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9/12 great article ! Who am I to say no to going to WDW?

Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by IluvXU, Jan 16, 2009.

  1. lmillercrew

    lmillercrew Active Member

    No delays or cancellations for us yet. You guys got slammed though, I think!
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  3. DreaGirl

    DreaGirl Active Member

    Happy Snow Day #2! That does stink that you will have to go farthe rin the summer though.
  4. MegansMom

    MegansMom Always Ready to Go Back with my "Minnie" Megan Mou

    Hey Laura---looking out at all the snow and the ice on the EVERYTHING, thinking about how you are seeing the exact same thing!!! Yesterday we got close to 7", then the ice came---with as hard as the snow is coming down right now, who knows how much we will have before it is all over!

    BTW--I SO love looking at the youtube videos---gets me through until the next time I am there!
  5. BrooklynnsMommy

    BrooklynnsMommy Active Member

    I am all caught up now. You will love watching Luke as he sees the characters for the first time. He will be just a month younger than Brooklynn was when she made her first trip to the World. I look back at the pictures often and just smile. She won't remember any of it, but I will never forget.
  6. IluvXU

    IluvXU Active Member

    I am not real confident that we will go tomorrow. It snowed a lot this AM and the interstates are clear, but not the streets- I need out of my house!

    I am quickly running out of things to do and entertain with.

    I like mine spread out... and not to go over the limit like we are now--- I have a WDW trip to go on!

    I looked out at seven to a lot of ice, but not much snow- but between 7-12 we just got a good amnt quick.

    I only worry since it is January... we still could get days through March...

    No videos today, but they sure are fun. My kids did not even play outside today, Hannah saw her friends and did not even care- too cold I guess!

    Jill I totally agree, I remember so vivid the stories with pictures and trips with the girls. WDW is for all ages! So glad to having you reading!
  7. FairyGodmotherJen

    FairyGodmotherJen Active Member

    Well, I think I lurked through your last trip - figured I'd come out of hiding and let you know that I really enjoyed it, and am enjoying your pre-trip!!! I'm another one that's had to tell the kids we're skipping this year...and though we were tempted (badly) when the 4/3 deal came out, with an out-of-state wedding AND 100th birthday celebration, it won't happen. I'm getting lots of ideas from you though, and our kids are fairly similar in age, so I figure I'll continue to do so! :goodvibes (My youngest DS - born last April - has the same Disney onesie as your Luke. I love it!)

    We'll be going in 2010 with extended family, as well (lots of it, though). My SIL and I are looking forward to all of the planning. And since we had a snow day today, as well, I've at least gotten a little time on the DIS (and time to grade papers, but I guess you've gotta give somewhere). Let's hope for no more snow days for either of us, and to more updates, as well!!
  8. Charleston Princess

    Charleston Princess DIS Veteran

    Another snow day??? :eek: I'd send you some of our warmer weather if I could -- I don't want all these snow days to interfere with your Disney trip!
  9. IluvXU

    IluvXU Active Member

    We are off again! The roads are still terrible even though it has not snowed since yesterday at noon!

    Thanks for joining in! I read your report lurking too!

    I am getting a tad bit worried. Nothing to do yet about it. We were supposed to be off Feb. 13, not anymore!
  10. IluvXU

    IluvXU Active Member

    Another snow day- that makes 4 this week... we are creeping slowly towards our WDW trip! Hopefully we will hear how we are making up the days next week!
  11. MegansMom

    MegansMom Always Ready to Go Back with my "Minnie" Megan Mou

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you with respect to having everything made up before your trip----does your district ever consider adding minutes on to the school day to make up time? We did that one year several years back when I was teaching, and it was WONDERFUL!
  12. Disneyfan71

    Disneyfan71 Paging Mr. Morrow, paging Mr. Tom Morrow, your par

    We just had snow last week..a rare occurrence in NC
  13. IluvXU

    IluvXU Active Member

    We have some resolution already... coming up!

    I don't remember ever this many days off...
  14. IluvXU

    IluvXU Active Member

    So this week has been a stressful week for WDW plans. We made phone calls to move back our trip, which would have resulted in changing hotels, views and all kinds of crazy things. Finally a CM said to leave it and they would work with me if I had to move my trip (not sure what that would look like, but it made me feel better!) We even discussed going later in the summer, figuring the economy will lead to more deals for August. In Ohio you have five calamity days before you make the days up. We unfortunately lost three to a terrible wind storm, 1 for a subzero day a week or so and then four this week, making us at eight days off. We would then have to make up three.... ticking ever so close to my trip!

    Luckily today though my district shared their plan for the days. We are now having school on February 12th (a planned professional day- hooray, I would much rather be teaching than in meetings) and have school on that Friday as well, which had orginally been a day off. That means at this point we only go one day later in June, which still give me a few days (3) before we need to be in WDW! I am a lot less worried... now I just don't need anymore big snows!

    Coming tomorrow- I promise! ADRs... we have seven TS credits, so what have we planned and ideas I need from you!
  15. Disneyfan71

    Disneyfan71 Paging Mr. Morrow, paging Mr. Tom Morrow, your par

    So when are you going? I can't remember what you said earlier :)
  16. tinkgurl

    tinkgurl <font color=magenta>Life is what happens in betwee

    Can't wait! :cheer2:
  17. MegansMom

    MegansMom Always Ready to Go Back with my "Minnie" Megan Mou

    So glad to hear that your school is going to try to work it out for you before June! Looking forward to ADR revelations!!!
  18. Charleston Princess

    Charleston Princess DIS Veteran

    Fingers crossed for no more snow since the district has figured out the ones you have had already. Nothing, absolutely nothing, should come between you and WDW! :goodvibes
  19. IluvXU

    IluvXU Active Member

    We leave on June 16th, arrive at WDW the 17th and our 4/3 starts the 18th :cheer2:

    Coming up in a minute!

    I did not worry finally about our trip and the changes. It was especially worse because my parents worry more than me and were really concerned.

    I can see pavement... that is a good sign, although our driveway gets no sun hardly so it is a sheet of ice!
  20. IluvXU

    IluvXU Active Member

    We leave on the 16th, arrive at WDW CSR on the 17th and start our package on the 18th!

    Up Next!

    :cool1: :cool1:

    That was my mantra all week!
  21. DreaGirl

    DreaGirl Active Member

    Oh gosh! I hope that the weather is perfect from here on out! Didn't you leave really soon after school last year?

    Are you going to split up the drive or drive straight through?

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