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$49 Legoland Tix

Discussion in 'Southern California Theme Parks' started by chrissiecutie, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. chrissiecutie

    chrissiecutie Once a Princess, Always a Princess

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  3. lisachrystine

    lisachrystine New Member

    Thank you for posting this! We are taking my son for his birthday and I've been watching for a good deal. Saved me about $20 off what I thought was the best deal I was going to get. :yay:

    Where did you find this? Have you used your tickets yet?
  4. bclydia

    bclydia <font color=00b7c6>Prone to Random Strong Opinions

    Thank you so much for sharing this link. I bought my tickets for my family of 8 last night and we went to Legoland for our first time today. The tickets were easy to use -just took the printouts right to the turn-style and the woman scanned them and let us in.
    You saved us lots of money, thank you!

    Having said all of that, this will be our last visit to Legoland. The kids had a great time but we adults were disappointed. The park lacks magic in many ways and we could see a general lack of care in lots of places. I think the final straw though was when the lift we needed to use to have our wheelchair-using family member get to a ride, got stuck for almost 20 minutes with us inside. There was a distinct lack of concern for her well-being and the staff mentioned that this happens all the time. You just know that that would never happen in Disneyland!
  5. disneyaussiemum

    disneyaussiemum New Member

    Thank you for this deal. I have bought tickets for next week.
  6. MamaChelle

    MamaChelle Hakuna Matata

    thanks for posting this! will definitely be using this in november!
  7. chrissiecutie

    chrissiecutie Once a Princess, Always a Princess

    Awesome! I'm SO glad everyone was able to snag this deal!

    I "friended" Legoland (and Disney too!) on Facebook. This was a deal they posted for about 5 mins & then removed. So I called them directly & asked them to email me a link. They were great & very helpful!

    Glad to hear another poster was able to easily use them. We haven't used ours yet but will next month- I'm looking forward to it!!
  8. lisachrystine

    lisachrystine New Member

    I "like" Legoland on Facebook, too, but I never saw that! In fact, I went back to Facebook after I saw your post and tried to find a link there. We did buy them and it's saving us more than I initially thought. There are 7 of us and we only wanted one day, so the BOGO didn't really help us. I'm glad to hear that someone else had success with the tickets at the gate. Sounds like it should be easy. :cool1:
  9. chrissiecutie

    chrissiecutie Once a Princess, Always a Princess

    Well I'm not surprised that you didn't see it. The link was posted for less then 5 mins. They took it down immediately & got rid of all traces of it. Very weird!

    I even posted on their timeline asking what happened to this deal? And I didn't get a response. So it was then that I decided to call them directly.

    They never did tell me what happened to the Facebook link. But were kind enough to email me a new one....guess I was just lucky to see it posted on FB, given that it was only up for a few minutes!

    Glad to hear you were able to save some money! My family only saved about $20-30 or so but I'd say it was worth it to be able to pass this discount along to others! Now I just need a good deal on Disney tix!! ;)
  10. disneydreamerbelle

    disneydreamerbelle We love Buzz LaLa

    The link is active again. I am not able to buy right now as we are on the fence about our trip, but hopefully someone else can benefit from this.
  11. coopersmom

    coopersmom New Member

    There are also TWO DAY $59 "hopper" tickets (which includes the aquarium) and after five $30 tickets here, as part of Legoland's Halloween celebration. Though the tickets are good until 12/25/12, according to the site.
  12. deanimal

    deanimal New Member

    We just bought three $59 tickets for our family (2 adults, 1 child) and it was cheaper than using a BOGO coupon at the gate. PLUS we get a second day free and park hoppers! Combine that with the free kids at Seaworld and the San Diego Zoo and we've saved over $100 on our upcoming trip! More money to buy new Lego sets when we get there!
  13. WendyWhy

    WendyWhy New Member

    Thanks to OP - we used ours the day after Thanksgiving 2012 and it worked fine! Just clicked the link now and it is still active :cutie:

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