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9/12 great article ! Who am I to say no to going to WDW?

Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by IluvXU, Jan 16, 2009.

  1. IluvXU

    IluvXU New Member

    Welcome to our pretrip report! I am excited to be back to share the planning (which is half if not more of the fun) and all the adventures that we will have this summer at WDW!

    Here is a picture of my family during our trip in June of 2008

    Our family consist of:

    Me, Laura, is the planner and dreamer of WDW trips. I cry everytime we leave, knowing it is the happiest place on earth. I love helping others get ready for trips (although a tad bit of envy does occur). I am a teacher, a really lucky one that job shares and therefore only works half day. It has been a great thing for me and my family because I have more time with the kids, yet I get to still teach which I love!

    DH has tolerated my love of WDW (or so I thought) and usually wants nothing to do with the planning. He reviews menus and has thrown some curveballs in regards to meals. He cannot believe that ADRs are as essential I say until he decides weeks before that I need to get one. He works hard to take great care of our family and enjoys his princesses!

    Hannah is our oldest, she is Snow White in her mind. Lately though she is really into the Disney Fairies and on the top of her Santa List was Tinkerbell's Pixie Hollow Playset. That girl could plan trips... she remembers so much of our previous trips and listens to Disney CDs everynight, probably dreaming of WDW! Right now she is obsessed with writing down the names of what she wants to do at WDW and drawing maps. Her favorite rides include Splash Mountain.

    Then there is Emily, our middle child. She is the most determined child I know and she too loves the princesses, probably mostly because her sister makes her play with them. Jasmine is typically who she says she likes the most. Dumbo is her favorite ride!

    Then we have our baby, Luke. He has no idea what is in store for him!

    Here is a couple more trip pictures!



    It was a fantastic trip, our last as a family of four since I was due in August. We lived it up with lots of princess time and visits... and I believe I visited every restroom in WDW due to the amounts of water I drank so that the baby and I would be okay!

    Then in August Luke arrived

    So how did this trip come to be……
    “We won’t be going to WDW in 2009” a direct quote from last years trip report. I told this to everyone and most importantly I told myself this and I believed it. So what happened to change this mantra that I had spoken for over 6 months… and said almost daily to our two daughters who love WDW!

    one might wonder ...
    . I had never believed that we would go to WDW every year, especially since I returned to teaching part time after the birth of our second daughter. I feel very lucky to have been to the world many times, including the five trips my oldest daughter has been during her short five years of life. The last two trips have been especially wonderful, our girls love WDW and really make each moment, big or small so special. I am sure that I will always consider our vacations to WDW some of my best memories of when my kids were young.

    But after our last trip when I was 30 plus weeks pregnant with our son, I thought two things: one we would not return until Luke could walk (a rule I stuck to with our second daughter, she was almost 18 months old and had been walking about two months when she first went to WDW) and two I was terribly afraid of what a trip to WDW would be like outnumbered by your kids, especially when they were little. With all this in mind I convienced myself it would be okay, that we could vacation elsewhere and aim to go back in summer of 2010 when Luke was almost two.

    But we are indeed headed to WDW in less than sixth months... so stay tuned to just how I convinced to go this year! We have lots of new things planned for this trip and will have fun planning it along the way.


    How did this all start

    Our Resort of Choice

    How will we get to WDW?

    Getting an extra night-yeah!

    Adding the dining- mini update

    7 Days of Park Fun

    ADR Ideas

    To hop or not

    Planning thoughts

    ADR time is coming

    A Touch of WDW

    A weekend update

    Called for ADRs #1

    Here is the ADRs

    A Change in plans

    A schedule?

    Days 1 and 2- Relaxing at WDW????

    Animal Kingdom Plans

    Recent pics

    EPCOT plans

    Coundown Calendar

    HS plans

    Day 5- MK/EPCOT visit again

    A post of last year's top ten

    Day-6 Choices

    Our Plan...

    Good Bye!

    Trip Report!
    Headed to WDW

    Our pixie dust hotel

    Our room

    Pool Time

    Off to DTD

    Early morning at the Contemporary

    O'Hana's Best Friend Breakfast

    The rest of our lazy day

    EPCOT -Part 1

    EPCOT - Part 2/CSR

    2010 plans???

    Animal Kingdom

    The Rest of AK/CSR

    MK morning

    Photopass Pictures #1

    Photopass Pictures #2

    MK continued

    Chef Mickey's

    Our evening at MK/Bus Ride

    DHS Part 1a

    DHS Part 1b

    DHS Part 2


    Early morning MK/CP
    MK continued

    EPCOT night

    DVC tour

    DHS and AKL/AKV

    MK morning

    the rest of the day

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  3. Disneyfan71

    Disneyfan71 Paging Mr. Morrow, paging Mr. Tom Morrow, your par

    Let me be the first to say I'm on board. We're going in June as well..16th-25th at POP :) I cannot WAIT. And like you, everytime I leave I get all emotional. Even when we go in the Disney store I get, well you know. I love everything Disney...Walt Disney is my personal hero. And I absolutely love Cinderella. Of course Mickey is in a class all by himself :)
  4. Charleston Princess

    Charleston Princess New Member

    You know that I am onboard and super excited that you do indeed get to go to our favorite place in 2009!!! It truly will be a year of celebrations for you since it is a trip you never thought you would take and Luke will get to experience the World for the very first time! Hip Hip Hurray!!! :cheer2:

    Do the girls know yet? Or are you whispering super secret plans into Luke's ear as you rock him to sleep? :goodvibes
  5. MeMom

    MeMom New Member

    I'm in. Can't wait to see Luke on his first trip to magic!

    Hannah will very much enjoy sharing her Disney expertise with her little sister and brother, I'm sure. Let the planning begin!!! :cool1:
  6. snowwhite325

    snowwhite325 <font color=green> Another Tag Dreamer... pinch me

    I always enjoy your PTR/TRs :goodvibes I can't wait to hear all about your plans!
  7. an_evans

    an_evans New Member

  8. punkin413

    punkin413 feel the magic, dang it!

    so excited that you're going back! i can't wait to hear what changed your mind. i'm at peace with our decision to not go back until december 2010, but you never know! :rotfl: thanks for giving me a head's up about your trip!
  9. IluvXU

    IluvXU New Member

    Welcome! I still cannot believe we are headed there in less than six months! Hannah always cries too, which makes it hard for me as the mom to not cry harder!

    I have been re-reading MeMom's trip when Brooklynn was that age.... I am excited to see what he enjoys. With the sad state of the economy I feel extra blessed to be going back too!
    The girls know... it has been super fun, Hannah is interviewing everyone trying to plan what to do! I am sad we are just going to miss you!

    So glad you are along for the fun MeMom... your pictures have been shown a lot this week to the girls so they can get ideas about what is in store this summer!

    Thanks! Glad to have you back! This trip is already shaping up very different... just wait!
    Welcome and thanks for reading along!
  10. Disneyfan71

    Disneyfan71 Paging Mr. Morrow, paging Mr. Tom Morrow, your par

    Look like you'll be there the same time as us--we're going June 16th-25th!! I already have a countdown timer on my computer desk top ;)
  11. tinkgurl

    tinkgurl <font color=magenta>Life is what happens in betwee

    We were also there June of '08 AND we are also going June of this year! :cheer2:

    Luke is adorable and so are your girls! I can't wait to read more! popcorn::
  12. mommytothreeboys

    mommytothreeboys New Member

    Count me in! Your girls are gorgeous and little Luke is precious! Can't wait to hear more about your plans!! :wave2:
  13. Charleston Princess

    Charleston Princess New Member

    There were lots of things that Chelsea enjoyed when she was nine months old -- all the Fantasyland rides, the drummers in China, meeting Winnie-the-Pooh -- she was amazed by Pooh. I should dig those photos out sometime.

    I love that Hannah is interviewing and planning -- how cute is that? She is going to be the park commando on this trip! :lmao:

    We feel super blessed to be going, too. I would even be happy staying at a Value as long as it meant we were going. :goodvibes

    I am sad that we are going to miss you, too -- but I will have your TR to look forward to -- it will help me get through the worst of my annual Disney Depression.
  14. DreaGirl

    DreaGirl New Member

    You know you can count me in!! I knew you couldn't stay away until 2010!! :)

    Can't wait to hear your plans!!
  15. Lady Lallie

    Lady Lallie New Member

    I'm not sure if I ever delurked on your last TR but I read along and really enjoyed it. I am signing up for all the planning fun! :goodvibes
  16. IluvXU

    IluvXU New Member

    You are the reason why... I won't have your pictures and reports to read, so I have to go myself:rotfl2: Honestly the stars were aligned... stay tuned! Plus as you have stated... go when the kids are free- like Luke will be (DH and I already said we have to get another trip in before he turns 3)

    I was thinking today about what type of countdown calendar to do with the girls..... I want to try something different this time, but we will see.

    I was having a hard time uploading a more current picture of Luke.... soon!


    If Luke likes all the stimulation he should make for some great pics... he smiles much more than either of my girls did!
    Hannah is a fun kid... she might love WDW more than me. Dreaming about it already is what she said today. She is telling everyone we are going to WDW... she is a funny girl. Tonight we were watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse when I declared that every Sat. night until we go to WDW we will watch some Disney show (not sure if this is true... but they sure thought it sounded great!)

    It did not take much family pressure for me to cave!

    Thanks for joining in...

    I had high hopes of the next installment tonight... however I had better get the laundry mounds off our bed. I did not do any all week (our water heater went out.... so that ruined my laundry time) so we can go to bed. If not later tomorrow for sure....
  17. siestakeys04

    siestakeys04 New Member

    Baby Luke is so handsome, congrats:grouphug: can't wait to read about the new trip:cheer2:
  18. IluvXU

    IluvXU New Member

    WDW must like my money... free dining and room discount emails all fall, but I still was not tempted. 4/3 deal for winter through June sounded great and as I watch Charleston Princess move up to the Beach Club I must admit I thought about how reasonable a trip to the WL would be, but still no- I am not taking an infant. I got the 40% off code, which really did not peak my interest since it is only good for times I am working. I did not mention any of these emails to a soul because speaking of them would get my wheels turing (although I could not bring myself to hit delete- the emails on still in my files).

    As Christmas break arrived I started to research summer vacation options. I thought the beach would be manageable and that deals would be available since well the economy tanked. I thought a trip to Hilton Head would be lots of fun, and perhaps I could visit the Hilton Head DVC to get a five minute Disney fix. DH even looked at some of the possible condos we could rent, so we were on our way.

    During break though we had my dad in the car when he mentioned WDW and how he wanted to go with the girls. I am not sure I even responded but was glad he was getting the return to WDW bug, since I was hoping he and my mom would join us next trip, hopefully in 2010. My mom watches the kids while I work and tagged along with us back when Hannah was almost two. They are great with my kids and are very close to them. I knew they would be fantastic help.

    Then my mom mentions too that dad wants to go to WDW... I think I said great, you know we will head back. I did not even say when because the big hurdle I thought would be DH.

    DH and I do a lot of back and forth negotations on our WDW trips. I say two weeks he says one. He says one park day I say parks everyday. I am okay CS he loves to sit down. He hates that I teach and won't take off to go during the spring/winter/fall when it is not hot, I say tough. I know to go with him I can plan no more than 2 park days and then a day off from parks. Granted we do things, DTD, dining, swimming, and our kids wake up early but he hates touring commmando. Luckily DIS and TGM have added so many tips, along with going a lot so we tour less crazy now. Plus having kids we have slowed down, but we have done 12 hour park days with the girls... they are such troopers!

    Then last weekend we had a quiet dinner at Olive Garden. Quiet because the girls were spending the night at my parent’s house. As we talked without interruption (Luke was just looking around in his carseat) vacation came up. I was mentioning when I wanted to go to Hilton Head and some condos and stuff I had found. My husband says “I would rather just go to WDW!” I never in 9 years of marriage thought I would hear him say that- and I almost cried. I was mad that he would say that knowing how I had accepted that we were not going back to WDW this year, and I told him that. We also discussed how my mom had mentioned that my dad had said he was ready to go back to WDW (we traveled there in 2005 with them) and that she would not mind going again too! We knew at this point a trip with additional adults would be the only way we could probably manage the crowds and three children in the hot summer. DH also mentioned maybe we could leave Luke at home with the grandparents- which I objected too. I just think I would never hear the end someday to leaving him at home. (Although my mom left my brother with my grandparents when we visited WDW the first time)

    So that evening I forwarded on info to DH about the 4 nights, 3 free deal and the 40 off code I received and left it at that. I did not even check prices/ availability on WDW because I was sure he was not serious.

    Saturday no talk of Disney.... but then Sunday my parents were over and DH said again he wanted to go to WDW in front of them. My mom said she would rather go to WDW than the beach too. My dad commented that he had read about the 4/3 deal and thought that sounded great to which my mom said it is going on in June. This entire conversation left me shocked... no one seemed troubled by the idea of taking Luke. DH dropped the idea of well we could leave Luke with you two, to which my mom said she wouldn't leave him at home, but she would take care of him in WDW when we went on the rides, etc. So this continued on for a while.... and once the girls were in bed I was quickly on the phone with reservations! DH and my parents had not said yes... but I wanted to get some availablity and $$$ to share- I had to present this.

    So we cannot go until school is out, and we get out later this year June 10th -- unless we have make up snow days. We have used already 4 of the five days allotted (3 days for the windstorms after the hurricanes- yes in OHIO and we did not have school Friday due to the cold temps). So honestly we need a few day buffer in case we go later. The first date the reservationist came up with was June 18th at Coronado Springs Resort....waterview (I said no I want a regular room, which she then found me two. We check for WL and AKL nothing -boo (that is what happens when you wait so long) nothing either at POR or POFQ or Carribean Beach. POP was available and so was Saratoga Springs and Old Key West.... decisions decisions decisions... and I still really did not believe we were really going to go.

  19. arkie

    arkie New Member

    I'm so excited for your family. I love reading your reports and the pics of your children. It's hard to skip a year. We skipped 2008 and I don't have a trip
    planned yet. Hoping for a quick trip in early March before my first grandbaby
    arrives in April. I have never taken an infant, but I can't wait to take Ty as soon as his Mom and Dad ok's a trip.
  20. Charleston Princess

    Charleston Princess New Member

    I can't believe it was DH that said, "I would rather just go to Disney World." That's awesome! Sounds like someone has been converted!!!

    I would have been on that phone lickety-split, too! It doesn't take much for me to start pulling numbers!

    Don't forget, too, that Disney is so family-friendly (baby care centers, etc.) that it will make taking Luke easier.
  21. punkin413

    punkin413 feel the magic, dang it!

    :rotfl: well, glad i could help! i'll have to live vicariously through you for awhile.

    i bet when your DH said he'd rather go to disney it was like the heavens opened up and angels sang! :rotfl2: that's really cool. i remember after we returned from our first trip together and about a week later we were talking about what we wanted to do for vacation the next year and ray says, "i'm ready to go back when you are." :cool1: it was so great to hear that! can't wait to hear which deal you end up getting. i've stayed at pop, OKW and SSR. of the 3 of course SSR is my favorite. but pop is nice too. OKW was okay. of course you have more room than at pop and also a fridge and microwave. i just didn't really like the decor over there. i've seen pics of CSR and the rooms look really nice!

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