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100 pounds to WDW!!! (comments welcome!!)

Discussion in 'WISH Journals' started by NightAngelX, Feb 9, 2013.

  1. NightAngelX

    NightAngelX Would rather be at WDW

    I had my FIRST trip to Walt Disney World as an adult at age 31 just last August. I loved it. I was so happy I cried. It was wonderful. DH has severe arthritis and while he doesn't use an ECV irl, he used one at WDW. I never thought he'd be able to survive the trip or enjoy it. It is the main reason I didn't pick WDW for a honeymoon I thought he'd never be able to physically do it. But thankfully with ECVs and a magical place he did great!

    I, on the other hand hurt, badly the very first day! The only thing that kept me going all week was just pure inner joy. My limbs ached, my toes were blistered and every muscle in my body begged for me to just stop and sit down. But I found when I did give in and stop and sit down it made it all the harder to get up again. So while I still loved WDW and can't wait to go back. I know one thing. I must get in shape before I go again!

    My entire life my weight has yo-yoed. I remember I started 'dieting' in the 2nd grade when my mom thought it was a good idea for me to start having diet soda with my happy meal. lol She was anorexic so hardly a model of health and I tended to do the opposite of whatever she did thus my issue with eating began. I used to go between 150s to 200 alot up and down. I was 130s-140s for a bit in high school but not long. I usually stalled out about 170s or 160s, get frustrated and eat my way back up to almost 200.

    Then I met my DH. :love: I was 170s at the time....still aiming for that 'healthy weight' of 145. But DH was a big guy and he liked to eat and he liked to eat out. After our first date we spent every dinner together for several months and 95% of the time it was at a restaurant or fast food. I quickly gained weight. We married less than 2 years after and I was in the lower 200s I think (i was too afraid to step on a scale). by our first anniversary I had topped out at 240 and he was over 400 lbs! Never in our life had we weighed so much. We knew we had to do something. Dh decided to do Atkins. I decided to do what I do best, calorie count. We both lost quite a bit of weight in the next year. DH got down to 295 and I was in 190s. DH never once said I needed to lose weight. He thinks I am beautiful just the way I am. He still insists I do not need to lose weight. :cloud9:

    Then in 2011/2012 I went through several infertility treatments. After a year of treatments, hormones, pain and disappointment I was back in 220s and devastated. IVF is our only option going forward and I can't bear to face it again. I chose to go to WDW last year to try and 'get over' the ectopic and all the 'failures' so that we could 'try again'. :sad2:

    Well Disney was wonderful but I'm still not ready to try again and I doubt I ever will want to do IVF again. I am slowly trying to accept the fact that we may never have children but in the meantime I know I need to focus on me and my health and my happiness.

    So what makes me happy? Well lots of things do, but traveling makes me happy, traveling to WDW especially. We were there 5 days before but we still missed alot. But its expensive and we just went, so in my brain I couldn't justify going again so soon. However, if I EARN it then that will be okay, right? :rolleyes1

    So originally I came up with a plan for me to lose 50 lbs and then at that point I could book my trip to Disney. I can look and plan in my head before my goal but I can't book that trip, not even a deposit until I lose those 50 lbs! I told DH my idea and he supports me 100%. He knows how much I love Disney and also knows how I hate spending money and how this will make me feel like I deserve to spend money on myself.

    However I know DH is struggling with his weight too. He recently learned the cartilage in one of his hips is pretty much gone and its almost gone in his other hip and both knees. He will need hip replacements and knee replacements (he's only 37) but due to his young age and his weight he will likely need more than one in his lifetime. The doctor said the best thing he could do is to get down to a healthy weight so that his existing cartilage will last longer and WHEN he gets his replacements those too will last longer. So I asked him if he wanted to join my goal. Together we could lose 100 pounds!! That'a an entire person!!! An impressive feat that we could do together! He agreed. He will do his official weigh in tomorrow. However I want to use my latest start weight of 220 from December 1st 2012 as my start weight. I have been working hard these past 2 months and I would like them to count towards my goal. I am currently at 204.

    I know the road ahead will be hard and hopefully this reward, while external, will motivate us to stay on track and make healthy eating and exercise our new way of life together. Forever. :hug:

    Right now my plan is portion control and exercise. I watch calories and try to eat a single portion or less than 2. But I'm not avidly counting calories. I might start doing that again but honestly that is one thing I get sick of doing and then I stop doing it and I gain again. So I'm trying to just do portions without counting if that makes sense. Make it less like a diet as possible.

    Also for exercise every morning I do floor exercises. A plank, wall push-ups (trying to work towards a real one and a wall one is the best i can do at the moment), arm circles, a wall squat and I'd like to eventually add more or change this up. I also walk the dog daily. She recently had surgery on her knee and part of her physical therapy was a daily walk for x minutes increasing the minutes every 5th day, so even when it was -30 degrees F out I still walked her at least around the block. It's still cold and snowy here but I am trying to do longer walks now that she is fully healed. Once spring hits our walks will be longer. Again I'd like to add more to this eventually but the fact that i do it EVERY.DAY. really helps and its helped me lose 16 lbs in 2 months!

    DH's plan is just to eat less. He has tried to do walks with us but he walks so slow and he hurts so bad even when we just do the one block walk. I am still going to encourage him to come with us even if it means we continue our walk without him when he does the first block with us. We also have a gazelle that I got a few years ago that neither of us use but I got the heavy duty one so he could do it too (has a higher weight capacity). So hopefully one or both of us will start to use that again. It's sitting in the living room now.

    That is my really long introduction. Congrats to all of you who survived it. I promise the rest of my entries will not be this long! :laughing:

    I welcome comments. :goodvibes
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  3. Happy 2 B Me

    Happy 2 B Me I have ears --just not Disney Ears.

    You go girl :) :cheer2::cheer2::cheer2::cheer2::cheer2: Weight control is a way of every day living. ( I never say weight loss as I did not lose it -- I planned for it to go away forever and I will never start a hunt for it again) I hope you keep us up to date on your progress -- Husbands also. I wonder if some of those strechy bands might be good for husband as walking is so painful for him. The key is to find that one way to keep moving that you love to do. I found I couls solve the world's problems in my 45 min walks 2 times a day. Walking is my exercise of choice. When icey I take that time off and shop-- so I have to walk from store to store.

    You will get to WDW in no time

    I took fertility meds for over 5 years when I finally said enough is enough -- dang I found out I was with child the next month.

    Husband and I were canidates for invitro but we did not have the 10k they wanted at that time----- 1982. You are still younger that I was when I had our daughter. Losing weight might help also. Any how GL

    A Pixie Wand is being waved over your head as we speak:wizard:
  4. Minnie Momma

    Minnie Momma New Member

    Here I am! Followed your link and I have subscribed.

    Walking is awesome and that is what DD and I started with. Sometimes we took the dog, but she would just slow us down. But I really need to get the wonder pup out there too......

    I bought the Biggest Loser Walk DVD
    and I love it. I can only do the first two miles, but it is quite enjoyable. Bob is an encouraging trainer and doesn't yell.

    Everyday we will walk closer to Disney --- yay for us! :banana:
  5. dbrn

    dbrn New Member

    I'm doing sort of the same thing, only I've got to lose the whole 100 pounds myself before I get to go back to Disney!

    I weighed 251.5 lbs when I started Weight Watchers last year. In the meetings, they talk about goals and rewards along the way. We agreed as a family that when I reach my goal weight of 150 pounds, we can go back to Disney. The kids love the goal, and they have a vested interest in helping mom lose weight and eat healthy! So far, I'm down 55.5 pounds!:cool1:

    I've been doing the Leslie Sansone videos for exercise, and I just recently got the Biggest Loser Power Walk video that another poster mentioned - I really liked it.

    Best of luck to you - I'm looking forward to reading about your journey.
  6. Minnie Momma

    Minnie Momma New Member

    That is AWESOME!!!!!
  7. NightAngelX

    NightAngelX Would rather be at WDW

    Thanks! I am hoping we have some luck once we lose some weight too. Our issue is DH's count which is affected by all the meds he's on. IVF is soo expensive but luckily I have insurance coverage of 80% so our first IVF was 'only' around 4k and we took out a loan to pay for that and I had lots of side effects.

    I am glad walking is 'enough' to help lose weight. I enjoy walking the dog. She is bigger than she should be too so its good for both of us. She does not slow me down. She actually speeds me up. She pulls me a long for most of the walk unless we are walking with DH which in that case I make her slow down. Thanks for the walking DVD. I have a walk away the pounds dvd and a wii walking game but I haven't done either of them recently. I should probably get those out.

    I also thinking walking with get me 'trained' for all the walking at Disney. :woohoo:

    Congrats on your loss so far!

    Wow! 100 lbs all on your own! Congrats on your loss so far. That is awesome!! Very inspirational. Hopefully we will headed to Disney in no time!!

    I think its great that it gets your kids excited about your goal too.

    Just yesterday DH was talking about wanting something with a ton of calories to eat (i forget what) and I said 'NO! We are going to Disney World!' :rotfl:

    As for me, I weighed myself today and I'm up a bit but its my time of the month. I didn't really want to weigh in but I thought I should. I'm not going to count it though. I will wait til AF is definitely gone before I weigh in again.

    Meanwhile I don't know why my subscribe feature isn't working. I signed up for instant email notifications if anyone replied to my thread and I didn't get anything. I just thought I'd check out my thread to see if anyone had viewed it yet and to my surprise there were replies!

    Thanks for following along! Maybe I should post some pics from our last Disney trip. They can work as 'before' pictures and just for fun. :)

    Have a good week everyone!
  8. Ariel484

    Ariel484 New Member

    This is so great that you are doing this...such a great goal for you and your husband. :goodvibes Good luck to both of you, and I hope you will be booking your trip in no time!

    I second the recommendation of building in small goals and rewards along the way...maybe at 5 lbs lost you can treat yourself to a new bag for the tripm 10 lbs buy new sunglasses for the trip, etc. You know, rewards that aren't food-related. :thumbsup2

    Re: the subscriptions not working...check your spam folder. About a month ago I stopped getting my subscription emails and realized they were all going to spam. Oops! :rolleyes1
  9. NightAngelX

    NightAngelX Would rather be at WDW

    Okay first installment of pics! I thought I would just restrict myself to 2 a day or I would go picture nutty.

    We did not stand in any character meet lines EXCEPT to meet Mickey Mouse! That is definitely a must!
    Here is my fave picture of DH and I from WDW 2012

    Here is one of many of my favorite pictures I took:

    I love Dumbo and I love elephants so I have tons of elephant and AK pictures to post. Can't wait to share more! :yay:
  10. NightAngelX

    NightAngelX Would rather be at WDW

    Oooh I really like the idea of non food rewards that are trip related! I remember last year our trip was sort of last minute. It was like one day I was tired, sad, unhappy and just really wanted to go on a vacation to get away and DH was like 'okay we will go wherever you want'. My first thought was Disney but nixed it due to cost but then when exploring other options I discovered it really wasn't that much more. Then they were having a 'special' in August and we went for it! Anyway we hadn't been on vacation in forever and I needed to buy a lot of random stuff. I should make a list.... :woohoo:

    Oh and the emails were totally in my Spam folder! I guess because I was getting so many! lol Not sure why i didn't think of that! Thanks!
  11. Minnie Momma

    Minnie Momma New Member


    Totally off topic comment/question: I love the dress you are wearing in the picture. Did you find it easy to get on and off rides? Thinking about sundresses when I go in August.....
  12. NightAngelX

    NightAngelX Would rather be at WDW

    Thanks! The dress is from Target. I actually wore long sundresses most days at WDW. I had 0 issues getting in and out of rides on the days I wore them. I had to use some body glide though for between thighs. lol That worked well except the day I got drenched at Animal kingdom (typical FL torrential rain at the SAME time as we were getting on Kali River Rapids! As we got off the rain stopped. Everyone in our 'raft' agreed there was some extra special Disney Imagineering going on that day. :lmao:). I did not reapply and I should have after that, but other than that i had no issues wearing dresses. That said when I am at home during the summer I live in dresses. I have to wear pants at work so I love to slip on a sundress as soon as I get home. Besides the chafting thing after being soaked (and walking around in a soaked dress wasn't fun but I dried alot faster than DH). I also chose to wear long dresses. Shorter dresses might have been more 'revealing'.

    Oh and I did make sure to alter all my dresses so none of them dragged. The dress in the picture, I used to always have to lift it to walk. So I cut it before we left so it was precisely the length needed to walk without lifting it (its jersey so I didnt mess with hemming it). I am also wearing tennis shoes in that picture. I know, not attractive, but it was our LAST day and my everything was killing me so looking cute was not a priority, but I am glad they are hid in the picture. :)

    Meanwhile the dresses were cooler than pants. I only own one pair of shorts and I wore them on the first day. Then I brought some moisture wicking yoga/workout pants and they weren't bad either but dresses definitely felt the best...okay actually SHORTS probably felt the best in the million degree August heat, but I just felt more 'comfortable' in my dresses than in anything else. Also I am self conscious in shorts so while I didn't care what people thought while I was there I made sure to take 0 pictures of me that first day because I wanted no pictures of me in shorts. I kind of wish I had some pictures of me on the very first day of being at WDW though. Oh wait, I do have some, from DH's phone. We did a character dinner and he took pics and he took a pic of me in Dumbo. :D But no castle pics on the first day.

    Meanwhile I did bad on the eating and exercise front today. I did my floor exercises but it was rainy/wintery mix all day so I didn't go on our walk. And we had a pizza for dinner. :headache: But we did share a single pizza instead of each getting our own though, so that's a step in the right direction.

    DH did weigh in for a starting weight of 340! So he needs to get to 290!

    We also talked about some non-food rewards. We haven't decided 100% but I am thinking Disney gift cards at least every 10 lbs and have that be our only 'souvenir' money next time we go. This last time we bought way too much stuff because DH kept saying it was a 'once in a lifetime' trip. Well, I apparently want them more frequent and if that means less souvenirs I don't care. I think we bought too much. I would have been perfectly happy with just my plush baby Dumbo and my gourmet Mickey spoon rest. The rest is nice but I could do without it. So we haven't set amounts or if we are going to do something else for the 5 lbs or not.

    Thanks for all the positive comments so far! :)
  13. Minnie Momma

    Minnie Momma New Member

    Good to know that we can wear them on rides with no problems -- wanted to try it this trip.

    (and I hope I don't have to bodyglide my thighs) ;)

    NO CASTLE PIX? :scared1:

    Add lots of veggies to that pizza and light on the cheese princess:

    What a great idea for rewards! :goodvibes

    Woo hoo --- Keep on walking to Disney! :cheer2:
  14. NightAngelX

    NightAngelX Would rather be at WDW

    Today I did awesome. If anything I overdid it. I am only at 1250 calories and I don't intend to eat any more because I'm not hungry! (my goal is 1700 calories per day) Yes, I decided to start counting calories again. I thought maybe it would help keep me on track at least for a few months then when I tire of it I will slowly wean myself off so I don't slowly start to eat more. I use fatsecret to track calories. I like their website and I like that their app has the scanning feature so I can just scan food in if its not in there but most of my food already is I just like to scan. :D

    DH is doing well too he isn't tracking like me but based on what he said he' eaten today he's only at 1800 or so calories and he's hungry poor guy. I told him he could eat an orange. I dont think he liked that idea.

    Also i walked the dog and did my morning exercises. So all in all its been a good day!

    As promised here are a few more WDW pics from August 2012...

    less flattering one of me...oh well it makes a good 'before' picture, right?

    Then one of many of my favorite Animal Kingdom pics...a gazelle photobombing my lion picture:
  15. NightAngelX

    NightAngelX Would rather be at WDW

    Ha! we must have been writing at the same time because I had no replies when I started my message.

    I just wanted to say you might need body glide even if you are at your goal weight. Body glide is actually for runners. Sweat and friction of running/walking regardless of thigh size can cause some major discomfort. Some people are good using deoderant or powder but I just wanted to make sure so I got the heavy duty runner stuff since its August in Florida heat. :lmao:

    Thanks for your encouragement! :hug:
  16. NightAngelX

    NightAngelX Would rather be at WDW

    Today I did well again! Calories came in at roughly 1400. I don't know exactly. We had spaghetti and I didn't really measure it. I know there was tons of leftovers. I am counting it as two servings to be on the safe side. Hopefully it wasn't much more. I have 300 calorie wiggle room so I hope I'm good. :)

    I also did my plank today and walked the dog. I was dead tired this morning. DH had to shake me awake even though my alarm went off. That rarely happens. Anyway so being half asleep meant only getting my plank done. Oh well.

    Meanwhile we need a new scale. DH got on the scale again today and he got 4 different weights stepping on 4 different times. He made me watch the last 2. He got anywhere from a 333 to a 341 and he wasn't leaning or holding onto anything so its just wonky. Its a cheapy from Walmart. I am headed to Walmart tomorrow so I think I may get another scale but not get such a cheap one this time. Or maybe I should order a nice one online. Hrmm...regardless it might mean my weight will change in a bad direction soon.

    Also he seems to think I have a problem...a Disney addiction problem. He said its not normal for me to want to go back so bad. I told him about all the plans I was thinking about while I'm at work (i do a lot of data entry type stuff so my mind wanders at times). He said that's not normal and when I asked what I should be thinking about he said 'getting a promotion'. I laughed. :lmao: Is that horrible? Anyway, I tried to tell him there were many like me and he said we ALL needed help. So I guess that's a dig at all of us. Oh well at least we have each other! :grouphug:

    Now its picture time!

    I did get castle pics on the last day just not my first day.

    I didn't like the daytime ones because you can see a big crane from Fantasyland next to the castle, but here are a few night ones. This is from my WDW fastpass photo book. I didn't get the cd but I made a book with all my favorite pictures. I think I will get the cd next time. :upsidedow


    and an elephant picture from AK...I have a lot of these...I might do all elephants tomorrow!

  17. Minnie Momma

    Minnie Momma New Member

    Love the pic of him giving you a kiss :)

    By the way --- my name is Carole. Since we seem to have good conversations we might as well be on a first name basis :rotfl:

    Body glide.... hmmmmm...... guess I'll have to think about it. Sounds so slippery!

    And we are not nuts/need help with our Disney obsession ---- we're perfectly abnormal!!! :rotfl:
  18. NightAngelX

    NightAngelX Would rather be at WDW

    Thanks! :blush: I kinda kicked myself for not giving him a kiss. Earlier in the day we had a CM tell him to give me a kiss on the cheek. This time the CM just said 'how about a kiss?' and I gave him the cheek. Oh well. I was not too fond of the pics anyway. I am just way too self conscious. I think I look so HUGE in all the photos.

    My name is Elizabeth, nice to meet you Carole. :goodvibes

    Body glide is not slippery. It actually reminds me more of a glue stick. Its basically just a really thick anti-persperant. I didn't try just using regular under arm anti-persperant and maybe that would work. I got mine on a runner's site. I occasionally get emails from them now and I think to myself 'how on earth did i get on that mailing list?' then I remember. I am sooo not a runner. :rotfl:

    I agree I don't think anything is wrong with me. We didn't get to see everything last time we went and I was so sore even if they said 'you can stay 5 more days free' while I would have been very tempted I hurt so bad and was so tired I am not sure I would have...okay I would have but still...Maybe once I've seen everything, I will be able to hold off longer. :rotfl2:

    I got on the scale this morning, twice, and got the same weight, so I think our scale is fine. I wonder if its just because DH is a higher weight or if he's leaning and not realizing it or what. I think i am going to order a nicer scale online anyway. The one we have is a Walmart cheapy so I dont really want to replace it with another cheapy. But I think our current one is pretty accurate. I got an even 206 pounds this morning! While that's only down .8 from the beginning of the month that's better than nothing. I think its going to take me longer than I want though. I was really hoping for a December trip. I guess we'll see.

    Today I did my morning exercises and I am under calories again at 1460. I fear tomorrow I will be over since DH and I are talking about going out to eat. Not sure what we will have. I also didn't walk the dog because I went grocery shopping after work and when I got home it was dark already. :( I have a horrid headache anyway. I know looking at a computer doesn't help.

    Okay picture time!

    I want opinions on these please. :flower3: This is one of my favorite pictures that I took on the safari at AK but I wish it wasn't so blurry but at the same time I kind of like it. I want to get a print but I can't decide which is best.


    color crop:

    black and white crop:

    Which do you like best? Originally my thought was to put this in the future nursery of our child but I'm trying to let go of that idea and I want to get the print for me for the living room. I think black and white might 'go' best with our decor but I can't decide. I even kind of like the original one best maybe a tiny bit more cropped but less cropped than the other two? Hrmm...:scratchin
  19. dbrn

    dbrn New Member

    I like the black and white best.
  20. Minnie Momma

    Minnie Momma New Member

    Nice to meet you too Elizabeth :goodvibes

    Don't you just love getting on mailing lists? :rolleyes2 And running is NOT my idea of a good time. My DD has enjoyed it, but she is the only one in the family.

    If someone ever said I can have 5 more days free I would do it in a heartbeat! The resorts have so much to offer, even just lounging around the pool would be great!

    Losing weight is losing weight. Just keep going down!

    Just a thought for dinner --- portions are always too big -- perhaps DH will consider splitting a meal? Have a big salad and stay away from anything creamy. Our Valentines tradition is Pizza Hut. Exciting, right? Well, when we first got married we were broke so Pizza Hut was a huge treat. it stuck with us all these years -- 23+ !!! So I will get a thin crust loaded with veggies and stop myself at two slices. I hope......

    I like pic #1 the best. I feel that when you crop it too closely it loses too much of the unique background.

    Have a great day! :thumbsup2
  21. NightAngelX

    NightAngelX Would rather be at WDW


    Thanks! We went out for dinner on Valentine's and didn't worry about calories. I consider birthdays and holidays as definite cheat days. I don't think i could stay on a diet without them. But I agree portion control is key. Have pizza but not have an ENTIRE pizza. Funny you mention pizza hut. I was looking at their nutrition information the other day and their thin crust is the same calories as hand tossed for their cheese pizza (which is what I eat). I was looking at it to see how many calories are in those new sliders. Those are basically the same as eating a single slice of large of a similar pizza. I guess it can help with portion control I suppose but I think I'd rather just have a slice of pizza than a slider.

    Anyway enough about pizza! :rotfl:

    About the non-cropped picture. I like the background as well. I was just trying to get a better shot of the elephants but they dont look any better close up than far away. I may play with the non-cropped picture a bit.

    I have been doing my morning exercises and walking the dog daily besides the grocery store day. I weighed myself today and I was down a pound from my last 'official' weigh in. :woohoo: However that was 2 weeks ago so :( Then i went to update my ticker and turns out I had put the wrong weight on the darn ticker! I don't know why but i put 204.6 instead of 206.4. Boo..So when I put in 205 my percentage went down. :headache:

    Picture time...

    Here is DH and I again at DHS:

    and more elephants...(have I told you guys I love elephants? :rotfl2:)


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