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    May 15, 2010
    I suppose first I should introduce you to all of the family that is going to Disneyland. We are heading out 2/12/2011 and heading back 2/20/2011.

    So first I guess is me. I'm Sierra. I'm 24 years old and this will be my first trip back to disney since 2001 (Might have been 2002).

    Next is my fiancee Ryan who is 23 and has only been to WDW when he was around a year and a half and doesn't remember any of it so this is pretty much a first for him.

    Then we have my son Sean who will be 3 when we head out. This will be his first trip and hopefully will have many more to come.

    My mom Mary/Gma/Memaw will be coming along along with my dad Terry/yankee/grandpa/papa.

    Some background on us...

    Sean has a chromosome disorder, specifically a triplication in his first chromosome that is extremly rare. He is developmentally delayed, has an atrial septal defect, chronic ear/sinus infection, some sensory processing disorder and a lowered immune system. We love him all the more for it. God doesn't give us more than we can handle but he sure tests our abilities to handle what he does give us at times. ;)

    My dad has congestive heart failure and diabetes to name a couple of his chronic conditions. This will most likely be his last trip to DLR. His main want is to ride Dumbo. I'm hoping he will be able to transfer onto the ride but we aren't sure if he will have the strength. So Dumbo will be our first stop on our first day.

    So on to the happier stuff...

    Our schedule so far is:

    Saturday 2/12 - Leave Auburn, WA around noon after packing the cars and making fried chicken and potato salad for the trip. Mom and dad will have their car and Ryan, Sean and I will take my car. We are driving straight down to Cali. Planning on 4 rest stops and we will eat dinner at Bob's Big Boy (family tradition :thumbsup2)

    Sunday 2/13 - arrive in Anaheim around 2 pm and check into the Islander Inn and Suites, we have a 2 bedroom suite. We are hoping this will suffice because the price was well worth it and all we will really do is sleep there. I'm hoping that they have a fridge in the room.. I think they said they do. So our first day will probably bring a trip to DTD or something easy like that. Mom and I will be the only 2 driving so I know we will be very tired when we finish the 20ish hour drive.

    Monday 2/14 - VALENTINES DAY! This will be our first day at DLR, We are going to be there 30 mins before opening lined up in lane 13 (since i hear it moves really quick) and our first stop will be City Hall for a GAC for Sean. After that its straight to Dumbo for grandpa and sean to hopefully ride together. Other than that we are just gonna go slow and enjoy each others company.

    Tuesday 2/15 - Mom and dad are going to universal today and the rest of us are going to DLR (probably to DCA). Going to have to read up on what Sean can handle there. Dinner will probably be at Claimjumpers tonight.

    Wednesday 2/16 - Everyone to Knotts Berry Farm! All I know is I want to ride the Big Foot Rapids at least once! Last time I was here I rode it 17 times in a row! :rotfl2: Dinner this night will be either po folks or medieval times. Not sure if we will do Medieval times because Sean doesn't do well sitting in one place for a long time. Perhaps we will see if we can find a babysitter or something. Any one have any brilliant ideas?

    Thursday 2/17 - Mom and dad will probably have a rest day this day and the rest of us are back to DLR!

    Friday 2/18 - Everyone to DLR!

    Saturday 2/19 - TBD - Probably something like DTD and the mall or whatnot, just something easy since we leave the next day.

    Sunday 2/20 - check out at noon and head home.:sad:

    So thats our tentative schedule, knowing us it will change some.
    We are planning on Goofy's Kitchen one morning for brunch but haven't decided which morning. Also we are trying to decide where we can all eat on Valentines day that is a bit romantic but still appropraite for Sean.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated and I hope you will all join our PTR while we wait in anticipation for February to roll around!
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    May 15, 2010
    Wow i realized that i totally messed up my title on this... Hmmm... wonder if this fixes it, if not can someone tell me how to change the title?
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    Jul 29, 2007
    Napa Rose would be nice for VD. I've never been there, but I've read good reviews. You only have one child, so it wouldn't be an issue. Or you can try Blue Bayou. Your son would probably like that place much more. I've never been, but I do know the monte cristo is delicious. The rest of the food gets mixed reviews.

    Sean can ride Monsters Inc., the carousel, Heimlich's Chew Chew train, and see Playhouse Disney in CA.

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