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A Grand Vacation: The 2012 Grand Floridian FAQ!

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by k&a&c'smom, May 27, 2012.

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  1. Mousemommy1

    Mousemommy1 DIS Veteran

    What's a conveniently located building that's not Sugarloaf?
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  3. BlueSkies

    BlueSkies Mouseketeer

    Thanks syndeysmom ! :goodvibes DH and I sometimes have a opportunity to visit with out the kids...and prefer a king room ..I will add that to my listof fave rooms..Should I even admit that I have one of those..LOL...:blush:

    MickeyNut I have a feeling that no matter what CL that you book for pre and post cruise..that you are going to end up at a certain resort that has a Hawaiian theme to it!! ;)

    pas130 I think that the elevator that you are referring to is what is called the "pool" elevator.. and I think it got that name when the courtyard pool was the only pool of the GF grounds...it was easier to use to head to the pool....and also to not be heading thru the lobby in swim attire?? ...the entrance is right before Gasparillas entrance.. in a small lobby..that area is also used as a service entrance/exit for room service deliveries...its most convenient to those RPC room that are theme park view...but is more out of the way for most of the other rooms...think that you need a room key to access any of the floors using that elevator... Hope that helps..if that is the elevator that you are referring to...?? LOL..:confused3 :)
  4. BlueSkies

    BlueSkies Mouseketeer

    Mousemommy...Depends on what you are looking for... The building that probably is closest to both pools and the main building that is not club level is Big Pine Key...Boca Chica is in a very nice spot if you want to be close to the courtyard pool (and has lovely views IMO...) and the water transportation...Sago is closest to Gasparillas and the bus stops...
  5. pas130

    pas130 DIS Veteran

    Totally is the elevator I was referring to. Thank you! However, I'll be at BLT instead....:rolleyes1 Couldn't get hubs on board with RPC :worried:
  6. mickeynut1

    mickeynut1 DIS Veteran

    Congrats on booking the GF.....you're going to love it :goodvibes.

    Having never stayed YC CL I can't compare anything to that one, but I prefer WL CL to GF SL. I will admit, though, that SL is very convenient to the courtyard pool for grabbing snacks/drinks while relaxing pool side :).

    I agree with BlueSkies about Big Pine Key. On one of our GF stays we had a GV in Big Pine Key and it was very convenient to the courtyard pool, as well as to the main building (and not too far from Gasparillas, either ;)). Boca Chica is also a great building for a GV room as far as being close to everything.

    LOL....you know me too well, Blue :laughing:. It's already been decided that Poly CL is where we'll be after the cruise, but I can't for the life of me decide where to stay pre cruise as there are too many great choices to pick from :headache:.
  7. BlueSkies

    BlueSkies Mouseketeer

    Pas130 Glad that was the right elevator...:goodvibes As for staying BLT this trip..which happens to be so very nice...You can always book a bounce back! ;)

    MickeyNut!! I am predicting a double Poly stay!!! Yep!:p So book whatever ...then head on over to the resort changers thread..LOL...cause you will be changing it! ::yes::
  8. mickeynut1

    mickeynut1 DIS Veteran

    Don't think that hasn't crossed my mind.....:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:. We all love the Poly, so trying CL is a go for everybody :thumbsup2. But as far as pre cruise.......my oldest DS wants AKL (we've stayed there before but not CL); my DH wants to try CR; I would like to try YC or BWI, and my youngest DS doesn't care :faint:. I know that whatever resort(s) we don't try this time we can always try next time, but that's not helping because I want to try all of them now :rotfl2:.
  9. DetTigsGal

    DetTigsGal Mouseketeer

    Well, you know us, we drive and self park. We originally picked sago because of the parking lot - we drive everywhere but MK!- Gasparillas - we run there alot and the courtyard pool- more our style. We run into Gasparillas, get a refill and head to the pool. It's across the marina from sugarloaf.
  10. Jennygt

    Jennygt Mouseketeer

    I am reading about this "soft goods" rehab of the rooms. is this similar to what they just did at the Poly? Any time frame for this?
  11. BlueSkies

    BlueSkies Mouseketeer

    Well..You do have a quandry there MN!! :confused3 LOL...sounds like you have alot more trips to plan! ;) You know I am a CR fan..after the GF of course...BWI CL is nice...I too am curious about BC/YC ....I say make that DH happy and just try CL at the CR...great views...

    jennygt "soft goods" rehab generally means bedding..maybe some recovering of day beds or chairs....carpeting...And it is time for the GF rooms to have one of those....I think disney has a cycle f every how many years that they do those types of refurbs...Not sure what is is tho...???
  12. mickeynut1

    mickeynut1 DIS Veteran

    LOL.....I'm already chomping at the bit waiting for the 2014 rates to come out so I can start pricing a trip (or two, or three) for next year :rotfl: :rotfl:. BWI CL is one I want to try, but I can't get DH or my DSs to agree to another Epcot resort......the limited CS options just don't work for them.....but CR CL is in the running :thumbsup2. My DH would be happy anywhere as he's very easy going.....plus he knows how my big of an obsession I have with Disney so he just goes with the flow and lets me decide :rotfl2:.
  13. DisneyDmbNut

    DisneyDmbNut <img src="http://www.wdwinfo.com/images/silver.jpg

    Before I went to AKL last week, I saw that they were getting "soft goods". I noticed that all the towels were new. So new, they still had inspection stickers on the tags...pretty sure they hadn't made a cleaning cycle yet. They were super soft BUT they are no longer Wamsutta's Disney Resort Collection. They are Softlinen brand :(
  14. carol-lamb

    carol-lamb Mouseketeer

    Back this past Saturday from a weeks stay at the Grand Floridian - Sugarloaf. It was absolutely a dream come true for me. Club level was wonderful (a first for me) and the cast members were so nice and welcoming - every day. I loved our room - 3rd floor dormer room - marina view. It was very hard for me to close the door to that room on my last day! I have had some serious Disney withdrawals the past couple of days and that usually doesn't happen to me! I am pretty sure the Grand Floridian is responsible for that. BTW - the DVC construction was to big deal at all. Obviously being at Sugarloaf we didn't hear anything from there, and even when we were walking around the resort or at the pool (we went to both), it wasn't that loud. That clanking bell from the kiddy pool was louder than the construction! We saw them lowering two cupolas on top of the DVC resort on two separate days. That was pretty cool to watch.
  15. MrsJ Henry

    MrsJ Henry Mouseketeer

    So I am beyond excited that our trip is booked and we will be at GF Nov 18th
    to the 25th!
    We have never stayed at the GF before and due this year marking our 10th anniversary and both my DH and I turning 50. We decided to celebrate!!
    And our little princess will also love it too I'm sure!:)
  16. mickeynut1

    mickeynut1 DIS Veteran

    Glad you had a great time. The GF is an awesome resort :).

    What a great place to spend your anniversary......you're going to love the GF :goodvibes.
  17. davale4

    davale4 Love love watching my kids have fun

    Congratulations!!! My DD loves it there and so do we. I'm sure you folks are going to enjoy it :cloud9:
  18. k&a&c'smom

    k&a&c'smom DIS Veteran

    Hello, GF lovers!!:wave: I had to pop in and see how everyone's summer plans are progressing. For everyone there now or heading soon, have a magical vacation. BTW - for anyone recently returned, is the waterfall operating at the Beach Pool? I haven't heard.:scratchin

    sydneysmom - welcome back, thanks for the review!!:goodvibes Glad you ended up with a great room and you had a wonderful trip.

    Did someone say Citrus pancakes?!:teeth:


    carole-lamb - thanks for the review, glad you had a Grand stay.:goodvibes: I know what you mean about hating to close the door for the last time.~sigh~

    MrsJ Henry - congrats on your anniversary/birthday trip!pixiedust:

    BlueSkies - :wave2: Your description of the pool elevator is my understanding as well; so named back in the day when the courtyard pool was the only pool.:goodvibes

    pas - I caught up with several pages at once and laughed at the differing plans along the way!:laughing:;)
  19. Syndrome

    Syndrome Who's super now?

    Here is a picture from Sunday 6/16 (thanks Rock Doctor). If you look closely, you can see the beach pool waterfall working fine !
    (I asked the same question a few days ago, and Rock Doctor was nice enough to go over to the GF and take an updated construction picture for me)

    We have about 1 month until we are relaxing in Sugarloaf !!! :banana: Cant wait !!!


  20. MagicPrincess

    MagicPrincess Mouseketeer

    :cool1: 5 MORE DAYS TIL SUGARLOAF!!! :cool1:
  21. mickeynut1

    mickeynut1 DIS Veteran

    How exciting....the month will go by before you know it :goodvibes.

    Have a great trip :banana:.
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