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A Daily Dose of Disney Drama! 5/02/13 PG 53 THE END

Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by dawnbu40, Oct 4, 2012.

  1. dawnbu40

    dawnbu40 DIS Veteran

    The opening words of any story set the pace and the tone for the entire book. Some stories begin, Once Upon A Time....

    Others begin, It Was a Dark and Stormy Night...

    Still others open with, It All Began When.....

    For our story the best opening would be borrowed from Charles Dickens. As Mr. Dickens famously wrote...

    It was the BEST of TIMES, it was the WORST of Times......

    But wait I am getting ahead of myself. Before I begin our tale, I must first share our cast of characters:

    Me: Dawnbu40-I know, worst Dis name ever so just call me Dawn. How did I end up with that lame name? Well I popped on one day to ask a question, so no thought was put into my name. Had I known I'd get hooked on the Dis I would have thought about it more! Anyway, I have been Disney obsessed ever since my first trip at age 5 in 1972. My favorite park is the Magic Kingdom and my favorite characters are Dug and Ariel. My must have Disney snack is popcorn. That aroma gets me everytime!


    Dale: My husband of almost 24 years. (I'd tell you I was a child bride but I already gave my age away above ;)) Dale does not have the Disney obsession I do but he loves us so much he is willing to feed our addiction. His favorite park is Epcot and his favorite character is Goofy. His must have Disney snack is a Jalapeno Margarita. Yes he is a fan of the Ditch!


    Caitlin:PrincessCaitlin on the Dis. If you are new to our TR's Caitlin and I always co-author our TRs so we will be taking turns writing. Caitlin is in her last year of college and will be 22 next month. The reason for this trip was for her to do the Tower of Terror 10 Mile race. Unfortunately, she has had some health issues recently so she wasn't able to do the race but of course that didn't stop us from continuing with the vacation! Her favorite park is Epcot and her favorite characters are Belle and Merida. Her favorite Disney snack is the carmel and chocolate covered apple.


    Andrew-Caitlin's fiance who is serving in the US Army stationed in Louisiana. (we live in Michigan) A week before our trip Andrew found out he had a long weekend during our trip so he applied for leave and was able to join us! It was his first Disney trip ever!


    Grandpa-My dad who hadn't been to Disney World in at least 10 years and hadn't been there with us in 19 years when he took us for Caitlin's first trip! We invited him so he could see Caitlin in her first race as he takes great pride in all she does. His favorite park is the Magic Kingdom and he has had a crush on Snow White since he was a boy. His biggest obsession is the Detroit Tigers and he spent time each day of our trip tracking Miguel Cabrera's quest for the Triple Crown :thumbsup2


    Now that you know all the players, let's begin....

    It was the best of times, it was the worst of times....

    Hmmmm, I've gone kind of long so I should probably stop here.
    I do hope you'll join us on our adventure but be sure and buckle up! It's going to be a bumpy ride!

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  3. WDWaddictt

    WDWaddictt Mouseketeer

    Awesome...can't wait to read along!
  4. RunningGirl

    RunningGirl Mouseketeer

    Welcome home! Looking forward to your TR and all the upcoming twists and turns! Sorry Caitlin couldn't do the race; I know that's really heartbreaking.
  5. Dreamsdocometrue9112

    Dreamsdocometrue9112 "hang onto your hats and glasses 'cause this here'

    Yay!!!! The TR has begun!! Looking forward to reading about everything!
  6. TinksThree

    TinksThree Mouseketeer

    I'm here. Glad to hear you are feeling better! Excited for this TR!
  7. IheartDDuck

    IheartDDuck DIS Veteran

    I'm here! I can't wait to hear about everything. :goodvibes
  8. dawnbu40

    dawnbu40 DIS Veteran

    :cool1: our first reader! Thanks for joining us!
  9. dawnbu40

    dawnbu40 DIS Veteran

    Thank you!
    Believe me, this trip is full of twists and turns ::yes::
    Caitlin is a fitness junkie so not being able to run and workout as much as she'd like has been driving her crazy! Hopefully she will be healed soon and can get back to her regimen.
    Glad you're joining us!

  10. dawnbu40

    dawnbu40 DIS Veteran

    Thank you! We're looking forward to sharing with you :)
  11. dawnbu40

    dawnbu40 DIS Veteran

    Glad you're back with us :)
    It's so fun to have people sharing our excitement :goodvibes

  12. dawnbu40

    dawnbu40 DIS Veteran

    Good because we have a lot to tell ;)
  13. Jazzabelle508

    Jazzabelle508 Live, Laugh, Love and Disney

  14. onelilspark

    onelilspark DIS Veteran

    Joining in! :wave:
  15. LilAnn

    LilAnn Mouseketeer

    Wow, you've already started?! You know I'm in! :cool1:
  16. DreaGirl

    DreaGirl Mouseketeer

    I'm in too!
  17. MEK

    MEK DIS Veteran

    Haha - I think your name is better than mine. I just used my initials. :rotfl: So original, I know. :rotfl:

    I cut yours and Caitlin pictures out, but they are both really cute ones!

    I'm with Dale on this one. I absolutely love the jalapeno rita and every since I posted a picture of one on my TR I have been craving it. :worship: BEST DRINK EVER!

  18. jane2073

    jane2073 Mouseketeer

    I always enjoy your trip reports! Looking forward to reading about your newest adventures! :)
  19. JolllyHoliday

    JolllyHoliday Member

    I always enjoy your trip reports. They are always so fun to read. Looking forward to this one too!
  20. burly

    burly Mouseketeer

    I'm in too. Love your trip reports girls! :cool1:
    Looking forward to all those juicy bits of info, since i am NOT on facebook! Last person on earth i think...lol:scratchin

  21. pkondz

    pkondz <font color=blue>Hoping to get lucky<br><font colo

    I'm here too! Can't wait to read along one more time!

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