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2013 Free Dining Watch

Discussion in 'Disney Dining Plan' started by Dimples1973ca, Jul 15, 2012.

  1. alimbrogno

    alimbrogno New Member

    I am now on hold. Hopefully there are still rooms available at my resort :confused3
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  3. TheDisney411

    TheDisney411 New Member

    Good luck everyone!
  4. BrittNeal

    BrittNeal New Member

    on hold on two different phones for 25 min. hoping to get through soon! its 4AM here in california. I want to go back to bed!
  5. Thorb73

    Thorb73 Tinker, Pooh and their kids

    We finally got it!
    Originally had one stay from August 29th until September 9th with 9 day tickets and dining plan at POR. We were hoping for end of August free dining plan...
    Since this did not happen we just splitted our stay in a room only from August 29th until September 2nd and a second FD stay from September 2nd until 8th with 9 day tickets.

    We wanted to have our first park day on August 30th - which is 3 day prior to our package reservation - can you specialists just confirm that I will be able to pick up our park tickets on the morning of August 30th at DHS guest service ?

    And another question: on the morning of September 2nd we have breakfast ADR at 1900 park fare . Will we be able to get our new KTTW cards for the second stay already in the early morning at the check in desk ? Is there anything we can do (besides mentioning the second reservation during our first check in) to give us higher chances to keep our room for the entire stay ?

    Thanks for any comment! We really appreciate it!!
  6. mouserrificmom

    mouserrificmom New Member

    Click on the 'special offers' link towards the bottom of the page on the main website, it is there and if the phones are as crazy as it sounds, unless you need to make changes to an existing reservation, it's probably your best bet.
  7. Riles_and_Gabe

    Riles_and_Gabe New Member

    I finally got through but it was to Disney Dining. She took my information and now I am on hold again waiting for the correct department to assist me.
  8. courtneyb

    courtneyb New Member

    Woohoo! Just got it... 9 days POR Sept 8-16, standard room, for my family of 6! Saved $2000! So happy we did not have to change resorts; Now anxiously waiting on my confirmation email.. Anyone know how quickly (or not) I should receive it?:hyper:
  9. xdanielleax

    xdanielleax New Member

    On hold with music...was greeted with, I'm sorry we're experiencing technical difficulties...hopefully this wont last too long.
  10. BrittNeal

    BrittNeal New Member

    Reservation is going up $244.66 because we are applying free dining instead of room discount. Anyone else experience this? We are not changing room type?
  11. LisaTN

    LisaTN New Member

    Wow thanks... Agreed the link isn't much help. It knowing about the blackout dates... Darn... Now I'm
    So worried about my check in date.
  12. DrivnMeUpTheWall-E

    DrivnMeUpTheWall-E Earning My Gears

    I just had an agent who tried to tell me FD would be $120 more than my current 20% room discount. I argued with her for about 5 minutes because we had done the math about a million times and there was no way it was cheaper. She told me she would send me to a supervisor and then it went to a disconnect signal. I am really peeved and am back on hold now.

    Maybe they are having a problem with their res system. She tried to tell me the number I was looking at was skewed because it was applying the current room offer, but POFQ doesn't look like its even on the current room offer.. :confused3
  13. MaceysMom

    MaceysMom New Member

    Thank you!:cool1:
  14. BrittNeal

    BrittNeal New Member

    What a mess! It's too early to argue to I just let them apply the free dining. I'll call back later and figure out what's really going on. Got a snippy agent for the first time ever calling Disney World.

    Also really peeved because when I split my reservation in two to take advantage of free dining they assured me that the balance would transfer so that I wouldn't have to mess with it being credited back to my card and recharged. That didn't happen, I hadn't put down a deposit and almost lost my reservation all together! I have been so happy with their customer service up to this point but very frustrated right now.
  15. MaceysMom

    MaceysMom New Member

    Is it a 5 night minimun this year?
  16. alimbrogno

    alimbrogno New Member

    I have been on hold for 38 minutes! I gave my phone to DS while I even took a shower so I am not late for work. Starting to get worried:scared:
  17. TheDisney411

    TheDisney411 New Member

    Current policy is you can pick up your package ticket up to 3 days early at Guest Services at Downtown Disney or one of the 4 parks.

    You can re check in at 6 am. Just make sure the room only reservation and the package reservation are linked in the system.
  18. TheDisney411

    TheDisney411 New Member

    Call back
  19. DrivnMeUpTheWall-E

    DrivnMeUpTheWall-E Earning My Gears

    Called back and got a great agent named Owen. He checked the same offers the previous agent was looking at and confirmed it being at least $400 cheaper to do free dining, so I got it switched! Now upgraded to a Garden View room @ POFQ arriving Sept 25!

    Good luck, everyone!
  20. MaceysMom

    MaceysMom New Member

    Never mind! stupid question! It is a 3 night minimum.

    We are all booked for Sept 13-17 At Coronado Springs with FREE DINING!!!!!!pixiedust:
  21. TheDisney411

    TheDisney411 New Member

    What are your dates?

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