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2013 Dining Plan Prices and Brochure Dated 11/29/12

Discussion in 'Disney Dining Plan' started by TDC Nala, Jul 15, 2012.

  1. TDC Nala

    TDC Nala <font color=red>1937, what a year that was<br><fon Moderator

    Quick-Service Dining Plan (2 quick service, 1 snack per night)
    (price for full year)
    $37.58 per night ages 10 and up ($2.59 increase per night over 2012)
    $14.32 per night age 3 to 9 ($2.33 increase per night over 2012)

    Regular Dining Plan (1 table service, 1 quick service, 1 snack per night)
    $55.59 per night ages 10 and up ($4.05 increase per night over 2012)
    $17.16 per night age 3 to 9 ($2.17 increase per night over 2012)

    (Peak Season)
    $56.94 per night ages 10 and up ($3.40 increase per night over 2012)
    $18.16 per night ages 3 to 9 ($2.14 increase per night over 2012)

    Deluxe Dining Plan (3 meals - either table or quick service - and 2 snacks per night)
    $99.97 per night ages 10 and up ($14.45 increase per night over 2012)
    $26.84 per night ages 3 to 9 ($3.05) increase per night over 2012)

    (Peak Season)
    $102.27 per night ages 10 and up ($12.75 increase per night over 2012)
    $28.91 per night ages 3 to 9 ($3.12 increase per night over 2012)

    Peak Season Dates:
    February 14 &#8211; 23, 2013
    March 8 &#8211; April 6, 2013
    May 31 &#8211; August 3, 2013
    December 13 &#8211; 31, 2013

    All dining plans include one Resort Refillable Mug per person.

    Here is a copy of the regular DDP brochure dated November 11, 2012. The publication date can be seen in small print at the bottom of the last page. THIS APPEARS TO BE THE FULL RESTAURANT LIST FOR 2013 INCLUDING THE THIRD PARTY RESTAURANTS.


    This is the regular dining plan brochure. All the same restaurants will accept the Deluxe Dining Plan. All listed counter service restaurants will accept the Quick Service plan. Remember when you read the brochure that character meals, dinner shows and signature restaurants are listed separately from the TS restaurants!

    Le Cellier has been moved into the signature (2 credit) column for lunch. This is the only indication Disney has given that Le Cellier will be 2 credits for lunch in 2013. WDW has not currently released a lunch menu that reflects this change.

    Also of note: the new Splitsville at Downtown Disney will accept the dining plan as a TS restaurant.

    Premium Package price: $189 per night age 10 and over, $139 per night age 3-9.

    Platinum Package price: $249 per night age 10 and over, $180 per night age 3-9.

    A three-night minimum stay is required to book either the Premium or Platinum Package Plans. The Platinum package is available only for stays at deluxe resorts. DVC reservations are not eligible for the Premium or Platinum packages.
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  3. frankieeyre

    frankieeyre Member

    I panicked for a moment as I didn't read the whole text before I went on the brochure. Panicked that so many restaurants I wanted to go to were missing! They are pretty much definitely going to be added back on again though right?
  4. Cafeen

    Cafeen Mouseketeer

    More than likely.

    In the history of the dining plans, only Fulton's has ever dropped participation, and they did it after the first year of them. For 2012, they rejoined the ranks of DDP accepting restaurants as well (along with several other "first time" DDP places).

    It's not guaranteed at all, but I'd plan on the list being the same.
  5. ellismom

    ellismom Member

    Me too!!!! :rolleyes1
  6. disneyfantotheend

    disneyfantotheend Mouseketeer

    Hope we don't get any more additions to the signature dining list.
  7. momjeeps

    momjeeps Mouseketeer

    You may notice that a lot of restaurants are missing. This is because the restaurants operated by third parties (not Disney) will not be added until their contracts are renewed. You will likely see them added sometime in December.

    Whew! I'm glad I saw this, I came to this thread to complain that Earl of Sandwich was not listed on the 2013 plan! I'm looking forward to trying them on our first WDW trip. I've seen so many yummy looking sandwiches in dining reports. Mmmm...
  8. cczar

    cczar Earning My Ears

    I was booking dining at "Tony's Town Square Restaurant" when I checked the "Dining Plans Accepted" table (see below, sorry for the poor table).
    The problem is, the regular dining plan that is accepted on 2012 won't be any more on 2013. And this is happening on all restaurants.
    Could anyone tell me what's is going on?

    Disney Dining Plan Type Entitlements Used At Location
    2012 2013
    Breakfast Lunch Dinner Breakfast Lunch Dinner
    Quick service dining plan &#8212; &#8212; &#8212; &#8212; &#8212; &#8212;
    Dining plan &#8212; 1 1 &#8212; &#8212; &#8212;
    Deluxe dining plan &#8212; 1 1 &#8212; 1 1
    Premium dining plan &#8212; 1 1 &#8212; 1 1
    Platinum dining plan &#8212; 1 1 &#8212; 1 1
  9. disneyfantotheend

    disneyfantotheend Mouseketeer

    So are you saying that you can't eat at Tony's on the regular dining plan? If so, could it possibly be just because they have not signed contracts yet for the year? I know many places wait until the last minute to sign the contract.
  10. TDC Nala

    TDC Nala <font color=red>1937, what a year that was<br><fon Moderator

    Best I can tell you is don't go by what the website says. LOOK AT THE BROCHURE. If it's on the brochure, it will accept DDP. The website has glitches and just plain wrong info.

    Tony's is a Disney-operated restaurant, it is not affected by the contract renewals, and there's no way it will stop taking DDP. There's also no way it will stop taking just the regular DDP and still accept deluxe.

    Remember when you look at the brochure that quick service and table service are listed SEPARATELY. The first list you come to is quick service. Move down to the table service section and you will find Tony's under Magic Kingdom.
  11. cczar

    cczar Earning My Ears

    Thanks TDC Nala, you've calmed me down.
  12. I had the same issue. I'm booking reservations for our trip early in 2013. Based on the pamphlet information we picked our restaurants. After a reading the confirmation page and seeing the same info you posted above, I started making phone calls. Four hours later and a bit frustrated by a lack of customer service and informed cast members I asked to speak with a manager. We walked through the entire process together because she also had no idea. My concern and question was if the regular dining plan was going to be accepted or not. Finally after she created a reservation herself and looked at what I was asking about she put me on hold for quite some time to discuss this with the folks at the dining plan. She came back on the phone and said she and a manager from the DP confirmed that it is a programing issue and it would be resolved. She assured me that the pamphlet printed on 7/5/12 was accurate to date and that if the restaurant is in the pamphlet it will accept the regular dining plan. Time will tell. I continued making reservations for our stay. I have yet to purchase the dining plan and will wait until Decemeber or January to do so since I'm still not convinced. :confused3
  13. ssheridan

    ssheridan Earning My Ears

    It looks like most the dining places we enjoyed are still on the list! YAY. Looking forward to next August!!
  14. PinkEars

    PinkEars Member

    Crystal Palace isn't on there either. Hope it gets added!
  15. disneyfantotheend

    disneyfantotheend Mouseketeer

    The places on my list that are not on the dining plan *so far* are Rainforest, Trex, San Angel and Teppan Edo. I have no fear of Teppan and San Angel. A little concerned about Trex and Rainforest, being this year has been the only year they were included. But I know they all need contracts, so only time will tell.
  16. bobbiwoz

    bobbiwoz <font color=darkorchid>I'm happy to dance with you

    ISn't there something that says Lobster isn't included in the dining plan? I'm going to Narcoosees for my birthday, and I'm just wondering.

    Thank you.
  17. I'm already thinking of 2013 trips to WDW and I printed out the current 2013 Dining Plan brochure... and almost fell over! The missing restaurants was quite surprising. Thanks for letting me know that there IS a reason, and it MAY NOT be permanent.

    I'm glad to know that the list will be updated later this year - I'll keep checking back. If I do book a trip before then, I suppose the thing to do is to make a reservation (hoping that my selection is a DP particpant later) and then confirm it at some time later. (and change if it is not.)

    Thanks again.
  18. Eliza32

    Eliza32 Mouseketeer

    I was just about to throw a tantrum when I saw that EoS was not on the list........
  19. Koda

    Koda Member

    Many restaurants are still missing...Do you think I should make a back up reservation somewhere else in case Teppan Edo is not included?
  20. UK Princess

    UK Princess Member

    Glad I found this thread as having a major panic!

    We are considering (well I am planning but DH still thinking about ;) ) a trip in April and I was going to book SS so that we get good access to DTD to use what would be the free dining (UK deal) but there are hardly any DTD places on the list!

    When we did FD last time we trekked over from the GF to DTD quite a few times to go to Wolfgang Puck Express and Raglan Road amongst others! If we can't use the FD there then I would seriously reconsider our accommodation choice...

    Hope they get some of these contracts sorted soon :goodvibes
  21. DisneyLvr12

    DisneyLvr12 Member

    You guys do expect to see the sit down country restaurants in Epcot back on here, right?! I don't want to lose those off the DDP! Yikes!

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