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2013 Free Dining Watch

Discussion in 'Disney Dining Plan' started by Dimples1973ca, Jul 15, 2012.

  1. bbinnsGA

    bbinnsGA Member

    Id love to get free dining in May if anyone sees it or knows of it coming up!
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  3. dakotix

    dakotix Member

    That does help thank you :) Ive had reservations at CSR since august and have been waiting so impatiently to know what my "real" balance is lol. We have a 7 day standard room , park hop w/ DDP for two and that costs $2684.; so if your quote holds true I'll be saving over $600 :dancer:
  4. aaarcher86

    aaarcher86 DIS Veteran

    Not sure what the numbers would be for you, but we added s/p/d for our trip 2/23 - 3/4 so you'll be good to go on your dates :thumbsup2
  5. I just wanted to make sure to keep an eye out for the dates too. Were literally waiting to see what the dates are going to be and work our vacation around it if all works out well. :)
  6. redoschi

    redoschi Member

    Oh, the wait for Wednesday!!! :lmao:

    Sorry for the huge post, but I'm not being able to restrain myself from over-planning before the GP offers are released!!! :rotfl2:

    I have a reservation for Pop for 14 nights with 8-day hopper in January starting Jan 22nd.

    I'll be on the phone first thing on Wednesday to try and get some kind of offer, but I'm thinking on what would be best.

    Regular prices of QSDP for 14 nights isn't worth it for us as we'll be in Disney parks for 7.5 of those days and most of those CS credits would be used on breakfasts of other days as well. (12 CS for breakfasts and 16 between Lunches and Dinners in my current plan).

    I'm thinking of maybe reducing our onsite stay to 11 nights (we'll be in Orlando for 16 nights, first 2 already booked at an off-site hotel, would just extend that reservation to 5 nights) or maybe do a split stay with the first part just room-only and the second with a package deal in the same hotel or if we get a good offer even changing hotels. :thumbsup2

    As breakfast meals are usually much cheaper and sometimes easier to share, I believe that having 22 CSs would enable us to do all our 16 planned CS lunches/dinners (most of them in the parks but 3-4 in DTD like Wolfgang Puck Express and Earl of Sandwich! :p) and still be able to do several breakfasts (more than the remaining 6 CS if we share some platters and use some snacks) on the plan.

    Another possibility if there is a nice offer (or if we can't get an available room at Pop or another value) is to transfer into a Moderate (POR being my first choice due to the bayou theming and the boat to DTD! :sail:)! And if in a moderate using Stay/Play/Dine we could get the regular dining plan and make some more ADRs transfering some of our current CSs plans into TS!

    We have already made some ADRs that we plan on going no matter what like Ohana, Sci-Fi, T-Rex and Be Our Guest with a couple others also reserved that we'll probably use just if we get the DDP like Tusker House, Le Cellier and Teppan Edo. We also plan on doing Beaches & Cream! (no ADRs there, but is my favorite burger in WDW! :goodvibes)
  7. Starclassic

    Starclassic ‎"The way to get started is to quit talking and be

    You can upgrade the quick service dining plan to get the regular dining plan at a Value. You just pay the difference.
  8. cfriend416

    cfriend416 Active Member

    Thanks so much! I tried emailing my TA to set up a phone appointment to alter our reservation but she didn't seem to know anything about a discount. She said she'd apply any discount that came out, but since we're currently booked for AoA the discounts won't apply without changing our reservation, which she didn't seem to get! :furious:
  9. merina888

    merina888 Member

    I've read from other posters that if you upgrade from QS to regular DDP at a value resort, you must pay the difference between the two before the discount would be applied. In other words, you don't get a discounted regular dining plan if you upgrade at a value. You pay the full rack rate difference between regular DDP and QS if you use stay, play and dine discount.
  10. aaarcher86

    aaarcher86 DIS Veteran

    Are you in the LM standard rooms? Those are the only ones excluded. If you are booked for the family suites you can apply it no problem!

    Good luck moving everything around if you need to :goodvibes
  11. aaarcher86

    aaarcher86 DIS Veteran

    That's what I've heard something like that as well. And honestly, I'm not even sure of the numbers. I just know I upgraded from DDP to DXDP and saved a bit less than free dining. I gotta keep it simple! :rotfl2:

    I guess you'd be paying the full upgrade price, plus the child amount of the included DP which is why it works out to be being 'almost' as much as free dining, since with FD you'd just pay the upgrade price.
  12. Bozni

    Bozni Member

    I'm sure it's been asked (probably in this thread) but, is there any indication that this new special offer will go live on the website tomorrow morning? Or will it only be available if calling?
  13. redkel

    redkel Member


    That seems to be the $64,000 question.

    We have a late Nov/early Dec trip planned, but due to DH's work need to reschedule for late Feb/early March. Hoping the deal/s will work out for us to match or better the price we already have.

    Regardless, I'll be on the phone tomorrow morning... pixiedust:
  14. Bo Duke

    Bo Duke (Jason) l You can NEVER make everyone happy, but Y

    I agree with ^^^
    Unless you are in the Little Mermaid rooms you should still get the discount.
    And I would point them to these boards. I know that discounts are posted here (or at least rumored) DAYS before disney sends travel agents the info. It kind of stinks. If you aren't on here and you are not paying attention to others then agents don't know until (usually) later in the day that the offer is open.
  15. dakotix

    dakotix Member

    NEW SOUTHWEST PROMO Book by Thursday: code = BIGDEAL40 40% off
  16. cfriend416

    cfriend416 Active Member

    We are in the Little Mermaid rooms. My sister and BIL had planned to go to Disney for their honeymoon, but when they found out they were expecting and due just two months before their wedding, they called it off. So we wanted them to have a separate room for the trip. :p

    And I specifically said in my email to the TA that I heard about the discounts on DISboards and she still said there was nothing that she knew of, so I dunno!

    I guess I'll just email her when they go public tomorrow and ask about switching to Pop and pricing things out!

    Thank you everyone who has offered advice!
  17. phicara

    phicara Earning My Ears

    My travel agent didn't know about the deals either. She had no idea what I was asking about and quoted me a savings of just $300. We have friends going with the same reservations as ours that saved $1,300. So, I'm hoping that once my TA looks into it, my savings go up, too.
  18. EPCOTatNight

    EPCOTatNight I am the Polynesian Parking guy and the Original D

    The sample pricing for value resorts in the email that I received is $1968. That is for 2 adults, 1 junior, and 1 child with the QSDP for 5 nights and 6 day base tickets. When I got a quote for Pop for 4 nights,(2 adults and 1 junior) it was for $16xx. I don't remember the exact price, but that seemed on par with their sample pricing. But, when I got a quote for All Star Sports for 5 nights, the price was $1268, so we booked that. I didn't question the CM, but I was, and am still shocked by the almost 25% reduction in cost. We love Pop, but am willing to stay at All Star Sports if it will put $400 back in our pockets and give us an extra night with meals. I also noticed that All Star Sports room only price for my dates were $85 a night. After 25% off, that's about $64 a night. So, if you're willing to stay there, I would suggest at least getting a quote for the All Stars. Good luck everybody!
  19. smitch425

    smitch425 DIS Veteran

    Have you received a confirmation with your reservation details? POP is generally priced higher than the All-Stars, however, that seems like an awfully big price difference. I would make sure everything is listed on the reservation correctly.
  20. cfriend416

    cfriend416 Active Member

    I'd switch from AoA to Pop, but not to an All Stars, especially not Sports, but that's just me! I can't believe the price difference is so much though!
  21. EPCOTatNight

    EPCOTatNight I am the Polynesian Parking guy and the Original D

    I understand your position. I almost feel the same. To reward my wife for being willing to stay there, I'm going to book a 2 night room only at a deluxe to end our vacation.

    Yes, the confirmation is what made the decision a little easier to stick with. I originally asked for a quote for 4 days and thought that I booked that. But after the confirmation email, I realized that it was for 5 nights.

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