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2013 Free Dining Watch

Discussion in 'Disney Dining Plan' started by Dimples1973ca, Jul 15, 2012.

  1. Coconuts

    Coconuts New Member

    Thanks so much! Here's hoping!:thumbsup2
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  3. bella2117

    bella2117 New Member

    Not sure when you talked to your travel agent but we had no luck with our nemo suite. All sold out. I'm interested to see if you guys get it tho. I hope so! CM said to keep trying because people cancel and change dates so ill be calling regularly.
  4. TheDisney411

    TheDisney411 New Member

    Those pin code FD dates should drop for the general public this summer, probably July. When a FD discount is released you can call and have the FD code applied to your existing reservation. It is best to always have a back up room category or resort, in case your first choice is not available.
  5. TheDisney411

    TheDisney411 New Member

    Free dining is definitely not dead, they sent pin codes out this week for free dining. Most of those fall/winter pin codes should drop for the general public this summer, probably July.
  6. TheDisney411

    TheDisney411 New Member

    No. Your check IN date most fall within the FD promo dates to apply the discount to your entire stay.
  7. TheDisney411

    TheDisney411 New Member

    I don't know, pins are so random, much harder to predict than Visa or GP offers, but I wouldn't be surprised if they sent out at least one more round before a GP FD release :-)
  8. mcwheelee

    mcwheelee New Member

    Don't give up hope...I was hoping for a PIN code too.
    I decided to give Disney a call, and I was ecstatic to hear them tell me that there was a free dining discount attached to my name!!!
    They said it was e-mailed to me. I check my email religiously for anything from Disney, spam folder too. I never received it.
    I believe your check in date was include.
    Give them a call!
  9. wdwmom0f3

    wdwmom0f3 <font color=deeppink>Disney Dreamer<br><font color

    I second this!! I was worried the first day because I didnt get the email, but it came later in the day. The thing is though, when I called to get a quote they had it attached to my name so I didnt even have to use the code. This may be better now than it has been in the past because they guy said that they have merged data base info. He had to "clean up" my account because it had my information in there several different times. :confused3

    Anyway, in the offer that I have, her dates are included. (11/11 - 11/23)

    On a side note, I booked our Christmas trip this morning!! :cool1: Even with free dining it's still so expensive during that time. We normally stay 9 nights but cut his trip back to 6 and its still $3000. and that's with free dining! :crazy2: It looks like this discount saved me $1440. so I am not going to complain!! pixiedust:
  10. KermitRinny

    KermitRinny It happen on one ah dem Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah Days.

    Has anyone looked at their email confirmation (not a discount pin attached this is reg price)? The wording is a little odd for my dining plan portion.
    It says Disney Regular Dining Plan then when I click the view Package Inclusions the page it takes me to doesnt say anything about dining. It says 2013 Magic your way package.
    And when I go to My disney experience it says Dining Plan: 2013 Table Service Meals -Child, 2013 Table Service Meals-Adult, 2013 Quick Service Meals.
    I dont have kids in my res nor am i linked to a res with kids. I know I clicked the Dining Plan bc I triple checked it. Is it just the wording now or should I call? I just called yesterday asking about a pin. I dont want to call back just yet so I wanted to know if anyone else has this wording.
  11. doberlady

    doberlady <font color=royalblue>It just never gets old to me

    I have been calling every day to check my name and my husbands and no Pin

    Still hopeful......................
  12. Kathymford

    Kathymford A little obsessed is ok....right?

    My SPD package in Feb was like this and everything was fine. ;)
  13. KermitRinny

    KermitRinny It happen on one ah dem Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah Days.

    Thank you! That makes me feel much better. I'm usually not a worry wart but when it comes to Disney.....all bets are off lol
  14. gskywalker

    gskywalker New Member

    lol, I am the him. I was thinking about taking our family of 6 at Christmas, but my wife and I agree, that we would be better off to spend half the money and go to great wolf lodge every couple of months because we are going to Disney 2 and a half months before Christmas. It would be great, but probably horribly busy and too cold to hang out at the pool. As for November, my buddy and I both think Disney would be great.... but a swimup bar and a beach volleyball court would be better, especially when we are trying to relax.
  15. switch15foot

    switch15foot New Member

    It's official ... I got a pin (well roommate did and since same address even though she isn't going, able to use) AND booked free dining for POFQ for Dec 3 to Dec 15; so excited!!!!!!!
  16. Kristibo42

    Kristibo42 New Member

    What number do you call to see if you have a pin number attached to your name?
  17. smitch425

    smitch425 New Member

    1(407)W-DISNEY :thumbsup2

    Good luck! :goodvibes
  18. Kristibo42

    Kristibo42 New Member

    Thank you. Sorry I keep asking dumb questions. This is my first time planning a trip.
  19. smitch425

    smitch425 New Member

    There are no dumb questions when it comes to planning a Disney trip. Knowledge is power. :goodvibes
  20. DisneyMom5

    DisneyMom5 New Member

    Love this!!! :thumbsup2 pixiedust:
  21. zamboniman333

    zamboniman333 Ye come Seeking Adventure and Saly Old Pirates, A

    If I call and have a pin on my name but I have booked threw a travel agent can I still use the pin? Or will they give me the PIN number to give my agent?

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