A Gem of a Birthday-Celebrating my 40th@AKL(No Kids!)11/03 Link to Next report!

Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by Diamondintheruff, Apr 14, 2009.

  1. Diamondintheruff

    Diamondintheruff <font color=magenta>Thinks she saw a flash!<br><fo

    Aug 26, 2006
    I told Dh you saw him there and he said. "Great Disney spies now".

    Eeoyre (DS11) and I stayed home. Cindy (DD8) and Jedi (DS7) had their first Hockey practises yesterday morning and as uncanadian as it may be, that was enough Hockey for one day for me.

    It's a good deal if you pre-order it and an even better deal if you can share it with someone. I've been really lucky and had people I know to share it with. The pictures are way better than mine and then you get everyone in them.

    Actually I have heard on other people's reports that indeed this is the case. So you should be good.

    Wow. That would be awesome. But you know if you are already in Italy you might as well do some country hopping and book yourself a real European tour. You might even be able to throw Euro Disney in there too!
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  3. Happydog

    Happydog DIS Veteran

    Mar 10, 2007
    Okay, I just found your PTR, seeing your post on my TR for October! I didn't realize you were still working on this one, so NOW I can't wait to keep reading... I just happened to zip over to the Epcot/slushie/smootchie post, and laughed out loud on that one.. I think this was the same reason why my DH was pushing for a 2 bedroom villa for our last vacation!!! :rolleyes1 SO funny. Okay, so now I will go back and read and I can't wait to finish this BEFORE you head off to MNSSHP! Which, you will LOVE if you have not already been.. Are you going with kids? I have to read! :surfweb: Glad I found your TR/PTR!!! :thumbsup2
  4. Tnkrbelle565

    Tnkrbelle565 DIS Veteran

    May 14, 2004
    You HAVE to buy the Octopus Costume (is the the one from the Wiggles???)
  5. akayek31

    akayek31 DIS Veteran

    Nov 8, 2008
    I love Epcot. I should have spent another day on my trip. I am going to fix that this trip. I love reading about your hubby's meltdowns and yours'. Are you doing a PTR for the next trip?
  6. Diamondintheruff

    Diamondintheruff <font color=magenta>Thinks she saw a flash!<br><fo

    Aug 26, 2006
    I agree. I try to leave him at home when shopping at all times. To make matters worse I have two boys that are taking after him in the shopping department.

    Thanks for joining in!

    Speaking of finishing I have to finish this before we head off.

    Although I have linked all my chapters on the first page I don't think I linked any information about my upcoming trip. I will be doing a update about it later today.

    No it wasn't from the wiggles. So far I think Henry the Octopus has stayed clean. Not like Pee-Wee Herman.

    We're heading to the food and wine festival at Epcot this next trip. But I will write more about that coming up next.
  7. Diamondintheruff

    Diamondintheruff <font color=magenta>Thinks she saw a flash!<br><fo

    Aug 26, 2006
    My next trip is Friday October 16th to Monday October 19th.

    It is just Dh and I.


    No kids. He really getting away without the kids and wanted to go someplace else alone again. I had credits on southwest airlines that were going to expire in November. So poof it was off to Disney for us again.

    The original plan was to stay at POP, go to a water park one day and MNSSHP the next day so no park tickets were needed and we couldn't get free dinning.

    Then I played with the numbers. The food numbers. I figured out it would cost us a little less if we went with free dining, skipped the water park and went with a one day ticket instead. So that's what we did. I'm finally going with free dining baby!

    Then I started thinking about how great it was to stay at AKL last April and that maybe staying at POP would be a let down. I did some price comparisons. I couldn't afford to upgrade to a deluxe again so I decided to upgrade to a moderate. We've stayed at POR and I wanted to try something new. I like the look of CBR but was afraid that I would miss the kids if we stayed there. Then my TA told me that the Coronado Springs is slated to be moved into a more expensive moderate category soon. So I took her advice and booked Coronando Springs.

    But Shhh because Dh doesn't know I upgraded us.

    I've decided not to do a PTR. I just don't think I'll have time. Especially since I really want to finish this one before I leave.

    At this point in time I'm still thinking of doing a trip report however, I'm beginning to doubt that we will be doing anything that exciting to write about. So we'll just see how the weekend goes.

    The Plan for the weekend goes like this.

    -Arrival mid afternoon.
    -Do nothing. Just relax.
    -Eat dinner at the food court. I figure it will be Dh's favorite day.:laughing:

    -Tonga Toast for breakfast at Kona!
    -Then food and wine festival where we'll have lunch.
    -Off to Raglan Road for late dinner.

    -Sleep in.
    -Late breakfast at 1900 Park faire so late it's pretty much lunch.
    -Relax at resort all afternoon (unless I can convice Dh to do a DVC tour)
    -Dinner at CP (this one is one too many Table services but Dh wanted it. Go figure?:confused3)
    -MNSSHP. We're not dressing up but I do have Halloween t-shirts for us to wear. I'm going to attempt to stay for fireworks. Usually I hate the crowds and I was hoping for the dessert party but it was either full or not offered that night. I've tried many times.:guilty:

    -Home. We'll be back in buffalo by dinner time and after our 3.5 hour drive home at bedtime.

    So that's the plan. I'm trying not to pack too much in. After all we were just there in April and I suspect we will be back in July. Two of my kids dance and if they qualify will be dancing in a competition in Orlando at the beginning of July. Not the time I would have picked to go back again but the point is we're going back.

  8. Nancy for Disney

    Nancy for Disney DIS Veteran

    Apr 7, 2008
    Great updates.

    I hope you enjoy your trip. :)
  9. Charleston Princess

    Charleston Princess DIS Veteran

    Jan 28, 2008
    Good lookin' plans, Diamond! I vote for a TR -- you just have to for us! :laughing:
  10. Tiggerrn2

    Tiggerrn2 DIS Veteran

    Oct 13, 2005
    Diamond, If you are paying the money for the party, be sure to stick around for the fireworks and don't miss the parade. They are the biggest reasons to do the party in the first place. Both are completely different from regular park entertainment. I have done this party twice and plan to do it again the 20th. Can't wait! I love it!
  11. Diamondintheruff

    Diamondintheruff <font color=magenta>Thinks she saw a flash!<br><fo

    Aug 26, 2006
    When I last left you we had just returned from Epcot and a lovely lunch at chefs du france. Dh had visited the curb numerous times and I had exploded in mousegears. We were both tired and had hit the Epcot wall. We had returned back to the hotel room to rest.

    After our nap *ahem * I wanted to check out the pool. Dh wanted to go to the gift shop.

    "What did you just say?" I asked dumbfounded.

    "I'm going to go to the gift shop."

    "The what?"

    "You know the gift shop down in the Lobby on the first floor"

    I was shocked.:scared1:

    I know you must be too. I couldn’t believe Dh wanted to go shopping. This is the man that was timing me at Mousegears. So I kept asking him questions. It turned out that he knew his package from the Magic Kingdom the other night had been shipped to our gift shop and he wanted to pick up some Mickey Mouse Rice Krispie Heads with our snack credits to take home to the kids. He didn’t want to buy anything new.

    So all was right with the world after all. Good to know.

    However, I was not to be deterred. I heard the words “going to the gift shop” and in a flash I was by his side. I could do the pool later.

    So off we went. Him with the intentions of getting in and out of the shop without spending any money and me with the intentions of spending both time and money in the store.

    First stop was the back desk to check on our package. They did indeed have our package with Cindy’s (DD8) Minnie Mouse stuffed animal with a blanket and our Cinderella castle pictures in it. Dh picked up three rice krispie treats, charged them to our dinning plan and was all set to leave.

    Isn't he efficient?

    I was staying put for the time being. He wasn't happy to hear this. However, he seemed to have been listening to my earlier outburst in Mousegears because although his face clearly exposed his horror at the thought of more shopping he meekly mumbled he would be sitting at a chair in the lobby waiting for me when I was ready.

    Good boy.pluto:

    I examined the hats, then the jewelry, then the picture frames.

    I almost bought a t-shirt for Cindy (DD8) but was reminded by Dh when he came into the store to check on me that she was the only one we had a present for. We needed the presents for the other two kids. So I didn't buy it.

    I left the store empty handed. :upsidedow:sad2:

    I haven’t mentioned it in a few chapters so I’ll go over it once again. Our three kids had each asked for a specific gift from WDW. Eeoyre (DS11) wanted a glow in the dark string toy that he bought two years ago but had kicked the bucket since. Cindy (DD8) wanted the Minnie Mouse stuffy and Jedi (DS6) wanted a Jedi Robe. So far we had tracked down one. We had about 24 hours left to find the other two.

    I did see the string toy Eeoyre wanted in mousegears earlier today. I was going to go back tonight to get it. But no luck with the Jedi Robe. Dh asked a CM while we were in mousegears and was given the standard “They are in MGM” answer. Only we weren’t going to MGM this trip. Or were we. It started me thinking.


    That’s right folks. I was going to possibly change my plans.:eek:

    Shocking indeed!

    You see tomorrow was our last day. We were leaving late afternoon. I had reservations for us at the spa at the grand Floridian. I wasn’t going to take us into the park at all. So I hadn’t gotten enough days in our package to go to the parks tomorrow.

    But when I did the math changing the plan made sense.

    Spa Day
    -2 massages at $90 each equals $180 plus tips.

    -add an extra day to two park tickets $6 each equals $12
    -A Jedi Robe to give to our son $40 (but to quote Mastercard) the look on his face while receiving it … priceless.

    Dh picked up on the financial savings immediately and declared us MGM bound tomorrow. We were now changing our laid in stone plans all to get our youngest son a Jedi Robe.

    By the way ask me how often he wears his robe?

    He put it on for a picture and has never worn it since. NOT once. And I have tried. Many a time at the breakfast table when he is cold I have ran to his room and brought him the Jedi robe. But he refuses. He likes his other housecoat. It’s fleece and softer.

    I tried to get him to use it as an after swim cover up. I have brought it to numerous trips to the cottage and to friend’s pools. Would he ever wear it? NOT once.

    But hindsight is 20/20. Dh really thought he had to bring home this robe for his young son. Now that I know how little he really cared for the robe I kind of wish we had of gone to the spa.

    Since I didn’t have the foresight to know about the true importance of finding this Jedi robe I went ahead and changed our park tickets. I had to go back to the front desk to add a day on. I looked to make sure that little Miss I can’t seem to find your reservation who checked us in the first day wasn’t on duty. She wasn’t. Thank goodness.

    Then I went back up to the room and called the spa to cancel. It only hurt a little. I told myself I can always go to a spa back home. But as I write this it has been 4 months since then and I still haven’t gone. Sigh.

    Anyway, back to the report.

    Soon I was feeling psyched that we would be heading to MGM after all and grabbed all my notes about that park I had with me to take down to the pool to catch up on them. I needed a new plan.

    I was feeling so good about saving us all that money that I decided to forgo my regular mix it yourself in the room drink of diet coke and coconut rum and splurged on a pool side drink.

    Unlike some other Disers I didn’t see a pool side server and had to walk my sorry self down to the pool bar. Yes, Queen I am talking about you. Of course I also wasn’t sporting a bathing suit with cash stashed in the bikini bottom. I had one of those all black tummy tucker guaranteed to make it look like you’ve lost 10 pounds bathing suits on. I wouldn’t have been able to stick anything in my suit due to the heavy duty sucker inner liner it had. I even had to sip by drink slowly for fear of bursting out of my suit.

    Speaking of drinks I’m afraid to admit that I can’t remember what I got. I’m sorry it’s really not proper Diser behaviour. I think it was orangish. I’m guessing it was strong because I didn’t right it down in my journal. Plus in my defense, I was very focused on getting our new plan just right.

    Me and my unremarkable pool side drink sat down on a lounge chair at the pool and got cracking. It wasn’t long before I had it worked out.

    I was enjoying myself just relaxing at the pool. Dh spent most of his time in the pool and hot tub but I mostly sat and worked on the plan.

    Eventually Dh talked me into leaving the pool (it was well after 5:30) and heading back up to the room for another nap. At least let’s just call it that even though you all know what I’m really talking about.:rolleyes1

    Our dinner reservations were very late tonight 8:45 pm but they were at one of the most coveted restaurants in Epcot. I was okay with the late time because I knew we would be full from lunch and had no intentions of watching illuminations so all was good.

    Which restaurant was it? Click here to find out. http://www.disboards.com/showpost.php?p=33870477&postcount=317
  12. Diamondintheruff

    Diamondintheruff <font color=magenta>Thinks she saw a flash!<br><fo

    Aug 26, 2006
    Thank you.

    I'm packing raincoats (for weather), alcohol (for cranky husbands) and immodium (for sore stomachs). So hopefully that will ensure a enjoyable trip!

    Welcome home!

    Thanks for the vote of confidence. We'll just see how the trip turns out before I commit to another report.

    I've been repeating the mantra "I can sit in the crowds and watch bright lights and explosions overhead" nightly. Here's hoping it works.
  13. DearDaisyinDurham

    DearDaisyinDurham <font color=green>I'm trying not to look at the po

    Jan 12, 2008
    Hi Diamond! I'm going to guess - Le Cellier??
  14. Tnkrbelle565

    Tnkrbelle565 DIS Veteran

    May 14, 2004
    twice in one day huh??? WDW brings out the best in you ;) :rotfl:

    I'm guessing Le Cellier (you are Canadian after all!)....my 2nd guess is Chef's.

    UNLESS, you are being ironic and have a ressie at an EASY to get place?!?!? hmmmm....:confused3
  15. Diamondintheruff

    Diamondintheruff <font color=magenta>Thinks she saw a flash!<br><fo

    Aug 26, 2006
    I do looove le cellier. :lovestruc

    I'm totally going to get some of that cheese soup at the F&W festival. It makes my mouth water just thinking about it now.

    And the day is not even over yet!

    You don't think little ol' me would deliberately lead you the wrong tree do you?
  16. Charleston Princess

    Charleston Princess DIS Veteran

    Jan 28, 2008
    Isn't that so typical of kids to ask for something and then never look at it twice!!! I think a Jedi robe would make a great pool cover-up! :thumbsup2

    You must have had an Orange Dream -- I had one of those poolside at AKL as well -- it was quite good -- and I never saw a poolside server either -- I didn't know such creatures existed! :laughing:
  17. lisalonglash

    lisalonglash <font color=green>I have a <font color=teal>thing

    Jun 21, 2007
    I miss Chefs de France!




    That's one word for it :laughing:

    About time he got with the program! ::yes::

    I'm sorry, it often works that way :headache:

    :hug: Call the spa tomorrow! :idea:

    I know what you're talking about :rotfl: I'm sure you looked lovely in your suit, J! :cheer2:

    Geez, our men are such pervs! :hyper:

    I'm not going to say Le Cellier, simply because I think you want us to :rotfl2: I'm going to say Nine Dragons or San Angel, just because :upsidedow
  18. Diamondintheruff

    Diamondintheruff <font color=magenta>Thinks she saw a flash!<br><fo

    Aug 26, 2006
    My last chapter explained why we cancelled our spa day in exchange for an extra day at the parks. MGM to be exact and our quest for the Jedi robe for our youngest son. I spent the afternoon at the pool, mapping out a plan for MGM and recovering from our morning at Epcot. And I napped. Twice. It wore me out so much I actually slept.

    I woke up to drips of water on my face. I opened my eyes to see Dh standing over me in a wet bathing suit and towel. He had snuck out and gone into the hot tub while I slept. So much for the theory that men sleep afterwards.:confused3

    He had left me a note in case I woke up. Which I hadn’t. It was almost 7pm. We had to giddy up if we wanted to do any rides before our ADR at Epcot.

    In no time I had gussied myself up and Dh had dried himself off and we were on our way to the buses. Once again luck was on our side and a bus was right there.

    We used our soarin fastpasses and only had about a 10-minute wait for the ride. I figured everyone was in world showcase.

    Then we hightailed it to one of our favorite restaurants in Epcot.

    Le cellier.:lovestruc

    Here is a picture of me outside of the restaurant. It's pretty dark so I don't know if you can even see the le cellier sign or not.


    Our reservation/ADR whatever they call it now was for 8:45. We waited and waited to be seated. It got lonely out there. They called everyone but us. In fact we were the last ones waiting out there and I’m sure we were the last ones served that night.

    We had a nice waiter from the “Sue”. Otherwise known as Sault St. Marie, Ontario. His name was Patrick. He said he would “take care of us” and he did a lovely job. He even bought me a complementary champagne glass with floating strawberries for my birthday. However, I didn’t take a picture of it. I’ll get to that in a moment.

    We weren’t the last ones to have our meals brought out to us as we ordered the moment he greeted us. Once again we had looked at the pre-printed menus from allears plus had waited by the posted menu outside for so long that we totally knew what we were having.

    This was our last full day and in all the other restaurants I was fine about taking food pictures. But for some reason, I’m guessing it was the intimate nature of the restaurant I suddenly felt silly about pulling out my camera and taking pictures. Even though I had no problem earlier in the day at lunch and breakfast.

    There was another couple from Canada sitting beside us. Eventually I found out they were from B.C. I noticed them because he was writing notes in a book and recording their meal. They had a real camera too. Not a point and shoot like I have. Not that I’m camera savvy but he a lens on his camera a porn star would be jealous of.

    I’m guessing I felt self conscious about taking my pictures because I suddenly felt that maybe I’m just a small fry Disney freak on the disboards. I only had a little notebook, a little camera and a little following on my trip reports. I started doubting my trip writing abilities.

    Then I finished the champagne. Nothing like a little alcohol to give you a little boost.

    But I didn’t finish the champagne until after the appetizers. So I know I had the cheese soup but I couldn’t tell you what Dh had. I only had eyes for my soup.

    “How’s the soup?”


    “Can I have a taste?”

    “Of my soup?”


    “No. Get your own.”

    “Come on”

    A spoon attempts it’s way across the table. It gets pushed back.

    “I’ve waited a long time for this. If you wanted some you should have ordered it yourself. I’m NOT sharing.”

    I wasn’t fooling with the soup.

    Around now the official note taking couple notices my lime green Mickey head on my lime green park bag. I know this because I see him point it out to his wife.

    The champagne has kicked in and I jump on in.

    “Are you on the disboards?"

    “Yes, I don’t post very often”

    “I couldn’t help but notice that you’re recording everything in your notebook. Are you writing a trip report?’

    “No. We just like to keep notes to compare for our own purposes.”

    I was still feeling a bit shy and they seemed as if they weren’t overly interested in carrying on a conversation so I didn’t talk to them much more. You know how some people just love to talk your ear off on vacation? I didn’t want to be one of them.

    They were the only other people who even noticed my lime green Mickey head all trip so I was sorry they weren’t more interested in carrying on a conversation.

    I did find out his screen name and he did tell me they their favorite resort is Coronado Springs. Which is funny now that I think of it because that’s where I’ve chosen to stay next week for our trip. Their eyes lit up when they spoke of their love for that resort. I think that’s one of the reasons I wanted to check it out.

    I also shared my screen name and trip report title. He said he thought he had heard of it but I think he was just being nice.

    After that I took pictures of our food. So here is our creamed spinach with cheese on top. So yummy.:love:


    My steak. I’m a well-done kind of gal. I loved the potatoes. I know not everyone does but I did.


    Dh got the same steak although he prefers his meat medium or medium rare. At one time I had a funny about preferring his meat "diamond style" but I think I'm took tired to work out the wording on it. Anyway, I don't know where the picture of his meal went. It looked just like mine only more pink.

    We didn’t get desert. We were just too full after the bread (love that pretzel bread. Never had that at home in Canada before), soup and entrée. I couldn’t even think about taking desert home in a doggie bag. I was just too full.

    We waddled into mousegears. Dh was in a silly mood. He actually tried on some hats and made funny faces. I wish I had thought to pull out the camera for it.

    What a change of attitude from earlier today when we were in there.

    I bought a glow in the dark string toy and a kooky klicker pen shaped like Nemo for Eeoyre (DS10). So now all I had to do was get the Jedi robe for our other son.

    Just in case you don’t know what a kooky klicker is it is a pen. They have faces on them and you can clip them on to things. They are all the rage at my kid’s school. Well, it is my school too. Some kids have five or six clipped on to their backpacks. I don’t really understand it as we’re talking elementary school here so the kid’s can’t even write with pen yet. They are still using pencils. Anyhow I gave into the fad and bought one. Dh was not happy with the price. He lost his good humour for a few minutes.

    We totally missed Illuminations while we were eating dinner. The park was closing and the buses were pretty empty.

    Of course I had to wait for Dh to take a bio-break before heading on the buses. I couldn’t get off that easy.

    On the bus we met another couple who were that couple that talks your ear off. I heard all about their latest surgeries, their hassles with their daughter-in-law and even their problems with their town mayor. They were celebrating their 26th anniversary and this was their first trip as DVC owners. I was hoping Dh would ask some DVC related questions and show some interest in it. Sadly no. He was interested in their town politics though. Figures.

    When we got back to the room I prepared a game plan to battle Mr. Octopus. I figured this time I would play offense instead of defense. Make a sneak attack when he wasn’t expecting it.

    I made some commotion about having to pack tonight as we were leaving tomorrow. I even went through the motions. I headed into the bathroom in the guise of packing up the toiletries but really I was putting on my game face.

    I quietly came out of the bathroom ready to face my opponent when what did I see? click here to find out. http://www.disboards.com/showpost.php?p=33900188&postcount=327
  19. Diamondintheruff

    Diamondintheruff <font color=magenta>Thinks she saw a flash!<br><fo

    Aug 26, 2006

    The Orange Dream sounds familiar. Let's go with that.

    I actually think chefs is my favorite now. But closely followed by le cellier.

    I can't always count on when Dh will be with the program. It's more than half the time now thank godness. Interesting to see how he does on our next trip.

    I can't book the spa now. I blew the budget on disney and then our dog had an operation monday and I just bought the kids and I tickets to see Stomp. I've used all our spending money. Maybe in a few months?

    I actually have a picture of me in the bathing suit. I'll be posting it later. I must stay in chronological order you know.
  20. eandesmom

    eandesmom I'm with Beast

    Jan 5, 2009
    Oh my goodness. How I got so far behind is beyond me!

    Beset with some tummy troubles my goodness!

    All rectified by plenty of mambo.

    Whew! I am all caught up finally.

    And if it is any consolation whatsoever....I didn't find the GF spa to be "all that" for the price. I think you made a wise choice on that one. You'll have other spa moments. Only one Jedi robe never to be worn again...
  21. Charleston Princess

    Charleston Princess DIS Veteran

    Jan 28, 2008
    What a lovely dinner at Le Cellier -- after trying the yummy selections at the Canada kiosk this past weekend, the restaurant has jumped onto our must-dos for a future trip! That cheddar cheese soup is delicious! I had to laugh about your unwillingness to share. :laughing:

    I like my meat well-done, too. I can't stand to have any pink in it! :sad2:

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