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A Carnival cruise taken by a DCL loving family.

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Trip Reports' started by luvavacation, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. luvavacation

    luvavacation New Member

    DH, me, DD - 22 and DD- 17 just returned from a Thanksgiving cruise on the Carnival Fascination from Jacksonville, FL port. We have sailed on Disney 8 times, and this was our 5th Carnival cruise. First Carnival cruise was in 1993, we hated it, DH vowed never to cruise again, but then caved when eldest was turning 11 and begged her daddy for a Disney cruise. We have been fans of DCL ever since that cruise, but have sailed Carnival Southbound from Whittier Alaska, and DDs and I have sailed Carnival when I needed a quick, sudden break from life and housework. For my family, Carnival is the quick break cruise, planned only two or three months out, while DCL is our plan-from-opening-day-cruise.

    In August, after another bought of drama queen brother and his antics (he lives in another state, but he flies in once a month because he thinks we like him - and my mom has Alzheimer's and lives with me, so he figures he is "helping" by staying in my home, eating my food, watching my TV, making a mess. I don't much like him, but whatever, can't choose family!), I decided that I was growing resentful of doing all the shopping, baking, cleaning, cooking, and clean-up for holiday meals. Stupid brother never helped, he just ate our food and complained about life, with the occasional angry outburst thrown in. I wanted a break.

    Lo and behold, Carnival had a ship in Jacksonville with room on it. Closer than Port Canaveral from Northern IL, the days worked around school schedules, so I booked my family and my mom (because I can't leave her behind, she has Alzheimer's). Brother joined us. :headache: He roomed with mom.

    I booked the Grand Suite on Carnival, which was less than 1/2 the price of the DCL porthole room over Thanksgiving. This is the biggest room they have to book, and my girls, upon arriving, said they liked this room better than the DCL rooms. I reminded them we stay in verandah rooms on DCL, not suites! For the price, it was great.

    Carnival does not give any real perks for suite booking, other than what they call VIP (or VIPF? I forget). You get priority line for the terminal and debarkation. That's about it, but the price was still unbeatable for my desires!

    One of our big complaints with Carnival is that the service and crew are nothing like what we have experienced on DCL. After this cruise, I take that back. The crew on this ship was very friendly, always smiling, asking how your day was, and we often saw crew members cleaning the ship. This is very different from our previous cruises, where we would even joke that no one will look you in the eye in case you might ask them a question! Great crew experience on this ship.

    Shoreside pre-cruise, however, terrible. I had some concerns regarding my mom, and shoreside help was rude and unhelpful. Once at the terminal, however, they were fantastic! My mom was having trouble walking, and all I did was ask if there was a closer entrance for my mom to take, and they said there were wheelchairs available, and took my mom from the entrance, through the terminal, to check-in, and all the way up to the room upon boarding. It was great! Same when we left - a crewmember took her in a wheelchair from the waiting area on the ship all the way through customs and to our car. I am so very pleased with the service we received.

    While the service was great, Carnival does seem to have a very large majority of Indonesian/Asian/Pacific country crewmembers. It is still very, very hard to understand the waiters and many of the drink servers. I know DCL has a varied crew too, but Carnival does seem to have more from the Pacific/Asian region, and they do not have the English skills that the ones we met on DCL did. English is not my native language either, so I know it isn't easy to learn, but we have noticed that perhaps Carnival does not have the same standards that DCL does for at least the restaurant staff. But they were smiling and worked hard, and this is the first time I felt a desire to tip over the recommended amount for my waitstaff and room steward on Carnival.

    Other nice things -

    The slides - if only it had been warm enough to use them! But they looked great!

    My shipboard account bill was tiny! Ok, there isn't much in the gift shop I even want, as opposed to when I am in the DCL gift shop, so I just don't buy anything but a few Mudslides and BBC's. Nice for the wallet.

    Free drinks to order at the past guest party - order what you want, it is free!

    Live band at the shows. I really like that.

    The Sushi bar! From 5 to 8 every night, sushi!

    Chocolate Melting Cake at every dinner. It isn't too sweet and sugary, and it was very good. I do still prefer Mickey Bars, though.

    The Family Comedy Show was very funny and very family friendly. DH did not feel awkward with any of the jokes in the presence of his girls.

    The 80's show had lots of great music. My mom can't follow story lines anymore, so she really liked the shows she saw on the cruise, as they are all Vegas-style, not Broadway style on DCL.

    Extended balcony in the Grand Suite - so very nice, had two recliners and two chairs. Perfect for my family.

    Little tray with samples in the bathroom - nice touch. We had two little toothpaste samples, a Dove deodorant, shampoos samples, and soap. Left the soap, used the rest.

    The library - great place to check out books and games.

    Things we didn't like -

    Thongs and suggestive dancing at the family show is not my cup of tea.

    Encouraging the contestants in the Hairy Chest Contest to "get down and dirty", at the family pool, in front of the crowd of kids. Did the kids really need to see the men dance with the shower pole, and humping and grinding the deck like there was a partner under them? I will say, I did not see all of the contest, but it was replayed all through the ship on their monitors, so if you missed it, there was hairy man in all his hairiness rubbing his parts on the shower! Definitely not what should be at the family pool, in front of the kids. I would have felt more comfortable with pool antics like this at the adult pool. But, this is Carnival, different things are acceptable.

    DDs missed being called "Princess". That's just a Disney thing we really like and miss elsewhere.

    No push for hand sanitization. Many hand sanitizers did not work, and they were few and far between. No one handing out wipes. Everyone's hands touching everything, from the buffet tongs to the drink buttons. I know they didn't all use the sanitizer! I fear getting ill on a cruise, haven't been yet, so I just started bringing my stash of Wet Wipes (yes, I am an overpacker, but I do have anything you might ever need in my suitcase!) all over, and made my family use them.

    No hand sanitizers when boarding ship in ports. I almost ran over to the Disney Dream (we were docked next to her in Nassau) just to use the hand sanitizers that were set up at the gangways! It was funny to hear the occasional Carnival vacationer remark over how nice the Dream's area was set up for the guests that were boarding. I swelled with pride, knowing that was "my" cruiseline they were praising. :thumbsup2

    The smoke. People were smoking right in front of the signs that stated an areas was non-smoking. There was no enforcement. Lots of smoke.

    Start times are only a suggestion. Nothing starts right when it is supposed to.

    Unorganized, in so many ways, even though this ship runs this route numerous times a month. And I really, really intensely dislike the way Carnival handles debarkation. Not smooth, and yes, disorganized. Has been on every Carnival cruise.

    The casino atmosphere. DH and I don't gamble. We like our money too much to throw it away on a chance (rather throw it away on a vacation, and have pictures to show for it! :thumbsup2). Some like the gambling, like my mom and brother. To each his own, just not my thing. That said, it wasn't the casino itself that bothered me, but the huge amount of smoke emanating from it, and it is right in the middle of the main deck used to go from point A to B, so you can not avoid the smoke. Eldest DD has a smoke allergy, and the smoke would waft down and up the open atrium (since we don't smoke, we are more aware of the smoke I suppose), and she would have trouble getting a good breath of air. She started to just walk in the stateroom hallways to go from one side of the ship to the other.

    The food, in a word, eh. I know people complain of DCL food, but I like it. Yes, it is bland, but I travel with my own bottle of Chipotle Tabasco and spice up the food. I always find many options on the Disney menu. On Carnival, not so much. This was not the case on previous Carnival cruises, but it appears some cost cutting is taking place. For example, I like fish, do not care for red meat or pork. One night, shrimp was the seafood choice. I am allergic to shrimp and lobster. Everything else was a meat, and it did not appeal. The meat cuts were not very good (according to the meat lovers), but the carnivores in the family managed to leave every meal full and happy. I lost 4.5 pounds. Not much to eat that I liked, and I was doing all the running around! I need to vacation more!

    The bath products - definitely not good. Dispensers in the suites, too, for shampoo and gel. They were filled with some bad stuff. The soap was not good. It was just all not good. Definitely not the H2O DCL products! Good thing we brought ours from our last Disney cruise! :cool1:

    Bad response to an injury. I was injured leaving the ship in Nassau. No one from Carnival was around to offer assistance. I once saw a lady fall leaving a Disney ship, and out of nowhere came people with clipboards to take down her info and help her out. Kind of figured the same was going to happen when I was injured, but no. Perhaps DCL fears the lawsuit, but Carnival doesn't care? The photographer, however, that was two steps forward from me, upon my standing up again, asked if I wanted to have my family's picture taken with ship. I was irritated, and told him not with blood running down my leg! I know it wasn't his fault, but I had just been hurt, and I was in pain, so not very pleasant.

    Misspelled words in the public notices and Funtimes (Carnival's version of the daily goings on). It just bothers me to see "official" papers with misspellings. I should offer up my services as a proofreader (as poor as they may be). That's it, I have found my job on a cruise ship! Finally! :lmao:

    Lack of family activities. There are adult activities, the kids club for kids, but really not much to do together. We vacation because we like connecting with our children away from the stresses of home and work and school. We enjoy the Mickey vegetable races, the frog races, the towel folding and drawing classes. Our days on DCL can be filled with activities as a family from waking to sleep. Not so on Carnival.

    Room service food was prompt, but the food was not good. The BLT, what my DH orders on every cruise, had 3 pieces of bacon, lots of lettuce, and two unripe tomatos. Very disappointed, as previously the Carnival BLT would be piled high with the B, and only a little of the L and T!

    And that's about it. For a cruise planned over just a couple of months, it was fine. Yes, it was bit hard to see the Dream from the Fascination while in Nassau, and say what you will, but the people on the Disney ship are of a different variety than the people on Carnival. Many, many families on DCL, many more singles and couples with different desires on a Carnival ship. Carnival certainly can be a "Fun Ship", if the entertainment is to your liking. We are just quieter people, I suppose, so it isn't our preferred cruise line. I still will sail it, because it gets me away. Disney will always be my family's preferred cruise, for it is the Disney bubble that we like to be in. We like it so much, that we would be happy to just stay on the ship for a few days, no care for ports (ok, Castaway Cay would be a must, but otherwise, the ship is our destination!). With Carnival, the ship is not the destination, but rather the mode of travel. Sometimes, that is exactly what I am looking for. And it is nice to know that on Carnival, I was greeted with smile! :)
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  3. slg4crzn

    slg4crzn New Member

    I cruise Carnival frequently because its a cruise at a cheaper price therefore I can cruise more times. I always enjoy every cruise. Disney cruises are a treat. Costly but magical.
  4. disneywonderfun

    disneywonderfun New Member

    Thanks for your insight! Much appreciated.

  5. Summerl30

    Summerl30 New Member

    Our friends cruised out of Jacksonville on CC and they raved. They are very conservative and was surprised as I had always heard they were a party line and never even considered it until they went on about how much their kids loved it! I must admit i have my eye on one out of charleston for DH and I for later next year.
  6. KingRichard

    KingRichard New Member

    How was the Sushi?

    I must say that DCL Sushi is not that good, but there sesame encrusted tuna and grilled tuna steaks are incredible!
  7. luv2sleep

    luv2sleep New Member

    Nice report! Thanks! :)
  8. 3Mickeys

    3Mickeys New Member

    I appreciate this report very much. We are a family of five with 2 DCL cruises under our belt and I'm half afraid to branch out. I love the philosophy of Carnival as more of a getaway, more affordable option. We'll always love DCL, but may be willing to branch out for a little more cruising time.
  9. MissDaisyofTexas

    MissDaisyofTexas New Member

    Thanks for the report.

    My 4-year-old son fell walking out of the ship at Castaway Cay. He scraped up his knee a little bit but DH said many cast members rushed up to them for assistance. After they got him bandaged up, they offered them all a ride on a golf cart to the family beach. (I wasn't there to see this--I had left early to run the CC5k).
  10. luvavacation

    luvavacation New Member

    Glad this review was helpful for some! I like knowing the differences between cruise lines, because I like knowing what to expect. If I know that not all cruise lines offer a drink station with pop, then I don't go looking for it! :) I figure being informed helps me have a better experience.

    KingRichard, my daughters and I felt that the sushi on Carnival was very good. I must tell you though, that we are not sushi experts! If you are very informed about the different types of sushi, then I am not sure how you will find the Carnival sushi to be - we eat the sushi from the grocery store, and I have a friend that says that stuff should not be called sushi. There was always a line for Sushi Man though, so I guess others thought it was pretty good, too! And I agree, that sesame tuna is very tasty. Mmmm, would like some now!

    MissDaisyofTexas, I am glad your son was taken care of. That was the response I was expecting (well not the golf cart ride, but you know what I mean). I guess I am Disney spoiled. Of course, I have never seen anyone injured before while on Carnival, so perhaps I just was not aware that they handled these things differently.:confused3

    I figure all vacations I have taken offer something different, for even one Residence Inn may be different than another! I will still go visit that Residence Inn, but every so often, I need to stay at the JW Marriott just to get that pampering. Life is short, enjoy it!
  11. keishashadow

    keishashadow <font color=red>Proud Redhead<br><font color=green

    OP CCL has security stationed at the gangplank and always somebody handing out the shopping map how did they manage to miss your accident? :eek:Sorry to hear nobody offered assistance, unacceptable.

    A thoughtful review :thumbsup2and how wonderful your mother is still able to travel despite her condition, mine isn't:sad1:.

    however, imo, it's almost an apples to oranges situation when comparing a newer/larger ship with another line's older/more budget oriented one as to amentities, overall vibe and (in the case of your sailing) perhaps more budget conscious guests' expectations as opposed to DCL standard offerings. The CCL shorter cruises we've booked tend to attract a younger, later crowd who burn the candle on both ends although we've managed to find quiet spots, especially the serenity area:goodvibes.
  12. stmize

    stmize Dvc member since Nov 2010--WDW mom of ds 17 & dd 1

    We sailed on the carnival sensation this past June and it was almost exactly the same way. I hated it but in laws was with us and they like carnival. Dh said when we got home that we had to book another dcl trip to get the bad taste out of our mouths. So we are on the disney dream in jan. after we booked it for dh and I. Kids are in school so we asked in laws to stay with them and explained why and they laughed and said they noticed what we did but didn't want to say anything since we paid for their trip. Lol. Never again carnival.
  13. Ccann

    Ccann New Member

    Thank you for your post. My DH gives me a hard time because DCL is expensive. I tell him the reasons but he stills tries to tell me he's been on Carnival before and had a great time. I remind him it was before he married me and he was single ad liked to gamble.. He's a drunk smoker as well.

    I can't be in the same room as smoke because I have a allergy too. I can smell smoke from the car ahead of me when my windows are closed.

    My tastes are very much what Disney Offers, love, the broadway quality shows, the family experience the over all magic!!!!

    Our children are small still so until they are older I will get my Disney way:)
  14. stmize

    stmize Dvc member since Nov 2010--WDW mom of ds 17 & dd 1

    My kids are 12 and 16 but I'm sure after our experience in June I won't have to worry. Dh will agree with me. Lol.
  15. jd1374

    jd1374 New Member

    I personally don't think that carnival even comes close to DCL.
  16. jdb in AZ

    jdb in AZ <font color=green>It could end up curdled<br><font

    DMIL fell on a Disney cruise and hit her head loud enough to echo across the atrium. DCL was all over it immediately -- it was like the crew came out of the woodwork to help her. We were very grateful, and impressed. Later found out they have a way of flashing some lights in case of emergency. An off-duty crew member we were traveling with said she'd seen the lights flashing in the nearby dining room. The average passenger wouldn't notice, but the crew is trained in how to respond.

    In direct contrast, when we were on a different cruise line, the gangway slipped and a woman's leg was caught between the ship and the gangway. Crew members stood by, like deer in the head lights as other passengers helped the woman. The crew did re-set the gangway, but left it up to the passengers to test it.

    One of many reasons we prefer DCL.
  17. luvavacation

    luvavacation New Member

    Keishashadow, I was expecting there to be someone at the gangway, but no. The shopping guide was stationed inside the ship, near the elevators. Outside the ship, there was a photographer facing you as you exited, to take your pic with the crowd behind you, back to ship, then two more photographers on each side of the gangway, one where the gangway from the ship meets the gangway metal piece on land (and the ship steering wheel pic is taken there), the other directly when you step on the dock, with another ship something or other for picture taking. That was it. Five photographers, no one else.

    Across the way from us, at the Disney Dream, there were two exits from the ship, and what I assume is an officer (all in white uniform) standing to the side of each gangplank. And the hand sanitizers, of course! ;)

    The newer ships may be different on Carnival than the older ones, the demographic of the people on the cruise and Carnival's offerings, I have not experienced a difference. Carnival aims to be a "Fun Ship". For those that perhaps like what Disney offers, but want to try something new, knowing the differences helps with the decision on which line to try. I just find the whole package of Carnival to be very different than Disney's, from corporate (as a travel agent, I have dealt with the corporate side, too), to activities, to emphasis on what is considered "fun stuff", to even just the little things.

    Other than the friendly crew this time (which I am very happy for, and was very impressed by! :thumbsup2), in my 5 Carnival cruises, some things have always been the same. The family shows will have thongs and provocative dancing, smoke will be abundant, start time is only a suggestion, organization is void, I will never feel the life boat drill is as thorough as Disney's, and there will be a large group of people that have a different idea of fun than I do. There will also be great water features, interesting foods to try, and most importantly, time to be with my loved ones to enjoy each other's company.

    I will still pay DCL's prices, because for my husband and I, it is worth it for what Disney offers. And I will still go on Carnival, because for the price, it is worth it, for what Carnival offers. I will just have a much smaller onboard bill! :cool1:
  18. kristinfly2

    kristinfly2 New Member

    I am really happy you started this thread! We want to do another DCL next year but was thinking of another cruise line for the savings. After reading all the posts, DH and I decided it is worth it for DCL! We went on our first ever cruise (DCL) three weeks ago and we loved the fact that it was a G rated family experience! Maybe when our kids are older we can look at other lines but right now the Disney experience suits us best. Now I am just keeping my fingers crossed that they offer another awesome special on the Galveston sailings next November! :)
  19. keishashadow

    keishashadow <font color=red>Proud Redhead<br><font color=green

    luvavacation i missed u were a TA. Local company i've dealt with always pushes CCL cruises over others. I finally inquired 'why' and was told they pay a much higher commission.:laughing:Not the most enticing reason for a client to book.

    I'd like to think it's a fluke and that all cruiselines normally have staff stationed near disembarkation points (vs the onboard security). Did u call or write corporate in Miami to discuss your concerns? I had a series of issues with a direct booked pricey excursion that almost caused us to miss the ship once out of belize. CCL apologized and offered a nice future OBC and % off future booking.

    Don't get me wrong we l-o-v-e DCL:banana:and cruising in general. For us CCL is primarily about the itinerary sweetened, by DH's military rate, but we now strive to book the newer ships. OT sailing on our 1st RCCL sailing in January, curious as to how it'll fit our needs.
  20. stmize

    stmize Dvc member since Nov 2010--WDW mom of ds 17 & dd 1

    Have you seen disney current special offer for us military thru 12-31-12 sailings.
  21. keishashadow

    keishashadow <font color=red>Proud Redhead<br><font color=green

    thanks, there are some well-deserved wonderful rates out there. Unfortunately, DCL doesn't consider DH military enough:duck:, not retired (but served active duty during vietnam for several years) so they exclude him. He qualifies for the rate on the other lines we've booked though: CCL, NCL & RCCL which is most appreciated.

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