2012 Vance Family Trip Report

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    Sep 10, 2012
    OK, so this is my very 1st trip report!!!!! :cool1:

    My hope with this report is to let you all live through our vacation like you were here with us. Maybe it will make you countdown to your next Disney vacation go a little faster!

    A little about who is going....
    My Dear Husband...Adam ;)
    My Mother...Gracia :)
    My Father...Roy :groom:
    My Sister...Amanda :p
    My Brother-in-Law...Nick :joker:
    And of course ME!! Deana :wizard:

    My Sister & Brother-in-Law just decided to come about 35 days out! So I have had to do alot to our ADR's. Not to mention my Brother-in-Law's parents and friends will be there too!

    :hourglass So I am starting this report 10 days out from the start of our trip! This morning I did the Online check in, so hopefully our room will be ready when we arrive!

    Our trip starts on Wednesday 9/19/2012. We have a hotel room in Indianapolis, so that we don't have to do the hour and half drive early the next morning.

    Our Flight leaves Thursday 9/20/2012 IND at 7:05am. We should touchdown in MCO at 9:15am.

    We will be using Tiffany's Town car instead of DME. Hopefully we should arrive at BLT around 10:00am!

    We have a 2 bedroom Magic Kingdom view at Bay Lake Tower!!!!! We recently purchased DVC. This will be our 1st DVC trip and can't wait to experience it!!!!

    Here are our current "plans" for our trip.

    10:00am Arrive at BLT (Crossing fingers that our room is ready)
    Adam, Mom, Dad, and I will hang out at pool until Sis, and Bro arrive. They will be flying out of Chicago (they live closer to there then Indy). They should arrive around 12.
    When they arrive we will head out to DTD! Only Adam and I have been to DTD and so we are hoping to "amaze" them.:lmao: Mainly want to eat lunch at Earl of Sandwich.
    We have ADR's at 'Ohana at 5:05pm so after DTD back to the Polynesian for dinner!
    After dinner on to our 1st park of the trip!!! MAGIC KINGDOM!!!!!
    Hoping to talk everyone to grab some Sorcerer Mickey cards even if they don't want to play...LOL...pixiedust:

    Rope Drop at DHS!!!! 9:00AM

    Adam and I will have MNSSHP this night so we want to try to get as much done as possible!

    ADR at 50's Prime Time Cafe at 4:00pm (to give us enough time to go back to BLT and change into our costumes!!!)

    The rest of the "gang" will be hanging out the rest of the day at DHS and they look forward to watching Fantasmic!

    9/22/2012 (Today we have been selected to try the new Fastpass+!)

    We start the day with an ADR at The Crystal Palace at 8:05 AM. I can not wait to see Main Street USA pretty much deserted. :woohoo:

    Hoping to get a few quick rides in before we head to Animal Kingdom!
    AK closes at 6pm so we will end the day at MK which is open til 11pm!

    Our selected attractions and returntimes for the new fastpass+ are:
    Jungle Cruise 5:05pm-6:05pm
    Splash Mountain 6:35pm-7:35pm
    Big Thunder Mountain 7:35pm-8:35pm
    Mickey's PhilharMagic 9:25pm-10:25pm


    We begin the day at Epcot! Really set plans except Sis wants to do Soarin'. The past 2 trips she has been on she has be unable to do this attraction and demands we do it 1st thing when we get there. Which is fine by me! LOL

    Mom, Dad, Adam and I have an ADR at Le Ceiller at 1:05pm (I have been trying to add the other members of our party with no luck)

    Magic Kingdom has EMH's tonight until 1am so we will be going back to MK after Epcot!

    9/24/2012 (Our Last Day) :sad2::sad2::sad::sad:

    Only plans today is to meet Weasus from Lines app chat!!! I am the only one that really wants to, that maybe because I am the only one that chats on Lines! LOL

    Our flight home is 7:45 pm. Our town car will be picking us up at 5:45 pm. :(

    Well that's our plan for this trip. I hope to keep everyone updated as the trip happens, but I know that may not happen. So I will update as I am able!
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  3. Disneymaniac84

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    Sep 10, 2012
    Ok so we are less then 6 days away from being at the HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH!!!:banana::cool1:

    I wanted to add my packing list (which we are already packed!) Adam(DH) thinks I am crazy but in the next 6 days I don't have to worry about anything just waking up and heading to Indianapolis on Wednesday 9/19/2012! LOL!

    Meds/First aid kit:
    Eye Drops
    Prescription Meds
    Anti-itch Cream
    Excedrin/Excedrin PM
    Sinus Meds
    Cough Drops
    Icy Hot
    Aloe Vera Gel
    Moleskin (for blisters)
    Anit-Nausea Meds/Ginger Gum
    Nasal Spray
    Insect Repellent

    OK So I know what your thinking....WHY all that??? Well I like to be overly cautious and hate to spend Disney $$ on things we need and no things we can "play" with. LOL!

    Peanut Butter popcorn::
    Ziplock Baggies
    Popcorn popcorn::
    Pop Tarts popcorn::
    Trash Bags
    Collapsible Cooler
    Propel Packets
    Pop Up laundry hamper
    Power Strip
    Eye Glass repair Kit
    Laundry Detergent
    Water mister
    Spare sunglasses
    Sewing Kit
    Safety Pins
    Clothes Pins
    Camera, charger, and tripod
    Camcorder, charger
    Ponchos (especially when visiting in September)
    M&M Tubes with Pennies and Quarters (Pressed pennies)
    Trading Pins
    Envelopes for Mousekeeping and Servers
    Autograph books and pen
    Frogg Toggs (too keep cool)
    Beach Towels (for the pool)
    Swim Suits
    Stain Remover
    Back packs/Fanny packs
    Glade Air Freshener (A fellow liner mentioned to bring a "smell" you don't normally have at home and put in your room. That way when you get home you smell that scent and think of your trip to Disney) LOVE IT!!!!

    Of course light clothing shirts/tanks/shorts
    Pool Shoes
    Make up
    Body wash
    Hair Tyes
    Hair Brush/Comb
    Facial Lotion

    OK so that is a summary of what we will be packing. If you have any more suggestions please let me know! Like I said before I HATE spending $$ on anything but Disney items while on my vacation!!!

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