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A Drinker and a Dessert Fiend Dine Around Disney - Completed 11/20!

Discussion in 'Disney Dining Reviews' started by cbg1027, Dec 31, 2009.

  1. cbg1027

    cbg1027 I knew I had converted him when he started pointin

    Thank you everyone!

    I'm trying Boma for breakfast on my trip coming up in December. I'm very excited about it, because of all the raves I've read on here, and it was named one of Florida Living Magazine's "Top Places To Have Breakfast in Florida".

    The next review if one of my all time favorites - Citricos!
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  3. cbg1027

    cbg1027 I knew I had converted him when he started pointin

    Hello folks....it's been a looong time since I last posted a review. Life seems to get in the way of things sometimes, doesn't it?
    But I like to finish what I start....so back to it....

    I had been to Citricos twice previously, and it's my favorite Disney restaurant. I asked if one of the servers I had had before was working, and luckily one was! Her name is Kiera, so if you go, make sure to ask for her, she's fantastic! :thumbsup2

    Even more amazing, she actually recognized me. She looked at me and was like "you've been here before, right?". I told her I had and I specially requested her, and she seemed very flattered. I think it helped improve our service for the night even more. ;)

    As always, a meal at Citricos starts with their amazing house baked bread.

    There are two kinds - a multi grain and a sun dried tomato. Both are excellent but I especially love the sun-dried tomato. They're served with a good butter sprinkled with sea salt. It's extremely difficult for me not to fill up on bread at Citricos since I am such a carboholic!

    For an appetizer, Mark and I split the Goat Cheese Truffle Salad

    There are three goat cheese 'truffles' in the salad - cracked pepper, sesame, and tomato, served with arugula, frisee, applewood smoked bacon, and baby beets.

    This was an excellent salad. I love goat cheese, and the tomato truffle was my favorite. This is a pretty tart salad, but that was cut slightly by the sweet baby beets. If you're a romaine and iceberg kind of person, I wouldn't order this since these are much stronger flavored lettuces, but if you like that kind of thing, this is a wonderful start to a meal.

    For our entrees, Mark chose the Oak Grilled Atlantic Swordfish with fingerling marble potatoes, roasted fennel, applewood smoked bacon, and violet mustard cream. He also chose to order the paired wine, a 2007 Pinot Noir by King Estate, Oregon.

    This fish was superb! I tasted it and kind of wished I had order this instead! :rotfl: I don't recall ever having had swordfish before. It's a very meaty fish, and it stood up to the violet mustard cream well.

    I ordered the Pan-seared Striped Bass, with red wine risotto, roasted mushrooms, and lemon thyme broth. I also got the recommended wine pairing - a 2006 Chablis Village from Domaine Voceret, Burgundy.

    This dish was perfect in every way. The fish was perfectly done - flaky, moist, and tender. The risotto was delicious, and the lemon thyme broth was light and made a perfect sauce. But I didn't enjoy it as much as I should have because I was wanting Mark's swordfish!
    The Chablis was really good and a great match with the fish. Very refreshing, bright, and crisp. They seem to still carry this wine, just a different year at Citricos, so I would recommend it if you're in to Chablis.

    I could never pass up dessert at my favorite restaurant, so order it we did!

    If Mark is eating somewhere, and there is Tiramisu to be found, he will be eating it. So Mark had a very easy time choosing his dessert:

    I didn't taste it, so I can't comment, but Mark said it was just as good as the Tiramisus we ate in Italy!

    I wanted to try something new, but just couldn't steer myself away from what I have tried and loved before - The Warm Chocolate Banana Torte

    This is a really wonderful dish. I will warn you it is on the heavy side, so if you're really full, this is not the thing to order. The torte is dense, with a heavy chocolate cake and a mushed banana filling. It's intensly chocolatey, just the way I prefer my chocolate! It's served with a scoop of vanilla ice crea,. And who doesn't love that presentation? It's all edible - the big piece is chocolate!

    As expected, Kiera provided incredible service through the whole meal. Not only was she attentive, but she kept the meal at a nice pace, and made the service seem very personalized. We weren't celebrating anything (other than being at Disney!) but she made our meal feel like an extra special occasion.

    As if I wasn't in love with her enough already, after we paid, she brought us each out a bag of these little beauties:

    Mmmmm, Biscotti! As Kiera said, "a little thank you for coming back!"
    We were stuffed, but ate them for a snack the next day. I just wish I had saved them for when I had a cappuccino to go with them!

    Citricos remains my favorite Disney restaurant, and gets full marks from me. 10 out of 10!:goodvibes
  4. Schoolbread

    Schoolbread New Member

    Abby, loving the report. You have excellent taste in restaurants--mine! LOL! I looked up Bern's on the Internet. WOW! I think the next time we have a rental car at WDW, a road trip is in order!

    I'm disappointed to hear about Narcoosee's. I just booked that for my parents in December. I have read quite a few negative reviews. It worries me. It was supposed to be the big hurrah for them. I was going to do Citricos, but my dad isn't as much of an adventurous eater as my mom is. I thought N's would be safer. Ah well! Looking forward to more!
  5. cbg1027

    cbg1027 I knew I had converted him when he started pointin


    Bern's is definitely worth a side trip. It's about an 80 minute drive from Disney, but you'd have to allow a good half day since dinner can take 5 hours there! Or just make it whole side trip and stay overnight so you can go to the beach too!

    You know, I think most people like Narcoossee's, but I do see a lot of mixed reviews. If you seem to like my tastes in restaurant than I would say avoid it. If it were not a signature and the prices a bit cheaper I might be more for it. Like I said, it's not bad....but it's not signature worthy to me.

    You might want to consider switching that ADR. Citricos can have some more plain items. Take a look at the menu and see if there is anything your dad would like. And they're so wonderful about accommodating people there, I'm sure they could just make him a plain but amazing steak and potatoes dish if he wanted. I've gone there twice with my grandmother who has some special dietary concerns and they were just wonderful with her.
  6. Pooh&OurHunny

    Pooh&OurHunny New Member

    I too love eating at Cirticos...glad you have a lovely meal.
  7. cbg1027

    cbg1027 I knew I had converted him when he started pointin

    The next day we went to MK, so for lunch, it was one of my favorite counter services...Columbia Harbour House! I guess I like the change of from the normal burger/pizza stuff, but CHH is always tasty and never disappoints! This day was no exception.

    Who knew there was a giant counter service restaurant in there? You could almost miss the place unless you walk by at a mealtime and see the hordes of people streaming in and out!

    Mark and I got our food and decided to eat outside since the weather was so pleasant.

    Mark got the Chicken Breast Nuggets and Fish Combo Basket:

    I made him give me a bite of fish....for research purposes, of course. ;) It was piping hot, crispy on the outside, flaky fish on the inside....what a fish stick should be.

    I opted for the Anchors Aweigh Sandwich - tuna, lettuce, and tomato on toasted multigrain bread, along with a side of fries instead of the chips that normally come with it.

    This isn't anything special, but sometimes that's ok. It's just a plain tuna sandwich, but a good one! I especially like the bread - tuna always goes better on toasted bread, IMO. The Anchors Aweigh normally comes with chips (the price on the menu is with them), but I had them omit those, and they give you the sandwich a bit cheaper. I ordered a side of fries instead. I like the standard Disney counter service fries - taste better than an average fast food joint to me, if they're hot. I find they usually are.

    CHH isn't a dining destination, but when I'm in MK and want counter service, it's my favorite place! I really want to try the fried shrimp next time!
  8. TruBlu

    TruBlu <font color=green>I was very excited to see how yu

    Yum! We love CHH. :cloud9:
  9. vettegirl

    vettegirl Proud USAF Wife!

    CHH looks good and the price is not too bad.
  10. cbg1027

    cbg1027 I knew I had converted him when he started pointin

    The next night saw us with an ADR for California Grill. While this isn't my favorite signature, I feel like it's a Disney right of passage. It's the signature that's hardest to get in to, and who doesn't love the view? For a lot of people I'm sure the food is somewhat of an afterthought, especially since you see more people with kids here than other signatures.
    But, I do like CG a lot and felt it was necessary to bring Mark there on his first Disney trip!

    We had a 7:20 ADR and arrived a bit early around 7. To my surprise, we were immediately whisked up the elevator and seated. I love that CG exclusive elevator - makes you feel all special and important! It's like Oooooh you're special..you get the special elevator with an escort!:rotfl:

    We didn't have a window table, but we could still get the full panoramic Seven Seas Lagoon view, along with a nice kitchen view on the other side.

    After we were seated, I saw a server named Stephen I had had twice before and thought to myself, "Oh darn, I should have requested him! I hope he's our server...please come to our table!"

    But it was not meant to be. Another man came to our table. Oh well. It's a signature...they're all good servers, right?

    He took our drink orders and while I went with water, Mark decided he wanted a glass of Chianti, one of his favorite kinds of wine. I was kind of shaking my head inside....we're at the CALIFORNIA Grill.....seems like you should order something Californian! Oh well....I guess the guy knows what he likes. So he got a glass of Borgo Pretale Chianti Classico, the only Chianti they have on the wine list.

    We took a long time decided what to order, but it wasn't an issue as our server took forever to come back with out drinks and bread.

    We placed our orders and started nibbling on the wonderful housemade Sourdough Bread that CG offers. It's served with butter sprinkled with sea salt.

    I love bread, and call myself a carboholic, and this is my favorite sourdough ever! It was warm and freshly baked. Soft and fluffy, but with kind of a heavy feel. The crust is somewhat hard and...well, crusty, as I think a bread should be! I was so much happier with this bread than the awful grocery store type sourdough we had at Narcoossee's.

    I ordered a salad, showed up fairly quickly, but not quick enough to beat Mark finishing his first glass of wine. :laughing:

    The salad was the Heirloom Apple with Fall Greens, Almonds, Dried Cranberries, Maytag Blue Cheese, and Cranberry Vinaigrette.

    I love salads and this was one of the better ones I've eaten. It wasn't especially creative, as you see this kind of thing lots of places, but it was done very well with fresh quality ingredients. I love the sweet-tart of the apples and cranberries with the bitter greens and intense blue cheese. It's tasty and refreshing! I also like the little toasts it was served with - again, there are my carbs. Yum Yum.

    Our meal timing was a bit off as our entrees arrived when I was only halfway done with my salad. I HATE that. It makes me feel rushed, and who wants to have cold food? The restaurant didn't even seem particularly backed up that evening, so I guess our server was trying to churn and burn or just wasn't paying as much attention as he should have.

    Mark had gotten a second glass of Chianti by then to have with his Oak Fired Filet of Beef with Olive Oil Whipped Potatoes, Broccolini, and Terriyaki Barbeque Sauce - one of their signature dishes.

    I had a bite of this and it was quite good. But Mark absolutely LOVED it. He thinks this is the best steak at Disney and we because of this one dish, we have an ADR here for our next trip in December.
    When he was first placing his order, he asked for the steak well done. But I pointed out to him that when we had gone to Bern's earlier in the trip he had the steak cooked medium (which the server there talked him down to) and loved it. I felt kind of funny at first saying that....I'm sure the waiter thought I was some overbearing wife or girlfriend, which is quite funny since I am neither and we're just friends.
    Well, as I like to hear, I was right. :laughing: Mark said he was glad he only got the steak medium. For my next mission, I will be talking him down another notch to medium rare! Muahahahaha.

    There were so many things I wanted at CG, but I finally went with a flatbread as my entree. These are somewhat small as an entree, but I knew I would be ordering dessert, so with three courses it was plenty as an entree. I ordered the Rotisserie Chicken Flatbread with Butternut Puree, Wilds Mushrooms, Point Reyes Blue Cheese, and Heirloom Apples. Well at least I thought I did. I said "the chicken flatbread", but apparently our server heard that as "the cheese flatbread", because what was brought out was the Triple Cheese - Pecorino, Asiago, and Provolone with Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Arugula Pesto.

    Although I wanted the chicken one, this smelled so good. I also didn't want to wait for them to cook another flatbread, so I just didn't say anything. I have actually had this one before on a previous visit, so I knew at least it should be good. And it was great - but as I was eating it I started to wish I had said something. The Triple Cheese was very good, the crust was nicely crisped, and cheese very flavorful, but it was a bit on the plain side - I had this dish when I was in my early teens and experimenting with food. Arugula pesto was new to me back then...but now, not so much. I was just a bit bored with the dish, but I would never say there was anything wrong with it.

    By the time we were finishing up our entrees, it was near 8pm - time for Wishes to start! So when our server showed up to clear the plates (the first time he had come back to the table since dropping off our entrees) we told him the dessert orders would be held off til after the fireworks.

    We went outside and watched Wishes from the 15th floor observation deck. Although the view isn't centered here, I still think it's great because it feel's like some of the fireworks are more on eye level and you don't have to strain your neck looking up so far.

    I had just gotten a new camera, which has a fireworks setting, so I gave it a try:




    After the show was over, we went back inside. Mark ordered a third glass of wine for his dessert, while I went with what I knew I would be getting months beforehand:
    Valrhona Chocolate Cake with Peppermint Ice Cream, Pomegranate Macerated Cherries, and Peppermint Bark.

    CG always has this molten centered chocolate cake, but changes the accompaniments with the season. I'm not even that big of a peppermint fan, but this was fantastic! The cake was warm and filled with gooey chocolaye goodness. It has a great, pure chocolate flavor and I loved scooping up the cake and a cherry for a bite. Then I'd alternate and have cake with ice cream. The peppermint bark was really tasty too. This remains ones of my favorite Disney desserts, but I have to admit my favorite pairing was when they had Raspberry!

    So overall, a good, but not outstanding evening at CG, like they usually are. I was really disappointed with our server. He just never seemed to be around when we needed a water glass filled or really to be paying much attention to us at all. Next time, I will remember to request Stephen.

    I still recommend CG for those who haven't been. It's a delicious and scenic intro to Disney signature dining.

    I would give meal an 8.5 out of 10, but it gets knocked down a point for the less than stellar service to a 7.5.
  11. purpliequeen

    purpliequeen New Member

    Thanks for the reviews thus far, Abby. They're great! We'll be in the World in a few months for Christmas week and then I'll be spending my Spring break there as well. So excited. We've done many restaurants that you've reviewed-- and I agree with you completely. We will also be doing a few of the restaurants that you reviewed. Thank you so much!
  12. Pooh&OurHunny

    Pooh&OurHunny New Member

    Wonderful pictures and update, enjoying your reviews.
  13. klacey1

    klacey1 New Member

    Joining in! Can't wait to read the ret!
  14. cbg1027

    cbg1027 I knew I had converted him when he started pointin

    Thanks for reading! I'll be there a bit before Christmas. Great season to go!

    Glad you like them!

    There's only a few more to go, but I actually have another trip I need to start a review on. My grandma says it's a sign that I 'go too often' if I can't even finish one DR before I make my next trip. :lmao: 'Go too often'....ha, as if that were possible!
  15. catne

    catne New Member

    Oh ABBY! Why did I open this thread! Now I have to go change my January Narcoosee's for Citricos...and the online system is not back yet.

    Sorry to see that negative review of Narcoosee's...but in general I sure do agree with your reviews of places we've both been so I'll take your word for N. not being worth the signature status & go with Citricos. When they get the system working again:rolleyes1

    See ya in November at the Ditch!
  16. cbg1027

    cbg1027 I knew I had converted him when he started pointin

    LOL Sorry you have to change your plans Cathy, but trust me, you won't regret it! And don't worry about having to wait to make an ADR, Citricos is an easy to get in to, and usually at the time you want, even close to the date!

    Can't wait for November!
  17. cbg1027

    cbg1027 I knew I had converted him when he started pointin

    When I go to Disney I follow the "RD Morning and Afternoon Nap/Rest/Swim" schedule. So the next day during our afternoon downtime we decided to take advantage of the boat service at POFQ, where we were staying, and just cruise to DTD for the heck of it.

    If you're staying at POR or POFQ I would highly recommend taking the boat ride on the Sassagoula River, even if you don't have anywhere to go. It was a relaxing interlude to our day.

    The only part that may not suit everyone is that you are forced to get off and wait for the next boat to re-board for the return trip. So while we waited at DTD for the next boat, I started to smell something delicious. I quickly realized it was the baking waffle cone smell from Ghirardelli! So of course we had to just 'take a look'.

    OK Looking accomplished....

    Well, looking lead to ordering. :laughing:

    Mark went for the The Domingo - Banana Hot Fudge Sundae - vanilla ice cream surrounded by bananas, topped with hot fudge, whipped cream, chopped almonds and a cherry.

    I was feeling more nutty, so I went with The Gold Rush - Peanut Butter Hot Fudge Sundae - Vanilla ice cream with freshly homemade hot fudge and melted peanut butter throughout. Topped with whipped cream, chopped almonds, a cherry and Ghirardelli Squares milk chocolate.

    We made a huge mistake ordering two of these - they are HUGE! With prices to match ($8.50 and $7.95 with an upcharge for the waffle bowls). I seriously think three people could share one of these not-so-little beauties.

    So how were they? OK, but I had a few complaints about them. The vanilla cream was just run of the mill artificially flavored dreck and that ruins the rest of the sundae for me. The waffle bowl is a deliciously freshly made, quality creation. The peanut butter was great. The hot fudge is amazing - and you get to choose milk or dark! The other part I really hated was the absurd amount of whipped cream they put on it. I cannot tell you how much I LOATHE fake whipped cream. If it has more than 2 ingredients (cream and sugar) then KEEP IT AWAY FROM ME! Call me a snob, but I hate the taste and texture of guar gum and hydrogenated oils in my whipped cream. I should have thought to ask for my sundae without whipped cream, but it slipped my mind.
    So when I stopped at a trash can to scrape off the dreck, I lost my chopped nuts in the process. :sad2:

    Cruising back down the river with our ice cream was very fun though, even if it wasn't the best ice cream.

    So my verdict on Ghirardelli? If you like bad ice cream and whipped cream from a can, this place will make you very happy. If you don't, then this place will make you moderately happy. Next time I'll just have dark chocolate fudge and peanut butter sauce on a banana in a waffle bowl. :lmao:

    5 out of 10
  18. cbg1027

    cbg1027 I knew I had converted him when he started pointin

    SFFF is the food court at POFQ. Since we stayed there for part of our trip, we ate breakfast there a couple a mornings.

    The theme of the place is a parade float assembly workshop. Some of the 'float' pieces hanging from the ceiling look awfully creepy though! So if you go, keep looking at eye level and down. :rotfl:

    The place is a lot smaller than the value resort food courts, but the concept is the same - different bays serving different groups of food where you collect your items and then get in line to pay at a separate register area.

    Mark chose the Bounty Platter - scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, potatoes, and a biscuit.

    He didn't have anything great to say about it, but nothing negative either.

    We got an order of Beignets to share:

    I have never had a beignet before, so I don't know what they're supposed to be like. But I thought these were awful! They were squares of hollow dough, with the walls being thin, but dense, chewy, and pretty tasteless. It was like tough, way too chewy sheets of plain dough topped with powdered sugar. Maybe we just got a bad batch? :confused3 I don't think Mark liked them either - what you see in the photo is what was left when both of us were finished with them.

    I had a Ham and Cheese Omelet, served with breakfast potatoes.

    The omelet was just OK. For some reason I was expect the ham to be in slices, not cubes, and the texture of the omelet with the cubed ham was not appealing to me. The potatoes were not good that morning - as you can see in the pictures, the edges were burnt, but the insides were undercooked! How does that happen? Heat was too high maybe?

    So overall, SFFF was somewhat of a miss for me. If I stay at POFQ again, I would give it another go, but otherwise I have no desire to try it again.

    4 out of 10.
  19. NuttyDisneyMom

    NuttyDisneyMom Born and raised in WDW for 23 years:) Now we visi

    Glad you picked back up with the reviews....they're awesome!:thumbsup2
  20. cbg1027

    cbg1027 I knew I had converted him when he started pointin

    Aw thanks!
  21. NOLAdisneymom

    NOLAdisneymom New Member

    Great reviews! I love all the details!

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