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12/23/12 Wonder Christmas Cruise (Miami)

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Meets' started by jehender, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. disdadIL

    disdadIL <font color=red>DIS Dad #711<br><font color=blue>B

    I'm on a 5:30 am flight
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  3. 5by5

    5by5 Member

    The other risk is your flight being cancelled out of Chicago due to bad weather. Just have a plan for what you may do in that case and you should be fine.

    Welcome to the cruise!
  4. JD3ofthem

    JD3ofthem Member

    We are flying in from Chicago the day before. We fly into ft lauderdale. Haven't figured out where we are staying or how we are getting to the ship the next day. We are also staying two nights afterwards and haven't figured that out yet either. Husband travels for work and is a big Hilton guy so I know our hotels will be from that brand.
  5. travelgal2

    travelgal2 Member

    Hi. Our family is contemplating this sailing. I think it would be neat to sail at Christmas, but one concern I have would be the seas. Have any of y'all read about the Caribbean in December? (Very choppy water, high winds, etc?) While I am willing to do an inside cabin just to get on the boat...I'm wondering if any of you have sailed at the holidays before and what was it truly like. I'm familiar with most other times of the year, just not in December. I know there are stabilizers, etc...but also know they can only do so much. Also wondering because if the ocean breeze in Dec is too chilly...there's no point in me wondering about a verandah! :scratchin
    We just did this itinerary in June on the Fantasy-really want to go back-and hey, it's on the Wonder (a fav ship)! :flower3:
  6. MiamiDisneyFamily

    MiamiDisneyFamily Earning My Ears

    We just booked our first Disney Cruise for Christmas! So excited cant wait!!!:cool1:
  7. icehawkmom

    icehawkmom Earning My Ears

    Heads up for those of you planning ahead for Palo, costumes, etc. I talked to the concierge yesterday and was told there will be no Pirate Night dinner on this cruise because it is a Christmas sailing. They said there still might be a Pirate Party after dinner but that had not yet been confirmed.
  8. roxiw9234

    roxiw9234 Proud to be Earning My Ears!

    Greetings Holiday Cruisers!

    My 22 year old DS will join me on this cruise to celebrate his graduation from University of Central Florida. We did the December cruise on the Magic the week before Christmas last year but am really looking forward to spending Christmas Eve/Day :santa:on the ship.

    Is someone going to start a Facebook page?

    Look forward to chatting with everyone.

  9. disdadIL

    disdadIL <font color=red>DIS Dad #711<br><font color=blue>B

    Hi roxi. I'm bringing the 4 y.o. DD. see you on the cruise. I'm still hoping for some fish extender people.
  10. lrains

    lrains Earning My Ears

    Are they still going to do the fireworks? We are in Concierge as well.
  11. jehender

    jehender Earning My Ears

    I hope they still do something for Pirate night. My kids will be disappointed.
  12. MiamiDisneyFamily

    MiamiDisneyFamily Earning My Ears

    Anyone have any info on the fireworks? Will that take place during the holiday cruise?
  13. travelgal2

    travelgal2 Member

    We will definitely need to introduce the kids to each other at a meet-n-greet the first day. We have a number of family and/or friends who have attended (or are attending) UCF, and our two sons will, by then, be 20 and 22. :-)
  14. roxiw9234

    roxiw9234 Proud to be Earning My Ears!

    Sounds good Tracey...look forward to meeting another Tink fan as well pixiedust:
  15. travelgal2

    travelgal2 Member

    Greetings, fellow cruisers! I suppose I haven't properly introduced us-we are a family of four excited about a Christmas cruise! Planning to cruise will be me, DH, and our two sons (20 and 22).
    We look forward to participating in FEs if that's a "go," and hope to see you at a meet-n-greet after we all board so that we can introduce ourselves! :wave2::wave2::wave2::wave2::wave2::wave2:

    On past sailings, we've linked up with others right before the muster drill. What do you think?
  16. cinderellalov

    cinderellalov Earning My Ears

    Going on this cruise so exited!

    going are me DW, DH, DD(14) and DD(11)

    anyone have any kids around these ages going?

    What ages are your kids?

  17. cinderellalov

    cinderellalov Earning My Ears

    we are flying in and staying in a hotel the night before to avoid complications
  18. JD3ofthem

    JD3ofthem Member

    I have DS (turning 12 on cruise) DS 10 and DD 8. Has anyone figured out how Santa is going to find us?

    I would be up for a meet and greet before the muster drill. We did that on past cruises and it worked out as a good time.
  19. disdadIL

    disdadIL <font color=red>DIS Dad #711<br><font color=blue>B

    Greetings from a fellow cruisemate from Chicago. Santa is getting a letter telling him our cruise itinerary. Plus i would play secret Santa for fellow cruisers if needed
  20. disdadIL

    disdadIL <font color=red>DIS Dad #711<br><font color=blue>B

    We are in. It's me and DD (4)
  21. JD3ofthem

    JD3ofthem Member

    Sending Santa a letter is a great idea. Has anyone heard anything about any Disney doing anything special or different because it's a Holiday cruise? I know I read somewhere that there is no pirate night.

    This is my second Disney cruise. Our last one was this past Spring Break. When we had less than two months to go there was more activity and people talking and sharing more. Someone mentioned creating a facebook group. I think that might help. If anyone is interested I can set it up. It'll be a closed group so people can feel free to post pictures. I'll post my information on this thread and then people can send me a request to join the group.

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