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2013 Beach and Yacht Club FAQ: Don't Post Here! New Thread Now Open

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by natebenma, Feb 26, 2013.

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  1. dad2bkcs

    dad2bkcs New Member

    Thanks for the help!
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  3. TeenaS

    TeenaS New Member

    I'll be there this Sunday and Monday.
  4. Ninja Mom

    Ninja Mom New Member

    :banana: :banana: :banana: I am working on perfecting my "Chair Hog Alert Snort" (CHAS) even as we speak! Tomorrow I will start practicing the "Snapping of the Butt with a Wet Pool Towel" (SOB-WePT)!

    I do have an Insider's tip About DHS. When grabbing a sandwich or dessert at Starring Rolls there never seems to be enough seats and they are outside in the heat or rain to boot. Aside from the "Cement Time Out Corner" (C-TOC) that Dee tried to popularize (UNsuccessfully!) last year, most people don't realize that you can hoof your tray a short distance over to the ABC Commissary and eat in Air Conditioned Bliss (ACB at the ABC!) at one of the tables there. Why heck, there are even TV's there to keep the kiddies entertained while you digest some of those wonderful Starring Rolls Desserts!

    The ABC Commissary is one of those places that has way too many seats so no worries about finding a table there. I'm sure those with a variety of neuroses might wonder if it's "kosher" to leave your tray from Starring Rolls At the ABC Commissary. Ninja Mom is here to tell you to get off the ledge and back in the building. It's ok... trust me!

    Oops! Gotta run.... security is coming and my Super Soaker is out of water...

  5. kristen2276

    kristen2276 New Member

    Neither can I, my sister lives in Rochester, NY and I can barely do that drive from NJ, forget to Orlando, lol! GOOD LUCK!!!! and have fun!
  6. kristen2276

    kristen2276 New Member

    if I chose near transportation on my online check in- what does that mean in terms of closeness to everything else? Thanks!
  7. dad2bkcs

    dad2bkcs New Member

    Where did you find the picture of my mom with a super soaker?
  8. pixarmom

    pixarmom New Member

    I'm in! I'd love to attend a meet in a non-flat form someday! :)

    What? Not popular? You tell us this AFTER we took a family photo in Dee's Corner at Starring Rolls. I'll opt to sit in the corner, but will also admit that this is a great idea. There certainly ARE a lot of empty tables over at ABC . . . I like to stay positive, so I won't submit a detailed review of that particular CS location.

    Since the rooms near the lobby are close to the bus stop and relatively close to the boat launch, I would guess that means close to lobby/BC Marketplace/solarium/Cape May. When staying non-CL at BC, that would be my favorite location and I'd definitely check that one (along with full balcony, of course!)
  9. kristen2276

    kristen2276 New Member

    THANK YOU! that is what I was looking for! :)
  10. 333disneymom

    333disneymom New Member

    Our favorite trip was our surprise trip! Our little one was so in shock, she went back to bed thinking it was a joke. "You must be kidding," she said. Wish we could pull another one off, but now they think every time we have a surprise it's a trip to Disney.

    So exciting! Love your husband's thinking! By the way, any word on if they are switching your days? We arrive on a Tuesday and leave very early on a Sunday.

    These are the coffee makers we've always had in the villas.

    We are doing the same trip - AKV then BCV the week before you.

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  11. DisneyLifeMel

    DisneyLifeMel New Member

    I did have one poolside server who didn't know what a Sunken Treasure was. She was very nice, so I explained it was a wonderful blue drink, and the bartenders would definitely know what it was. She came back a few minutes later with drinks in hand... so be patient if you get a server who is unfamiliar with our favorite concoction.:cool1:
  12. natebenma

    natebenma New Member

    For those of you who may not be familiar with my "time-out" corner- here is a little background and snippet from my 145 Middle Schoolers- Wicked Awesome or Epic Fail? trip report.

    We were on day 3 of our trip. My group consisted of 14 14 year-old-boys and 5 other chaperones. And NOBODY wanted to listen to my suggestions! Under the guise of getting FP for ToT (which I did), I snagged a solo lunch at Starring Rolls while the rest of the crew dined at the ABC Commisary. So glad I did NOT follow NM's advice to take my tray back there:

    I didnt want to take up one of the tables all by myself, so I found a little corner to sit in and enjoy my alone-ness! I was so happy that I asked someone to snap a picture of my solo lunch.

    Im-in-a-group-with-14-teenage-boys-and-I-escaped-and-Im-eating-all-alone. Will-you-please-take-my-picture?

    The guy and his family were amused by my story.




    And to get back to the original question- these are my fave CS meals:

    EP- Sunshine Seasons, Tangierine Cafe (France and Japan are good too)

    MK- Columbia Harbor House by a long shot, followed by Pecos Bill, but like others have said, Be Our Guest is extremely tempting if you can handle the wait.

    AK- Tamu Tamu is our Go To Go To. Yes, it is really a place! Nobody knows it is there in Africa at the crossroads of the path to Asia. Yummy sandwiches and a cool seating area.

    HS- What to say? Go to Starring Rolls, eat at ABC.
  13. DisneyLifeMel

    DisneyLifeMel New Member

    TeenaS ~ Your name (and the spelling) look so familiar... I know I must have met you at BCR at some point last week and didn't even realize it.
  14. DisneyLifeMel

    DisneyLifeMel New Member

    Cute pic of your little corner... I understand the need to escape from 14 year old boys. LOL When we were at Starring Rolls last week during lunchtime, they had not put out the sushi trays. Don't be afraid to ask... the super sweet CM checked in the back and an extremely fresh tray had just been delivered. Yay! :)
  15. Ninja Mom

    Ninja Mom New Member

    We were posted next to each other on The FBI's most wanted Bulletin Board. Did you know your Mom's nickname is the Bingo Bandit?

    Yep, the ABC commissary is not what too many would consider 'good eats'. Think of how jealous you can make everyone sitting there with their dried out burgers and Strawberry Parfait while you nosh on your Black Forest Ham Sandwich and Napoleon or Eclairs or Fresh Fruit Tart! Ooh la LA!

  16. HubbDave

    HubbDave <font color=darkorchid>Remember, no matter where y

    Love the pics of the Concrete Corner of Fame. Starring Rolls treats look tasty

    Getting a little nervous about doing the whole resort change thing. Arrive at AS Sports on Friday, just to sleep (dirt cheap) then 7 days at BC. Flights on Friday were $450 cheaper than Saturday.

    Do we just leave the luggage in the room? Do we check out then check in at BC?

    I appreciate all the info and smiles in this thread
  17. natebenma

    natebenma New Member

    When I was there at lunchtime, I was maybe behind a dozen other people in line. One of the CMs announced that they ran out of sandwiches and it would be about 15 minutes before they would have more. I piped up "Do you still have sushi?"

    They did, and I moved to the Front of the Line.

    It was really a magical, happy lunch!
  18. jenjersnap

    jenjersnap yadda yadda yadda

    14 teenaged boys?! I think an escape into the concrete corner was totally justified! There is always a point at WDW when my husband sends me off for some alone time, too many days of one bathroom and family togetherness, well, Mom needs a few minutes of space. If it happens at HS, I might borrow your spot with red velvet cupcake in hand! :)
  19. Ninja Mom

    Ninja Mom New Member

    Never fear Hubby dear! Here's how it works AND it's a breeze!

    1) You don't actually have to Check out of a WDW hotel. They expect you to be out of the room by 11 am. *

    2) When you are ready to leave, call bell services at the hotel you are at now and tell them you are transferring your luggage to the BC/YC/BCVillas. They will come to the room take your luggage, tag it and give you a receipt.

    ~Here is the KEY part to understand about luggage transfers between resorts!~

    They will not even move your luggage from the resort you just stayed at until the afternoon... maybe say after 2 pm or later. They store it at Bell Services at the resort you just were staying at until it is time to move it to the next location.

    WHY?? Because your room technically is not supposed to be ready until:
    Resort Check In Time

    After 4pm:All Value Resorts; All Disney Vacation Resorts

    After 3pm:All Deluxe Resorts, The Cabins at Fort Wilderness

    After 1pm:Fort Wilderness Campsites.

    ~~~SO, even if you did get into your room early at the new resort there will be a slight delay until after the above times when your luggage will finally be ready.

    How do we deal with this?? We just put our swim suits in a back pack and went to the parks with them and anything else we needed like medication or sun 'scream'. You could also TAKE a suitcase or two or ALL for that matter and cab it/drive over to the next resort and have bell services HOLD it for you until your room is ready at the next hotel. I'm pretty sure they don't allow luggage on the buses that take you to the parks so it's either CAB/Bell Services or YOU drive it over to the next resort. If you're really cheap you could look for one of those 'unattended' shopping carts miles from the nearest supermarket and push it over yourself, but they are virtually impossible to find so it's not recommended.

    We opted to use Bell services at POP to transport our luggage over to the BC when we stayed in December. We had valuables in the luggage like computers and ipads and video game crapola and we told bell services this. They told us they would lock up the luggage. We never looked back and everything was fine when we saw it in our room later. DH was there when Bell services brought it to out BC room. (not me)

    After having this experience I wouldn't hesitate to do it again. Yeah sure we were a little nervous but then after we handed the luggage over we never looked back. The one thing Disney really does right it the luggage service IMHO.

    So just keep all of the above in mind and then you can rest assured, knowing that your luggage is in good hands and this is how the system works!


    * if you are running late at check out the housekeeping staff has my cell number on speed dial and I come over with my fully loaded "Super Soaker" and roust you out of the room!
  20. jenjersnap

    jenjersnap yadda yadda yadda

    Yay! Thanks for sharing the excitement!
  21. HubbDave

    HubbDave <font color=darkorchid>Remember, no matter where y

    Thanks NinjaMom! Great info. That makes total sense.

    Excellent advice (as always) on the packing bathing suits, etc. in the daddy pack. My back can take it knowing that Sunken Treasures await.
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