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A Frump's TR: "Me Gusta Epic Mealtime! Stop Thinking My Thoughts: I'm Five." DR LINK!

Discussion in 'Disney Trip Reports' started by Disneyfreak616, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. Disneyfreak616

    Disneyfreak616 New Member

    It definitely was! :welcome:

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  3. Pixie*Pirate

    Pixie*Pirate It IS the happiest place on earth!

    Yay! Another Frumpy:cheer2: trip report! I love stalking the Frumps!
  4. Disneyfreak616

    Disneyfreak616 New Member

    Yay! I'm so glad haha. :welcome:

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  5. heathsf

    heathsf Active Member

    O-M-G I am SO super excited for this!!!
  6. Disneyfreak616

    Disneyfreak616 New Member

    Yay I'm so glad!! :welcome:

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  7. fax290

    fax290 New Member

    Hi Kristen :wave2: I was just finishing your last TR and saw that we are going to be in Disney at the same time! I will also be there the 10th-17th. :cheer2: I'm staying at the Beach Club but we will be at the same MVMCP and are eating dinner at Ohana on the 12th too. Yay for only 6 more days!!!!! :yay:
  8. Disneyfreak616

    Disneyfreak616 New Member

    Hi there! :wave: Oh my gosh that's awesome! I have always wanted to stay at the Beach Club. If you see me at MVMCP, Ohana or anywhere else, please feel free to say hello! I love meeting fellow DISers! :goodvibes Have a fantastic time! :santa:

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  9. arbolita

    arbolita New Member

    You know by now how much I suck at commenting, but I'm here, following along!
  10. Disneyfreak616

    Disneyfreak616 New Member

    Hahaha that's okay, glad you're here! :welcome:
  11. leopardmickeyears

    leopardmickeyears The Lost Princess

  12. Disneyfreak616

    Disneyfreak616 New Member


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  13. SmallWorld71

    SmallWorld71 New Member

    I didn't realize you'd started a new report - I love frump reports! Joining in for the ride.popcorn::

    PS - I love that Donald Duck shirt. Where did you find it?
  14. Disneyfreak616

    Disneyfreak616 New Member

    Yep I did! Thank you so much! :welcome:

    Thanks! I got it at Forever 21.​

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  15. Grumpy's Wife

    Grumpy's Wife <font color=green>Dollar Tree gal here<br><font co

    Joining in. :wave: Loved reading your other trip reports.
  16. PrincessSass

    PrincessSass New Member

    Hey Kristen!!

    I've been reading the Frumps trip report that you and Jess are writing and I decided to check this one out.

    My family and I will be at WDW the same time as you also!!
    We will be there the 10th-15th and we are staying at POR. I'm soooo excited I can't hardly wait.

    Have a great time on your trip!!! (woohoo only 3 more wake-ups!!!):woohoo:
  17. FaithTrustPixieDust5

    FaithTrustPixieDust5 ♕ it's so easy to make believe ♕

    Hi Kristen!
    I've read a few of your's and Jess's trip reports. Can't wait to hear more about this one!
  18. Chocolab23

    Chocolab23 Disney Dreaming

    I'm joining in! I love reading your trip reports :thumbsup2
  19. pirateprincess1976

    pirateprincess1976 New Member

    Joining in :wave: Can't miss another Frump trip report, especially with your dining reviews. Love them! Thanks to you guys I discovered the deliciousness of school bread. Yum!
  20. cindianne320

    cindianne320 New Member

    I'm in! I would have loved to do a friend trip when I was 17! (Did a band trip at 16- which was awesome!)
  21. Pluto0809

    Pluto0809 New Member

    Joining in! popcorn:: I love the Frump reports!

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