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26 Year Old Man Steals Identities to fund Disney Obsession

Discussion in 'Disney Rumors and News' started by brertoad, Jul 9, 2013.

  1. brertoad

    brertoad New Member

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  3. ImDisneyDreaming

    ImDisneyDreaming New Member

    Wow. You know you are a Disney addict when.....
  4. amberpi

    amberpi Member

    That looks more 46 than 26...
  5. brertoad

    brertoad New Member

    Yeah, he doesn't look 26.

    I wonder if they will try to use Disney addiction as a defense... :rolleyes:
  6. DisDancerina

    DisDancerina <font color=blue>Twitterpatted In The <font color=

    Okay, that's just kind of sad. Oof.
  7. Bree89

    Bree89 New Member

    thats when ya know you've taken things too far....:worried: I hope the people he stole from get their money back somehow!
  8. brertoad

    brertoad New Member

    He probably stole credit card numbers. The credit card companies are usually pretty good about liability issues, the victim is usually protected from liability. Most companies have $0 liability, like Chase for instance.

    I'm not sure how debit cards works, but they usually have Visa or Mastercard logos, and hopefully the banks cover the victim from fraud as well through, they might have to go in and sign papers, like an affidavit, and police report or something.

    I'm glad they caught the guy, he certainly was pretty blatant about it. Who the heck takes that much vacation time or can pay for that kind of vacationing? They said he got something like $50,000. Taxpayers all end up paying the bill for crime one way or another. :sad2:
  9. buckeev

    buckeev RedNeck Mouseketeer

    Wow! Talk about your addiction...this dude has a serious Pixie Dust addiction!

    How in the heck did he get all the time off?
  10. jazznms39532

    jazznms39532 New Member

    How did he get all that time off? I am going in nov-dec and had to put in paperwork 6 months in advance. Then I had to beg for 9 days instead of the traditional 7.
  11. brertoad

    brertoad New Member

    The restaurant he managed at must not have been very professional, to have someone in their employ who has stolen at least 50 credit card numbers probably doesn't manage their employees very well either. It sounds like he had free run of the place to do whatever he wanted. The owner must not have been present running the business as they should have.

    Plus if he was willing to steal credit card numbers, make aliases, etc., you must assume he is willing to lie to someone's face right? So, he could have just lied about family problems, or deaths in the family, or some other major illnesses that he would have had to take off from work on short notice.

    I wonder if they will ever post a follow up on what happens with this guy.
  12. DisneyFan82

    DisneyFan82 New Member

    WOW!! That is so sad.... Granted Disney is pretty expensive, there are ways to go that shouldn't cause someone to have to steal to be able to afford it.....and 15 vacations in 5 months is a bit extreme.
  13. michelleiada

    michelleiada New Member

    Yikes! Wow...my Disney addiction is nothing compared to this!
  14. alaskanabbott

    alaskanabbott New Member

    and how much you bet he gets a PIN code before I do?
  15. JB2K

    JB2K New Member

    Wonder if he is (was) a member of these very boards?

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