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5 nights at moderate or 4 at deluxe?

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by TeresaMc, May 8, 2013.

  1. TeresaMc

    TeresaMc Mouseketeer

    Due to having to move our October vacation to August my budget is a little tighter. we can either do 5 nights at a moderate or 4 nights at Wilderness Lodge. I am taking my niece and nephew and they say they don't care, I'm not sure if I will or not. Last year I stayed at Coronodo Springs and wasn't so fond of the huge lay of the land. I am so used to the Wilderness Lodge being small and everything so close. What to do????
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  3. Mousemommy1

    Mousemommy1 DIS Veteran

    I am always for the longer trip, but I absolutely LOVE the WL!!!

    Perhaps a discount will come out that will allow you to do the WL for the 5 nights?? pixiedust:
  4. I would go for another day. If you want a meal you can always go to another resort . We do that all the time. Im sorry Im cheap save your money and have another day at WDW. Good Luck what ever you do.pixiedust:
  5. ocalla

    ocalla Mouseketeer

    I would normally say go Deluxe IF you were talking about a longer stay (say 8 or 9 days), BUT since you are talking about a much shorter stay I would say go Moderate and stay 1 extra night.

    Have you looked at using the room only discount for August? That might make it easier to stay at WL AND for 5 nights :)
  6. Texas Barbie

    Texas Barbie Member

    Perhaps a different mod, such as POFQ, hat isn't so spread out would work for you.
  7. tmbacon

    tmbacon Member

    Just a personal opinion, go for 5 nights. For us, any trip we've done to WDW that is less than 5 nights seemed too "rushed". I agree with PP, POFQ might be a good option if you don't want something as spread out. Good luck!
  8. firstwdw

    firstwdw Mouseketeer

    We stayed at Wilderness Lodge for our first Disney trip last spring and we just returned from our first stay at Port Orleans Riverside because we could not afford WL (grandparents paid for the WL trip). We have a 7year old son. Honestly, we LOVED Port Orleans Riverside! If you can swing a preferred room the large lay of the land won't bother you a bit! It's shady for walking to bus/food court. And I will say in comparison to WL we liked the food court at POR much much better! We also liked the main pool with water features and better waterslide at POR. The arcade for rainy days at POR was much better than WL too. The buses were good. Lots of perks at POR like boat to downtown Disney, lots of pools to choose from, horse and carriage rides, fishing hole, boat rentals, family friendly nighttime entertainment in the lounge, bike rentals, nightly outdoor movies, campfire with marshmallow roasting.
    I would choose 5 nights at a moderate! And if you book preferred the size won't bother you! Check out www.portorleans.org It is a great site! We will return to POR for certain!
  9. RocketEAR99

    RocketEAR99 Member

    As much as I LOVE Wilderness Lodge (It is my favorite resort thus far), I would still choose moderate accommodations with more time at Disney over deluxe accommodations for less time at Disney.

    Moderate is my vote.
  10. mickeynut1

    mickeynut1 DIS Veteran

    I'm in the minority as I would choose 4 nights at the WL. We loved our stay at CBR, but once we experienced the deluxe resorts, we now can't stay anywhere else and WL is a beautiful resort.
  11. Mousemom

    Mousemom Mouseketeer

    Did not read other posts because for me i say

    FIVE NIGHTS AT A MODERATE! Love POFQ and it has so many extras. You can enjoy one more day of Disney staying there.
  12. Karabee

    Karabee Mouseketeer

    I'm with the 4 nights at WL group. I can't give up my Deluxe resorts, even if it means a shorter trip. For me the resort is huge and provides the relaxation and benefits I want while on vacation.
  13. Amy&Dan

    Amy&Dan <font color=teal> Huge, huge thongs of them<br><fo

    Definitely a longer trip at a mod.

    We love Port Orleans Riverside and prefer it over the deluxes we have stayed at.

    I agree with previous posters who suggest POFQ for its smaller size or go with a preferred room at POR.

    POR offers a lovely, relaxed atmosphere. We spend time each and every day at our resort and POR is wonderful for that. Lovely grounds, pools, boat to DTD, nightly movies and campfire and its a nice location.

    I cannot imagine going to WDW for less than five nights.
  14. goofyintoronto

    goofyintoronto <font color=brown>Proud foot flusher<br><font colo

    x2!!!! I agree with everything here 100%.
  15. 3cuteDISkids

    3cuteDISkids Earning My Ears

    While I'm still planning my first trip, I can't offer a ton of advice. I will say, if you stay at WL and checkout after day 4, how will you feel knowing you could have stayed for one more day? It's a sacrifice either way, either by downgrading so to speak, or with a shorter trip. Which one will hurt less? If it were me, I'd probably stay mod for 5. I have heard so much good about both Port Orleans resorts, give it a look!
  16. nkereina

    nkereina Wendy Darling

    In my opinion, the difference between mods and deluxes are insignificant enough that it would not be worth losing a day. It's not like we're talking Super 8 vs. Ritz Carlton. I guarantee if you do 4 days at WL, when day 4 comes, you will be wishing you had day 5.
  17. DizDaD7

    DizDaD7 Mouseketeer

    1 more day in Disney....:confused3 LoL to me a no Brainer.....Choose CSR and it'll feel closer to a deluxe IMHO..... Sort of a Deluxe Lite.. With all the extra ammenities
  18. taylor3297

    taylor3297 Mouseketeer

    We are huge Poly fans but only stay there when we are going on longer trips.

    For 5 nights I would stay at POFQ. Nothing is too far from anything at this resort.
  19. Grimlock34a

    Grimlock34a Member

    Why not ask your family what THEY want to do and go from there?
  20. karly05

    karly05 Mouseketeer

    I would always opt for "more time." And let me chime in for POFQ here; it was my first non-Deluxe stay and I really enjoyed it. It is small and easy to get around, pretty and charming. Also agree with some pp that if you love WL, a preferred room at POR might be appealing.
  21. Disneylover99

    Disneylover99 DIS Veteran

    Definitely do the mod for five days!

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