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Old 09-18-2003, 07:44 AM   #1
Obsessed...and admits it!!
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The Williams tour of Florida restrooms - Day Fifteen - Let's go round again


Me - Craig, only just 33. Rucksack carrier and stroller pusher.
Louise - Wife, 34, slowly becoming addicted to WDW.
Emily - Aged 8. Moody, full of attitude and daddyís girl.
Rebecca - Aged 6. Comedian, Olympic eater and worrier.

The Williams tour of Florida restrooms, sponsored by VISA.

Day Fifteen Ė Thursday 28th August Ė Letís go round again.

And so we reach our final full day. Itís always a day of mixed emotion for me. I do in some small way want to go home, to see family, friends and most importantly the football, but the thought of leaving WDW always brings a tear to my eye.

So our last days are always made the most of. We cram all our favourites into the last few hours, and try to make the best of it.

The day starts at 7.00 today. The grown ups were dressed, and as a first we have to wake the kids up at 7.45. Sweet revenge for all those sleepless nights when they were babies!!! I was almost tempted to wet myself and start crying for food, just to add some realism for them, but Iíd just had a shower so I didnít.

Incredibly we were sat in the Jeep pulling off the drive at 8.02. A tremendous effort after our late night. Maybe I will bring the kids again next time after all. Louise is still up for debate as she must prove her ability not to be ill for two consecutive weeks before I commit to letting her come again.

This morning we were using our free Character Breakfast voucher that we got with out FITS tickets. After many hours of board browsing I had decided on the GF, and 1900 Park Fare.

We arrive at the sentry point, and feel very poor indeed. What an impressive place this is. This time the guard is absolutely certain that these four ragamuffins could not afford to stay at his hotel, and we luckily appear on his list of reservations for breakfast. We are allowed in, and decline his kind offer of valet parking ($6 is $6 when all is said and done) and drive to the self parking area.

We almost need a tram to get back to the hotel. By the way, the girls are once again in full costume. Emily is Snow White, and today, Matthew, Rebecca is going to be Lilo. Now I know the last you heard she was Jasmine, but she had an unfortunate accident with the pants, and they split. We exchanged the costume for the Lilo one.

We were seated almost immediately, after a quick photo with Mary Poppins in the lobby. This place is lovely. A very impressive buffet, and forget any claims I have made previously about excessive eating. They were dwarfed by todayís gorging.

Iím not ashamed, here is what I hadÖ..

Selection of fruit Ė melon (various), strawberries, pineapple.
Two muffins Ė blueberry and another I couldnít quite tell what it was
Two pancakes, egg (scrambled), sausages (two), bacon (two)
Mickey waffle, and two pieces of French toast with syrup (lots)

Whilst I indulged in my Mr Creosote style feast, the kids met some characters Iím sure. I think there was Alice (No, you canít have my phone number Alice, Iím a married man), the Mad Hatter, Pooh, Eeyore and Mary Poppins.

The rest of the family had lots to eat as well, the kids being amazed that they were allowed jelly and cake for breakfast. Well, with what I was having, what could I say!!!

So all in all, a lovely breakfast. I must say the server looked less than impressed when I whipped out my free breakfast vouchers.

After breakfast we had a wander through the resort, trying to look vaguely wealthy. What a place!! We went down to the beach, wandered by the pool, and then made our way up to the monorail.

We arrived at the MK at 10.30, and made our way to FantasyLand. We got a FP for Pooh. Is it just me, or has the smell of honey gone from this ride now?

We then had a two minute wait to get on to the tea cups. Now you can imagine that my stomach is competing with Ryan in size. At least now Iím nice and balanced, as I have a large lump on my back, and a pretty hefty one on my front. (No rude comments please).

After five minutes of unrelenting spinning, I fear that I will share my free breakfast with some unsuspecting guest. I therefore grab the silver wheel in the middle, and try to stop the spinning. It sort of works, and I somehow keep my pancakes to myself.


The girls then wanted to ride the Barnstormer. This was a walk on. Both girls loved it. Typical, itís our last day and both of them start liking the same rides!!

It was now time for our Pooh fast pass, and off we went to ride. The standby queue was horrific at this time. We werenít sure about this, but we all thought that the ride had changed since 2001. As I said earlier, the smell of Honey had gone, and unless we had lost it totally, the ride seemed to start at the other end.

We still enjoyed it though.

Well, you canít beat a good Pooh, so feeling refreshed we head for Snow White. The girls have NEVER wanted to do this, but they were both really keen to go on. They had got changed by now into ďnormalĒ clothes, but in her mind Emily ďwasĒ Snow White, so the least she could do was go on her own ride.

They were even brave enough to sit together, with us behind them. It was years since Iíd been on this ride, and I had forgotten most of it, so I found this to be a refreshing change.

As today was our ďletís repeat all our favourites dayĒ, we then decided to go to the Haunted Mansion. No wait for this at all, and the kids were getting braver all the time. Some use now!!

After HM we walked through Frontierland towards Splash. It had a twenty minute wait so we for FPs. Then the rain started. We tool shelter under the BTM FP area. BTM was closed for refurb at the time. We donned our ponchos, and waited for the worst of the shower to pass, and thatís all it was really, a shower.


Whilst we waited for our FP to activate for Splash we ride POC again. Again, a walk on, and again the girls were much braver this time, and being relaxed thoroughly enjoyed it.

As we left POC I was really thirsty, and in desperate need of a drink and a sit down. We took a table opposite POC, and off I went to get some large drinks. When I got back to our table, we saw Peter Pan and Wendy just to our left signing autographs. This was the first time Iíd ever seen Wendy, but the girls were happy just to sit and watch and didnít go for autographs. I think they were too tired!!


Now itís FP time for Splash, and despite having rode it on every trip, and on the first day of this trip, both girls were always a little apprehensive about it. To give them their due, they agreed to go on, and we walk past the standby queue, and we are quickly on board.

Again, being more relaxed they seemed to finally really enjoy this ride. Emily even managed to get one hand in the air on the way down ďthe dropĒ. Impressive. As we leave the ride, everyone wants to ride again, so we stop to get more FPs.

Then the rain really started. Torrential rain. We start to walk, and then jog and then sprint towards Frontierland, now desperately looking for cover. Everyone has beaten us to it, and we end up next to the Country Bear Jamboree. There is no sign of the rain stopping so we enter the wait area for the Bear Show, and the girls put on their sweatshirts as they are feeling quite chilly.

We are soon seated. Time for another rant Iím afraid. Why, oh why, do people make it such hard work to get seated in these type of shows. We all know the CMs mantra. Select a row and move all the way to the end, using up every available seat.

Now I know it was quiet today and the show was only half full, so I can maybe forgive people for stopping half way down a row (although we didnít), but why is it so hard to choose a row!!!! They dither and dawdle, and two of their party go down one row, and then double back to catch up with the other members of their party who chose a different one.

Anyway, despite my people phobia, we do enjoy the show. Apart from Rebecca, who 30 seconds in, tells me she is desperate for the loo. She then spends the whole show bouncing up and down and telling me she canít wait.

Being a model father, I tell sheíll just have to, and to stop moaning. She doesnít stop moaning, but we somehow get to the end of the show with a dry seat, and we quickly find her a restroom.

It was now 2.50, and we see the ropes are up for the parade. We decide to watch it, and I am despatched to find some food to eat whilst we watch.

The fact that anyone is hungry after this morningís events astounds me, but duty bound to feed my offspring, off I go.

Whilst standing in the queue at Pecos Billís looking at the menu, looking for a small snack, I resign myself to buying something large and non snack like as thatís all they do.

I get the girls some fries, and I get Louise (Ok and me, I admit it) some chilli cheese fries. One portion to share I must add.

One great tip for anyone cursed with pushing a stroller round for 2 weeks. They make a great table to eat chilli cheese fries off. I put the tray on top of Emilyís stroller, told her that if she moved, she was being sent home early, and proceeded to eat our ďsnackĒ whilst the parade went by.

The parade was really nice. This being the first time weíd seen it, I canít say this for sure, but Iím sure they were having condensation problems. Most of the globes were OK, but some, like Cinderella were totally steamed up. Now, either her and the Prince were doing something steamy before the parade started, or they need to look at their ďsnow domesĒ when the weather is a little moist!!

We then made our way through the park to TomorrowLand, and queued ten minutes to get on Buzz. A terrible score again from me, but still, if you are not being pushed by the competition, you can get complacent!!

Whilst queuing Louise suggests that we head back to the house to start packing. What?? Itís only 3.30, are you mad. This is my last day you are messing with!!!!

She says we can all have a shower and maybe head out for a nice meal to end the holiday. Yeah, whatever, off you go, Iíll see you back at the house after Iíve been escorted off the premises by the last CM to leave.

Five minutes later, I agree to do what Louise wants. Enough said.

The plan was let the girls swim, we can pack, and then we go to eat. As Emily likes to sayÖÖWhatever!!!

However, we need to change Rebeccaís Lilo costume. Yes, yes I know itís already her second one, but she doesnít like the grass skirt, and wants to change it. We then proceed to visit EVERY shop in MK that sells costumes. None of them have the Minnie dress she wants in her size. We walk to Main Street, then all the way back to Toontown, and Louise and I are exhausted now.

She eventually settles on Sleeping Beauty, on our second visit to the first shop we went to!! She is her motherís child alright.

So at 5.30, we get around to leaving MK. I am showing a brave face to the outside world, but inside I am a jibbering wreck. I take several wistful glances at the castle as we walk down Main Street, I look at every window above every shop, trying to take in every detail.

I am seriously upset.

We board the monorail to head to the GF to get the Jeep. I donít know if we are breaking any rules by leaving it there all day, but the guard didnít give me a pass for a few hours, he just said go and park. I figure that the amount I have spent with WDW this holiday, they could re-tarmac the whole car park anyway so I should be OK.

We are now much later than we planned, and the swim is the first casualty from the schedule. I am told to decide where we are going to eat, but it better be somewhere special or else. No pressure then.

I donít know where this idea came from, but I formed a plan around the Wilderness Lodge. We went there in 2001 just for a look round, and fell in love, and we had not had a chance to get back this trip. I was again going through my hours of book reading and board browsing to remember which restaurants they had there.

A vague recommendation from a friend made me settle on the Whispering Canyon Cafť. I have no idea why, but Iím mighty glad I did.

We get home, quickly get showered and attempt to dress up a bit. I put on my one posh shirt that I brought, (Hmm, slightly tighter than I remembered) Louise manages to get some make up on, Rebecca wears her best dressed up flowery dress, and agrees to have her hair up, and Emily insists on wearing her Snow White dress. I try to talk her out of it, but she wins. She will later regret that victory.

I make a quick call to WDW-DINE and secure a PS for 8.30. Brilliant, itís now 7.00, and we are about to set off. Loads of time.

We arrive at the WL, and remember how much we love this place. Off all the resorts we have seen, we feel at home at this one.

I go the bar, and get some drinks. I book in for my PS, and five minutes later we are taken in.

I had no idea what this place was like, but I quickly found out. As we walk in, the female CM taking us to our seats stops the entire restaurant, and announces that we are honoured tonight as Snow White is joining us. The whole place stops, turns to look at Emily and watches her take her seat. All the CMs cheer and clap her in. She is mortified!!!! She slinks to her seat and slides down almost underneath the table. I fight the urge not to say I told you so, but I lose!!

The food here was great, but that is not important. The atmosphere is fantastic, and if you have kids especially this is a must do. All the servers are complete nutters, and make your meal an event.

They make head dresses out of napkins and straws, there are hobby horse rides, and lots of serviette waving.

We love it!!! I think it was about $79 and Louise had three glasses of wine. Yes my coke WAS lovely thanks.

We go and sit in the lobby, enjoy a Wilderness Coffee from the bar, and resign ourselves to having to return to reality tomorrow.

We drive home in silence as the kids are asleep and Iím just too afraid to talk in case I start crying.

Tomorrow Ė Packing, leaving and flying. It will be a brief report.
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Trip Report 2003 - The Williams Tour of Florida Restrooms Sponsored by VISA

The Sunshine, Moonlight, Good Times & Boogie(board) Tour August 2007

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Earning My Ears
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My tears are dripping onto the keyboard.

Is there a worse feeling than last day at WDW blues.
In full planning mode.
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Tartan Tigger
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I'm holding back the tears Craig I can't belive your trip has come to an end. Your reports have been brilliant.
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Still here.....
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Great report

Anychance to see a picture of Snow White and Lilo ????
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Old 09-18-2003, 03:50 PM   #5
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Excellent reports Craig
I've had tears in my eyes reading this:D

DLP Aug 1999
Int. Drive Feb 2001
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mummy to 3 :)
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Cannot believe this is the last report - what am I going to do!!!! You will just have to go again :D

Thanks for sharing your fab holiday with us all.

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Old 09-18-2003, 06:30 PM   #7
Bonzo's DW!!
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What a brilliant last day! I know what you mean about Wilderness Lodge - we felt SO at home there!
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Wonderful reports ~ Thanx for sharing.
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