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1 Child and 10 Adults--A GG to Celebrate DD's 4th Bday :) TR Link is Posted

Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by Charlefours, Oct 8, 2009.

  1. Charlefours

    Charlefours New Member

    I love all the PP pictures on the TR!! I love how it will be possible to get the whole group in shots, or shots of my family (with me in them...gasp!!) that don't have a head cut off (hopefully). :lmao:

    I did know that tip, but thank you for the reminder!! Do we give it to the photographer each time to have the shots added to the card?
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  3. Charlefours

    Charlefours New Member

    I hope! They are DoNatalie's DISign. Here is the direct link: http://s143.photobucket.com/albums/r132/donatalie/Planning Cards/

    And in case the direct link does not work, here is the quote with the link:

    I hope you enjoy them!!
  4. dismagiclover

    dismagiclover Mrs. Darling: Mom to Wendy, John & Michael

    Yes you give the photographer your card, he takes your pictures and then he scans the card with his camera. It's easy peasy:goodvibes
  5. Charlefours

    Charlefours New Member

    I have reached the half way point of my countdown! Today is day 15, 15 days until we leave!!!

    15. Meeting the Characters, including the Princesses, Fairies, The Fab Six (have to include Daisy) and Little Einsteins

    Quite a list but we are hopefully. Lilian has said she wants to hug the princesses and fairies, hug and give Minnie a kiss on her nose and meet the other characters. We will have to wait and see how she reacts. I know I want to meet some too!! :goodvibes On our first trip we meet Mulan (my favorite) and Cinderella (when we ate at the Castle). I hope we can meet some others. I know we will meet the bulk of the princesses at Akershus. I am tentatively planning on seeing how the line is at MNSSHP so we can meet the princes too. The Fairies are planned for her birthday morning as the first thing we will do in TT. Mickey and Gang will be at the Disney Meet n Greet as well as the Character Connection in Epcot. Tiana and Naveen are on our wish list for our first Saturday. Hopefully that will work out since I know it is difficult (at least during spring and summer) to meet them because they are so popular. Besides Lilian’s list, I am hoping to meet Mary Poppins as that is my favorite Disney movie. :upsidedow

    Here are some fun cards I have for my binder (courtesy of Ohana90):

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I think these will be handy to have in case DD asks for a specific character I can check these to see if they are listed.

    Who loves to meet characters? Which character(s) have you had the best experience meeting? Anyone NOT like meeting characters? How long should we be prepared to wait in line (given we are going in a traditional low season)?

    In honor of my favorite movie, I thought I would cheer you up with a song from Mary Poppins!!

    **Again, sorry for the wonky pictures. I resized them in Photobucket but the site is acting up again.
  6. jenny105

    jenny105 New Member

    I can't believe your trip is in 2 weeks! It's coming up so fast!! You must be so excited :)

    I love meeting the characters. The most fun I think was when I met Jack Sparrow. That was technically on the Disney Cruise on Castaway Cay but still. I had a shirt with his picture on it and he was like 'Hey, that guy is handsome, he looks familar.' And he stayed perfectly in character when no one was around. We were one of the first people on Castaway Cay and he was pointing at things and asking the CMs what they were. Meeting Stitch was also great because he kept taking my then boyfriend's things and throwing them in the bushes. :lmao:
  7. -Hope-

    -Hope- New Member

    15 days! That's just over two weeks! :banana:

    I'm really looking forward to meeting some characters as well. I don't really have any specific characters in mind and the kids don't either for the most part. Of course we'll meet Cinderella and the gang at 1900 and the greeting trails in AK but otherwise we're just going to play the character greets by ear. (Can you believe I'm being so relaxed about something!! :lmao: ) The thing is that we love ALL of the characters so meeting any of them will be fun. :lovestruc

    Thank you for the link- I should have known those were Natalies disigns- she has the best stuff! :goodvibes
  8. BabyEeyore

    BabyEeyore New Member

    Besides the Mickey and Minnie experience that I posted about with that picture, Snow White played peek-a-boo with Ashlyn when we were at CRT last year. That was really special and we have a great picture of it!

    I am really looking forward to seeing Mickey and Minnie again because Ashlyn absolutely adores them now! Last time we went in March she didn't exactly have a favorite character or anything. She flips anytime she sees a picture of them so I'm excited to see how she'll react to them now. Oh, not to take over your PTR :rotfl: but something that also gets me excited about that meet and greet is the last time she saw them she was 1 and really hadn't been exposed to Mickey yet... hadn't seen Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or anything. She was whining while we were in line but we were almost at the front so we waited it out. As soon as we entered the room and see saw them, her face lit up!!! :cloud9: So now that she loves them, I just can't wait to see what she does. :yay:

    And Ariel... that's her favorite princess so it'll be fun. I'm hoping we'll see her at CRT so we don't have to wait in line.... though I wouldn't mind seeing her with Eric (I think they're meeting together in Adventureland now that the Grotto is closed). Eric is definitely my favorite prince (besides Aaron, of course). :lovestruc
  9. my2disneyboys

    my2disneyboys New Member

    Hi Stephanie!
    Great questions!!!

    My very favorite picture was taken of Myles on his first trip. He had just had his "first haircut" on main street and we got a shot of him crawling towards the castle.


    We LOVE meeting the characters! Luckily my boys have never been afraid. Owen actually loves them too much!! Whenever he sees them he runs up and hugs them and kisses them all. It's too cute.

    Here is his reaction to Pluto at Chef Mickeys. Besides Mickey, Pluto is his favorite and this was their first meeting.


    So for favorite Character Interaction I think my favorites have been Pluto at Chef Mickeys (posted reaction above)


    Mary Poppins at 1900 Park Fare (Owen was in love with her! :lovestruc)

    Mickey at Ohana,

    And Stitch - We saw him at Epcot right at the entrance and I clicked the camera real quick to get Owen in action. Stich was so funny and ran over to Owen's carriage and grabbed his blanket and tied it around his neck like a cape. Myles said that was from the movie!? It was really cute!!


    Sorry if I posted too many pictures!! I came on to post just the one and just couln't decide!!!:goodvibes
  10. Dancegrl624

    Dancegrl624 New Member

    We ADORE Photopass!!! I'm so glad they brought back the pre-order option...it's such a great deal. Just like others have said, take a picture of the back of your cards just in case you lose one. You don't want to lose those pics!

    Madison's fav character interaction was with Captain Hook and Mr. Smee in Jan 09. Unfortunately, I don't have those pics in my photobucket account right now so I can't share them with you. They should be in my Jan 09 TR though. Anyways....she was wearing a Tinker Bell tank top and Captain Hook was NOT ok with that. He was so funny!

    Love those Photopass tip sheets! I need to go make copies of those...they will be very helpful for the client I'm working with right now (a first-timer). Besides, I'd like to print them out for myself too!
  11. dismagiclover

    dismagiclover Mrs. Darling: Mom to Wendy, John & Michael

    We love the characters! Here are some of my favorite character interactions through the years.

    First here is my 2 year old little boy running into Cinderella's arms. (He is now 8 years old and hates this picture) LOL


    One trip Minnie gave my daughter a private tour of her home at rope drop


    When my second son finally got to hug an ewok he told me it was the best moment of his life



    My oldest son had a fabulous time with Donald one night at Character Connections


    Tinkerbell was so adorable with my daughter


    Meeting the characters is always a highlight of our trips.
  12. Mommy2LittleVols

    Mommy2LittleVols New Member

    LOVE all of your cheat sheets! I'm going to have steal some of those ideas. ;)

    Your Day 2 itinerary looks great!

    We haven't really waited in many lines to meet characters, especially on our last trip since it was SO hot. Plus Dakoda was scared of them up until about halfway through our last trip. But here are a few of our favorite character interactions.

    May 2010 - Mickey and DD

    May 2010 - Pluto and DS - the only character at CM's that DS wasn't afraid of!

    October 2009 - Koda and Kenai with DH, DS, and DD
    Funny story that went along with this picture. We were just going to get DH and DS's pic with them, but Kenai came over and took DD's stroller from me and pushed it over there so she could be in the picture, too! It was pretty funny.

    Another favorite from October 2009 - DD and Pooh

    We are really looking forward to meeting some Princesses this trip! The only one that we have met so far is Tiana (and she was GREAT!).
  13. Charlefours

    Charlefours New Member

    Onto day 3 of my daily itinerary cards, this is our second full day at Epcot. We will focus on FW the entire day, with no break (which I am nervous about), staying until after dinner. After dinner we will head back to the resort for a relaxing and early weekend since the next day starts early!


  14. -Hope-

    -Hope- New Member

    Another great plan! Our 2nd day at Epcot will also go straight through with no break- and I'm nervous about it too! I'll be anxious to read how your day goes.
  15. Charlefours

    Charlefours New Member

    It is unreal!! We are getting exciting but we are super busy so we don't have much time to focus on it.

    Fun share!! Thank you!! :goodvibes
  16. Charlefours

    Charlefours New Member

    Crazy!! And you are under 30 days!!! :yay: I am looking forward to meeting them too!! :goodvibes Yup, they are!!
  17. Charlefours

    Charlefours New Member

    Thank you for sharing!! I don't mind, seriously!!! Lilian is looking forward to meeting Ariel too. :goodvibes
  18. Charlefours

    Charlefours New Member

    I LOVE :lovestruc that you posted all these great pictures!! As I have mentioned before, I love the one of Myles crawling!! All of them are wonderful though!! Thank you for sharing them!!

    I sure hope Lilian is like your boys--not afraid of the characters!! :goodvibes
  19. Charlefours

    Charlefours New Member

    I am glad they brought it back too!! Makes sense to me. :goodvibes What a great character experience for Madison!! I hope we are lucky and get great ones too.

    Definitely are beneficial!! Some of it might be a bit outdated, I'll let you know when I get back if I realize something is so you can tell your clients. :thumbsup2
  20. Charlefours

    Charlefours New Member

    Wonderful pictures Jenny!! Thank you so much for sharing!! :goodvibes
  21. Charlefours

    Charlefours New Member

    Thanks so much for sharing Julia!! All the pictures are great. I hope we are lucky and get to meet Tiana and Naveen too!! :goodvibes

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