2010 Princess Trip- We're Sisters, We're Princesses, and We're Going to Disney World!

Discussion in 'Pre-Trip Reports and Plans' started by Muppet_Girl, Jan 15, 2010.

  1. Muppet_Girl

    Muppet_Girl Mouseketeer

    Jan 7, 2010
    This Spring Break trip will be my 8th trip to the World.:yay: :cool1:

    **Since I'm new to the boards, this is my first time ever doing trip reports, but I'm excited!**:goodvibes

    I am planning a trip to WDW for my sister, Virginia, and myself. We both attend the same college and will be going to the World for Spring Break!! This is the last spring break that will overlap for us because I'm a senior. So :idea: it was time for a sisters only trip to the World.

    Last year, I surprised her with a trip to the world with one of our friends for her birthday. This year, it will be just the sisters!

    So our trip will be March 6, 2010 to March 13, 2010. I just booked the plane tickets :woohoo: and now I'm really pumped up.

    While we're there, it will be her 20th birthday :bday: and we will also be celebrating (a little early :rolleyes1) my graduation.

    This is just a bit of an intro. There will be many many many more details to follow cause I'm a planner.

    Hooray!!! pixiedust::dumbo::mickeyjum
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  3. Mommy2LittleVols

    Mommy2LittleVols DIS Veteran

    Apr 7, 2009
    I'm in! Looking forward to hearing about your plans!
  4. disneylovin24

    disneylovin24 ~Let It Go~

    Jan 9, 2010
    Can't wait to read morepopcorn:: Sounds like a fun trip!
  5. Muppet_Girl

    Muppet_Girl Mouseketeer

    Jan 7, 2010
    Princess Kathleen (Me): aka Sleeping Beauty [21]-


    I'm a theater major and a premedical student. I am definitely the bigger Disney fanatic out of the two.

    Favorite Park: HS & MK
    Favorite Attractions: Muppets 3-D, Haunted Mansion, & all of the coasters
    Favorite Character: Kermit
    Favorite Park Food: Mickey Ice Cream Sandwich
    Favorite in Park Activity: Searching for Hidden Mickeys
    Favorite Nighttime Show: Fantasmic
    Favorite Parade: Spectromagic
    Favorite Disney Memory: Evening EMH in the Magic Kingdom- It was 2:30am and we had the park almost completely to ourselves. It was then that I really felt at home.

    Princess Virginia: aka Cinderella[19]-


    She's a biology major and a premedical student. She is the photographer. She's probably taken 100 pictures of the castle alone. Last trip she took approximately 1,000 pictures.

    Favorite Park: MK
    Favorite Attractions: Splash Mountain, Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger, Space Mountain, Big Thunder, POTC, & Expedition Everest
    Favorite Character: Tinkerbell
    Favorite Park Food: Turkey Leg
    Favorite in Park Activity: Taking as many pictures as possible
    Favorite Nighttime Show: Wishes
    Favorite Parade: Spectromagic
    Favorite Disney Memory: Last year's birthday trip- dancing in the parade and a surprise appointment at the BBB.

    Here we are:
  6. Muppet_Girl

    Muppet_Girl Mouseketeer

    Jan 7, 2010
    Now that you have met the Princesses, it is time to learn more about the Royal Itinerary for the 2010 Princess Trip.

    I just got everything finally booked. phew!

    We will be staying at Old Key West in a One Bedroom Villa:cool1:

    We are a DVC family, so we had some extra points that needed to get used up, so we sprung for the Villa- a little fancy I know :cloud9:

    We will be arriving on March 6th. Our flight is 6am, which may sound crazy, but allows us to get nearly a full day in the parks. We will be taking the Magical Express- Princesses have got to travel in style- Motor Coach here we come!!

    Our flight should land a little before 9am and will hopefully- fingers crossed- be at OKW by 10am. :yay:

    Last year we did a similar early flight and then went to the parks. We checked in around 10:45am (our flight was a bit later) and our room was actually ready at PoP :love:....I should mention that I had done online check in- it was like the first or second week of it and it really worked out well for us.

    I will be doing a day by day break down of our plans shortly. princess:
  7. Muppet_Girl

    Muppet_Girl Mouseketeer

    Jan 7, 2010
    :mickeyjum:mickeyjum25 DAYS TO GO! Oh my God!!:mickeyjum:mickeyjum
    College work has definitely gotten in my way of planning and writing my PTR. But, fear not, I am back to give a bunch of updates and details!!!

    :wizard:Dress has always been my strongest suit:wizard:

    Last year for our spring break trip, I used Zazzle to design a special button and then surprised everyone with it once we got there. I'm doing the same thing for this year. They just came in the mail today!!

    Here's a peek at what they look like:


    I also decided to do a bit more custom designing on Zazzle. I made a B-day t-shirt for my sister's actual birthday on March 10th. I also made myself a Kermit t-shirt :rolleyes1

    Finally, I made matching princess sweatshirts for us.

    :tink:Dining, your Highness?:tink:

    We will be on the Quick Service Dining plan for our trip. This works best for us because we don't like to stop too much for meals. We will, however, be having a few special meals, which my sister has no idea about. :yay:

    We have 3 ADRS total:

    1) TRADITION- We have developed a family tradition over the past few years of our first night's dining. We always eat at Ohana- since Ohana means family and Disney vacations are about being a family (whether you are related to the people you are traveling with or not). So I could not let that tradition fall to the waste side. We have a 5:45pm ADR for Ohana!

    2) EPCOT after Dark- On Tuesday, we will be dining at Teppan Edo- one of our personal favorites! We love the food and the presentation. I was able to get us a fairly late seating- almost 9pm. I figure by the time we are done that EPCOT should be fairly empty, which will allow us to stroll through a fairly empty park. Sounds pretty heavenly to me. I am also counting this as my celebration dinner for (1) getting accepted into medical school and (2) graduating in May- a little early, but oh, well!

    3) A Very Mickey Birthday- The 10th, Wednesday, is Virginia's birthday. So I knew that we need a birthday meal. Last year, we did Crystal Palace and it was then that I confirmed that the best dining experiences on your birthday involve characters! So we will be having a late-ish breakfast at Chef Mickeys and then heading over to the Magic Kingdom for the day. :cake:

    :genie:This Celebration is Going to be so BIG it should called a Ball :genie:

    So I love to add extra surprises and special moments into our vacations. I accomplish this by knowing my sister very well and by keeping my mouth shut! :hyper2:

    I already have a couple planned and a few more that are in the works. Here's what going on.

    I am getting us tickets to Disney Quest for one of the days (really it will be half a day spent there, but I digress). I found some nice discount tickets :jumping1: I LOVE discounts. We did Disney Quest 4 years ago, loved it, but haven't been back...until now!!

    I have two other possibilities that I am toying with. One is doing a Keys to the Kingdom Tour. The other is doing the Pirate League. I'm not sure which we'll do yet. Maybe both? Who knows?!? I do have to do a little budgeting and crunching of numbers sooooo we'll see how that goes. NOTE- last year for her b-day I surprised her with an appointment at BBB and then we went to Winter/Summerland!

    Oh! Almost forgot! We're taking a limo to the airport :woohoo:! Very fancy! Thank you parental units!! :hug:

    Up Next: Daily Itineraries :goodvibes

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