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    This post is about our room on the Wonder... 8600. I read some things on this site and found some things that I had not read so if you have a Cat 3 Handicapped Accessible suite on the Magic or the Wonder this should answer your questions... if you have them.

    Before boarding the cruise and having read up on this room in this forum I was expecting something different than what we found. So here is my perspective and I hope to get questions and feedback to help you make your decision to take this room or not.

    The room was the best room we have ever had on the now 4 DCL cruises we had taken. I thought there would be a sliding glass door to the balcony from both the living room (with pull out queen sofa), 2 sitting chairs, and a dining room table with 4 chairs as well as a "wetbar area with sink, refrigerator, cabinets upper and lower and even glasses to use! ... but there were 2 sliding glass door in this room, then in the bedroom was a dressing table with drawer space and a queen size bed that does not separate and is a little lower than the regular room bed height with bedside tables and lamps on both sides of the bed. The only clock was the typical DCL clock in the bedroom.

    Bathrooms... there were 2 in the entire suite with 1 smaller on off the hall as you enter the room with no drawers and minimal storage spaces and a walk in shower that did wet the whole floor when used... and a master bath that had 2 sinks a larger walk in shower and both had toilets... so instead of the split bath plan of most rooms you had 2 full baths with 1 much smaller and 1 much larger.

    There was the option of a rollaway bed that we did use because there were 4 adults in the room and teenagers don't like sharing beds... so me and my dd 11 shared the master bed while my ds 15 and ds 24 each took turns using the pull out sofa bed and roll away bed.

    The pillows were nicer and there was a selection of them... also there were more and larger sizes of the DCL bath products including solar relief that I had not seen on previous cruises in regular rooms.

    Storage was nice for hanging clothes and there were extra hangers since we didn't pack those... but had we been on a 7 night cruise there would not have been enough... I didn't ask but I am sure they could have gotten us more. The first closet is to the left in the hall as you enter the room with 3 panels that provide 3/4 hanging space and those sweet hidden safety vests and 1/4 shelf space which gave us enough room for unpacking. Then in the master bedroom was a walk in closet with a door that closed for changing... and a 4 drawer (deep drawers too) chest with a safe on top for locking up our cash and valuables.

    Our cabin steward was wonderful but did not seem to provide anything extra than a regular room other than more beds to prepare at night and larger bathrooms to clean... he did fold up our dirty clothes which we all found amusing but I think that was what he did for everyone... not sure though.

    The living room and bedroom and hallway had lots of beautiful woodwork which we thought was nice but made a creaky sound on the rough seas... it was VERY annoying when trying to sleep to the creaky noises from the wood joints rubbing. Otherwise the rooms had beautiful artwork I had never seen before and books to read (mostly classics but hardback and special editions and even a dictionary!). There were statues and whatnots on the shelves and cabinets in the room that added that plush opulence to the room that did make if feel more royal than the regular rooms... however a room that was meant to sleep 4 or 5 would have been more cozy I think (aka no roll away bed... the bar in the back was no fun! lol).

    The balcony was triple wide and more narrow at one end than the other but in talking to our cabin steward this room was larger and the deck was plentiful with a lounger, two chairs and a small table than the room next to it 8602 that was said to be smaller but had a larger deck.

    I had read in other trip reports of problems from the cleaning crew pushing trash and washing down the deck above (Beach Blanket Buffets outdoor seating area) but we found no real noise from above and no water or trash from above during the trip and I am a light sleeper when it comes to that stuff...

    Overall the room was a success but the bunk beds are more comfy matresses then the pull out sofa and rollaway bed were for the boys.

    We did use the dining table quite a bit to sit and chat as the weather was not the best, and to enjoy the treats sent to us from concierge and I will miss that when we return to a regular room on our next Disney cruise.

    Hope this helps... there are sister rooms on the other side of the ship but unsure of the room numbers .... so if you are Cat 3 Handicapped this should be one of the rooms you would be in and now hopefully you can make a decision on wheather you would enjoy this or not.

    Oh yeah, the TV in the living room has a DVD and CD player and has a great surround sound system... so we had a family movie night and ordered room service when the weather was sooo bad and had great fun, but the TV inthe bedroom is 19" at best and is far from the bed for watching although it does have a DVD player built into the side if you have DVD's to bring or want to get from Concierge.... however their list is full of misspellings and has not into about the movies just the names so it is hard to guage what is appropriate and what is not. Just so you know!

    Happy cruising and I welcome questions!

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