddess making the walk to the CH. Well, at least now we know for next time.

    T and the rest of the gang were going to be joining us soon…I think they may have been at AK, which was crazy. It was so blazing hot that day…AK would be the LAST place you’d find me, that’s for sure. AK in the summer makes me sweat from places I didn’t even know COULD sweat!

    So having gotten settled, the boys immediately went upon their way, enjoying the pool. Jumping in, getting out, jumping in…well, you get the routine.

    After a little while though they decided that just jumping in and out of the pool wasn’t fun enough for them. They needed a toy.

    A great, big toy to play with…and one that would play back….

    And that’s when it started….”Daaaaaad…are you coming in??”

    Heh heh…Tony’s the oversized pool toy that every kid wants…He’s so much fun. They pile on his back like they’re riding a water horse and he swims them around the pool going above and below the water. They have splashing contests and their favorite? He can throw them across the pool like it’s an Olympic event. You may have seen evidence of this in V's TR.
    Even better than that? V and I can enjoy ourselves chatting over adult beverages and not worry about the boys. Everybody wins!
    Eventually though Tony gets tired and gets out of the water. Limiting the uhhh…limitless conversations we can have while he’s watching the boys…I will have to try and do something about that in the future…Red Bull in his Pina Colava perhaps?? Hmmmm….think, think, think…

    The rest of the gang soon showed up and we pretty much dominated the pool area for the next couple of hours. How nice it was…Me, T & V sitting around sipping beverages and the guys keeping the kids entertained in the pool. Heaven I tell ya!! I'm pretty sure the kids enjoyed it too...look at the big smile on Evan!

    [​IMG]en And Kate even made an appearance for some group pictures…

    I can just see us 25 years from now, little old bitties with big floppy sunhats on…It probably won't look much different from this picture, but I hope that I'm thinner then. Just sayin'...

    Our “day about nothing” was super. Relaxing and chatting and drinking with friends. Pure bliss I tell ya. We even had no plans for dinner. Yep – that’s right. I said it. We were going to be flying by the seat of our pants for the evening too. We even took a short nap. KGM had indeed showed up on this trip and oddly enough, I didn’t mind her presence. Life had been so stressful and hectic that doing a lot of nothing seemed like a good idea.

    Later that night, Tony would have the first of 3 solo outings this week. A night out with the guys at Fuego’s cigar bar. That's right, I said 3. He had golf tee times set up for Monday and Wednesday mornings with our buddy Jason. They love golfing together so Tony was really looking forward to it. Although it must be said he was pretty disappointed that he couldn’t convince Andy and Waldo to swing some clubs with him…he really wanted to play with them again. Without the pressure of a professional watching them! LOL!! Hopefully another time…


    Now some of you may wonder why I would give my husband all this time to himself on a family vacation. Certain women won’t let their husbands take an afternoon away for golf. And here I am saying that my husband is not only going out for a night with the guys, but he’ll be spending 2 whole days playing golf.

    Marriage is a give and take folks. I take all the WDW vacations I want and every once in a while I give the dog a bone, so to speak. Plus, this particular vacation was quite special. Tony was actually looking forward to going.

    There was no neck-craning, eyebrow raising and arm flailing. Heck, that alone deserves a reward, no??

    He didn’t fight me. Or he’d finally given up fighting me.

    Either way it’s like breaking a horse. Listen up ladies...You have to be the alpha and sit tight in your saddle, no matter how hard and long he tries to throw you off. In the end, the horse gets tired, realizes this is a fight he can not win, and becomes submissive, along you to ride him and tell him what to do.

    After a while, the horse will willingly do what you want under that saddle, wondering why he fought it to begin with. Some will be such great animal companions that you can take them to the annual horseshow and he’ll jump every time you lead him.

    For that, you take care of the horse and give it the occasional goodie…an apple, or a carrot. A “boy’s night out” and a couple of golf days are his apples and carrots.

    It’s got to be like this. Otherwise, a suitcase of cheese becomes your big fork and spoon, KWIM? :confused3

    Besides, he was actually looking forward to it by now. Not only would he be spending an entire week with his family (instead of every 2nd or 3rd weekend) but he was looking forward to seeing everyone again. He really enjoys our…group vacations.

    Yeah, I’m calling it a group vacation. Although, it feels more like a family vacation - a family vacation on a television show like Full House. Not a real “family” vacation.

    Where there’d be fights.

    And a little bit of fun.

    And a lot more fighting.:headache:

    These little jaunts that have become an August tradition are all fun baby!! :cool1:

    With people that are like family members.

    The ones we like anyway.

    We seem to end up staying in the same hotel, enjoying hanging out and then splitting up at the pool, in the parks, big group dinners, kid stuff, grown up stuff…it's really a great time


    Wow – there goes my TR ADD…sorry. I got lost there for a while. I wonder if any of this will really make any sense anyway? I’ve been writing this for literally the entire weekend. Occasionally sitting down, writing a bit, wondering where I lost my funny and then working on it some more – so if it seems to jump around

    Where was I?

    Ah yes, Sunday night. We were going to just wing it for dinner…somewhere at DTD and then split up with Tony so he could have his guy-time. When I eventually woke from my nap, I felt like I could have slept straight through the night. I missed a ton of texts from everyone. V talking about WPE’s for dinner. T asking if Tony was still up for Fuego’s. Margarita wanting to know what we were up to that night. Jason saying they were at DTD and wanted to know where we were…

    I loved having the Focker Hotline with me. Have I mentioned that?

    Not nearly as much as I’d love having an iPhone though. Just sayin’…:rolleyes1

    So I tried to wake up a bit and return some calls/texts. I told V that we’d never make it in time to catch up with her for dinner, but I’d get a hold of her later. Told T that Tony was still down with the Plan and that he’d meet them at the bar. And I called Jason and Margarita and told them we’d catch up with them at DTD later on.

    I rounded up the boys and got ourselves somewhat presentable and we headed to DTD in search of some much needed grub…to soak up the alcohol that would be consumed starting shortly…

    We got to DTD and weren’t really sure what we wanted to eat. We just knew we were hungry. So we decided to just walk until something bit us.

    Which was difficult because it was freakin’ MOBBED. And hot. I was not a happy camper. Even during the holidays I haven’t seen DTD this busy. It was nuts. We gave up on the idea of WPE and the Earl of Sandwich and kept going.

    T-Rex was dismissed as we’d be eating there in a couple of days with V…and then Tony suggested that we go to Fulton’s.

    No problem. But why does it look like it’s closed?

    Seriously. As busy as DTD was, there wasn’t a soul going in or out of there. Which made me leery, but as we approached the walkway and saw people in the window and decided to give it a shot.

    Can I just say we had an awesome night?? The service was excellent. Our server, also named Michael, was probably THE best we’ve ever had at WDW. It’s elegant yet casual, it feels like it’s got a fancy atmosphere but yet it feels relaxed at the same time.
    We took forever to decide what we wanted. Everything looked so good on the menu that I literally was just stupefied. Know what I ended up ordering at Fulton’s CRABhouse? Prime rib and grilled shrimp - it was delicious,
    but I was sorry as the place starting filling up around us and I saw more and more dishes around…plus, the shrimp were awesome. Whatever it was they had on it was delicious and quite frankly, tasted like…more! I was really sorry I didn’t order more fish. Like the seafood tower appetizer. I don't have pictures of it, but it's pretty spectacular. I could have been happy with just that for dinner. I did get the tuna appetizer though and it was awesome.
    Michael gave 2 thumbs up for the chicken he had ordered and proclaimed it the best he’s ever had.
    Tony ordered the bisque, but being from New England where bisque actually has chunks of seafood and is not pureed, he was a little disappointed.
    He said it was good, but was hoping for more chunks…The way they brought it out to him was kind of cool though…the bowl had chunks of lobster in it and then they had the bisque itself in a copper kettle that they poured over it.

    The cocktail du jour for dinner was a Mojito…which surprisingly came with a bamboo stick in it and not the usual pineapple leaf or whatever it is that T always gets stuck with! But it was delicious. As were the 2 others that followed it, heh heh.
    And so fat and happy from dinner we were just paying the check (ouch – it’s definitely not a cheap dinner, but so worth the money) when we heard from Jason & Margarita again. They were over at the Harley shop and had just finished dinner at the new restaurant, Paradiso. Margarita, said that being Mexican, she wasn’t overly impressed with the food at Paradiso. She said it was good, but not quite as good as what she’s used to. So for me, I’m sure it’d be delicious.

    Admittedly I’ve been dying to try it. But I’m quite angry that it has replaced my beloved Adventurer’s Club. Therefore I had to boycott on principle. PleasureIsland was the one place we grown-ups had that was all ours.

    Know what? This is a rant for another place.

    So we left Fulton’s and tried to find Jason and Margarita, but we had no luck and both of their phones went to voicemail so we pretty much gave up hope of finding them.

    Michael and I walked Tony over to Fuego’s and said our good-bye’s and just then I heard my name. I looked up to see Jason & Margie sitting at a table at that little bar outside waving frantically. Finally! Hugs and kisses were exchanged all around and then Jason decided to go pop in and say hi to Tony and meet the boys and have a little male bonding time of his own. I ordered a beer and sat with Margie and Michael and caught up a bit, enjoying the people watching and the music.
    Doesn't it look like Michael's saying "Can ya believe this cool drunk chick is my MOM dude?!?!" Ahem. Ok, maybe not....

    Michael adores Margarita and she even got him up and dancing!

    He never dances in public with me. What the heck?

    One thing about Jason & Margarita…they’re 2 of the friendliest people you could ever meet. We met them at a soccer game about a year ago through another very good friend, Martha. Martha’s son Carlos and Michael became instant best friends and it turned out to be fate. Martha’s husband Johnny worked for our electrical contractor on my job and our 2 families became instant friends. They lived just outside of our subdivision and the more that we learned about each other the more we decided we were just meant to be friends. Michael and Carlos had never met before – so they say – yet they rode the same bus in Kindergarten. They went to the same daycare and the same drop-in place on Saturday nights…it was just meant to be.

    Anyway, I’m getting away from myself…So Martha & Johnny were friends with Margarita and Jason and they came to a soccer game one day. Martha stands on the sidelines yelling to Carlos in Spanish and it’s absolutely hysterical.

    Have any of you seen that new show Modern Family? Where the Hispanic mother goes crazy on the soccer field? Yep – that’s Martha. It's an absolute RIOT to listen to.

    Margarita, would sit with me translating and laughing with me. We all got together for Halloween not too long after that (which was more of a party for the adults than the kids) when we discovered we’d be at WDW at the same time.

    So since October, even though my plans were up in the air for a few months, we’ve been excitedly planning getting together in August. And our 3 families have gotten closer and closer and by the time we’d left North Carolina for Georgia, we’d spent every single weekend together for months, bouncing from one house to the next, kids having sleepovers, etc...
    Jason, Margarita, Johnny, Tony & Me
    Martha, Me & Margie...our Oreo cookie shot! LOL!!! We're hoping that Martha, Johnny & Carlos will be joining us on our February 2010 trip - they've never been before...they'll have a blast!

    It was fairly devastating to all of us when we moved to Georgia. To all of a sudden be so…alone. So when we went home to NC for 4th of July it was so nice to all be back together again and we excitedly talked of our upcoming trip over several adult beverages at Jason & Margie’s house...

    And that’s when “the question” came up…I’m pretty sure it was Jason who asked it. Imagine if you will the laughter and chatting and clinking of beer bottles as I tell them about the people they’ll meet in August and of our previous exploits when a voice says, “so how do you know these people anyway?”

    And then all you heard was mad laughter from my husband.

    “Go ahead” he says, “tell them how you know them all!” (still laughing)…

    So…I take a deep breath, all eyes and ears on me, and say, “I met them on the internet”….:rolleyes1

    You could have heard a pin drop. And then Jason laughed as if I was making it up. When he realized I wasn’t, he contorted his face and looked like he was sorry I asked. So the rest of the night was spent defending and describing my invisible, axe murdering friends one by one and the fact that we now pretty much vacation together on a yearly basis!

    The next day the party was at our house where I proceeded to show them pictures from our past vacations. See? They look like normal people!

    Jason & Margie were excited to see “brown folk” in our vacation pictures (LY T!) and when hearing our funny stories they became even more excited to meet everyone. A little background on their sense of humor now – and how I just knew they’d fit right in with everyone…the first time Tony met Jason & Margie was on Halloween. They’d come to our house with their 2 girls, Martha, Johnny and Carlos and we took the kids throughout our subdivision trick-or-treating, making frequent stops back at our house for tequila shots and so the kids could empty their full bags of candy and go back out.

    After trick-or-treating, we took our little show, and the tequila bottle, on the road to Jason & Margie’s house, where the kids played and the grown up’s sat around talking and laughing.

    I’d already met them a few times before, but this being Tony’s first time, they were having a little fun with him. Jason, who used to be a border patrol agent, was telling Tony some stories and then Tony asked how he and Margarita met. Without a beat, Margie said, in this hysterically funny thick Mexican accent, “He caught me swimming across the river”….OMG – it was so funny. :lmao: I knew it wasn’t true, but watching Tony was priceless…he didn’t know what to say. He kind of stammered a bit and had no clue what to say after that. Then we all started laughing and he realized that they were messing with him.

    It was a riot. Quite the ice breaker!

    Ok, so a roundabout way of getting there, but go back with me to DTD now, where Jason was in Fuego’s with the boys and Margie, Michael and I were hanging around having a good time.

    Jason came out of the bar to check on us, looking a little perplexed…apparently he walked up to Waldo, speaking Spanish (Jason speaks Spanish as fluently as Margie) and Waldo (and Rick and Andy) had no idea what the heck he was saying! It was pretty funny. Poor Jason felt like an idiot. After gently assuring him that yes, he was indeed an idiot, but the others would like him anyway and we told him to just go back to the bar and speak English like a normal white boy! :lmao:

    I laughed especially hard because it seems like T’s always got a little blurb in one of her TR’s that people automatically speak Spanish to them like they expect them to understand. Pretty funny.

    So we had one last beer and then Margie and I took Michael to the Lego store and let him play for awhile and Jason eventually caught up to us. We hung around for awhile chatting whilst Michael played and then called it a night and went our separate ways. They were staying at KidaniVillage with Jason’s family so we split up at the bus stop.

    Tony showed up a while later having enjoyed his time out with the guys. He really had a great time and said Rick had him in stitches the whole night.

    So there you have it, our day of nothing really turned out to be quite something.:thumbsup2

    Good friends, good food, good drinks, good cigars...the stuff that dream vacations are made of!!

    Up next, with Tony and Jason golfing, what will Michael and I do with ourselves all day?

    Will yet another day’s Plan go in the toilet?

    Or will the Mominator raise her ugly head yet again??


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