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Old 03-13-2005, 10:30 AM   #1
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Two 20something WDW Fans- Day 2 (June 2004)

Cast of characters

Garrett, age 27- Your humble Narrator. Dedicated Disney nut who obsessively plans every single detail of his vacation, driving seemingly everyone else in the free world completely nuts with his constant talk about WDW. Is known for being the person you'd better not mention WDW too, as he'll never shut up... and heaven forbid if you say you're GOING to WDW... he'll try to plan your trip for you, too! He is in management at a major mall-based book chain and has singlehandedly sold enough copies of the Unofficial Guide and the Passporter to lay waste to a small forest. Has been to Disney only twice before (1984 and 2003), but is planning on making an annual trip if finances allow (fingers crossed...)

Nikkie, age 29- Music teacher extraordinaire who really needs the annual break from her students (what a great idea... going from a classroom full of screaming kids to a theme park full of screaming kids). Also a devoted Disney fan, especially of Winnie the Pooh. Not quite the rabid WDW aficionado I am, but she's getting there! Made her first trip last year with me after years of planning, and I think she was more sad to leave than I was... so we immediately planned the next trip!

Day 2- Wednesday, June 2

Plan: Disney-MGM Studios all day, dinner at Hollywood & Vine, Fantasmic


Last year, I couldn't sleep the first night at WDW. Chalk it up to unfamiliar beds, excitement, whatever. Therefore, I was really surprised to find myself sleeping hard until 7:00 when Mickey & Minnie called to wake us. I suppose all the activity yesterday helped.

Nikkie was the first to actually drag herself out of bed. She dressed and went to the food court to fill our mugs while I got ready to go. We enjoyed our breakfast of mini muffins and cereal bars and got everything together, leaving the room about 8:00. We discovered that it was quicker to go around the end of the building to get to the bus stop rather than go through Classic Hall. Looks like we'll be taking this little shortcut from now on.

We arrived at the bus stop to be greeted with the sight of a million people in the queue for Epcot, and an empty queue for MGM. This, my friends, is why we avoid early entry. I don't understand why all these people were clamoring for EE at Epcot, either-- it was already about 8:15, and they had missed the beginning of EE. Oh well...less crowds for us. We actually were the only ones on the bus on the way over to MGM. Personal chauffer service is always nice.

We arrived at Disney-MGM Studios very quickly. I love how close Pop Century is-- it only took us about 5 minutes to get there. Nikkie took my picture in front of the big Star Wars Weekends banner outside the gate, and we lined up at the turnstiles. At 8:45 they let everyone in and up Hollywood Boulevard, and we waited while the Tower bellhops told us that they would be very upset with us if we trampled them on our mad dash up Sunset Boulevard. At 9:00 they played the park opening speech, and we were quickly on our way up Sunset towards Rock 'n Roller Coaster. I'd been looking forward to this-- it's my favorite ride at WDW. We first grabbed Fastpasses for 9:40-10:40 then joined the standby line, but for some reason it wasn't moving. We stood there for about 10 minutes before the line started moving. We were through the queue, preshow, and into our super-stretch limo in about 15 minutes. Before we knew it Steven Tyler was screaming numbers in our ears and we were off. Boy, I love this ride. Our adrenaline suitably charged, we left RnRC and headed back up Sunset Boulevard towards the Great Movie Ride. This would be new for us since it was under rehab last year during our trip.

The Great Movie ride was posted at a 10 minute wait. I actually could have stood to wait longer so I could see more of the movie trailers in the queue. We got through quickly and boarded our tram. Both of us really enjoyed this ride, especially me, being the film buff that I am. We got the gangster scene and our gangster was a good actor. I especially enjoyed the montage at the end of the ride. We left the theater, glad to have finally seen the ride. It was now about 10:00, and we decided to move on to Star Tours instead of using our RnRC Fastpasses. I expected a short wait for Star Tours this early in the morning, and I was right. The wait was posted at 5 minutes, but we basically walked straight through the queue and right into the loading area. The preshow video cracks me up every time, especially when the kid takes the flash photo of Chewbacca. Star Tours was great, as usual, and we touched down (almost) safe and sound on Endor.

We moved on to Muppetvision 3D, another of our favorites. We must have timed things perfectly because we got to see the whole preshow this time. I showed Nikkie the key under the mat at the entrance, and pointed out the "a-net-full-of-jello" in the preshow area. This is my favorite preshow at WDW-- I love the surprise appearance of "Mickey Mouse". We grabbed our 3D glasses and headed in. We loved Muppetvision 3D this year, but I think it's been upstaged by Philharmagic. We left the Muppet Theater at 11:00 and walked through New York Street towards Mickey Avenue. I consulted the schedule and saw that Who Wants To Be A Millionaire- Play It! was starting at 11:20. We walked right in and sat down. I'm a huge-- and I mean HUGE-- gameshow fan, so I was bound and determined that I was going to make the hot seat this time.

I don't remember what the Fastest Finger question was. I do remember that I blew it. The winner was a young girl from Orlando who looked like she was about 11 or 12 and got it by pushing the buttons as fast as she could. She bombed out at the 500 point mark on a question about humpback whales. The leaderboard came up-- sixth place for me. Soooo close! A man from North Carolina entered the hot seat next. He made it to 1000 points easily, and when they showed the leaderboard, I was in 2nd place! I was almost beside myself with excitement, and hunkered down for the next set of questions. Maybe my excitement got the better of me. I bombed two questions and by the 32,000 point level I had fallen off the leaderboard. Oh well-- easy come, easy go. The show ended when the man bombed out on the 125,000 point question about fireworks.

It was now almost noon, and we were getting hungry, but we didn't want to eat too much for lunch because of our relatively early dinner seating at Hollywood and Vine. We ended up on Sunset Boulevard at Toluca Legs Turkey Co. and got two emu legs...ahem... turkey legs and a Coke to share. They were quite good, actually. I finished before Nikkie and offered to go to Rock 'n Roller Coaster for Fastpasses while she finished. I went and grabbed FP's for 2:30-3:30, and when I got back to our table Nikkie was finished. We decided it was time for our afternoon break, so we headed out of the park and to the bus stop. To our surprise, our bus stop was one of the very first stops-- a very welcome surprise. We waited about 5 minutes for a bus, and got back to Pop Century about 12:40.

Nikkie laid down for a nap while I grabbed our mugs and headed for Classic Hall. I looked around a bit in Everything Pop and was pleased with what I saw. Being the video game junkie I am, I had to check out the arcade, and I was duly impressed-- thay had some hard-to-find games there. I figure I'll have to come back here later and spend a few bucks. I filled our mugs and headed back to the room, expecting to find Nikkie asleep but instead finding her watching The Young and the Restless. I shouldn't have been surprised-- it's pretty much her favorite show. I worked on the trip report a bit and we set a wake up call for 2:15. We took a short nap and awoke refreshed and ready for our evening back at Disney-MGM.

We headed to the bus stop at about 2:30, waited about 5 minutes for the bus, and AGAIN had the bus all to ourselves! When I told the driver this was the SECOND time today we had a bus alone, she said that we could tell everyone back home that we had a personal chauffer service with a 30-foot limo to the parks.

We quickly arrived at Disney-MGM Studios, got through the gate, and headed straight to Rock 'n Roller Coaster to use our Fastpasses. We got through the line and into the preshow quickly, but the alleyway loading area was all backed up. "Keep moving all the way forward, please...", said a CM on the intercom, over and over and over and over... I wanted to shout, "OK I'll just move forward and knock down all these other people here..."

Anyway, we eventually boarded our limo. This time we sat for awhile at the launch area. I was afraid something might be wrong, but in no time we were off. I don't think I'll ever get tired of this ride. I do want to mention an aside-- this ride is very well designed to accomodate people of all different shapes and sizes. I'm "pooh sized" and Nikkie is very skinny, and we both fit fine. Kudos to the coaster designers. The ride was great at usual, and we almost bought the picture this time, but I decided against it.

It was now 3:30 so we decided to head to Great Movie Ride and maybe do it again. The wait was 35 mniutes so we skipped it and headed to Star Tours, which had a 25 minute wait. That seemed a little long for us, so we went to Muppetvision again which we walked right into and caught the very end of the preshow. We both enjoyed the show again, of course. We looked for a moment in the Muppets shop and headed over to the Backlot Tour. We almost got in line but our PS was only about an hour away so we decided to pass for now. We continued down the street to check out One Man's Dream. We had missed this last year, and I'm glad we got to see it this year. We spent awhile looking at the exhibits, then went in to watch the movie about Walt's life. This is a very well produced and touching film, and I think everyone who goes to WDW should see it at least once, if only to gain a greater appreciation of the true genius and creativity of this great man.

We left One Man's Dream and headed towards Hollywood & Vine for our PS. We checked in about 4:45 for our 5:00 seating and had a seat outside the restaurant. While we waited we watched some Streetmosphere characters dressed as plumbers have a plunger-throwing contest. Pretty amusing. We were seated within 5 minutes, and our server Bill explained the buffet to us. He was friendly and efficient, keeping our drinks well filled. We tried pretty much everything on the buffet, and everything was good. Nikkie especially enjoyed the peel and eat shrimp, and I enjoyed the salmon. The prime rib was pretty good, too. We both enjoyed the cheesecake for dessert. We took care of the check and collected our vouchers for Fantasmic.

It was now about 6:10, and we were too full from our nice big dinner, so we decided to browse the shops for awhile. We looked at some nice stuff, but we didn't buy anything just yet. We decided to go to the Backlot Tour now, so we headed back there. When we got there they were asking for volunteers for the next show. We declined since we had done it last year-- it was a great memory and a ton of fun, but I wanted to watch it and tape it. Unfortunately, the people who had volunteered looked embarassed and didn't really "ham it up" like we tried to do last year. It was still entertaining, though. We headed through the prop room and on to the trams. I tried to get a seat on the right side of the tram since I wanted to tape Catastrophe Canyon and I didn't want to end up with a waterlogged camcorder. The tour was pretty much the same as last year with the exception of the removal of Residential Street. They did take us by the Motor Stunt Show construction. Catastrophe Canyon was fun, and I'm glad I sat on the right side because we seemed to get a lot wetter than last year. We looked in the villians exhibit for a bit (we had seen it last year) and after Nikkie got a ridiculous picture of me wearing an Indiana Jones fedora, and we walked towards the Little Mermaid show.

Unfortunately when we got there they had already done the last show of the day. We went to the tip board at Hollywood and Sunset, and I thought we could squeeze in a quick ride on Star Tours before we headed to Fantasmic. There was only a 5 minute wait, and we were in and out quickly. Despite our large meals a couple of hours ago, everything stayed down, fortunately . I'm starting to get to the point on Star Tours where I can recite the lines along with Captain Rex. It's still fun every time, though I'd be happy with an update. It was about 8:10 so we headed towards Oscar's for our Fantasmic seating.

First, a bit of our Fantasmic history. Last year, on our first scheduled day to do Fantasmic, we were too tired in the afternoon and ended up skipping the show, figuring we could catch in the next night. The next day it rained all day, and the show was rained out. This was our last day, and we never did get to see Fantasmic. I planned to rectify that this year.

We got to Oscar's about 8:15, and were let in the "back door". Wow, this is a really long walk! We walked and walked and walked and walked and made it to the theater which seems like it's about a mile from the rest of the park. We got there, turned in our voucher, and found a good seat in the reserved section about halfway up. We settled in to wait for the show and did the "wave" about a million times. While we waited, I kept my fingers crossed as some pretty threatening clouds started to approach. Finally, 9:00 arrived and the show began. We were really enjoying the show, when it happened. About 15 minutes in, I felt the first drop. Then another. And another. Then a few more. Then a bunch. I put away the camcorder and the ponchos came out. Then it started raining harder. You can guess what happened next. Right in the middle of the show, they shut everything off and an announcement came over the loudspeakers that Fantasmic had been cancelled. Big surprise.

We headed out of the theater with everyone else, and it was pouring-- literally buckets of water were falling from the sky. The ponchos didn't seem to help much-- I was completely soaked all the way through. I couldn't have been more upset-- I had spent such a long time planning the trip, and this had to happen. I was angry, we were miserable, and by this time we were ready to just get back to the room. What really upset me is that we had to walk all the way around Sunset Boulevard to get back to the entrance. Even in all the rain we couldn't take the shortcut by Oscar's. Oh well. We got to Hollywood Boulevard and took the shortcut by walking from shop to shop. We exited the park, thoroughly soaked and completely upset

We got in the queue back to Pop Century with all the other rain-soaked folks and quickly got on a bus. On the way back, everyone was discussing the cancellation of the show. I said that we had now been rained out twice and that nobody should try to go to the show on Monday, since we were trying again then and it would surely get rained out. Everyone around us on the bus laughed, but I'm not so sure I was joking. We got back to Pop Century at about 9:50 and headed back to our room. I was still really upset when we got there. We dried off, changed our clothes and slipped on our water shoes since our other shoes were now soaked (yeah, we were stupid not to bring an extra pair). We walked to the food court to get drinks, then went back to the room. We sat and watched some TV and I started to calm down a little. We would try to see the show again on Monday, and we had a lot of fun ahead of us. I decided I wasn't going to let this ruin the trip. I worked on the trip report for a while, set a wake-up call, and we turned in for the night.

Best Moments:Riding Rock 'n Roller Coaster twice (my favorite ride at WDW.) Seeing Great Movie Ride for the first time. Being in 2nd place at Millionaire.
Worst Moments: Bombing two questions in a row after being in 2nd place at Millionare. Getting rained out of Fantasmic (we are now 0 for 2.) Getting soaked.
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Old 03-13-2005, 11:08 AM   #2
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Great report! can't wait to read more and hope you get to finally see fantasmic!
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Old 03-21-2005, 02:18 PM   #3
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A-HA!! SO Phillarmagic wins. I so totally agree! OMG.. I LOVED IT! This was my sister's (31) fav part of MK total.. I think she could spend the entire day inside Phillarmagic. LOL

Sorry about Fantasmic. I hope you do get to see it, it's amazing. When we saw it, we'd been in Epcot all day (I think that was it), then got to MGM a bit early.. grabbed some yummies and found a seat. It started YAY!!! Mickey comes out.. does his WAM w/ his arms where the pyro comes out his gloves.. and ... NOTHING. NADA... ZILCH. At the time I didn't know it was wrong. but WAHH!! They spent 30min resetting the show and finally. YAY!!!

From reading your taste.. YOU'll LOVE IT!!!! good luck!
-Deedee P "just keep swimming.. just keep swimming.."
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