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1ts credit steak dinner?

Discussion in 'Disney Dining Plan' started by happymomof1, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. happymomof1

    happymomof1 Active Member

    With so many good restaurants being 2 ts credits now, where is left, if anywhere for a really nice classic steak dinner with 1ts credit? Even lunch at Le Cellier is 2now. So disappointed....
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  3. deakam

    deakam Active Member

    I actually had a really good steak at Tony's last September. And I also had a pretty good one at the Turf Club at Saratoga Springs. Neither one was huge but I did not leave the table hungry.
  4. happymomof1

    happymomof1 Active Member

    I have been to Tonys, but not Turf Club. Was looking to find that classic steakhouse feel. Le Cellier, yachtsmans and brown derby all have that same ambience, but are all 2ts credits.
  5. happymomof1

    happymomof1 Active Member

    What's Turf Club like? Also, which are nicest 1ts credit in Epcot? Le Cellier has been widely known as a great one to get into for years, which are close second? Chefs de France? Anything 1ts on the boardwalk?
  6. MinnieLovesMickey12

    MinnieLovesMickey12 Active Member

    On our last trip my DH and son & stepson had steak almost every night. They were all 1 TS credit meals.

    We went to T-Rex. DH said the T-Bone he had at T-Rex was the best steak of the entire trip. He loved it. The boys had the NY Strip and they both said theirs was very good too.

    They also had steak at House of Blues at Downtown Disney, Rainforest Cafe also at DTD and Olivia's at OKW.
  7. Yarna

    Yarna Wishing I were at WDW

    IMO, Turf Club and Maya Grill have excellent steaks, both are 1 table service credit.
  8. willowsnn3

    willowsnn3 Tagless not by choice but by circumstance

    Had the best steak of our trip last summer at Rainforest @ AK.
  9. charliesmom86

    charliesmom86 Member

    We had awesome steaks at Mama Melrose in DHS last summer.:goodvibes
  10. happymomof1

    happymomof1 Active Member

    Wow-- sounds like we will have to check out some places that will be new to us at wdw! Thanks for the info on restaurants! I really hadn't thought about T-Rex, Rainforest or the hotel restaurants. We're always in "go mode" when it comes to eating at Epcot, that we sometimes forget to branch out and try a new place. I love to see the different hotel grounds, so this could be fun.
  11. ThreeKMom

    ThreeKMom Active Member

    We had good steaks at Rose & Crown and Coral Reef (DH got a bad steak at Coral Reef and sent it back and the second one was very good - mine was very good from the start!)

    Can't wait to try the steak at BOG!!

    BTW did you know you can get a steak with a CS credit at the counter serve place in America in EPCOT (I forget the name - I think its Liberty Inn?)
  12. Ro Z

    Ro Z Active Member

    BoG steaks were good. Both cooked as ordered. Loved the place! The best steak we had in Nov was MM. Again cooked as ordered and a nice cut. Trex was another great steak. First one was too well done for DH (would have been perfect for me) after cutting into it the server told him it was not med rare and took it away immediatly. DH prob would have accepted it and eaten it but....the next one was perfect. Really tasty!! DH also got a good steak for lunch at CR. DH also likes the steak at Chefs. For a steakhouse 'feel' maybe Chefs it is a little more fancy? If that is what you mean.
  13. Miumiu4me

    Miumiu4me Member

    Maya Grill has surprisingly good food period. I don't understand why it doesn't get more attention.
  14. happymomof1

    happymomof1 Active Member

    LOVE Coral Reef and the world Showcase restaurants! Haven't been to Rose and Crown in many years, Ill have to check out their menu. (a CS steak in the America pavillion? I had no idea! We are definately looking forward to checking out a sushi CS meal from Katsura next time as well)
  15. happymomof1

    happymomof1 Active Member

    BOG looks amazing! I've checked the dates we are wanting to go, and they have no openings. No surprise there, it's so new. Oh well....
    Anyway, yes I get what you mean about Chefs and it being fancier. It's gorgeous inside! I do like the ambience of Disney's classic steakhouses...all the dark wood, dim chandelier lighting, hearty breads on the table. Le Cellier! Ugh-why did they change it to 2?
  16. happymomof1

    happymomof1 Active Member

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions! I see we have a lot to choose from. I think I'll have to go through the Disney menus a little more carefully and choose a few new places to try. (one place we'd like to try is the Clam bake at BC. No, not for steaks but to try the seafood . Looks good and Cape May is usually so nice for breakfast)

    MSSANDRA DIS Veteran

    Best steak we have ever had at WDW, 1 or 2 credits was at Mama Melrose last year. It was just perfect. We have also had a good steak at Coral Reef a few trips ago.
  18. Turf Club is at SSR and has that dark wood and brass steakhouse feel which is a good thing as steak and seafood are about it with a little chicken thrown in on the side.

    The steaks are delicious and Turf Club is one of our favorite restaurants at WDW and it also has a excellent bar and wine cellar as well.

    Its located in the Carriage House at SSR at the far end and you will enjoy your steaks!
  19. happymomof1

    happymomof1 Active Member

    Thanks for the info! This sounds right up our alley! Something about the dark wood, white linens, a glass of wine that really make a nice steak house stand out from other places. I appreciate the info and look forward to trying it. We've never been to that resort, so it will be a double first.
  20. julie4423

    julie4423 Member

    I had no idea about the steak at Liberty Inn! I had to check out the menu to see it for myself. :rotfl: It's a small steak, but would definitely work as a lunch for me. Has anyone tried it?
  21. ClarabelleCowFan

    ClarabelleCowFan <font color=teal>Found Someone You Have<br><font c

    We just ate at Turf Club last weekend and I was less than thrilled with the Prime Rib. It was just ok. I am admittedly a total steak snob and I would not return there for that entree' again.

    I have had amazing steaks at Be Our Guest and Tony's recently. Coral Reef seems to be hit or miss with their steak.

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