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Old 04-28-2005, 11:58 PM   #1
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Cool DESTINATION...DISNEY (Day2/Part 1- Are you trying to steal my magic??? I know you’re

Welcome to possibly the most planned out trip to Disney that has ever exsisted . What can I say, I'm an obsessive compulsive planner/list maker and I had 10 months on my hands .

The Cast:

Me: OCD woman (no kidding, germ-a-phobe and plan-a-holic).

DH: How much is this going to cost me guy/Magic stealer (before he can unsqueench his cheeks and have fun this question will be asked many times).

DD: Birthday girl (5) loves all things Disney and is convinced she herself is a princess (wink wink aren't they all???).

DB: Never been to Disney and is always up for a good time.

DSIL: Been to Disneyland and said she saw Yogi Bear there when she was 10 or so .

DN: He is 4 years old and has never been to Disney. He thought the monorail was such a cool “ride” when we first arrived.

The Baby: Newest Nephew who is one and will be sitting this trip out.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

BEEP BEEP BEEP! Is it 5:00am already? We’re all elated and absolutely exhausted all at the same time, but here we go either way! DH pretends like he didn’t hear the alarm and DD is still out cold. I bypass the hard to wake group and head straight for the weak and defenseless DSIL and DN (tee hee hee). They immediately pop up and try to get going with happy faces. I then dove back into the trenches to rowse the tougher to get going folks and DH looks up at me and says (in his grumpiest voice), “Is this really necessary? I mean, It’s still dark outside.” Excuse me??? Breath deeply…I’m suddenly finding myself having flashbacks of the last 10 months of planning this trip of a lifetime for these people…geeze…breath deeply! So I respond (in my best mofia voice), You tryin to steal my magic? I know you ain’t tryin to steal my magic!”. With that DH got up and gave me a squinty eyed happy face and started getting ready. Though dark and cold outside the excitement was really beginning to grow for all of us until we loaded into the van. The wee ones drifted back off to sleep as did DSIL. We all found ourselves with a little more room having left 4 or 5 bags with the baby at Nini’s house (finally, leg room).

Once on the road I broke out my passporter and my little index card agenda for each day and prodded for the others to look over them (hey, I told you I had it bad!). Somehow the cards kept being passed right back to me with a “yea, that’s nice” from everyone. Well…okay troops don’t say I didn’t warn you! We stopped for the ever nutritious road trip breakfast of chocolate milk and Krispie Kream doughnuts…Mmmmmmm! As we began seeing signs for WDW the kiddies began to wake up and let out little squeals of excitement as we got nearer. Then finally as we saw the sign to exit at WDW we grown ups began the hooting and squealing. We passed under the Walt Disney World sign and again, more squealing. As we came to the gates of Magic Kingdom I could see that my DN really had no clue what he was in for and I just received such delight in seeing Disney for the first time through his eyes. Aaaahhhhh, to be young again!

We were so excited to be here that we didn’t want to waste precious park time checking the 500tons of luggage at OKW after all our room wouldn’t be ready until later anyway, so we skipped that drama and decided to save it for after Share A Dream Parade. We followed the heard of vehicles that were rolling in with us and those cute little CMs in their yellow shorts sets had everything running like a well oiled machine. We parked and bailed out just as a tram was waiting for us so we hurried over and boarded only to sit and wait for another 5 minutes or so while it finished filling up. Funny thing, no matter how many times we came up to the tram we always hurried like it was going to leave us and then ended up sitting for five minutes. I bet Disney gets a kick out of seeing people do the same idiotic things over and over.

We entered the front gates and encounter all that is Disney, the characters, the smell of Main Street, the sounds of the bustling crowd and cameras going off here and there. Stop for a brief moment and make yourself close your eyes and take it in, force yourself to engrave that moment in your mind. Okay, snap out of it and lets haul booty over to Tomorrowland. I keep telling the troop that they REALLY should have looked over the cards and they all agree that they will gladly follow without complaint. I must say that while I indulge in my OCD side quite often I was secretly realizing that this was indeed EVERYONE’S vacation and not just mine so I kept assuring everyone that we would stop and do anything that they wanted along the way…as long as it didn’t interfere with THE SCHEDULE (snicker snicker). We knew that Space Mt. was the only ride that DD and DN were too short to ride so it was going to take a backseat to the other rides. We wanted to grab FP’s to it and try to catch it later so I run and get 6 passes. Yes, I know that we only needed four but I was determined to spread as much magic of our own as possible this trip. I would save the other two FPs for some poor desperate confused and overwhelmed soul at just the right moment. Since DD had been a year and a half ago, we decided to let DN pick the first ride so BUZZ it was! We got BUZZ the character all to ourselves for a few minutes before walking right on to the ride. I got a perfect score (GRIN). All I can say is that it’s true, if you hold down the button and aim it at any and everything you can possibly hit, you’ll score big! DB was greatly impressed with all the shine and glitteryness that is Tomorrowland as was DN. With a big promise that more rides in that area were scheduled, I lured everyone out to the castle to grab an early seat at the first showing of Cinderellabration for that day. I just knew that we were in for a treat and I was right. Having a little girl with dreams of being a princess and being swept away by her prince helps you appreciate this show. And for the guys a nice jiggly dance by Jasmine helps them enjoy it too.

This is where my DSIL encountered a little magic stealing going on for a few others. Seems a lady had taken a seat behind her and spread out a little food and was waiting on her husband and child to return from somewhere. Well, a lady (we all know the kind) who’s just mad at the world and has come to have her good time…and yours too…came to sit right on top of the poor lady. She said, “I’m sorry ma’am but my DH and child are coming back to sit with me.”. The magic stealer says, “well I ain’t moving.”. The poor lady was just sitting there in complete shock that this was happening. She said to the magic stealer, “Where is my family supposed to sit then?”. The magic stealer then says, “Well, if you’d move some of that buffet maybe they would have room!”. OUCH! Well, then, You have yourself a magical day now too, ya hear?

The show was sensational and I really didn’t expect much since I had heard so many mixed reviews, but I have to say I REALLY thought it was awesome! Disney is just so darn good at stirring up those teary feelings inside even us grown ups. If you’re questioning weather to go or not, GO!

We’re off to Adventureland next because it is agreed that there are more rides here that everyone wanted to see and we would save Fantasyland for Wednesday (DD’s B’day).
First we boarded Aladdin’s carpets which were really fun and the kids enjoyed that even backseat drivers, excuse me, flyers had some control over the trip. Next we saw Enchanted Tiki Room and the kids also loved this one. I never noticed that EVERYTHING has a little face on it and ends up singing in the end. It was fun to just look around at all the little things singing and dancing. The kids were hanging on us and begging to see POTC so we relented and took them to this ride next. I made everyone wait a second while I went for FPs to Splash Mt. and we knew this was a ride the kiddos could enjoy too. My DD loves this ride because she is obsessed with all things Peter Pan and this is all about pirates…well, you know. My DN went through the entire ride with his mouth open. He never could figure out if the people were real or not. Those darn gift shops that you have to go through at the end of every ride will get you every time. We racked up in the POTC gift shop by buying a Peter Pan outfit, sward, a little bag of treasure jewels and a Peter Pan hat. I must say I love the whole delivery to the front of the park and to the room service that they provide. We had intended to take a break right about now but we were much to jazzed up for that so we opted to make good on our FPs at Space Mt. and let the kids have a break. We wanted to use the child swap thingy but it didn’t work exactly like I thought it would. I thought the kiddos went through the line with you and you “swapped out” one right after the other…no, this was not how it worked for those of you who are wondering. You have to wait outside in the heat while one goes in and stands in the PF line, boards and rides then circles back around to the FP entrance outside the building. Then the next one can go through that lovely scenario all over again. It was a bit of a time killer for us but it was one ride we ALL had never been on so we did what it took. I hunted for just the right person to give the FP's to and found a frazled woman who couldn't figure out how to get th FP machine to work and plopped those puppies down in front of her. She took them with a yea okay thanks and left. Not exactly the happy response I envisioned but anyway. The guys LOVED this ride but we gals found it to be just a little too rough. My neck hurts thinking about it.

Hunger is beginning to set in right about now so we ate in Tomorrowland at Cosmic Ray’s and DD and I had the kid’s chicken nugget meals while DH had the chicken tenders meal. Outside, everyone and their brother had the same idea we did and were all trying to find a seat. We opted for the planter wall thingy right under a support beam for TTA. This worked fine for everybody except DH who had put his tenders container on top of his Coke for some reason while he repaired DD’s drink top. Being the fidgety kid she is she kicked his tenders off of his coke and DH proceeded to have meltdown #1. He spouted something to her about learning to control herself and then finished it by saying here’s your drink princess (aaahhhh, that’s my DH, such love and patience).

Now it’s off to ride Splash Mt. and here’s where we really saw our FPs go to work for us. There’s something almost guilty feeling about walking right past the hundreds of people who were needlessly waiting in that hot line. We boarded immediately and the kids were giddy with excitement as we rounded each corner. We had already had the talk about how big the drop was, but neither had ever been on anything bigger than a carrousel. We finally came to the dropping point and both kids were stone silent as we plunged 50 feet into the briar patch. When we bottomed out they both stood up right where they were and let out his blood curdling scream. They clapped and squealed and said, “Let’s go again, Let’s go again!”, truly priceless! So priceless that we bought 2 5x7's for $21.00 and some change (YIKES!).

Since we were already on that side of the park we found Liberty Square to be the least crowded spot to see the parade from (it always has been). We usually stand right across from the Christmas shop and the handicap viewing spot. The parade was great as always and at least one character always looks right at DD and waves or blows a kiss and it just makes her day.

Finally, it’s break time!!! We boarded the tram back to the parking lot and ran for the tram which we again jumped on like it was preparing to leave skid marks and then sat for 5 minutes while it filled up. We made it back out to the van and loaded up for OKW. After about three wrong turns we finally made it there, boy that CM at the Caribbean was really helpful . We finally arrived and I (being the planner/organizer) went to check us in. The nice lady at the front desk showed me a map of the buildings and asked where I’d like to be and I showed her one or two buildings which were all full and so then I said hey, It’s Disney how bad can any of them be? So, she gave me building 37 which was good enough for all of us at this point considering we were all dead on our feet. The 2 BR villa we had was AWESOME!!! It was so secluded and quiet that we truly felt like we were the only guests there. We were just a stones throw from the quiet pool and also from the bus stop (yeah!). We unloaded and forced the children to lay down for a quick nap and within seconds EVERYONE was asleep. DSIL and I went to the Conch Flats Store in the main building partly because we didn’t want to leave the property and partly because we wouldn’t know where to go if we left the property. We found everything we needed right down to frozen entrees and fresh fruit. We even found a large assortment of Mommy Daddy drinks (wink wink!). We loaded up on supplies, not really paying attention to price stickers (not wise) and rang it all up. DSIL and I were given the opportunity by the sweet CM to “guess” how much our bill was. We guessed at the very most it was $60.00 or so…NOT, It was roughly $120.00 WOW!!! We will certainly enjoy that food and will continue to look for the gold that must be hidden in that loaf of potato bread. After bringing it back to the room and unpacking everything we decided to wake the family and get ready for our PS at Whispering Canyon for that evening.

Coming…Gimme another Sunset please!!!

January 1991 (New Years) Off Site
September 1997 (Honeymoon) Peabody
September 2003 (Anniv. and first trip w/DD) Off Site
April 2005 (DD's B'day) First time staying On Site!!!

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Love it! Can't wait to hear more.
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