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Old 12-07-2004, 11:32 AM   #1
aka Marky Mark's Wife
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A Trip Like No Other (Happenings Old and New, Good and Bad): 11/30-12/04

Me (Rhonda/Mommy, age 31, WDW Vet)
DH (Mark/Daddy, age 32, WDW Vet)
DS (Wesley, age almost 3, WDW Vet)
FIL (they've both been to WDW, but we did a lot of things new to them)

Back in the summer, when DH and I were in the throes of planning our September trip, we got this wild idea to see if my MIL and FIL would be willing to do a Christmas trip instead of a bunch of gifts. They were dying to go to WDW with DS, anyway. One phone call, and we had the green light to start planning. They were going to pay for rooms and tickets, and we would pay for character meals. We did lots of planning, and after our September trip, we started looking forward to December's trip. (We actually decided to go down a day early, and do a character breakfast at 1900 Park Fare before we met them on Wednesday.) Fast forward to last weekend, which was very stressful with some work related things going on (DH), plus DS was not feeling well, and by Monday, DH was quite ill. There are some things you just can't plan for, you know? Monday night DH's temp was 103.5º. Yikes! We were planning to leave Tuesday around 5pm. Thankfully, on Tuesday, he was feeling better, and DS seemed to be feeling fine. We left right around 5pm, as planned, and arrived at ASMo about 11pm.

Tuesday night:
We always hope to get a Toy Story room, but so far, we've never gotten one on our arrival day. This time we were assigned to the Love Bug section. (It was our second time there.) We were a little disappointed to miss out on Toy Story AGAIN, but it was nice to be in such a quiet section. One thing~the bedspreads were really yucky. DH said that he thought the one on DS' bed smelled like BO. We pulled them back, and didn't really use them. DS and I went to sleep pretty quickly, but DH didn't sleep well that night.

Wednesday, 12/01, Park Fare, DTD, CA Grill:
We loaded the car, played in Andy's Room for a few minutes, then drove to the Pop, to see if we could check in early. Karen was very helpful, and soon had us checked in. We had two rooms in the 50s section, building 3, 3314 and 3315. We didn't take the time then to go to the rooms, because we had a 10:40 PS at 1900 Park Fare.

We arrived a little early, but didn't wait too long~just long enough to check out the decorations (including the gingerbread house) at the Grand Floridian. We knew Bert wouldn't be there on a weekday, but we were expecting the Mad Hatter. Well, actually, we only saw Pooh, Tigger and Alice. Mary Poppins was in the lobby for a while, though. We enjoyed our breakfast (that is probably our favorite character breakfast)-dining reviews are located on the restaurant board. We brought two gifts: a small "jar" of honey for Pooh, and cat treats for Alice to give to her cat, Dinah. We had fairly good interaction with Pooh and Alice. We didn't see too much of Tigger this time. We left our table for a few minutes to go see Mary Poppins in the lobby. I was very excited to see that she was in her "regular" dress, instead of her frilly white one. Good interaction there. She talked to DS for quite a while. She is a character that we typically have excellent interaction with. We didn't linger too much, as it was almost time to meet MIL and FIL at Downtown Disney.

We met up with the inlaws in the parking lot, and began touring around. After a while, they said they were hungry (they hadn't eaten yet), so we all ended up at the Earl of Sandwich. It was very good~DH and I split a sandwich, even though it hadn't been all that long since our brunch. We walked around a bit more, and eventually made it over to see Santa. Surprise, NO LINE!! DS was a tiny bit shy, but did tell Santa what he wants for Christmas (a Diesel-from Thomas the Train, a sucker, and a kitchen). He had a bit of conversation with Santa, and we got a really great picture of them. M/FIL bought two 5x7s, which was nice. After that, DS was getting a little cranky, so we decided it was time for a nap~hopefully!

We headed to the Pop, and tried the 4 card keys on room 3315. No luck. Guess what! They ALL worked for 3314! After a call to the front desk, they said they would bring up keys for 3315. I thought that was nice. I would expect at the Value resorts to have to go back and get the keys myself. I tried to get DS settled in 3314 while M/FIL (and DH) waited outside for keys to their room. I got DS to sleep, and DH came in to tell me that he was walking over to Classic Hall to get the Candlelight Processional tickets, and also our one day Epcot passes. I think I dozed until he came back. He was still not feeling 100%, so he decided to get in a bath for a while. Unfortunately, the running water kept me awake then! DS slept for just over an hour.

M/FIL wanted to be at Rainforest Cafe around 5:30, so they would hopefully not have to wait long. As he woke up (I had to wake him), I told him he was going on a very special date with Grandma and Dat (that's what he calls them). He wanted to know if I was coming, and I said, "No, Daddy and I are going to have a date while you are on your date." He cried and said he wanted me to come with him. That made me feel good! Of course, I felt even better when he decided that a date with Grandma and Dat would be fun, and he went off with them, no crying. DH and I then set about getting ready for OUR date. CA Grill, here we come!

We checked in, and had just gotten on the elevator, when DH got a work-related phone call~Oh, no!! Bert showed us to our table, which was great, then DH had to step out to return the call. Fortunately, it didn't take too long. Our server, Andy, was wonderful, very helpful and knowledgeable about the menu, wines, etc. After we stuffed ourselves silly, we headed back to the Pop~and we actually beat DS and M/FIL back! They came in with lots of stories about their evening, and after a little discussion, and a meeting time for the morning, DS, M/FIL and I walked to the other "arm" of the building to watch the fireworks. (DH tried to relax in the tub again.) Then we all headed to bed. DS got to watch the end of the Monsters, Inc. bedtime story, and all of the Toy Story 2 one, which is his favorite. I think we all slept pretty well!

Thursday, 12/02, Epcot Day:
After a quick run through the McD's drive thru, we got to Epcot about 8:40, and sat in the car to eat. We had to wait a bit for the bag check, and then stood with the crowd waiting for the Park Opening Ceremony. We love the one at MK, so this was somewhat of a disappointment. Wasn't really anything exciting, just the character bus drove up, they all waved, then it rounded the corner, and we were let in. We went towards the characters, and got to see Pinocchio and Geppetto (needed their signatures for DS' t-shirt), Mary Poppins (we "reminded" her that we'd seen her the day before at 1900 Park Fare, in her "everyday" dress, and she said to DS, "No wonder you looked so familiar! Yes, I decided to dress up a bit more today!"), Pluto, and Minnie. It was time for the bus to go, so we all headed towards Journey Into Imagination. This is one of DS' favorites. He just loves that stinky skunk! After that, we hit The Land, and then The Living Seas. Nemo was out, along with Coral Reef (that was a new one for us~anyone else seen him/her?). After a picture, we went to see "the fish". I have fish issues, so this is not one of my favorite attractions. I tolerate it only because DS enjoys it so much. We were there much too long, in my opinion! On to Spaceship Earth... Then we started towards World Showcase. With any luck, we can eat (Tangierine Cafe) and then make it to Japan by 12:20 to catch the characters on holiday again. That's pretty much what we did. DS and I were finished first, so we went to see the Genie while the others finished up. Then we saw the bus coming, so we hurried on to Japan. This time, I think we got to see every character: Mickey, Minnie, Goofy Santa, Chip/Dale, Robin Hood, Baloo, Friar Tuck, Rafiki, Captain Hook and Smee, Terk...that's all I can recall. For some reason, DS really took to Terk. He just hugged him and hugged him! Later he said that he was "soft and cuddly".

Next begins a long series of back-tracking (we seem to do a lot of that in the early afternoons, between Morocco, France and UK). As we passed back thru Morocco, Aladdin was out with Genie...so we stopped for another picture. In France, I checked the time for Belle and Beast appear: 1:30...on to UK, where we saw Mary Poppins again, and Pooh and Eeyore. DS was more interested in playing with the Thomas (the train) set-up. That's one of his "things" these days. He was quite unhappy when we told him it was time to go. He had himself a little temper tantrum. He is not a tantrum-thrower, ordinarily, so it's not something we have to deal with very often. The only thing we knew to do was put him in the stroller and let him cry himself to sleep. (It was naptime, after all, which is what triggered the whole thing.) He fell asleep in France, just before Belle and Beast made their appearance. The line was incredibly long, and there were lots of loud people around, so we decided to forego the sleeping picture with B and B. Back to Morocco, where we did get a picture of him (sleeping) with Jasmine and Aladdin. I don't really remember why we kept doing this, but at that point we headed back to France again (M/FIL stayed in Morocco), and this time we happened up on Sleeping Beauty~he loves her. (He likes to pretend to be Prince Phillip.) She managed to give him a kiss without waking him up, and we went back to Morocco to meet up with M/FIL.

We continued on around, and DS woke up around Germany, where we stopped to watch the trains for a couple of minutes. We took his picture with Snow White and with a Nutcracker. Then it was on to Norway and Mexico, two more of his favorite rides. It was about 3:30 then, and we decided to go back to America and possibly watch The American Adventure (haven't done that in a while). Once there, DH and I decided that having DS sit through that and then the Candlelight Processional at 5 probably wasn't the best idea, so we decided we'd go back to France to try and see Belle and Beast again. M/FIL were just in time to catch the next show. We left them there, and headed off to France. (On the way, we stopped in Morocco again, and DS finally got to take a picture with Jasmine, AWAKE! She and Genie were there.) On to France...We saw Belle, and she told us that Beast would be there about 4:25. Then we found out that Sleeping Beauty would be back out shortly. So...we went to the courtyard to wait, and to let DS burn off some energy. He and I ran around for a while, and DH rested his feet. (The sickness that both DS and DH had was hand, foot and mouth disease. This is basically a cold with a rash~so called, because you get the rash (or blisters, sometimes) on the palms of the hands, soles of the feet, and in your mouth. A couple of odd things: one, most people don't get it more than once~this was DS' third time to have it~and two, adults almost never get it~but DH and I have each had it twice, after or while DS had it. Anyway, DH had a much worse case than DS did, and had some painful blisters on his hands and feet, as well as the ulcers in his mouth. I'm surprised he was able to enjoy himself as much as he did! More on this later.)

This begins one of our "magical" character experiences. Sleeping Beauty did arrive, and there was no one else around. DS got to sit and talk with her for about 10 minutes. He got really comfy, too, put his head in her lap and propped his feet up...it was hilarious! After a couple of minutes we all realized that Aurora was suffering from a terrible case of the hiccups, which was also hilarious! She was wonderful with him. After several minutes, I went to remove him from her lap, because I was afraid the people behind us would be upset...and I realized that there was still no one else around! We got some great pictures and video footage during this exchange. While we were with her, Belle and Beast came out, and Belle remembered DS from earlier, and said she was so happy that he came back to see Beast, and to please come see them in their library when we were finished visiting with Aurora. Aurora called goodbye to "Toto", and then told DS this story: it seems that some visitor to France mistakenly called Belle "Dorothy" (from the Wizard of Oz), so Belle and Aurora decided that Beast would be "Toto" and Aurora would be "Glinda". Well, DS loves The Wizard of Oz, so this was right up his alley. Aurora asked him to please call Beast "Toto" when we went in to see him. At last, some other folks came out, so we had to say our goodbyes. We went in to the library, and called Beast "Toto", and had another good laugh with him and with Belle. (This was the same Belle that we saw in September. It was also the same Jasmine. Those were the only two face characters we saw that were the same.)

Now it's time to go be seated for the Candlelight Processional. DS was quiet, but squirmy, so DH and I didn't enjoy it quite as much as we'd hoped (and as the last time, which was pre-DS). Still, it was wonderful. We heard Kirk Franklin, and were a bit surprised that he was so...unenthusiastic. At the end, he said it was his first time doing it (we thought he was a regular), so I guess maybe he was a little nervous or something? Anyway, after that it was time to get to the Garden Grill for our PS. I gave more details in our experience there in my dining report, so here I will just say that the food was fine, service was lacking, but character interaction (especially with Chip and Dale, and Chip in particular) was outstanding! Chip played with DS for about 15 minutes, complete with crawling on the floor, showing DS how to "ride" the restaurant, pointing out scenery to one another, "whispered" conversations, etc. It was a lot of fun for all of us. I have a great picture of the backsides of Chip, DS and Dale as they kneel on the floor looking at something in the scenery. Two big chipmunk heads and tushes, and little DS' head and tush in the middle! Very cute!

By then it was nearing 8, so we trudged back to WS (DH limped, actually), where we rode Norway, then Mexico (twice), then went out to see Illuminations. Wow, what a fireworks display! I thought it was much better than Wishes. (It had been a while since we'd actually watched Illuminations AT Epcot.) M/FIL decided to stop in Mouse Gear on the way out, and DH and I took DS to play on the "stars" in the sidewalk. He got quite a bit of pavement time (that is one of his favorite things to do~in fact, on the way home, when we asked what he enjoyed best, he said, "playing on the stars"), then we met up with M/FIL, and went back to PC. It was probably close to 11 before we got back to the room, and around midnight before DS and I got into bed. DH discovered when we got back that all those very tiny sore spots/blisters on his feet had turned into huge blood blisters all over his feet during the course of walking 14 hours at Epcot. No wonder he was having trouble walking! I was in bed long before DH, as I wasn't feeling very well (we were hoping I wasn't coming down with the same thing!), and he was tending to his feet. Should make the next day interesting!

Friday, 12/03, Whispering Canyon Cafe, MVMCP:
We all slept in, including DS, who rarely sleeps past 8am...in fact, we had to wake him up at 11am! We had a 12:00 PS for Whispering Canyon. Thankfully, I was feeling much better, and M/FIL had gotten some bandages for DH's feet, although it was pretty clear they wouldn't do much good, so he bandaged up his feet while I got DS ready. FIL dropped us off at the entrance to WL, so DH wouldn't have to walk so far. We had to wait a few minutes for them to open, and we noticed a Santa look-a-like making rounds in the lobby. To our surprise, he was also eating at WCC! The staff had a great time with him! Our lunch was very, very good.

We went back to the Pop, and got our bag ready for the party, and headed to MK a bit early, to see about renting a wheelchair for DH. M/FIL insisted they could push him, while I pushed the stroller. Well, we were there about 3:45, and they told us we would be allowed in at 4 (which we knew). However, the CM did let DH in to get a wheelchair right then, and even told him that they were complimentary for the evening, which we wouldn't have known. At 4, as everyone started shoving tickets in, their terminals froze. The whole thing was shut down. We waited for about 20-25 minutes, and finally they started stamping the backs of tickets, and letting people in, and giving them the armbands. I have no idea how long their terminals were down. We were trying to get to our PS at Liberty Tree Tavern at 4:30, and wouldn't you know, it was right in the middle of parade time! We wound around, and finally got there, but by that time, DH had decided he'd better try to get a motorized scooter, because both M and FIL had been pushing him on the way there, and they were already worn out. We enjoyed LTT, it was a nice meal, neat atmosphere.

Once we were done with that, DS was ready to RIDE something! FIL and DH went back to the front to try for a motorized scooter, and MIL and I took DS to ride Buzz Lightyear. We met up with the guys right after (fortunately, they had gotten a scooter), and headed to Fantasyland. We rode Pooh twice, without even getting off. We also rode Snow White two times in a row. Two CMs told us that Pooh and Snow White were the only things open in Fantasyland at the time, so we wasted a few minutes, only to find that EVERYTHING was actually open. Then we saw Mickey's Philharmagic, which we all really enjoyed (first time for M/FIL). On to Peter Pan~rode it twice, as well. Found a meet and greet area with Donald, and took a picture. Rode Haunted Mansion, then stopped and got some cocoa and cookies. On around to PoC, but first we got to see Wendy and Peter out front. Anyone else think it odd that Peter is found in front of PoC, instead of his own ride? Rode Pirates, and afterwards, Hook and Smee were out. DS said to Hook, "Tick tock, tick tock..." and got a great reaction! From there, we got in line to see Snow White and Dopey, but they left before it was our turn. The lines for the family photos were outrageous, so we ended up skipping it. We rode Magic Carpets, and then thought we'd head back around to Tomorrowland. DH and I wanted to ride Space Mountain, which we haven't done in 2 years (my sis and bil kept DS for us one day when he was about a year old while we went to the parks), and FIL decided to ride with us. MIL and DS went back to Buzz Lightyear. We ended up riding Space Mountain twice (although the handicap entrance is the same as the fast pass line, and he had to transfer to a regular wheelchair to go that way-that was tough, pushing the wheelchair up that thing!). There was no line, especially the second time, as that was during Wishes. Met back up with MIL and DS, decided it was time to find some more characters. Problem was, there were none to be found! They had some kind of dancing thing going on at Ariel's Grotto, but it wasn't like an autograph/picture taking event. We saw the White Rabbit in front of the Teacups, and the handler told us that Alice and the Mad Hatter would be back at 10:30. Behind the castle, we found lines for Cinderella and Prince Charming (their line was already closed, they were leaving soon) and Sleeping Beauty and Prince Phillip, so we hopped in their line, which worked out well since DS said earlier he wanted to see Sleeping Beauty again. And, we've never seen the princes in the parks, other than in the parade. That was exciting! My little prince (whose alter ego is Prince Phillip) was going to meet the "REAL" Prince Phillip (as he says). It was neat to see them as couples instead of just the princesses, even though we didn't meet Cinderella and Prince Charming. It was after 10, and M/FIL wanted to see Country Bears, but DS was so tired we were afraid he'd be too squirmy, so we opted to wait and see Alice while they went and saw Country Bears. We did see both Alice and the Mad Hatter, and then went behind the castle to meet M/FIL...who didn't come, and didn't come... so finally I took DS to ride Snow White again, while DH waited... we got back, and they STILL weren't there yet...

And then we noticed a couple of handlers standing by the castle. DH finally went and asked them if there were characters coming out soon. They said, No, the characters are inside. *Prepare for another magical moment!* We went inside, and there were Cinderella, Prince Charming, Sleeping Beauty and Prince Phillip, with NO ONE there! We got more pictures, and got Prince Charming to sign the t-shirt (Phillip signed earlier, and we'd gotten the girls' in September). DH asked if it would be possible to have a picture with all four of them, so Cinderella took DS by the hand and led him over to the Christmas tree for a "very special picture", as she told him, with all four of them. It turned out great! It will probably be our Christmas card picture this year! We also got pictures of DH with the girls, me with the boys (including DS, because I think he was jealous to see two other "boys" holding Mommy's hands), and pictures of both princesses kissing DS. It was absolutely incredible. Almost 10 minutes with those four, just us! What fun!

Some other people came in then, so our magical moment came to an end, and we went back out to wait for M/FIL, who, it turned out, had gotten held up by the parade. It's nearing 11:30, so we rode Peter Pan again, had another cup of cocoa, and then debated about staying to watch the 12:00 show at the castle. DS was soooo tired...by the time all was said and done, he'd been awake for 15 hours, without a nap. You never would've known it, he was so good. At the last minute, DH decided that we should stay for the show. It was a great show, we were all glad we stayed. But poor DS! His eyes were open, but that was about all... We had a nice stroll down snowy Main Street, enjoying the lights... And then we had to say good-bye-til-February to the MK. DS lost his battle on the monorail, which meant that getting on the tram would be tricky! We had to wait for about 4 trams, I think...then I snatched DS out of the stroller, DH folded it up, and we crammed in like sardines. DS never even moved. When we got to the car, he did wake up, and boy was he unhappy about having to get in his carseat! He went back to sleep, and I carried him up to the room~again, never even moved.

When we got to the room, we found that Mousekeeping had been playing! Minnie was "reading" DH's book, Mickey and Sorcerer Mickey were watching TV, and Goofy had DS' sippy cup in his mouth~they also each had a note beside them. Minnie's said, "Shh, shh, shh, I am reading a good book." Goofy's said, "Give me more milk, please." I don't remember what the Mickeys had on their note, though. DS woke up for a little while~he got a kick out of what his "animals" were doing! DH's feet still looked awful, but really, what can you do? We all crawled into bed, wiped out~around 2:30am.

Mickey called waaaaaay too early Saturday morning. At 8, I believe. We slowly got moving, getting ready and packing up. Thankfully, FIL got a luggage cart, so we didn't have to heave all that stuff to the car. We said our good-byes to the Pop, and went to the parking lot to load the cars.

We were on our way to the Polynesian, for breakfast at ‘Ohanas. Now no one flame me here, but the Polynesian is just not really our cup of tea. (MIL seemed to really like it, though.) It's not somewhere we'd ever choose to stay, I don't think. That being said, ‘Ohanas was somewhat disappointing from the get-go. It didn't have a great "feel" to it, to us. The lady who led us to our table said nothing about family or cousins, or anything else that we heard some of the others saying. And our waiter...I can say definitively that he was the absolute WORST server we've EVER had in our numerous trips to WDW. (This was #16 for me, #21 for DH.) He stunk. (See dining report for more details.) The food was pretty good, but even the character interaction was lacking. DH and I would still like to try the nightly event, but we will never again go to ‘Ohanas for breakfast. MIL bought one of the picture packages, even though we didn't think either of the pictures was that good. DH did point out later, though, that it was the only group picture we had the whole time, so maybe that's why she got it. Anyway, after breakfast we monorailed over to the Grand Floridian, because MIL wanted to see it. We walked around there for a while, then rode the loop back to the Polynesian. We headed for Downtown Disney, for some last minute shopping.

DTD was PACKED. It took forever to find a parking spot (way over on the west side), and we were all concerned about DH walking all that way. World of Disney was so full, you could barely move. M/FIL were looking for a shirt for their other son, and they had to wait in line about 25 minutes to pay. We finally made it out of there, and headed to Once Upon a Toy. We had decided to get DS a Donald, Daisy, Chip and Dale as part of his Christmas, and a Pluto as his souvenir for the trip. We sneaked around and got those while DS played with M/FIL in the Mr. Potato Head section. Then we left them there and headed to Disney At Home, where we bought the new cookbook and a Chef Mickey (also for DS-his new "animals" will be hiding in his kitchen Christmas morning, and we thought Chef Mickey was quite appropriate!). We met back up with them, and it was time to say our good-byes. (M/FIL were staying at DTD a while longer, as they didn't have to be home until Sunday.) We took the long walk back to the car (DH leaning heavily on the stroller!), and left The World. DS was asleep before we even got to I-4!

DH and I did our traditional "debriefing" on the ride home. Took us to about Lake City, I think! There were a lot of things that were different about this trip. One, other than being there with college students when DH was a campus minister, we've never gone with other people before (also not counting our trips as children with our parents). It was somewhat difficult to adjust to accommodating two more people. Two, we moved a LOT slower~I'd say about 1/4 of our usual pace. This was for a couple of reasons. One~M/FIL move a lot slower than we do. And two, DH was forced to move a lot slower this time! We've also never been there when we had to accommodate someone who was (at least temporarily) handicapped. The whole wheelchair/scooter thing was new to us, and it was somewhat frustrating. DH commented on how rude most guests were to him (though CMs were all very nice), and he was aggravated that he couldn't just move around and GO like he normally would. Gave us a much greater appreciation for our health, and I'll bet we'll be much more accommodating and gracious when we encounter handicapped folks on our future trips. MVMCP was also a new thing for us. We are willing to try it again, but never again on a Friday night!! There seemed to be a lot of conflicting information from the CMs~like what rides were open, what characters would be out and when...also, we figured that a lot of people would clear out the later it got, but it seemed to be just the opposite. Initially, there were NO lines for anything, but the later it got, the longer the lines were. Next time, we'll know a little better what to expect, and can plan accordingly. We tried several new restaurants this trip (CA Grill, Garden Grill~dinner, Whispering Canyon Cafe, Liberty Tree Tavern, ‘Ohanas), so we are getting closer to our goal of trying every Disney restaurant at least once! Overall it was still a good time, but there didn't seem to be quite as much "magic" in the air.

On the other hand, we did experience a few very magical moments: Sleeping Beauty spending so much time with DS at Epcot, Chip playing with him for so long at Garden Grill, and being with Sleeping Beauty, Prince Phillip, Cinderella and Prince Charming for several minutes~just us~at MK. DH and I are foodies, so the fabulous meal at CA Grill was magical for us, and my lunch at WCC was way up there, too. And how do you beat walking down Main Street in the snow?? (Even if one of you~me~is carrying an exhausted child, and another of you~DH~is trying to navigate the crowds on a scooter!) For us, a lot of the magic comes from DS: he is so excited to see a character~any character...we dread the day when he is done with all that!

We are always sad to leave, but we know that there are many more trips ahead. February will be here before we know it, and we'll be able to experience so many more new things: staying at the Boardwalk Inn, DH fulfilling one of his dreams of attending a Disney seminar, me and DS in the parks alone (jury is still out on that one: will it be magical, or nightmarish?!?), celebrating DS' birthday while there...plus continuing to check restaurants off our list (new to us in February will be Pizza Planet, Boma's, Le Cellier...). Dorothy says there is no place like home, and that's true. But there's also no place like Walt Disney World~and we can't wait to get back!

Pre-DS : Many short (offsite) trips prior to 98; Contemporary, Concierge-Honeymoon 06/98; Contemporary 08/00; Off-site 12/00; Trips with DS : All Star Movies 09/03; All Star Movies 04/04; All Star Movies 05/04; Pop Century 09/04; All Star Movies/Pop Century 12/04; All Star Movies/Boardwalk Inn 02/05; Villas at the Wilderness Lodge 07/05; Pop Century Girls' Shopping/Eating Weekend 09/05; Coronado Springs impromptu for-our-sanity trip 11/05; Grand Floridian/MVMCP One Nighter 12/05; 1 night All Star Movies, 10 nights Wilderness Lodge 01/06; PO~Riverside 02/06 With Friends!; Farewell to Jen Weekend~CSR 02/06; Girls' (and Wesley!) Weekend~ASSp 05/06; Anniversary Trip~Contemporary 05/06; Broken Arm Trip~Yacht Club 07/06; Farewell to Cindybration~09/06; Prince Wesley Returns to the World~Riverside 09-10/06; Farewell AP Trip~AKL 01/07; Reunion with a friend~ASSp 02/07; PPP No More Stress Trip~08/07 CSR
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Great report.

Sleeping Beauty in France is so sweet. We met her back in October when someone called her Mulan?!?! What's up with that?
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Great report!
If it makes you feel better, our 10 yo dd is still excited about the characters. She missed out on ALL of the princesses last time (when she was 9 - due to stomach flu!) and talks of how the first thing she'll do next fall is find the princesses for autographs.
(Love the name Wesley by the way! )
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Thanks for taking the time to write such a detailed report!! I thoroughly enjoyed it! We are planning on going down at the same time next year--a first for us. Sounds like a magical trip! Welcome back!!
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thanks for posting
your DS sounds like a cutey and your DH was a real trooper!
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Thanks for sharing your trip with us.
"A dream is a wish your heart makes"

Linda from MA
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Your trip sounds like it was full of Magic! Thanks for sharing it!
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