25 year wedding vow renewal questions..

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    Jan 13, 2000
    I talked it over with my wife, and we both have agreed we want to do our vow renewals hopefully at WDW. So this is my first post, and will be asking some basic questions. Have NO idea on cost of such celebrations. We did do our honeymoon at WDW. Now the questions for everyone.

    1. I thought I heard of Disney doing something "special" for people returning to WDW for their 25th wedding anniversary if they honeymooned at WDW. Does anyone have info if this is true?

    2. Would like to do vow renewal at a resort setting. Hopefully having 30 people with us that day. Cost for ceremony? Maybe at Sunset Point at The Polynesian. The Beach in front of Beach Club/Yacht Club.

    3. Has anyone ever rented a small area around the showcase lagoon for like a appeitizer or dessert party before RoE? Price??

    4. We were extremely pleased with Windsor Hills and plan on getting Hopefully 3 or more 3 bedroom/3 bath houses there. If WDW is too expensive for any of the ceremonies or meals, we may do a lot of the vow renewal at Windsor Hills.

    ANY other ideas or advice would be greatly appreciated. We're 1 1/2 years out and want to start doing a "save the date" and also line up accomidations, deposits on ceremony events if we do it at WDW. Am I way too early to start planning this? That's enough for starting out, thanks all in advance for any and all help!!:thumbsup2 This will be our families 30th trip to WDW, so we are quite comfortable with almost all resorts and the parks etc...
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    Welcome and congrats!

    A few quick off hand thoughts-
    • Haven't personally heard about a return promotion likes you mentioned
    • Have you looked at the information at Disney fairy tal weddings yet? Vow renewals (price, options etc) are the same as weddings. If you go through dftw 30 guests would start at something like a 12k minimum price for the most affordable days and time slots. There are other companies that offer non-property options as well
    • DFTW proper will require some sort of on property stay although our wedding party stayed all but 2 nights at all star vacation homes ourselves.
    • You can arrange a private dessert party for Epcot. This could be "wedding-esque" or just a private event
    • There are alternative options to consider depending on budget such as a private event dinner or the dessert party. Rules will vary about what you can and can't do in terms of wedding decor and attire depending on where and how
    • There is a great passporter guide to all things DFTW and honeymoons that is indispensable

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