A couple of questions about the meal deal.

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  1. Portugal1000

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    If I order on line, do I just take my ticket to one of the restaurants? Last year we queued nearly an hour to pick up hour theme park tickets at the ticket booths so no way would I want to do this for the dining.

    Going 25th July for 2 days, has anyone done meal deal 2 days running? Wondering if we would get tired of counter service food after 1 day. Would just be nice to have everything paid for before we went.

    Are any of there restaurants better than others?

  2. cceandme

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    Apr 11, 2010
    I'm not 100% but if I remember correctly you take it to a restaurant and they give you an armband for mealplan. most of the restaurants that accept the meal plan have about the same quality food. nothing really special but such a good deal for the price.
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    ...ASSUMING you can actually eat that much food in the short time frame.

    The Value of the Universal Meal deal is somewhat questionable. The meal deal is only accepted at a few restaurants within the parks, and there are much better food options in the parks that don't participate in the plan. There are no meal deal particpants at the resorts or in Citywalk.

    Also, The meal deal restaurants don't open until around the 11/11:30 time frame for the Lunch rush, and then will close 30 min prior to closing....at the latest. This means that you won't be able to count on breakfast as part of your meal deal. For most people, You'll have to eat 2-3 meals with the meal deal to come out ahead, which during the shortened hours of the food operation can be difficult for most non-bottomless-stomach teen types, and is also a LOT of time wasted eating at the parks.
  4. macraven

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    Apr 21, 2003
    beverages are not included in the meal deal.
    that is another deal package.

    the meal deal program begins at 11:00.

    check out the menus for all the restaurants in the park before you decide to purchase a meal deal.
    if you choose the meal deal at the studios, you can not hop over to ioa for one of the 3 restaurants in that park for ticket usage.

    you would need to buy the 2 park meal deal which costs more.

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