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3 Families doin' a Surf & Turf Trip! AKL CL & Dream...Good-Byes

Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by hstrickland, Jul 3, 2012.

  1. jennyjinx3

    jennyjinx3 Active Member

    Oh my gosh I laughed hard out loud at those pics of the kids and your accompanying narration.:rotfl: Too funny! Thanks for the update!!:goodvibes
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  3. hstrickland

    hstrickland Active Member

    :scratchin You must have read my mind :laughing:.....I was thinking about a mini-TR. We've never been to POR, so there will be LOTS of pics!

    Let's hope they're as cute as they look! She first asked if we were going to the resort with the pretty red roof (aka...the Grand Floridian):rolleyes: I told her this trip was going to be short and sweet.

    The boys will be in tow, also! They wouldn't miss it and would be furious with us if we took Faith and not them :laughing: Last year when we went to the American Girl restaurant and ate lunch, they were really good sports and actually enjoyed it for their sister.

    Glad you got a good laugh ;) Too bad we don't have it on video...I could title it "What NOT to let your children do on a cruise..."
  4. Sweetpeamd

    Sweetpeamd Member

    Yea!!!!! I am so excited for you and your family!!!! :banana::yay::cheer2:You MUST do a mini TR so we can see the Royal rooms! I'm dying to hear all about POFQ, too! I can't wait to see your photos.

    We are heading down for Spring Break and we considered staying at one of the PO resorts. Alas, our beloved OKW won out instead. Maybe one day we'll stay at PO. If I can EVER figure out how to change my ticker, I'll update it. Yikes, I'm computer challenged!
  5. I'll be looking forward to it!! ;)
  6. WDWaddictt

    WDWaddictt Active Member

    Awesome!! Congrats!!

    I have 27 days until AKL!! Can't wait!!

    Have a great time!!!!
  7. Sue M

    Sue M DIS Veteran

    What a great birthday surprise for everyone! We check in at POFQ jan 23. Will you be there then, at POR? If you are, PM me. We can meet for Beignets!!

    Did I say I wasn't going to over-pack AGAIN? :rotfl2::rotfl2: for 2 weeks so far 20 shirts? We haven't even gotten to the bottoms or shoes yet :(. Sheech.
  8. Tricia's mom

    Tricia's mom Active Member

    I am soooo loving this TR. We leave for AKL end of March. This is the first TR that has gone into such great detail about this resort. Most people say " Its nice... look there's animals." :confused3

    I guess it helped that you spent 3 days enjoying the resort before you cruise.

    We did the dream last April with a double dip on CC :thumbsup2 it was awesome. I am hoping to cruise the Fantasy for 7 days in 2014 !

    Can't wait to hear more about your trip.

    OOH and where did you get ears for your daughters AG ??
  9. MissPrice

    MissPrice Treguna, Makoidees, Trecorum, Sadis Dee!

    Great update. The restaurant looks beautiful. What a nice surprise for your parents anniversary. -Amanda
  10. hstrickland

    hstrickland Active Member

    It will definitely be "mini" since we're only going to be there a few days. I'm looking forward to totally checking out a new resort....I've never stepped foot on the grounds of POR, so this is uncharted territory for me ;)

    Yes....your ticker is stuck on BLT :laughing: Get the kids to help ya...mine seem to be more electronic savvy than me.


    Thanks!! I know y'all are chomping at the bit and ready to go to AKL. I always get excited when "DisFriends" travel to the World :goodvibes Have you started any packing yet?

    We arrive on Friday, Jan. 25th and leave Sunday afternoon on the 27th....very short trip. Luckily we live close. We'll be going to MK on that Saturday. Would love to meet for beignets!

    I'm shocked....popcorn:: And how many suitcases are you carrying???? :laughing:

    You're so kind...thanks:goodvibes Sometimes dad and I go a bit crazy with our cameras;) Part of our vacations revolve around the whole photography thing and sharing our pictures.

    The 2 days at CC are awesome, aren't they?! I could have spent 3 days there!!!

    The AG doll ears....well....don't look too closely or you will see some flaws :laughing: Mom and I made them. We found a pattern online and then went to Wal-Mart and bought the stuff to make them. We bascially just used hot glue and felt. Not too hard. Once we got to WDW, we did the Minni outfit for dolls over at the Poly. The ears that came with the outfit don't stay on the head very well.
  11. hstrickland

    hstrickland Active Member

    Thanks, Amanda. Y'all are leaving in just a few days, right?! :cool1: How excited are you??!! Can't wait to hear about your adventures!

    Safe travels and here's lots of pixiedust for ya...pixiedust:
  12. princessamie

    princessamie Member

    Oh my goodness Heather! I've got Disney fever so bad I've spent most of my Christmas vacation researching and running the numbers on several options using my pin code! :) We've toyed with December, September, and now June dates! (See the trend here!) Tonight though we decided on the Royal rooms in June. I'm ready to book it but Daymon says lets wait a day to make sure schedules with grad school and budgets will work out just so before I jump the gun! :) So I decided to return to your trip reports to satisfy my Disney needs until I book (hopefully tomorrow!) :) To my surprise, it looks like the Royal rooms were on your mind as well! Great minds think alike! I'm giddy with excitement! :yay:
  13. pas130

    pas130 DIS Veteran

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo cool :love: Faith will LOVE it :banana::banana::banana:
  14. hstrickland

    hstrickland Active Member

    Hey there!!:wave2: Good to "see" you! I saw your FB post... Disney Fever...:laughing: I so know the feeling! I thought it would be quite some time before we went back, but fortunately Bill had other ideas :dance3: Of course it's a super short trip, but who cares?! MK is my favorite park and that's where we'll be going. I'll get plenty of pictures of POR...no worries;) Hopefully you'll get that room booked. Let me know what you decide :teeth:

  15. hstrickland

    hstrickland Active Member

    Day 7
    After Dinner with the Characters

    After our escapades at dinner, we ventured into the atrium where lots of characters were waiting for anxious children. Even though the ship holds 4000 people, it never seemed to be too chaotic when they were out greeting families.

    The kids first spotted Ariel, so we jumped in a short line. Ivy was up first and was a bit mesmerized by Ariel princess:….I’m not sure she knew quite what to make of the characters.


    Jesse, on the other hand, continuously asked question after random question :confused3…


    Goofy was located down in the middle of the atrium area. We couldn’t miss him….nor could anyone else miss him for that matter! I’ve seen this character act crazy, but I’ve never seen Goofy act like this :laughing:….he was out of control. He literally had me laughing out loud.


    When Goofy’s “helper” was trying to get him under control, he just kept falling down and rolling around on the floor!....No lie! ::yes::


    Ivy and Jonah finally made it to the front of the line to see Goofy, and he was still acting like a lunatic (in a funny way). The kids thought it was the best thing ever…and me, too (for the most part) …..the more it continued, the more I wondered if Goofy hadn’t been hitting the bottle before show time??? :rolleyes1


    He spent a huge amount of time with the kids. His assistant finally told him he had to move things along.


    Several of the characters were located on the deck above, so we hurried upstairs to get in line. At some point we lost Bill, but located him down below…..not sure exactly what he is trying to say???? :confused3


    Bill wanted to get in on the character action when he saw Snow White….as did Stephen and Pop ;)


    The last characters for the evening were…..


    I’m really very surprised that the children were still awake after a very long day.

    Finally, it was time to head back to the staterooms….I was exhausted to say the least.


    Up next….a day at sea and some early morning photos!

  16. Lisa29

    Lisa29 Member

    Yay for a new super short countdown! Great character pics, I was going to question whether Goofy had partaken in some adult beverages before his shift!
  17. nannye

    nannye Active Member

    You are going to love it!!!!!! We stayed in a royal room last July and they are fabulous! the little touches are awesome! Port Orleans Riverside is my fave resort after staying there. It really just feels like home!
  18. nannye

    nannye Active Member

  19. hstrickland

    hstrickland Active Member

    :rotfl: No kidding! While it was quite comical, I still wonder what in the heck was going on with him??!! This is why my husband really needs to invest in a video camera :laughing: ...so I can catch all of this nonsense on tape!

    Glad to hear the positives about POR:thumbsup2 I'm going to have to drop by your TR and check out the Royal Rooms....can't wait to see for myself!!

    Nope...just one room. Jesse will most likely be in his sleeping bag on the floor. We usually stay in a deluxe resort for this very reason...not enough room. Or, when my parents go we get 2 rooms. Thought about FW cabins (love them) but we wanted to try something differnt. I would never attempt to do a long trip like this, but for 2 nights I think we can manage :thumbsup2
  20. 2xcited2sleep

    2xcited2sleep DIS Veteran

    OMG! Sooooo excited that you have an upcoming trip. Truth be told, I was a bit concerned about how you would make it so long without another trip. :rolleyes: Glad Bill has rectified the situation and what a special birthday treat. :wizard: Fingers crossed for another TR... I know they are time consuming and a ton of work but I really love them. :flower3:

    Back to the cruise...

    Looks like a perfect anniversary dinner. You totally lucked out on your table location. I am cracking up imagining the kids antics with their hats. :rotfl:

    Bummer your entree was a dud.

    Tons of great character interaction! Wow!!
  21. hstrickland

    hstrickland Active Member

    :rotfl: Thanks for your concern. Fortunately Bill has saved the day :teeth: I'm planning on a mini TR....just can't help myself, ya know. Definitely a full report of POR:thumbsup2

    The entree wasn't good, however the appetizer and dessert made up for it....and the great service. Most of the characters were really good for the exception of Belle...not sure what was going on with her. She was just kinda blah.

    Hope you're staying warm!!

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