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Old 01-13-2005, 02:09 PM   #1
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Dec trip report (finally) - Day 5

Who's traveling?

Monica (me) Ė Disney lover, frequent traveler, Disneyland AP holder, 2nd trip to WDW
Trevoy (my 9yr old son) Ė Disney lover in the making, frequent traveler because Mom drags him around, Disneyland AP holder, 2nd trip to WDW
Tameka (friend) Ė frequent travel partner, canít understand my obsession with Disney, 2nd trip to WDW although first trip was only 1 day at MK
Dejante (DJ) (friendís 8yr old Godson) Ė first time traveler (never been on a plane, never been in a rental car, never stayed in a hotel, you get the picture), first visit to any Disney theme park

Day 5 Ė MGM and Magic Kingdom for Mickeyís Very Merry Christmas Party

We are going to take it easy this morning since we will be going to Mickeyís Very Merry Christmas Party (MVMCP) tonight. I think we got to MGM by 9:15 and headed straight over to Rock N Roller Coaster, grabbed Fastpasses for later, then went through the Standby Line. We walked right into the pre-show and were on the ride within 10 minutes.

Next we went to Tower of Terror which had a 13 minute wait. I had to point this out to everyone. You will never see a shorter wait than 13 minutes. I then had to explain that 13 is an unlucky number and this is an unlucky hotel, etc. That didnít reassure Tameka, who was not sure she even wanted to ride anyway. Inside I had to check out the bulletin board in the lobby with the fallen letters spelling Ďevil tower u r doomedí. I hadnít actually seen it before, although I knew about it. I love this ride so much more than the California version. I even broke the heart of a CM at Calif. Adventure when I had to tell him that the sister hotel in Florida was so much better. Tameka ended up liking the ride, and the boys did too. The thrill rides are no problem, itís the slower story rides that we lose them on.

I was going to take us to the Great Movie Ride next, but we ran into all the characters at the Sorcererís Hat. So we stopped to see Timon, but thatís all we had time for since the characters were all being called to go help Mickey. Instead of the Great Movie Ride, I remembered that we could meet the Incredibles, so we went to the Magic of Disney Animation. The show was just about to start, so we walked right in. It was actually an entertaining little show, but I wanted to meet Elastigirl, so move it along Mushu. We had about a 20 minute wait for the characters. We had gotten there right as one session was ending and Mr and Mrs Incredible and Frozone had to go Ďsave the worldí. Mr Incredible and Elastigirl came back but we were told that Frozone was only there for every other session. Not sure why and had I known that, I would have taken his picture before he left. He kept peeking behind the wall playing with the kids in line, so I could have gotten one really easy. Maybe next trip.

Pictures taken care of, it was now time for the Great Movie Ride. It took us about 20 minutes to get on the ride. With such big ride vehicles, I donít understand why it took so long. Can anyone explain? I know there are some Hidden Mickeys on this ride, but I couldnít find them. I had actually forgotten where to look and I didnít have my cheat sheet with me. Again, maybe next trip. (I think Iím just trying to justify going back, as if I really need a reason!)

Next we go see the Indian Jones Stunt Spectacular. We were a little late so the extras were already chosen. After the show I didnít really get any feedback so I donít know if the others like it. I know Trevoy does, but not sure about Tameka and DJ. Time for another show though since Who Wants to be a Millionaire was about to start. Unfortunately Iím not that familiar with the back side of the park and took us around a really long way to get there. But we make it to Millionaire with 5 minutes to spare. I had been to the show many times in California, but this was my first time here. It all looks the same though. The two people to make it in to the hotseat, as usual, had been there before AND were husband and wife. I know the trick of pushing the button as soon as you know youíve got the right answer. My problem is that I end up not having the right answer, but I sure am fast at pushing the button. Some day Iíll get there.

Time for lunch, but no one can figure out what they want. This was actually the first meal that I really didnít have any plans for so I needed everyoneís input on where to go. They were no help so we finally ended up going over to Sunset Blvd and getting burgers. Not really what I wanted, but we knew we were going to use our Fastpasses for RnR, so it was easiest to just get something there.

After lunch and riding RnR, it was time to go. But I made the mistake of ducking into a shop for what I thought was a quick look. I saw a Mickey Christmas train ornament and realized I hadnít gotten my son his yearly train ornament and of course I couldnít be left out so I got me a Tink ornament. Tameka and DJ had found a few things to get too, so after about 30 minutes of shopping, we headed to the bus stop.

I insisted that we take a break this afternoon since we were going to MVMCP tonight. When we got to the Lodge, I stopped at Mara to refill my mug. By the time I got to the room, Tameka had the boys in their beds and almost asleep. We let them sleep for about an hour and got them up at 4:30pm. I had hoped to be leaving by 4:30 but we had spent too much time at the Studios this morning and I figured it was more important that they get rest than getting to the Magic Kingdom by 5pm.

When we got to MK it was almost 6 and we still had to stand in line at Guest Services to pick up our tickets. This was not the way I wanted to start out our party. But, tickets in hand, wristbands on, and glow necklaces we had purchased from the Dollar Store at home, and we were finally in the park. Since the park was officially closed to day guests, we were herded over to Tomorrowland. The entrance to the area was pretty crowded but we headed on back to Space Mountain which only had a 10 minute wait and thatís only because it takes so long to walk through the queue.

Since it was not crowded, the CM let us have a train to ourselves. Why do the boys choose now to argue over who gets the front? And it wasnít even that either one wanted the front, they wanted the other person to be in front. Oh man, is this party going to be a bomb with attitudes like this? Trevoy ended up in front with me behind him. I love Space Mountain, I just wish that the Florida version would get the soundtrack like in California. Having the rock music blast in your ears is part of the fun. As soon as it was over, we headed right back around to the entrance. The line was a little longer now, but still only 15 minutes.

Now it was 7pm and the rest of the park was open for us. We went over to Adventure land since most folks were either staying put in Tomorrowland or gathering in front of the castle for one of the shows. We did some pin trading along the way, considered stopping for our free photo, but the line was already so long. So we just grabbed some hot cocoa and cookies, then went to Aladinís Magic Carpets. We got spit on by the camels along the way. Trevoy was busy pin trading and didnít finish his snacks yet, so we sent DJ on the ride alone. Finally, my slow eater was done, and Trevoy and I rode the carpets. We only had to wait until the next loading of the carpets. It really wasnít that crowded in this area yet.

We saw Timon and Rafiki while we were on the ride, but they were gone when we finished. Next we went to Pirates of the Caribbean which had about a 10 minute wait. I hadnít noticed the pirates playing chess on my last trip, so I made sure to look for them this time. Trevoy loves all the Disney secrets I come up with. Anyway, Iím sorry WDW fans, but your version of Pirates, well, sucks. It is so short and is missing some really great scenes. I much prefer the Disneyland version, but you do have the hairy legged pirate, so its not all bad.

After Pirates, we found Wendy waiting to greet guests. No one was stopping to see her, so we did. Got pictures and autographs, and headed over to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (BTMR). On the way, we crossed the parade route. It wasnít parade time, but everyone was lined up already. We took some time for pin trading and played a few games with the Cast Members. They had set up a bean bag toss for the kids (well adults too since they let me play). Everyone got a candy cane as a prize. I kept assuring the boys that we would see the same parade later tonight, so we didnít have to get a spot yet.

Plus, I coaxed them with the promise of a roller coaster, BTMR. I think this was the longest line we waited in tonight, a true 15 minutes of waiting, not just walking the queue. We were towards the back of the train, which is my favorite for this ride. Afterwards, the boys wanted to ride Splash Mountain, of which I love the Florida version, but it was just too cold. Neither Tameka or I wanted to take them on it. So instead, we started towards Liberty Square.

Along the way, we caught glimpses of the parade, and again I had to promise that we would see it later. We found Brer Rabbit and took some pictures. Then went to the Haunted Mansion. I wanted to wait to see Madame Leotaís tombstone, but the CM kept telling us to keep moving. Now, there was no line at all, and no one was behind us, but she still would let us hang out there. As Iím writing this trip report, I just remembered that I didnít look for the ring in the sidewalk when we exiting. Another reason for another trip!

It was almost time for the fireworks, so I led us towards Fantasyland. Along the way we rode Winnie the Pooh. I tried to spot Mr Toad, but I couldnít find him. Next time. For the fireworks, I had heard that a prime viewing spot is near Dumbo, so thatís where I took us. When I got back from the trip, I read more up to date reports that said for the holiday fireworks, you really need to be on the other side of the castle. Maybe next time. We still had a great, unobstructed view for most of the show. But we did have to keep turning around because there was so many rockets being shot from the castle itself. And the finale, being encircled by fireworks was spectacular.

Much to my chagrin, the group wanted to eat dinner. See, part of my plan was to get to the park about 5, ride a few rides, then eat dinner from 6-7 while they park was being cleared out. I really donít like spending the extra money to be in the parks for these special parties, then wasting time sitting around. But I was outvoted so we went to Cosmic Rays.

On the way, we saw the White Rabbit, so we stopped for autographs. There was really some strange bickering going on between the boys. Instead of always wanting to be first, they wanted the other person to go. Well, Trevoy had lost his pen and need to borrow DJís until I got him a replacement. When it came to our turn for the White Rabbit, DJ, who was first in line, didnít want to go. So we were trying to ask him for his pen, but apparently the mother behind us was very impatient. She literally pushed past us and went up to the character. I told her we were next and were just trying to get the pen, and she just snorted at me!. Seriously snorted. So I stated, rather loudly, ďThank you for showing my kids what the meaning of RUDE is.Ē She muttered something about being rude, and I swear I almost walked in front of her camera to ruin her picture. But I held it in. The greeter that was with the rabbit leaned over and said, ďThank you, you donít know how many times Iíve wanted to speak up, but we canít.Ē Um, Iím thinking, you can tell people not to cut in line, but I didnít say anything else negative. We got our autographs and pictures and moved along.

At dinner, DJ sulked and Trevoy barely ate. Man, you guys insisted on eating dinner, then you act up?? What a waste of my time. Yes, I know, Iím an ogre when it comes to touring the parks. I hate sitting around needlessly. Anyway, time to head back over to Adventureland and stake out a spot for the 2nd parade. I really did not expect such a big crowd. I guess everyone is learning that the 2nd parade is less crowded. So now I guess those of us in the know, need to start going to the 1st parade?? We walked the entire last half of the parade route from Liberty Square to Splash Mountain (SM). Every spot was 2 or 3 people deep. So we hung out at the base of SM just far enough back so they wouldnít tell us to move. This was the crossing area that they wonít let be blocked until the parade is right there.

As soon as the ropes were put up, we were right in front. We had a great view of the parade and got some good pictures. Except for the lady next to me who held her camera up at all times. It wasnít even a video camera. This forced me to either have her elbow in my pictures, or hold my camera father out so get around her arm. Missed a few shots because of this. But I got my beloved Toy Soldiers. They are my favorite part of the Christmas parade.

After the parade, we decided to check on the line for the pictures. On the way, we ran into the Country Bears, so we took some time for autographs and pictures. While we were getting the autographs, King Louie and Baloo came over. All the characters started playing around with each other so we took pictures with all four of them. There was no one else around so we just played around for a while.

We then found the line for the pictures. It was still really long, but we decided to do it anyway. There were so many stations set up that it actually moved quickly. We were done in about 15 minutes. It was now almost midnight so we headed over to the castle to watch the Celebrate the Season show. It wasnít too crowded since the park was technically closed by now. I am continually amazed at the different effects they can project on the castle. I must have taken 20 different pictures. Unfortunately Iím still getting used to my digital camera, so not very many of them came out.

When the show was over, I stalled for a little bit. I wanted to see the Kiss Goodnight. There were maybe 15 other people around when it started. Amazing to be in the park with so few other people. After the Kiss, I wanted to get a picture of Trevoy and I in front of the partners statue, so Tameka took it for us. It came out ok, but a little dark. But the best part is I have a picture of us with the castle in the background and absolutely no one else in the picture. By this time there were only 2 other people in the hub and they were waiting to take the same picture we did.

Back to reality as we were walking down Mainstreet, there were still a bunch of people shopping. Several stores already had their doors closed. It was an interesting way of leading guests towards the front of the park. First the shops at the farthest end, closest to the castle would lock their doors, then slowly moving forward, more doors would get locked. Now you could still moving back and forth within the stores, but you couldnít get in, or leave at the back of the street. We hopped in the Emporium for a few quick trinkets. I had forgotten all night to look for the Christmas party trading pins. Luckily they had some left and I picked up 2 along with a photo album. Tameka picked up a few things too.

We werenít really paying that much attention to how long we were in the stores. But when we came out, it was really dead on Mainstreet. I made a quick stop at City Hall to double check our Priority Seating for breakfast the next morning, and good thing I did. Our PS was at 10:30 and for some reason I was remembering it as 9:50. Not sure why, but glad I had checked. A quick glance at the clock on the wall told me it was 1AM. Oh my gosh! One hour after park closing and the buses only run for 1 hour after closing. We hightailed it out of the park, saw a few buses still at the pick up so we started running. For me, the running lasted maybe 50 yards. I am not a runner!! The boys made it about half way to the bus stop before they slowed down. But Tameka, man, she ran the whole way. There was no way she was letting the bus driver leave us. No difficulties for her though, she runs Track and Field every spring. The bus waited a few more minutes, but no one else came, so off we go to the Lodge. On the way the boys crashed. They had a fun night, but they were exhausted.

Next: Oct '14 WDW / Jan '15 DCL B2B Caribbean
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I was there on one of the parties

we had a good time of doing absolutely nothing.....we got our pictures taken and ate cookies and cocoa and had a great time.......thanks so much for reminding me of our visit too

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My granddaughter always falls asleep on the buses too. Wonderful night! I haven't been to the Christmas party yet, but I've been to the Halloween party. One of these days....
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Loved the report and great pictures, thanks so much for sharing!
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enjoying your reports - hopefully the kids were just a little cranky and tomorrow they will be buddies again.

thanks for posting
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i'm really enjoying your trip reports, thanks for sharing them!!! if you don't mind, what's the Kiss Goodnight? i have never heard of that before....
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^^ The Kiss Goodnight happens after closing. I think maybe 15 min or so. They play an annoucement about ending the operating day, and wishing everyone a goodnight. They then play music and go through all the different color effects on the castle. Really some great photo ops. If you are near the front, you will sometimes see Mickey (and friends) waving and blowing kisses from the train station.

Next: Oct '14 WDW / Jan '15 DCL B2B Caribbean
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