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    Oct 16, 2007
    2 adults, one adult son.

    Came in after uneventful plane ride to anaheim, got a black friday upgrade from
    Alamo to a really nice 2013 something or other that got 38 mpg for $50 so that was nice. Came off the freeway and got lucky-- the fireworks were just starting and we sat at a red light there on Harbor and watched the whole show! Nice. Stayed at Anaheim Plaza due to an excellent deal off expedia vacations we got months ago (hotel for 5 nights, round trip airfare from our home town of Eugene Oregon to John Wayne, and a car for 1030 for 3 people).
    Didn't check in till about 9:30 and the hotel was sold out so didn't get a microwave the first night and we didn't get a balcony which was disappointing but I did get the upgraded room and it was the closest to the walk and had a huge separate bathroom counter with excellent lighting. Garden Walk was directly behind the motel too--an easy walk--and I went to Mcormack and Schmick's happy hour one of the days. I think I had 4 beef sliders for $3.95 and a bud light which was huge and served in a glass which was nice. Anyway-- straying...so good....
    Anaheim Plaza is really close, has a huge pool and a really nice hot jacuzzi which is open until 10 pm. No complaints here.
    Got up and went to CA first day(Saturday 24th 8 am opening)had some trouble with an employee scanning our Costco tickets so was late getting in line for RS fast pass but ended up with a 4:30 return time. The line moves fast though and there is entertainment in the street. We rode Little mermaid ride since it wasn't there the last time we went and liked it. Got lucky and happened on to Midway mania just as it went back up from being broke down-- still a 20 minute wait. Did the ferris wheel--non swinging of course-- those people are crazy--. Think we headed to Disneyland at this point, not being aware that we could get more fast passes regardless of RS. We did get WOC fast pass-- blue.
    Disneyland was pretty, can't remember what we did but I know we did the haunted mansion overlay which we'd never seen (liked it) pirates, Star tours which made my husband sick...at least he did it once. Got fast passes for Big Thunder and I think we went back to the room at that point as it was getting pretty warm and we were tired and hungry. Husband needed to lay down from star tours too lol
    Forgot to mention we went to the store Food for Less Friday night and stocked up for the week-- got some really good ham that was marked down, muffins, eggnog, etc. That's a great store for prices.
    I'm sure that night we did WOC, fireworks were cancelled due to high winds but we still got a lot of snow over by small world. Did big thunder, and walked on a bunch of fantasy land rides as it got later. Crowds were definitely there, but manageable.
    Got there at opening every day, crowds got less and less every day. Did RS every day, did everything we wanted really. Had a very enjoyable trip. some Dis tips I followed that really helped-- hand warmers-- saved my life after getting soaked on grizzly my last day (dumb ponchos were in the locker on mainstreet) Lobster nachos at cove bar--huge--and excellent, the beer and the heaters helped the shiver dissipate somewhat. Taste pilots grill made my husband very happy, and we all enjoyed the Holiday food place off mainstreet-- made for an excellent place to watch the fireworks too.
    Found Maynard Sunday night at the Tiki room-- and he was hilarious as usual---just--love---him. Did Jungle Cruise that night, had a great tour guide.
    Son was having a hard time by the third day as he is pretty much sedentary and on the heavy side--he had some good sized blisters going-- I forgot entirely about the body glide on your feet thing. Got him to go in the hotel jacuzzi though which helped-- and we were all taking alleve on a regular basis lol. I have found out though, being in the best shape in my life (I'm 44) really helped this trip, I was the runner- and dragging around baggage- it helped having some good muscle. Weirdly the worst aches for me from the walking were the tops of my legs right in between my feet and shin. I did bring a travel sized bottle of bengay though that helped. Switched from mammoth crocs to NB's back and forth.
    I really loved the Holiday fireworks, and mainstreet was almost unbearably gorgeous when lit up, as was paradise pier as usual. Got some sweet potato fries at hungry bear--didn't see any kitties darn it. Did see one from the captains quarters of the Mark Twain--she pointed him out for us. Beautiful white with grey and black sunning himself on the island. It was fun doing that--also a first.
    Tried to swing around back after Fantasmic one night to get to fireworks by small world, stopped by the carousel and watched the fireworks was kind of great because they were right over our head and were being shot off in front of and behind us. Got snowed on heading for small world and walked right on the ride as everyone else were still getting snowed on lol. Stupid cameras batteries weren't working darn it so didn't get many pictures this trip but did get some of small world and the parade. I loved the big snowman in small world and the parade was fabulous.
    next night we did fireworks in front of the castle--the best way, fantasmic on the bridge once--decent view really and one night did the light trick (also the best!)
    I missed Billy Hill this time due to them being over at the Holiday jamboree at the time they were listed at the horseshoe but caught the other act twice-- they were very funny.
    I'd say we averaged 12-15 rides a day and had a lot of fast passes at the end of the night. Really tried hard to get back at return times, especially for RS but decided to test the late return time the second night and from then on used a lot late-- they never said a word. Saw Aladdin and the bell ringers both great. Saw turtle talk with crush-- cute and funny as usual. Also Captain EO.
    Our going home day was kind of crazy-our 10:30 flight was an hour behind because of SFO fog which killed our connection after basically running from one end to the other when another flight opened up that they said would get us there faster (it didn't) They put us on a different airline and then sent us to Salt Lake City which didn't make it's connection either so we stayed the night at a very nice Hilton garden inn which the airline offered to us for $69 a night. Not bad-- it was actually nice to have some down time after 4 days of walking 12 hours a day lol. I think I slept through most of yesterday and through the night. Slept the 2 hours early we got to John Wayne, slept on both planes, and the plane today. Thank goodness our flight was straight through today lol.
    All in all had a great trip-- will change and add pictures as it comes, just wanted to write something while it was fresh. Well that and my pool and exercise facility is closed right now due to a swim meet...:upsidedow

    Forgot to add husband and son were on the matterhorn and it broke down (we were doing single rider lines) they got walked off the ride. I'm so jealous of that-- they got to see the inside of the matterhorn. They did get front of the line passes though which were great-- we used them on Peter Pan and Big Thunder which was extremely popular this trip as Indy was not available.

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