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Old 04-14-2005, 01:42 AM   #1
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MINMATE'S Trip Report: Day 1 - I Need A Vacation!

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Cast: ME (minmate)
DH -- Joe
DD6 – Cali
DD5 – Meg
DS4 – Buddy
DD2 – Jay Jay (aka Princess Feet)
4/5-4/12 – 7 nights at Pop Century

By 4 a.m., Buddy was up. He couldn’t sleep any longer. I spent about a “half and hour” trying to settle him in my bed to fall asleep. Nope. So, I took him downstairs. He played while I checked out, what else, “the disboards.” Last minute something! Nervousness and excitement! I admit, I couldn’t sleep either. It was nice to have a buddy awake with me. Bad idea though… as you’ll learn later. We busied ourselves putting together an Incredibles puzzle he got for his birthday. We ate chocolate cake for breakfast (leftover from his party). Yeah, we’re on vacation. As Bill Cosby says, it has milk and eggs. That’s breakfast food, right? Whatever. I was happy to see my sore throat was feeling better. I still doped up on Chloraseptic, throat lozenges and the like just to be safe.

Soon, I heard the sounds of the alarm clock trickle downstairs. Hey, it’s time! We’d bathed the kids the night before and dressed them in comfy pants and new Disney sweatshirts. One by one, they all bounded down stairs, overly cooperative and ready to go. We did the usual, hair brushing, teeth brushing, etc. Joe had packed up most of the stuff into the car last night so we were pretty much ready to go. The kids just wanted to get on the road so we actually left about 45 minutes early.

We’re only about 25 minutes from the airport. I chit chat on Joe’s cell to my mom for a few minutes during the trip. We get there smoothly and Joe drops us off at the curb. I’m getting out of the car, which is barely stopped and turn around to see all 10 of our bags and four kids plopped behind me. The kids are walking in four different directions. Buddy is whining… strike that, screaming that he’s cold and wants daddy… as Joe cheerfully pulls away calling to me that he’s going to park the car and he’ll be back… that I should take care of the bags.

Uh, what? Have you ever tried to corral a 2, 4, 5 and 6 yo – all hyper, all freezing (b/c it was cold and windy), and carry 10 bags at once? Get a skycap. Great Idea! Wait, Joe dropped us off three sections down from Southwest. How am I supposed to go all the way down there? Do I leave my luggage unattended? Do I miraculously get all four kids to move in one direction? Do I leave them behind? No time to figure this out, Buddy is about to walk into the street. Jay Jay has a serious case of Princess Feet (you know, she’s too good to have her feet touch the ground. She’s not tired, but she MUST BE PICKE UP AND CARRIED… NOW!). Her whining combines with Brayden’s screaming to create quite the nice little orchestra. Cali decides to stop her complaining about how cold she is (b/c really, we all were), enough to miraculously be over-mature for her age and agrees to help me carry the bags. She’s got a backpack and a rolling suitcase. Meg takes a backpack and a rolling suitcase. I take the big suitcase, the duffel bag and the rest of the backpacks, and carrying JayJay Princess Feet, I somehow have enough body parts to grab a hold of Buddy and get everyone just inside of the double doors of the airport. Uffda – I need a vacation! Hey, good thing… I’m about to take one! Oh, looky over there… a nice big luggage cart. It’s empty. It’s unattended. I see nobody to help me. I think I’ll help myself. Just as I heave the third suitcase onto the luggage cart, a Delta skycap, Mr. Rude Dude comes over, and before even asking me what airline I’m flying (ok, so I’m NOT flying Delta, but still, he didn’t know that!)… He whips my luggage off the cart and says, “You can’t use my cart, thank you!” He was so rude. A man standing with his family next to me said, “He didn’t actually just throw your luggage off that cart did he?” People were staring at us. My kids were dumbfounded. I just stood there. Finally, Joe appears. Cheerily, “Why haven’t you checked in yet?”

Ha, ha, very funny. How was your nice, relaxing, kid and luggage free warm shuttle ride? I’ll check you buddy! We get through the ticketing line smoothly. No lines. But I’m obviously frustrated and losing ground with my battle to be patient and cheery. Joe turns to me and asks, “Where’s my cell phone?”

“I gave it back to you.”
“No, you didn’t.”
“Uh, yes, I DID! Nevermind, just go get it! It’s got to be in the car!”

Good thing we left early, not late. So, after our checked luggage went through, Joe heads out for yet again, another kid free, luggage free 20 minute shuttle ride to and from the car. Ok, I’m guessing here, I have no idea how long his shuttle ride really was. 20 minutes sounds good, although it felt like an hour, or as Buddy would say when he determines we’ve been somewhere too long… “A HALF AND HOUR!” Why did it seem so long? Well, maybe because 30 seconds after Joe disappeared, Buddy announces he has to go to the bathroom. But, again, Princess Feet Jay Jay was in no mood to travel. I still had 6 bags to contend with and dd’s 5 & 6 were not cooperating. They were sprawled out on the floor with the bags like a couple of hung over college kids at a dorm party.

Joe returns, Buddy goes to the bathroom. We get in line for security check. All else goes smoothly. We quickly fill our wait time with runs to Dunkin Donuts, bathroom breaks, and smoothing ruffled feathers over kids wanting chocolate milk now that juice has been bought and inane parenting issues upon which youngsters (dare I say, terribly close to spoiled youngsters) lives hinge upon.

Of course, other families and people heading to Orlando, many to WDW fill the gate area. We strike up a conversation with another family who has 3 kids, 7, 4 and 2. There’s also a couple there who are DVC members. We chatted with them awhile. Well, I tried to get more info from them on DVC as we’re checking it out, but she was practically ignoring me and talking only to this other lady. Here, I was the one interested in the details she so expert-like wanted to dispel and she was trying to preach about the greatness of DVC to this other woman who openly admitted to trying to cut corners on tickets with her kids’ ages and whatnot. The DVC member also had given out what I thought to be some inaccurate info, but at this point I had given up on her. My kids pulled out their puzzles and were doing them on the airport floor. I’d given in because they were quiet and happy. Works for me. I’m on vacation. Besides the plane was taking a HALF AND HOUR!

Once we board, family with 3 kids ends up sitting in the two rows behind us. We all were able to pre-board due to the young kids. I was willing to give up my pre-board status if that meant someone else got to sit next to my kids and tend to their every whim and whine for the next three hours! Just kidding. I love my kids! That’s why we’re here in the first place! Other than some initial whining by dd6 over wanting the window seat that dd5 snagged first, we had fairly smooth sailing. Halfway through the flight, our kids changed into t-shirts. It was hot in that plane. Our family and the family with three kids, (whose names I never got… only their 7 yo’s name and the name of the resort they were staying at) – ended up doing some seat swapping. We had our portable dvd player and her kids were having trouble sitting so we shared. Anyway, they made friends. We discovered we shared not one, but two PS times at two different restaurants. We were staying at different hotels but maybe we’d bump into each other. It’s a small world after all!

Finally, we land. FLTours is there. Sam, our driver, ushered us to a deluxe full size van. When I first stepped out into the Florida air, I was enveloped in humidity. Not bad, but having been in freaking cold Massachusetts, it was noticeable. The van offered us more than enough room, much needed a/c and a Brother Bear dvd playing up front. Sam returned to help Joe with the luggage, leaving me, once again, with kids… but only half the luggage this time. Hey, I’m catching on! At least, I was the one sitting now!

Upon learning our driver’s name when he and Joe returned with our bags, Buddy questioned him, “Hey, Sam the Man… Do you like green eggs and ham?” Sam laughed. He stopped laughing. He’d spontaneously start laughing again five minutes later.

I was excited. We passed through the welcome gates and everyone started cheering, “We’re at Disneyworld!” over and over. Joe laughed… at me. A knot was forming in my stomach the closer we got to the hotel because, while I believe in mind over matter and a positive attitude, I’m a bit jaded. I’ve done this kind of thing enough to know that when there’s a chance for something to go wrong, something will. It’s just a matter if that something turns out to be of major or minor consequence.

We were greeted by CM’s offering hoola hoops and chalk to the kids. This time, I left Joe with the kids and bags and headed straight for check-in. It was only about 2-3 people deep when I got in line. By the time I got to the desk, a larger line had formed behind me. I felt blessed to be just one step ahead of the crowd. By the way, if anybody noticed a man chasing 4 kids up and the lobby of Pop Century Tuesday afternoon, it was probably my husband. I kept seeing him going from one end of the lobby, by the movie room, to the other – by the gift shop, muttering things, like, “Come back here, wait for us…”

Shaneil helped me check in. She tried to accommodate our request for one room with a King, the other (connecting) with two doubles. No such luck. She said it had something to do with being linked to Grand Gatherings (a cruise we set up with fellow dis’er disney4me4ever). They weren’t even staying at the same resort so I didn’t fully understand that. Oh well, she tried her best. She was nice and friendly. She noticed our notations for Buddy’s birthday and our Anniversary. She wished us well for both, but no special surprises for either. She got a kick out of our last name. It is a hard one to spell and pronounce. It just so happens that it has the same number of letters as M-I-C-K-E-Y-M-O-U-S-E. This is how Joe’s grandma taught her kids to spell our last name. That is how Joe’s mom taught him (and his brother). That is how I taught (am teaching) my kids – and my family. My older sister still sings out the letters of our name to the tune when she spells it!

So, while we’re having our fun, somehow, I wind up with the JayJay and Buddy under my supervision. I suppose somebody had to go to the bathroom. While Shaneil is kindly trying to explain the details of my package, most notably the Dining Plan, I am calling my kids to stand near me. Buddy, the chivalrous 4yo that he is, decides to help mama out by retrieving his 2yo sister and bringing her back to my side. How does a 4yo do this you ask? Well, by running up to her, slamming into her from behind, reaching his arms around her and trying to unsuccessfully pick her up and turn around at the same time, causing her to fall smack on her face. I see this from the eyes in the back of my head that all mothers have, and FULLY see the tail end of it, but not soon enough for my brain to process it and stop it from happening. Then I see (and hear) it -- the big silent gasp before the flood gates break open. By now, I’ve retrieved her shocked little body up off the floor while trying to figure out how to best respond to Buddy who’s proclaiming, “I was just trying to bring her back to you mama. I was just trying to save her from getting lost!” Uffda, I need a vacation.

JayJay’s head is buried in my neck. When she calms a bit and resurfaces, I realize she has a bloody nose. Yup, 20 minutes on WDW property and we’ve got our first bloody casualty of the trip. Thankfully, I’m a (somewhat) hardened mother of four. Thankfully, she’s a tough nugget and the initial shock, she’s relatively unfazed… and thankfully, another CM retrieves some tissues to help us out here. It was right about now that Joe reappears with Cali and Meg. “Why is it taking so long to check-in here?”

I’m beginning to wonder why I can be the primary caregiver and with the kids for hours at a time all day, every day while Joe is at work, without incident, but now, on vacation every time Joe disappears, it’s all, “Drama With Mama!”

We set out to discover “where we’ll live” as the kids referred to it, for the next 7 nights/8 days. We were in the 50’s bldg. on the first floor. That turned out to be nice. It felt a bit remote. The only thing across from our doors was some bushes. It was quiet. I found I liked being on the first floor. No elevator or stairs to contend with. Our location was close to the Bowling Pin pool. I was a bit disappointed at first as I enjoyed our stay in the 70’s last year, close to the Goofy sprayers and Hippy Dippy pool. In the end, I enjoyed the Bowling Pin pool as it was quieter and easier to keep an eye on the kids while sitting on deck. We were close enough to Classic Hall to get good use out of our refillable mugs. By the way, the mugs are the same colors and design as the ones we bought last March (2004). They have them in orange, blue and red. The only difference is that where the pull-out from last year that reads “Grand Opening 2003” there is a Mickey Mouse face. Fear not, my friends, we bought the new mug.

Buddy did the honors of opening the door to our “home” for the week. We discovered Joe’s key wasn’t working in the door. Everyone else’s was fine. We opened the door and it nearly rubs against the first bed. “It’s so small! Compared to the Grand Floridian,” I gasp… oh crap! I said that out loud didn’t I? Yup, there’s the echo. “It’s so small, compared to the Grand Floridian!” surmises Cali. Joe rolls his eyes at me. We stayed at the GF last June with connecting standard rooms. They were indeed more spacious and brightly lit. Hey, just stating the obvious, right? I’m still happy to be here and was prepared for the smaller rooms. We’ve been here before.

Once inside, we unpack, in about 15 minutes, which is enough time for the kids to discover cross-bed jumping as a fun activity. We stake claims to our beds and drawers. I show the kids where their clothes will be, where the laundry suitcase is, and sure enough, I turn around and the kids have shut the door on their side of the connecting room… and locked it. No problem, we’ll just take the room key for their room and go outside and open the door. Wait, all the room keys are in THEIR room still, on top of the t.v.! We coax them to open it. I immediately confiscate all the keys and refuse to let more than two out of my sight for the rest of the trip. We go into MacGyver mode and find that positioning one of the wooden coat hangers into the door jambs allows us to close our door enough to get a bit of privacy but not enough for them to slam their door shut! As Joe perfects this fashioning, I deliver the 30 second lecture on the perils of locking themselves in their room. It falls on deaf ears.

All right, first thing on everyone’s agenda is to go swimming. We change into suits and off we go. We have some trouble finding life jackets, but after some searching the edges of the pool and being sure not to take someone else’s we find enough for three of the kids. Cali can swim without one anyway. It was nice when we had one for her though. It just helps when there are only one or two sets of eyes watching out for four kids in a pool. Joe is hungry and raring to use up some points on our Dining Plan, so what does he do? He leaves me with the four kids in the crowded pool, while he goes to get food. I decide I better hop in to keep a closer eye on the kids. After a HALF AND HOUR, Joe reappears with three counter service meals for us to split. Apparently, he’d gotten a nice long lesson on the Dining Plan. Good. Let’s eat. Everybody shared their meals nicely and we even shared (well, we didn’t mean to, they stole them) with some birds that picked on our trays the second we stood up! Yikes!

We swam some more then headed to the Goofy Sprayers. Cali and Meg were excited to show Buddy and JayJay the sprayers as they didn’t accompany us on the trip to Pop last March. The kids had a blast. I loved seeing JayJay run up to the Goofy statue, hug him and hold and animated conversation with him.

About this time, I realized on Joe’s ticket that it said he only had 19 Quick Svc. Points left. We were supposed to have 35 total – minus the three we just used – it should have read 32 points left. I headed to guest services to check on this. See, I’m learning! Now, I’m the kid-free one! The first gentleman to help me was not only clueless but had trouble articulating words in general. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but seriously folks, if I am having a problem with something and I can’t understand you, how are we going to come to any resolution? His manager finally rescued our downward spiral and I discovered that since we had connecting rooms, half the points were on one set of cards and the other half was on the other. Okay, fine. It was a bit more challenging to keep track of, but I managed thanks to my trusty journal. Thanks to the Dis info and the research I did, I was comfortable with the Dining Plan and was confident in my understanding of the point system. I simply marked them with permanent marker with the last digit of our rooms and kept track that way.

By the time I return to the Goofy Sprayers the kids have had enough and want to go back to the hotel. All seems well in Disney World. Then, I think Buddy hit a wall. He’d been up since 4 a.m. remember. It had been over 12 hours now. He had changed into his pj’s and refused to change into regular clothes to head over to the Poly. Finally, he agrees to change but insists on privacy and tries to lock himself in his room again. Unfortunately, this was a sign of things to come. I figured he’d snap out of it, but, well, you’ll see. He finally emerges dressed in fleece pants and a t-shirt. I decide to let it go even though it was very warm out. He is ticked we aren’t going to Magic Kingdom. He wasn’t to see the “Real Disney.” By now, I’m so frustrated. We went into MK right away last June and they flamed out in 2 hours because of the trip out. I didn’t want to burn a ticket on that so I figured a relaxed afternoon in the pool -- which is sage advice many from the Dis have successfully utilized – would be a nice way to start our vacation. I guess not. I finally got him interested in moving along when I suggested we zip over to DTD for a bit to check out LegoLand. Alas, by the time all of this ensued and Cali, our sweet, but ever-so-slow-slowpoke was ready, we simply ran out of time. We had to deal with disappointment and promise a trip to DTD soon, but we made it to the bus stop for the MK where we transferred to the boat to the Polynesian. We strolled up the beach and walked by the beautiful volcano pool. We acted touristy and took pictures by the little waterfalls and such before heading up to Kona Café. We were about 40 minutes early for our PS but within 5 minutes, we were seated and our server, Debi, was taking our drink order. When I asked her if we could split the bill between Dining Plan and out-of-pocket she was fine in doing that but tried to talk us out of it. When she started extolling the pros and cons of my choice, she mentioned something about saving points for signature dining. I just said, yep, that’s it. We have signature dining plan (and we did, at Le Cellier) and my dad may be coming into town (which was also a truth). Okay, then. Debi, took our order, helped us navigate the appetizer, entrée, dessert options and we were good to go.

Buddy continues his downward spiral into Whinesville, unfortunately stealing center stage from our three pleasantly well-behaved daughters. Thank you girls. Finally, I get through to Buddy and somehow, get him to chill out. Sitting on my lap and numerous trips to the bathroom helped. Buddy wanted to know why we never told him things would happen in seconds and only in minutes. So for the rest of the trip, Joe would answer him in seconds. Only 600 seconds until our food arrives!

We retire with our waffle cone sundaes to the Poly beach. I watch my kids create magical moments chasing each other on the beach and building sand castles. We saw ducks and Cali and I followed their tracks. Cali and Meg walked around like ducks. They dug holes and filled them with water. They decided to bury Cali in the sand. When I suggested it might be too itchy, she (remember she’s only 6) solved the dilemma by wrapping herself up in a towel first. I relented. I was relaxing in one of the double cabana thingamajigs. Joe did potty runs. I watched as a CM methodically moved all the chairs from the far end of the beach and lined them up into nice, uniformly neat rows in front and beside me. The kids began to make sand angels. I cringed but let it go. They’re on vacation too. So, we’ll take a bath. I throw up a silent prayer that there are no sand fleas at the Poly. I realized about 30 minutes before the Fireworks were to start that we had timed our visit to the Poly a bit too early.

During one of the potty runs, Joe took JayJay with him. She was enthralled with the ducks in the pool and started to walk in after them. She plopped down and got her shorts all soaked. She didn’t care. I should have known then to call it quits for the night. But I’m stubborn. I’d never seen the Fireworks from the Poly before and I was only 25 minutes away from that experience. So, whenever JayJay decided to sit down with us, we just wrapped her up in towels. She was fine just playing in the sand most of the time though. What a great kid!

The other kids were running out of steam though. Cali was now doing somersaults in the sand and got mad and started to cry when I told her to stop. I mustered up an acceptable explanation about sand fleas and feeling itchy and she relaxed. Buddy was back into a full-tilt whinefest. Poor guy had been up for 17 hours or something crazy like that! It sends me over the edge. I start to cry.

Amazing! Buddy stops. He crawls up onto my lap, sniffles and tells me he doesn’t want me to be sad. I cuddle him and rock him. He drools on me. The fireworks start. Buddy is asleep and misses them. He snores. He wakes up just in time to see the end and mumbles something about a dream and fireworks and how he “sees them mommy, they’re pretty!” By this time, I’m realizing there’s no music on the beach and I’m disappointed. I put my family through wet bums, temper tantrums and more for a very lackluster performance. Of course the fireworks were pretty. The magical moments were nice, but the lack of music was a let-down. We actually get up to leave near the end. I was so disappointed in myself for not knowing this ahead of time. I was apologizing to Joe who really didn’t mind. What a good guy! We start walking back to the monorail only to hear the tail end of the music with Jiminy Cricket back further, OFF the beach. Um, okay. That stinks! Why didn’t we know that! Meg starts complaining about sand in her shoe but Joe saves the day saying he’s got sand in his too and it will be cool to see who’s got the most once we get back to the room. I make a mental note that in the future, if we want to watch Wishes from offsite, it will have to be either at the Grand Floridian or somewhere we can hear the music. It just adds so much more.

We hop the monorail and as we pull into MK to catch a bus back to Pop, I suddenly remember (the onslaught of a mob was a clue) that MK was going to be crowded as it was just closing. As we were standing in line for a bus, we saw the EWP pass by. Again, I mentally kicked myself for temporarily forgetting about that. After a few buses (and 15 minutes later) we found ourselves lucky enough to get seats on a bus back to Pop. It was packed. I had Meg on my lap and started thinking how having kids is helpful in shielding oneself from close contact with strangers. One on both sides and one on your lap. Hey, a person is entitled to silly thoughts after a day like today!

When we got off the bus poor Meg’s foot had fallen asleep. She was having trouble walking. Buddy was too tired to walk and JayJay had fallen asleep in daddy’s arms. Uffda, after today, I REALLY need a vacation!

We were back at the room by 10:15 p.m. and I get to call the Sand in the Shoe Contest. Dad wins because, well, he’s got big feet. Cali and Meg tie. We decide comparatively that percentage-wise it was a three-way tie. Cali’s turn to flip out. She is complaining that she needs a dressing room to put on her pj’s. Apparently the bathroom is not good enough. They squabble over whether or not to have the t.v. on. I call in reinforcements aka Grandma. She alternately talks to them on the cell phone while we get settled. It’s fun to hear the kids’ perspective of the day when talking to grandma. They sure had a different (thankfully more positive, less stressful) viewpoint than mine! Ten minutes later, everyone is zonked out for the night…. Except for, you guessed it, Buddy. He’s on what, like his 15th wind now! So, he and Joe head to Classic Hall to refill the mugs and scope out some life jackets. After reading in the Pop newsletter that you can check out jackets for the length of your stay, I convince Joe to hold onto three of them in our room. It said it right there in print folks. I don’t know that I agree with it, but we decided to try it.

I call my mom back and get a 5 minute dissertation on how our beta fish is doing. She’s the babysitter. Does she realize she’s now talked to me more about my fish in this one conversation than I’ve talked about that fish in its entire life with our family? Lol… I love my mom!

Joe returns and is in bed around midnight. I jump in the shower and think about the Dis. I laugh to myself as I wonder if the topic of whether or not that zipline to hang your swimsuits on is covered in germs. I feel thankful for all the info I have obtained from the Dis… knowing that despite any future meltdowns or disappointments I may have on the trip, that I’ve gained enough knowledge to make a lot of good memories too. I know that without planning, our trip would be disastrous on a much larger scale than merely overtired kids interspersed with chaos.

I smile to myself, knowing that even though Buddy didn’t fully appreciate the relaxed evening and tried like hell to make it nuts, that my “middle child,” Meg, was in her glory. She loves Disney. Sure, we’re all happy to be there. We’re all sad to leave. But she has that spark in her eyes. She “gets it.” She loves the relaxed pace, the chance to soak it all in. She loves to be with her family. I am almost in tears thinking about her sweet little face light up when we are all together “in a moment.” She will do anything to be here… to be a part of the magic… to be with her family. She was so good today.

I drift off to sleep around 1 a.m. thinking about the family that told me Fast Pass was too difficult to use while touring with their 5 yo dd. I did not understand this. The mom said that the little girl just wanted to ride the same thing over and over again and there’s nothing that will sidetrack her. So, the girl would rather wait in a huge line to ride and re-ride the same thing than to do more things and wait in fewer lines. Again, I am well past being 5. I do not understand this logic. But my 4 year old son does!
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April 2005 WDW Trip Report: WDW w/4 Kids: 4/5/05-4/12/05 http://disboards.com/showthread.php?t=794269

March 2007 Trip Report to DL: http://www.disboards.com/showthread....275&highlight=

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Thanks for writing--I am enjoying reading your reports. I hope you got a chance to unwind!!! Del
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What a lovely, descriptive start to your holidays. I know it was stressful but it was really entertaining to read. Thank you so much.

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Excellent trip report! I do not have kids yet, but it seems like all the chaos is really worth it!
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Thank you. Only 7 more days to report on! Hope you stick with me to read them!
Numerous DL Trips as a kid, and a few WDW ones too!
Our Disney Family was Est. 3/29/1997 at Disney Land! DD 15 , DD 14 , DS 13 , DD 11
Family Trips include April 2004 Pop; June 2004 GF; April 2005 Pop; March 2007 DL Marriot MainGate; Sept 2008 ASMusic; March 2014 Caribe Royale

April 2005 WDW Trip Report: WDW w/4 Kids: 4/5/05-4/12/05 http://disboards.com/showthread.php?t=794269

March 2007 Trip Report to DL: http://www.disboards.com/showthread....275&highlight=
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Can't help it~there is something about Ed...kinda like the Gary Sinise thing...
Well I have laughed my posterior region until it almost removed itself from my body
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I've enjoyed reading you reports so far. Keep 'em coming?
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Great reports so far....love the details! I'm looking forward to reading the rest!
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Mary Anne
Not sure what season that is
I couldn't figure this out It was driving me crazy
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To hear the music at the Poly you need to be in a certain spot. That is what we have found.

I am enjoying your report.
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Ahhh... Disney.
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Thanks for your reports! I'm really enjoying them. Please try to share some photos if possible!

Did you ever find out where at the Poly you could hear the music from?

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Originally Posted by Krispe
Thanks for your reports! I'm really enjoying them. Please try to share some photos if possible!

Did you ever find out where at the Poly you could hear the music from?

I will post some photos soon. Also, I'm sure others here can articulate WHERE to hear the music from better, but we started hearing it pretty much as soon as we walked OFF the beach and back toward the ceremonial house. Bummer. Maybe there is a place still ON The beach you can hear it but we couldn't.
Numerous DL Trips as a kid, and a few WDW ones too!
Our Disney Family was Est. 3/29/1997 at Disney Land! DD 15 , DD 14 , DS 13 , DD 11
Family Trips include April 2004 Pop; June 2004 GF; April 2005 Pop; March 2007 DL Marriot MainGate; Sept 2008 ASMusic; March 2014 Caribe Royale

April 2005 WDW Trip Report: WDW w/4 Kids: 4/5/05-4/12/05 http://disboards.com/showthread.php?t=794269

March 2007 Trip Report to DL: http://www.disboards.com/showthread....275&highlight=
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Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really enjoyed your trip report. Keep them coming!!!!
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DIS Veteran
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I'm loving the trip report (and pre-trip too ) so far!!

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Enjoyed reading your trip report. I, like Krispe, can't wait to see some photos and read more of your trip report.

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DIS Veteran
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Too Funny, vacationing with 4 kids under 6 yrs. old, I knew it
had to be funny.

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I can show you the world... Don't you dare close your eyes!
I mostly just like the pretty colors
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Originally Posted by LuvindisCruiser
Too Funny, vacationing with 4 kids under 6 yrs. old, I knew it
had to be funny.
Yup, without my sense of humor, I don't know where my family would be! Sometimes, I think there's got to be a hidden camera somewhere. Although the foibles may be small, they are constantly being thrown at me... it's got to be a joke, hasn't it?
Numerous DL Trips as a kid, and a few WDW ones too!
Our Disney Family was Est. 3/29/1997 at Disney Land! DD 15 , DD 14 , DS 13 , DD 11
Family Trips include April 2004 Pop; June 2004 GF; April 2005 Pop; March 2007 DL Marriot MainGate; Sept 2008 ASMusic; March 2014 Caribe Royale

April 2005 WDW Trip Report: WDW w/4 Kids: 4/5/05-4/12/05 http://disboards.com/showthread.php?t=794269

March 2007 Trip Report to DL: http://www.disboards.com/showthread....275&highlight=
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