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10-year cost of the 7 resorts - are BLT/VWL/BCV worth their much higher cost?

Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by Jasonkat, Nov 15, 2012.

  1. crisi

    crisi DIS Veteran

    That sounds really familiar. My husband and I didn't have kids until we'd been out of college more than a decade. Our first is Korean, our second is bio. I'm even in the Accounting field. I had about that much time off until last year when I switched firms. We also make a lot of money.

    We weren't huge vacation people - or Disney people - pre kids - but always enjoyed it. However, we had busy careers and money to save, and vacation took a back seat. With little kids, Disney was an easy vacation and for a number of years, it was our focus vacation.

    Here is what we discovered - quickly we wanted more for our kids than just Disney vacations - they've been to Mexico, the Caribbean, Europe, California, Washington DC, Hawaii - they are twelve and thirteen now. We generally take three vacations a year - one fairly local with friends, and two sort of extravagant. We only go to Disney every other year - and have for years.

    When the kids were younger, we did two Disney cruises on cash - which was great. But now they prefer an all inclusive in Mexico or the beach in Hawaii to a cruise. Ask them where they want to go, and my daughter wants London, Paris and Greece. My son wants Hawaii again, or Costa Rica. And that happened faster than you are projecting.

    Some families really are Disney families - ours really never has been. We've enjoyed our Disney vacations, but they only form a small part of our family vacation portfolio.
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  3. Jasonkat

    Jasonkat Member

  4. Dean

    Dean DIS Veteran<br><a href="http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis

    Nice post from someone who has had 5 posts total and all on this one thread. Clearly you're an instant expert already. Good luck with your decision.
  5. DougEMG

    DougEMG Mouseketeer

    You've done the financial analysis and I basically agree with how you have split up the resorts. Owning SSR/OKW/BWV/AKV is going to be cheaper than owning BCV/BLT/VWL over a 10 year period. SSR is the best purely financial deal by far.

    Once you get out of the financial side of things, it is pretty much a personal preference. So you are going to have lots of BLT/BCV/VWL owners tell you that they think the extra costs is well worth it, so I don't think that is going to help you make your decision. At the end of the day you need to decide if the extra money is worth it for yourself. What is the balance between price and location that makes you happy?

    If you can't decide, a safe option would be to buy half your points at SSR, give DVC a try and see how easy it is to book at different resorts, then if you find you have a favorite resort and need the 11 month booking window look into buying more points there.

    For myself, while I like the idea of staying at BLT and walking to MK, I certainly would not buy there as it cost to much. I even have a hard time booking there at the 7 month mark because of the high point cost as compared to a BWV standard view room. But that's just me.

    Best of luck with your decision.
  6. DizBub

    DizBub Totally Addicted

    We are BLT and BCV owners. Like many others we bought BLT before we knew anything about resales. Luckily, we bought in 2009 and 2010 before the prices went sky high. Bought BCV resale earlier this year to secure at 11 months. Epcot is our favorite park. We tend to go in late Sept/early Oct. For next year I booked an 11 night split stay at both BLT and BCV in late Sept. I have to say that we don't regret the decision to buy at either resort.

    Due to wanting to go more often and on relatively short notice we have learned to love, love, love SSR and OKW.
  7. js

    js <font color=FF00CC>Good things come to those who w

    I do not know how old you are or if you have kids.
    I can say that I have stayed at SSR, AKL, BLT and BWVs (not BC but same area).

    I own at SSR and have 420 points, which I purchased resale before the new rules were in place about using points for cruises/Concierge Collection, etc.

    Anyway, I have two children, who are almost 19 and 15.
    I purchased thinking about what I wanted for the future, not for the moment.
    Although having the monorail at BLT or walking distance to MK is great, that is just a part of my trip. We enjoy going out at night too, even when the kids were smaller so although BLT wasn't fully built yet but we could purchase, that was out since we also like a bigger resort too, not just access to the monorail.

    We purchased SSR so we can have access to walk to DTD. Also, as the kids got older (and my dh and I did too), they kids could do something on their own at night (walk to DTD). Sometimes they bring friends. They could go to movies, Disney Quest and we all can go to dinner at a variety of places.

    I just stayed at BWVs for 9 nights and it was nice to have access to the BW, DS and Epcot. But, we didn't do parks every day and didn't want to get on busses just to go eat so we ate on the BW and there is the Swan/Dolphin, but without getting on the busses, that got a little old too.

    Like they say to each his own but you should also think if you want big/small, what you want access to, etc.

    Good luck and let us know what you decide.
  8. joelp

    joelp Mouseketeer

    This is THE point - is whatever you spend, and whatever "extra" you may spend for a resort, "worth" it to YOU ... ?

    We recently bought resale at AKV - except for the Wilderness Lodge and Contemporary, we hadn't even seen any of the other DVC properties. But we had stayed at AKL twice before, and fallen in love with the resort our first visit to it (for dinner at Boma).

    So even though we love AKV, there was always a little nagging itch in the back of my head, asking "could I have gotten a 'better deal' buying at OKW or SSR ..."?

    We just go back from a long weekend at WDW - using DVC for the first time and staying in a 1BR Savanna view at AKV-Kidani. On Sunday, we took a "tour" of a bunch of WDW resorts (Polynesian, Grand Floridean, SSR, and OKW). They are all very nice, and we would have no problem staying at any of them.

    However, when we got back to AKV-Kidani and were doing a final "walk-about" while waiting for our ME bus, we quickly realized that while the other resorts we had seen were "very nice" - to us, the Animal Kingdom Villas/Lodge are a "WOW!" place to stay.

    So that nagging little itch is gone ... :)

    So my recommendation to you is, before buying, take another trip to WDW and tour some of the AKV resorts - and find that "WOW!" place (or places) to make your "second home".
  9. cel_disney

    cel_disney Mouseketeer

    I think it's about what our like and where oh are willing to stay. We have stayed at OKW and will stay there again, but we still don't regret having the ability to book a BLT room when we want. We love the area, the fireworks, the water parade, the monorail resorts....

    Someday we may add on at either OKW or boardwalk to have some alternatives at the 11 month window that are not as pricey as BLT, but we have enjoyed magicall vacations or our family and know that we will enjoy it for dozens of years to come!
  10. Jasonkat

    Jasonkat Member

    Thanks for all the replies.

    We're going to buy into AKL. We've been leaning towards AKL for the past two years but I was concerned because it looked "too cheap" relative to BCV/VWL/BLT and I wanted to know if I was missing something. If it all comes down to personal preference then we're good to go. We like AKL because of the wild animals. We live in NYC so the only wild animals my kids are going to see are squirrels and subway rats.
  11. crisi

    crisi DIS Veteran

    Part of the reason is both the age and the size of the resort.

    AKL is large, therefore under ordinary circumstances, there will be more resale points showing up and less demand for those points - SSR is in the same boat.

    The age thing is a matter of circumstance. All resorts, for the first few years after they open, have really high resale values because people simply NEED to get their money back out of them to pay off the loan - and after all, buying from Disney is expensive for the currently selling resorts, the resale still looks like a bargain if you compare it that way. But after Disney stops actively selling, prices drop to be more in line with other resorts (the exception to this is BCV, which has always had a relatively high resale value due to a combination of size and desirability). Both VAKL and SSR had the bad fortune to have timed their expected reduction in price with the fall of the economy (SSRs was a little earlier, but still within the window). So LOTS of points hit the market at the wrong time.

    The other resorts - especially the ones that had been open ten years or more already when the economy went pear shaped - didn't see as much bailing from people in tight circumstances. For those resorts, loans were paid off, and - for the most part - the owners were a little older and more stable.

    In the meantime, prices on all the resorts for resale dropped. For people who were watching the market, they could get BCV or BWV or VWL for what SSR was selling for - it LOOKED like a sale, and even if they loved SSR, people are funny - the value things off how much they cost, not necessarily the value they hold for them personally.

    So the price has nothing to do with the quality of the resort, and everything to do with supply and demand curves.

    I love AKL (we haven't stayed at the Villas yet, we tend to book home at eleven months and not bother to switch). I think it is one of the most truly magical things Disney has ever done.
  12. DougEMG

    DougEMG Mouseketeer

    If I had to guess I'd say that AKV is my 17 year old daughter's favorite resort. Last time we were there when she went out on the balcony she went a little silly jumping up and down and clapping her hands cause she was so excited and happy to see all the animals. Even my wife loved sitting on on the balcony relaxing and watching the animals.
  13. joelp

    joelp Mouseketeer

    Our favorite resort, too - you'll love it!!

    I have a PTR/TR in progress in the "Trip Report" section about our first DVC trip and stay at AKV-Kidani this past weekend ...

    Now that you've done the easy part, when booking your first trip, you'll only have to decide: Jambo House or Kidani? Savanna View, Standard, or Value? If Savanna - which one? Studio, 1BR, or 2 BR? Mara, Boma, Jiko, or Sanaa? The pool at Jambo - or the pool and play area at Kidani? :)

    BTW - once they're "house broken" :-)lmao:) you can put the kids in Simba's Clubhouse and have an "adult" evening out ...
  14. GoofyMac

    GoofyMac Earning My Ears

    We have decided to buy into the DVC. I am a much simpler person and analyze our purchase decision this way.

    Here is why.

    o We have a daughter who is 6 years old.
    o We are Disney fanatics
    o We are 2 to 3 time per year visitors with One long vacation 7 - 10 nights and one to two short trips 3 - 4 nights.
    o We want to stretch out Disney Vacation Dollar.
    o We love the DVC resort 1 bedroom villas. As our daughter gets older I am sure she will appreciate having her own room thus requiring us to utilize the two bedroom villa.
    o While I am earning a large enough salary I'd like to hedge my vacation dollar a bit for the future. I will be paying cash for my membership and plan on purchasing in the 150 - 200 point range.
    o We have stayed in DVC resorts in the past Saratoga Springs and Boardwalk villas. We have just booked our next trip at Beach Club Villas (I hate the acronyms) and love the layouts of each resort they each have something different to offer. Currently we are absolutely in love with the location that Boardwalk and Beach Club Villas has to offer.
    o Given what we have spent on our previous 4 vacations to Walt Disney World I would have been able to purchase a 100 point membership.
    Currently we are unable to book much more than a few months out 3 - 6 months maximum. We don't have a definite preference as to what resort we would like to stay at most of the time as long as we are able to make our points stretch the furthest.

    We are leaning towards Saratoga Springs we love the location and the resort. Being able to walk to and from Downtown Disney and morning jogs and evening walks are very pleasurable. It is quiet and just feels more like home and less like a hotel to us.

    Also at Saratoga Springs it seems that it is a better value dollar for point and point value per stay.

    I hope to make a 100 point purchase within the next year possibly during our vacation in May depending upon the offers available and how my financial situation pans out. Right now things are looking pretty good. The only decision is weather or not I want to go resale or direct. Currently I am leaning towards direct.

    For us it just makes sense. I do not see us taking at least one vacation to Disney per year or banking points in case of the eventuality we have to go every other year in the future. No one does a family vacation like Disney. We have been vacationing at Walt Disney World exclusively for the past 5 years.
  15. DizBub

    DizBub Totally Addicted

    Congratulations on your decision to buy into DVC, it looks like you've done some homework.

    I would like to touch on a couple of points. No way are you going to get a 1br for that much vacation time per yer for 100-200 points without planning far ahead and having lower point options like Boardwalk Villas standard view or Animal Kingdom Villas standard view. Maybe Old Key West. Not unless you plan on borrowing heavily into your next year.

    My daughter and her husband have 210 points. They get a 1br for 7 nights in September or October. Every year it costs them almost all of their points, except for this last October they were able to switch to Boardwalk Villas standard view. It saved them 41 points which will afford them 1 long weekend (3 nights) at Animal Kingdom Villas standard view studio in May.

    I have bought both direct and resale. Buying direct is easy, fast and expensive. Buying resale is slow and can be a little frustrating but you can buy SSR for nearly 50% off direct pricing. Personally, I would rather have nearly double the points for the same price, even if I have to wait a couple of months for it.

    Saratoga Springs is an amazing resort, a great value and a good choice. We love it for all the reasons you listed. Unfortunately we don't own points there, that was our "frustrating resale experience". ;)
  16. Missyrose

    Missyrose DIS Veteran

    You've done an excellent job with your research, but I'm curious what is making you lean toward a direct purchase? Like PP said, for the type of trip(s) you're planning for, you're going to need more than 100 points and you could probably get 200 points resale for the same price as the 100-point direct contract.

    If you're worried about the resale restrictions, you should look at the point charts for the Disney Collection and Cruises, your 100-point contract won't get you very far.

    Good luck with your decision! :goodvibes
  17. crisi

    crisi DIS Veteran

    The one thing to remember is double the points will be double the dues. Resale will save a ton on the initial purchase and let you buy more points, but it will not save you anything on dues, and if you succumb to more points, you'll have a bigger dues bill.

    The trick is not affording DVC initially, although for many that in itself is a stretch....the trick is in remembering how expensive airfare for a full family, kids who will very shortly be "Disney adults" and need expensive tickets, food for a teenage boy on vacation, plus the increasing cost of dues every year - and factoring that into your future.
  18. DizBub

    DizBub Totally Addicted

    Totally agree with this and failed to mention it in my earlier post.

    If PP wants to vacation the way he desires he will clearly need more than the 100-200 points stated. If he can't afford the MFs on that # of points then he should rethink buying, direct or resale. Or just rethink the way he wants to vacation at WDW.
  19. GoofyMac

    GoofyMac Earning My Ears

    Thank you for the advise.

    My calculations tell me that I would need at a minimum of 250 points for a 1 bedroom villa at Beach Club for 10 nights during the first 10 days of December.

    I looked at it for that time frame because the points calender for 2013 has not yet been released to my knowledge. I used the 150 - 200 point range for my initial purchase and plan on adding on at a later time with the ultimate goal of having enough points for 2 weeks of peak season vacation down the road. If the price is right I will consider the resale market.

    A stop at the Timeshare Store during our next trip is probably going to be scheduled early on. $60 per point at Saratoga Springs is not bad at all. We are not picky as to where or what kind of view we receive. We are happy just being there and enjoy the extra space, amenities, and services DVC resorts have to offer and are available . The restrictions on points when buying resale are fine with us as we are not really interested in any of those services anyhow.

    Again thanks any and all input is welcome.

    An interesting thing that I have recently become aware of is that a member can rent points and add them to the account for use that year. Has anyone had any experience doing this? The Timeshare store has points listed in this manner and when I inquired about it it was confirmed that it is so.
  20. DizBub

    DizBub Totally Addicted

    I know about renting and transferring points from other members but did not know that The Timeshare Store provided this service. I would love to be able to do this through a reputable place and not have to worry about payment to private individuals. I will be waiting to hear more about this.

    We have 470 points per year, 310 at BLT and 160 at BCV (not near enough)and I'm still looking for more. :rotfl:

    Thanks for the heads up!!
  21. Missyrose

    Missyrose DIS Veteran

    If you're hoping to go in early December, you should plan on booking sooner than 6 months out and I wouldn't get your hopes up for BCV/BWV/BLT/VWL for that time frame for a 10-night trip. That has become the BUSIEST time at DVC and many, many people reported this year that they had to keep their reservations at their home resorts because the other resorts had zero availability at seven months out.

    If you think this time period might be when you typically will visit Disney (especially for a long trip such as 10 nights) you may want to rethink your home resort (and also make it a point to book earlier than your 3-6 month time frame) if you don't want to stay at SSR during that time of year.

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