A big step trip report.....day 5 and what I felt overall.

Discussion in 'Disneyland Paris Trip Reports Board' started by tetley02, Oct 15, 2008.

  1. tetley02

    tetley02 Mouseketeer

    Aug 23, 2007
    day 5, we were up, fed, suitcases packed and dropped off and in the parks by half 8 again. We did all the usual EMH rides, me and my dd did snow white. We stuck with my cousin for today as it was only a short day. We went over to POC and went on that. Then went on BTM and then did Phantom Manor.

    By that time it was time for a light lunch as we were going to be picked up by RS transports at half 1. Me and my dd stopped off at the deli and I had a nice ham and cheese sandwich, my dd had a bag of ghost shaped crisps, I also got a little tart type thing with a meringue ghost on the top and a jelly with little black things in which I presume were raisins, all in an attempt to make it spooky looking, these were both topped with a halloween chocolate circle, which I ate due to my DD's allergies. We shared the sweet things! My cousin and her to children had a Mcdonalds.

    Then we did lots of shopping, I agreed to meet up with my cousin back at the hotel ready to be picked up. i cant remember what i bought exactly, some of it included a peter pan figure set, some cinderella earrings for my dd.

    I also bought myself, YES I did say myself, a zip up hoodie, my dd had been a little sick on my jacket so i really had to. The hoodie I got had stitch written on the front and a pic of the little cutie himself on the back. It was a toss up between that one or the grumpy one! I probably was a tad grumpy towards the end of that holiday due to being overly stressed that last day so it would have suited me well!

    we were back to the hotel with about half an hour to spare, I collected our cases and crammed what I could into the suitcases. Me and my dd had a drink while we waited, RS transports picked us up on time in a mini bus so i knew we would be going to collect someone else as well. It was nice to have a look round elsewhere outside the resort on our way to collect them, I dont know which hotel they were picked up from but it looked nice, it was right next to a huge field where a group were flying a large kite.

    We were going to be dropped off at terminal 2b first but there was a problem there, we later found that it was due to some unattended baggage. the driver dropped the other family off at terminal 1 then brought us back round. by the time we got out, the queue for check in was HUGE, we must have stood in it for near on an hour! My cousin tried to get some cigarettes for her mam at duty free but they asked to see her card to see where she was flying to and for some reason would have been charged almost double because of where she was from! We bought a few things from duty free, made sure we went to the loos first then went to the departure lounge. Luckily we didnt have long to wait there as there was nothing else to do other than sit on the few nicely coloured seats!

    One thing that got me with the terminal 2b, departures and arrivals seem to arrive close together. i am so glad we used rs transports or I think I would have been lost. the flight home was onn schedule, the weather was lovely so we had really clear views when we looked out of the window, it was nice to look down and see the ocean and beaches either side! We have only ever flown in the dark or when the weather was rubbish. I also bought one of them fun game cards on the flight and won a whole £2 but i didnt bother claiming it!

    Overall, it was a good few days there, I would definitley go again but on our own and save up lots, maybe go every few years but due to my dd's sensory problems stay in the disneyland hotel so she has somewhere quiet to nip back to quickly when needed. It was nice to go with my cousin but I definitley think the fact we shared a room was just to much. i did bear in mind it was her first holiday without her partner so it was stressful for her as well with a 1 year old.
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  3. karenmoloney

    karenmoloney DIS Veteran

    Jan 27, 2006
    You managed to squeeze a lot into your last few hours. I know what you mean about sharing - it wouldn't be my ideal of a holiday either, I like to have my own space & be able to stick to my own routine instead to fitting in with someone else's which I think is important with small children. Your cousin was very brave to bring 2 children on her own, especially as one of them is a baby. I know I wouldn't be so keen, but my 1 yr old is a handful!

    I'm glad you had a good time overall. Maybe if you had been on your own it would have been less stressful & more enjoyable. I hope you get to go back soon & get to stay in the Disneyland Hotel - it's beautiful.
  4. PJackson

    PJackson DIS Veteran

    Nov 8, 2007
    I agree about fitting a lot in on your last day! I'm sure you would like the DLH and as you say it's the location with children that makes it ideal (unfortunately it costs a lot though!!).

    I think we were lucky when we went with my Mum & Stepdad as they were happy to just go along with what we wanted to do and look after the kids when we managed to squeeze the odd thrill ride in :thumbsup2 Not sure I'd be so keen to go with another couple though with kids as I think it could cause probs. Your cousin did well with two kids though - I'd never take my two on their own (well not at the moment or in the near future!) :rotfl: But then unlike Karen, my 3.5 year old is a handful and my baby very placid and easy :lmao:

    Hope you manage to go back again and enjoy it :goodvibes I think it sounds like your DD managed very well and really overcame some of her anxieties this trip :thumbsup2
  5. Cyrano

    Cyrano Moderator Moderator

    Oct 23, 2004
    Sorry to see the end of your reports.
    Many thanks for sharing :goodvibes
  6. tennisfan

    tennisfan <font color=blue>Was told off for sliding down the Moderator

    Jul 15, 2004
    Thanks for sharing your report, you managed to fit a lot in on your final day. Sounds like your DD made a massive step forward on this trip:thumbsup2
  7. Ware Bears

    Ware Bears Mourning the loss of my tags Moderator

    Jan 23, 2003
    I've really enjoyed reading your reports, thanks for sharing them. :goodvibes

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