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A little pirate gets ready to storm the castle! Live update!!!

Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by Gabes_mommy, Jul 23, 2009.

  1. Gabes_mommy

    Gabes_mommy Hoping to convert her DS into a fellow Disney fana

    I love reading TRs and PTRs so I decided to start one of my own. I hope I will have some readers. :laughing:

    The Who:

    Me - Joy, wife, mommy and Disney fanatic
    DH - Steve, amazing daddy, but only tolerates Disney :rolleyes:
    Gabe - my wonderful DS who will be almost 3 at the time of our trip. He loves Playhouse Disney, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Handy Manny are his very favorites
    Mimi - my wonderful mom and DS's grandmother - she isn't much of a ride person, but she will eat her way around the world :laughing:
    PopPop - my wonderful dad and DS's grandfather - he is the only other Disney lover in the family, but he doesn't love it as much as I do

    Here's the whole gang on our last trip. Unfortunately my niece (on the far right) won't be joining us this time:


    Here's a recent picture of me and my DS. As you can see he has grown quite a bit since the previous picture:


    The When:

    We live in South Florida so WDW is only a 2.5 hour drive away so we tend to take shorter trips. For this trip we are staying 4 days and 3 nights - September 15th through the 18th.

    The Where:

    We are staying at the Caribbean Beach Resort for the first time and I am so excited about it! I think DS is going to love the kids area at the pool. We usually stay at POFQ but I wanted to try something new this time.

    Some Background Info:

    Even though I grew up in South Florida I only went to Disney a few times. It wasn't until I got a part-time job at the Disney Store during college that I truly fell in love with Disney. My fellow Disney Store CMs and I used to take day trips to WDW pretty frequently and it soon became my favorite place and that has never changed. :lovestruc

    As soon as my DS was born I couldn't wait to take him to WDW so we took a family trip when he was 10 months old. We had a wonderful time. I am even more excited about this trip though because this feels like DS's first real trip - this time he will recognize the characters - this time he will really "get it" - I am so excited I can hardly stand it! :cheer2:

    Right after I booked our trip I ordered the WDW planning DVD and DS and I have already watched it so many times together. He also loves looking at the park maps that came with the DVD. Here he is looking at the maps:


    Now our trip is less than 2 months away and I can't wait to finish planning all the little details.

    Thanks for anyone who read this. More will be coming soon if I get any readers.
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  3. Gabes_mommy

    Gabes_mommy Hoping to convert her DS into a fellow Disney fana

    The last few weeks have been really fun because I have started shopping for our trip. :cool1: Why is it that the shopping is one of the funnest parts? This does not bode well for my wallet. :rotfl:

    Yesterday I bought DS's Halloween costime. We are going to MNSSHP on our first night so he will wear his costume there and then again at home for Halloween itself. I wanted DS to go as a pirate and I found the CUTEST pants on Etsy - they are to die for cute! :lovestruc


    I thought DS could wear the pants with a shirt I just got him at Babies R'Us last week:


    And then to top it off I found this darling hat on Etsy:


    I can't wait - I think he is going to look too cute! :) I also got him a foam Pirate sword at Michael's, but I don't think they will be allowed at Disney - does anyone know?

    I found this Mickey shirt yesterday and ordered it for DS. I am going to buy him his first pair of Mickey ears on our trip too so it will be perfect!


    DS outgrew his stroller recently and we really needed a new one to use for the next few years for places like Disney, the zoo and the mall. I did research nad found one with a 55 pound weight limit for my tall boy. It was available in several colors, but of course I had to get the red and black one - it is MICKEY colors! :cool1: DS already loves his stroller and pushes his toys around in it all over the house. :laughing:


    I also got myself a few cute new things for the trip - a new Land's End bathingsuit with a skirt to cover my new mommy body :-)laughing:) and two really cute tops on sale from Anthroplogie. I'll take pictures of those soon if anyone is interested. :goodvibes

    Up next, our trip itenerary and ADRs. :cool1:
  4. Gabes_mommy

    Gabes_mommy Hoping to convert her DS into a fellow Disney fana

    Our plans:

    Tuesday, September 15th:

    Our plans for this day are not concrete and I would love advice on how to spend our afternoon. :goodvibes

    We will be leaving home to drive to WDW together in the AM. We live 2.5 hours away so we can be at WDW pretty early, depending on when we leave. The only things set in stone for this day are checking in at CBR and attending MNSSHP that night and eating at Liberty Tree Tavern at 4:30 that afternoon during the party.

    What would you do that day before the party? I am thinking about hitting Downtown Disney - where should we each lunch? We won't have park tickets for this day so we need to do something outside of a park. :goodvibes

    Wednesday, September 16th:

    This is our EPCOT day. :cool1: We plan on hitting the park in the AM, having lunch at Sunshine Seasons and then going back to CBR to swim and relax.

    We have a dinner ADR at Biergarten for 6:30 and then we planning on seeing Illuminations. Believe it or not I have never seen Illuminations.

    Thursday, September 17th:
    This is our Animal Kingdom Day! :banana: AK is my favorite and my dad's favorite so we will be there most of the day. When we're done at AK we will head back to CBR to rest and get ready for our dinner ADRs at O'Hana. :woohoo: The Poly is my dream resort so I'm hoping DH will fall in love with the resort while we're there. :laughing:

    Friday, September 18th:

    This is our last day. :sad1: We are planning on going to HS and then heading home in the afternoon. We have a lunch ADR at Sci-Fi at 11:35. This is also my dad's birthday. :cheer2:

    So, those are our tentative plans. Please feel free to give your input.

    Up next, pictures from Gabe's first trip when he was 10 months old. :lovestruc
  5. Lamping3

    Lamping3 New Member

    :banana:I'm first!! Love the costume! Can't wait to see pics of the party. I am thinking we might go next year during halloween. (I haven't even gotten my trip in this year yet and I am already thinking of next year:lmao:) Can't wait for more!
  6. Mickey_Dust

    Mickey_Dust New Member

    I love the shirt of the Mickey Mouse body! Way too cute! and I have to agree that Maclaren strollers are aaawweesome!! I have a 3 year old and one that is 19 months and although short trips around the mall warrant only a single stroller, Disney and such require a more substantial and sturdy stroller so we got a Maclaren Double!! We love It!!

    We have reservations for O'hana too although it is for about a week after yours, we loved it the first time we were there and picked that and chef mickey to be our return to eateries. the rest are all new to us. Your plans sound awesome and well thought out. - If you have time and extra money check out BBB in Downtown disney I think they do a pirate theme thing for little boys. We went there with my daughter in 2007 before hitting the halloween party she loved it. (Although boys may find more interest in the lego store next door. lol)

    Keep up the great report and I hope you have a wonderful trip!

    Love the pictures!!!
  7. Gabes_mommy

    Gabes_mommy Hoping to convert her DS into a fellow Disney fana

    Yay! My first readers! :dance3:

    Welcome! :flower3: Thanks for stopping by! Halloween is our favorite time of year to go. We went to MNSSHP in 2007 and agreed that it was the highlight of our trip. The fall also tends to be a low crowd time so it's perfect. And there is nothing wrong with planning future trips - that's what the Dis is for. :laughing:

    Thank you for stopping by!!! :cheer2: I love our new Maclaren - I can't believe I had never tried one before this after hearing such great things about them. I am really happy with it already. So you've eaten at O'Hana before? This will be our first time. :cool1:

    Coming up later today: pictures from our first family trip in 10/07.
  8. Gabes_mommy

    Gabes_mommy Hoping to convert her DS into a fellow Disney fana

    Like I said in my first post I fell in love with WDW when I was in college and I dreamed of taking my future children there. Having a child turned out to be a challenge though and it took years of heartbreaking infertility and 2 miscarriages until DH and I finally had our miracle, Mr. Gabriel Micah. :lovestruc

    So of course as soon as Gabe was born I started thinking about a trip to Disney and I was able to convince DH to go for 4 days in October 2007 when Gabe was 10 months old. :cheer2:

    We went from Thursday - Sunday and stayed at POFQ. We went to MNSSHP our first night and loved it!

    My parents decided to join us for 2 days of the trip too (Saturday & Sunday)and they brought along my niece Hannah who was 14 at the time.

    Traveling with a baby to WDW is great IMO. It is such a kid friendly place and we really had a wonderful time. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the trip:

    DS in the food court right after we arrived:


    Checking out the resort - my DH and DS. DH ended up carrying DS a lot during that trip. Poor guy said his arms were so sore - DS was a baby BEEFCAKE. He weighed 9 lbs 13 oz at birth and was over 20 pounds for sure at the time of this trip. :laughing:


    Here are our pictures from MNSSHP the first night:

    Baby in awe of the Magic Kingdom :lovestruc:


    Riding Dumbo:


    Riding It's A Small World:


    Watching the parade (our favorite part of MNSSHP):


    Tired baby at the end of the night:


    Pictures from Day 2 up next! :dance3:
  9. Gabes_mommy

    Gabes_mommy Hoping to convert her DS into a fellow Disney fana

    I'll hopefully get to post our pictures from Day 2 of our 10/07 trip later today, but in the mean time I have a question:

    For DS's Halloween costume should I use the cream & black skull and crossbones t-shirt or would a solid black shirt look better?

    I just ordered a shirt for myself for MNSSHP:


    So, I'm not actually dressing up but I wanted something with a pirate theme to match DS. :laughing:
  10. Gabes_mommy

    Gabes_mommy Hoping to convert her DS into a fellow Disney fana

    I am still deliberating about what shirt to use for Gabe's pirate costume (yeah this is a life changer :lmao:) and I am thinking I might like a black shirt better than the cream.

    I found this on Etsy, but is it too busy with the pants and hat? The hat is red & black striped in person (it kind of looks hot pink in the picture :cutie:).


    What would you do? A solid black shirt or the skull tank?
  11. Gabes_mommy

    Gabes_mommy Hoping to convert her DS into a fellow Disney fana

    On the 2nd day of our 10/07 trip we went to Hollywood Studios. Here are some pictures:

    baby and his daddy at the animation attraction:


    Waiting in line for the Playhouse Disney show:


    Crawling around waiting for the show to start:


    Me and my boy:


    Totally into the show:


    That night we went to Downtown Disney but I didn't take any pictures so that's all the pictures I have from Day 2. :sad1:
  12. Lamping3

    Lamping3 New Member

    :thumbsup2My vote is for the skull tank! He could still wear the other shirt on the trip.....it is not a total waste!
  13. jmkford4

    jmkford4 New Member

    I agree! That shirt is too cute!

    I can't wait to see what my 1.5 yo does at the MK! I am so excited. We will just miss you though!:sad2:
  14. Gabes_mommy

    Gabes_mommy Hoping to convert her DS into a fellow Disney fana

    Thanks! I bought the shirt and it should be here soon.

    Your 1.5 yo will love it! We took DS again when he was 16 months old and he had a great time. :goodvibes

    Well it looks like I am back to the drawing board for a hat for Gabe's costume. I bought the one on Etsy 2 weeks ago and I haven't received it or heard anything from the seller. I messaged the seller on Friday and I haven't heard anything back. I guess I need to file a Paypal claim to get my money back and find something else. Arg! That is my frustated pirate yell. :laughing:

    If anyone sees a cute hat that would go well with the shirt and pants please post it here. Thanks!!! :goodvibes
  15. Gabes_mommy

    Gabes_mommy Hoping to convert her DS into a fellow Disney fana

    Here are the pictures from the 3rd day of our 10/07 trip. This was a Saturday and it was the day my parents and my niece drove up to meet us and then we headed to Epcot for the day.

    DH and I believe that DS's favorite part of this trip was crawling around the hotel room and pulling up on all the furniture. :laughing:

    This morning we were in the room waiting for my parents to arrive so DS had lots of time to crawl around and cause trouble:


    My parents and niece finally arrived and we headed to Epcot.

    On the Nemo ride:


    Here's my dad, aka, Pop Pop:


    Checking out the fishies:


    This was the day my mom introduced DS to popcorn for the first time and it was true love at first bite: :laughing:


    That's all the pictures I have from Day 3, but up next will be pictures from nightime of day 3. :cool1:
  16. Gabes_mommy

    Gabes_mommy Hoping to convert her DS into a fellow Disney fana

    I just bought this hat for Gabe's Halloween costume. I prefer the red & black striped hat but since the seller won't return my messages and hasn't shipped the hat I had to find something else. :sad2:

  17. Gabrielsbigtrip

    Gabrielsbigtrip New Member

    I too have a Gabriel:lovestruc

    We will be there in September too but right before you get there.

    Love the costumes!!
  18. Gabes_mommy

    Gabes_mommy Hoping to convert her DS into a fellow Disney fana

    Your little guy is adorable! Gabriel is such a great name. My DH actually chose it for our son, but now I can't imagine him with any other name. I'll have to check out your PTR tomorrow. :goodvibes

    The shirt and pants for DS's halloween costume both came in the mail today and they are SO CUTE. I'm so excited! :dance3:
  19. Gabrielsbigtrip

    Gabrielsbigtrip New Member


    Yes, we thought we were having a girl and I don't know where/how we came up with Gabriel. It sounds musical (hubby is a musician) and kind of heavenly:cloud9:

    I couldn't imagine him being anything else:love:

    I am really getting crazy now it's a month away:banana:
  20. Gabes_mommy

    Gabes_mommy Hoping to convert her DS into a fellow Disney fana

    I know! Our trip is only a little over a month away too - I can't believe it. :banana:

    I made another purchase today. I found this necklace on Etsy and had to have it. I make my own jewelry so I am actually going to re-string the pendant and stones on a beaded silver chain. :lovestruc


    If anyone else is reading please post. I love to meet new people. :flower3: I feel a little like a PTR reject. :laughing:
  21. Gabes_mommy

    Gabes_mommy Hoping to convert her DS into a fellow Disney fana

    I just made another purchase for our trip. Clearly I need to step away from the computer and avoid Etsy at all costs. :rotfl:

    I got this cute tag for our new stroller:


    On Disney shopping I bought a denim diaper bag embroidered with Mickey and our last name so the tag will match the bag well. :cutie:

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