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3/24/11- Dream -- our 1st cruise

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Meets' started by dolver, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. JacksGirlz

    JacksGirlz New Member

    What a bummer about your Palo ressies and about the delayed luggage.
    We had so much fun with the FE exchange that the rest of my family (so far we have 4 cabins booked) wants to do it for our Jan 2012 Mexican Riviera cruise on the Wonder.
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  3. aheaven11

    aheaven11 New Member

    I know I'm REALLY pushing it, but our family just found out about this great i! idea! If we could be included that would be awesome!!! Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

    Your Disboard Name (ID) = aheaven11
    -Your Stateroom Number = 12004
    -Names of Adults = Jerry and Andrea
    -Names, Ages, & Sexes of Kids = Taylor (10 - girl) Lauren (8 - girl)
    -Dining Seating Time = 8:30pm
    -Theater Show Time = 7pm
    -Health Concerns or Allergies = None
    -Special Celebrations On-Board = None

    So sorry for the doing this so, so late! We are really excited to participate!
  4. jenners351

    jenners351 New Member

    Yay! Found someone going! I don't know if we're too late to join in too but it would be great to chat/meet too
    Dis board name: jenners351
    Stateroom: 10008
    Adults: Jeff & Jenn & grandma Kris
    Children: Amber (girl 10)
    Dining time: 8:30
    No allergies
    Celebrating Jenn's 40 bday and Amber's 10 bday
  5. jenners351

    jenners351 New Member

    It's our first cruise ever too! It will be great to know someone else there. We too just found out about fish extenders, if we can't join in that will be okay we'll just have to distribute some random pixie magic:)

    Your Disboard Name (ID) = jenners351
    -Your Stateroom Number = 10008
    -Names of Adults = Jeff, Jenn &gma Kris
    -Names, Ages, & Sexes of Kids = Amber(10 - girl)
    -Dining Seating Time = 8:30pm
    -Theater Show Time = 7pm
    -Health Concerns or Allergies = None
    -Special Celebrations On-Board = bdays, 10th & 40th(Jenn)
  6. jenners351

    jenners351 New Member

    Oops wrong thread got the year wrong

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