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Old 07-22-2014, 09:57 AM   #46
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So there was miscommunication regarding the check-out of the room. That sucks but it's not totally inevitable is such a big place.

But they gave your wife the chance to stay in the room later. They switched your rooms to please you. And they called to apologize...

They did WAY more than many hotels would do.

Also, I have to agree with what some people said. If she was that sick, you (OP) would have stayed at the resort and go to the lobby by yourself to ensure your wife doesn't have to leave the room except for going directly into another room.

Some people need to get over their "pixie dust" argument... Disney is a business. They are doing their best but there are things they have no power on.

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Old 07-22-2014, 10:27 AM   #47
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I am curious as to what the desired outcome should have been, in your opinion OP. I have arrived at a DVC resort, and been told my room isn't ready. So I go off and do my thing. I get the test that the villa is ready, hours later, and upon entering the villa, find that it is, in fact, not ready! I have had housekeeping still in the room on two occasions and on two others have found the room to be still occupied. So, yes, mistakes happen.

You probably should have stopped at the front desk, on your way out, and explained the situation. You could have given them your cell number to let you know when the room was ready so you could return and make the move. That would have allowed your wife to rest, without worrying about being disturbed or having to make a room change.
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Old 07-22-2014, 10:30 AM   #48
We had a wonderful time, but did have our moments!

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Also, something else just occurred to me:

Seven months after the fact, YOU wrote Disney.

Why didn't your wife write? SHE was there; everything you heard about the situation was colored by your sick wife's perception of what happened. She's the one best able to accurately describe the situation. It seems to me that, if it bothered her that much, she would have either spoken to a manager after she was feeling better or have written a letter imediately upon her return.

Since you signed the letter, YOU received the apology, yet it's your wife who was alone, crying in a resort lobby. If indeed an apology was called for from Disney-- and I don't agree that it was-- why wasn't your wife on the receiving end of it?

She was apparently OK with letting it go. Why aren't you?
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Old 07-22-2014, 11:12 AM   #49
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I bet this is one of those threads where the OP didn't get the support they expected so they never respond again...
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Old 07-22-2014, 11:16 AM   #50
We had a wonderful time, but did have our moments!

Pretty much down to my hips on one side, but nice and perky on the other
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Originally Posted by StitchesGr8Fan View Post
I bet this is one of those threads where the OP didn't get the support they expected so they never respond again...
In fairness to the OP, he started the thread on a Monday night; it's now Tuesday morning. I imagine he's at work.

I'm a teacher and it's July, that's why I have time to hang out in the Dis.
DH: me: DS (16) , DD (14): DD (11):

I've been BOO'ed by pigletgirl!
numerous trips in college and one together in 1990 August 2008 and August 2009: Polynesian. August 2012: Beach Club Yacht Club in 2014!!
(Thanks, Disney Destinations, for your past generosity. And to the Beach Club staff for all their assistance in our 2012 medical crisis.)
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Old 07-22-2014, 11:18 AM   #51
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Originally Posted by Aliceacc View Post
According to the OP, "She did so only to be told in the lobby that no room would be ready until 4:00pm and asked her what she planned to do in the interim. "

I read that as "where will you be?" Perhaps not realizing she was sick, he assumed she might be at the parks? Or, realizing she was sick, at an Urgent Care Center? Visiting a doctor" Taking a cab to a local pharmacy?

I don't read it as "you and your stuff are out on the street until 4 pm" though I can see how someone tired and sick and upset and alone might interpret it that way. But, again, she had the option of saying "no thanks, I'll keep my old room."
This is what I was thinking as I read the OP. I think it could well have been a misunderstanding like this. I've been known to literally have hallucinations when suffering from stomach bugs, so I think misreading the tone or even the content of what someone else is saying while still feeling nauseous is very possible. Add to that that the OP was at EPCOT during this event, and things get even less clear as to what happened.

The fact that the front desk staff found a way to let DW stay in the old room to recover, long past the checkout time, until the new room was ready, was enough, IMO. They didn't have to do this, but realized (after any misunderstandings on their part were cleared up) it would be a great comfort to the guest and accommodated the guest. If DW cried I think that could be just as much from her diminished physical ability to prevent it at the time than from any perceived rudeness of front desk staff.

Sorry, OP, but I think it's odd to expect any kind of apology when it sounds to me like the front desk staff went above and beyond what was required to let DW stay past checkout time to recover. It's hard for me to imagine how you could feel "uneasy" after Disney apologized to you (after a 7 month reporting delay on your part), when they did more than what was required to help solve a problem not of their making.
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Old 07-22-2014, 11:22 AM   #52
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Originally Posted by HiHoWeGo View Post
I had an experience with WDW guest communications that I thought I'd pass on. I'm a little taken aback by the experience, although I don't know if it's a common situation or not. Sorry for the length.

Our family visited WDW for 7 nights early last December. We stayed at AKV-Kidani Village. On checkin we asked for a room nearer to the lobby, which would be possible the next day and which we agreed to. Our trouble started the first night. My wife came down with a stomach virus and spent half the night in the bathroom. The next morning I called the front desk to confirm that we still desired a room change. I explained the situation and asked that they let my wife stay in the room until the new one was ready, which the cast member said would not be a problem. At this point I took our son to Epcot for the morning while my wife slept and recovered.

I called her later that morning to find that the front desk had called and said the new room was ready and asked her to come down to the lobby to finalize the room change. She did so only to be told in the lobby that no room would be ready until 4:00pm and asked her what she planned to do in the interim. Tired, nauseous and alone, she broke down in tears. Eventually they told her she could wait in the room until the new room was ready. When I heard this I was crushed.

While I know I was doing so quite late, last week I emailed WDW guest communications with the details above. My goal was to help them understand what had happened so they could avoid it in the future. I received a call from them this past weekend. The CM was very nice and said that what we experienced should never happen on any vacation, no less at Disney. He apologized and said the issue would be discussed with the Kidani staff. The call lasted about 3 minutes total.

Afterward I thought some more about the call. I realized that the CM never mentioned any details of the incident (did he even know what happened?). And he never asked how he could make things right. Now, I didn't initiate this to get something out of it. If I had I sure would have said something. But I'm torn by the thought that the CM I talked to had a list of apologies to get through, and that's exactly what he did. He was nice, apologetic, and did nothing at all wrong wrong. But I have a nagging feeling that something is wrong here that I can't exactly put into words.
It was over and done and you were home, so make it right was not an option/issue.
Absolutely nothing occurred warranting any compensation to you so nothing was needed but an apology and you got it.

I am sorry, but sounds a bit like over reacting - burst into tears, crushed, etc. - I mean really, they called you and apologized - time to move on.
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Old 07-22-2014, 01:25 PM   #53
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On the phone issue - MOST hotels employ PBX Operators who sit in a back office on-site at the hotel and field ALL phone calls to the hotel. This includes housekeeping calls, front desk calls, reservation calls from the outside, room service calls, etc. Disney has such a significantly higher volume that they have an off-site call center (and at-home agents) that field these calls. No real difference, except that some things (such as OPs call) get lost in translation. It can happen anywhere, but it's easier to relay messages to the front desk when you're working a stone's throw away from them.

I agree with everyone in this sounds very overexaggerated. I'm not even sure what the wife was crying about? It sounds clearly like a miscommunication, so if she had taken the time to explain the situation, I'm sure the CMs would have done what they DID end up doing - let her stay in the room. And the most baffling part of all - why move rooms at all if she's sick?!
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Old 07-22-2014, 01:42 PM   #54
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I guess I'm self absorbed but while reading this, I keep thinking that I sure am glad it wasn't me that was checking into the room being vacated... with stomach virus germs everywhere. You know Mousekeeping can't clean everywhere.

But I agree with the other posters.... 7 months is way too long to wait to lodge a complaint. And I don't really see anything to complain about.
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Old 07-22-2014, 04:04 PM   #55
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Originally Posted by HiHoWeGo View Post
I simply think Disney dropped the ball on this one and I was uneasy with their reaction. It wasn't that Disney's reaction to my email was inappropriate. But it left me feeling like I just talked to Home Depot. No pixie dust there.
I only got through 1-1/2 pages as it seems the thread is heading way off topic, but wanted to say I know just what you mean.

The GF is our favorite resort and has recently undergone a room refurb, which I despise enough that I decided to make the resort aware of it. Instead of mailing my thoughts to the GM, I sent an email - which went to Guest Communications.

I got an email response that said they were sorry I was unhappy the villas had been built and they would pass along my email "to the appropriate person"! There was a phone number attached, which, after thinking it over a couple days, I decided to call.

The person I spoke with was very nice, I explained that I wasn't upset about the villas being built but did not care at all for the new resort rooms. Didn't expect them to do anything about it (of course!) but wanted the GM to know a long time fan was disappointed in the look of the new rooms and why, for future reference.

The guy was still nice, a little confused, and said he'd pass it along. I went away with the same dissatisfied feeling you describe. Wasn't asking for anything (obviously - what in the world would I get for simply voicing my opinion?) but the attitude was just kind of off. I'm not sure anyone at the resort ever got my email, and I felt silly sending it off by mail just in case they had, it would seem like overkill.

Oh, well, what are you gonna do, right?! Just wanted to say - I understand, you wanted someone to actually listen and care. I suspect this is all you hoped for when you posted. And, btw, I hope your wife recovered in time to have a magical vacation, in spite of the bad start.
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How were they to know she was sick? And when she said she was they let her stay in the room.

Actually I think it's entirely possible that you didn't realize that all phone calls go to a call center that is nowhere near the resort, and not to the actual front desk. The call center was not in a position to know whether or not your room was actually ready. Yes, they shouldn't be telling people that the room was ready, and the reality exists that there was no way for a sick woman alone in a hotel room to know for sure whether the room you were scheduled to move to is ready or not unless she gets out of bed and goes down to the front desk. But that really is the only way to know, and that is where your issue lies. Unfortunately they won't be getting rid of the call centers, so only you would know what you'd consider a sufficient remedy, and if you actually do consider the apology to be sufficient.

"They made her cry." well I'm sorry about that but I'm not sure how the front desk was to know that she was sick when that had not been communicated to them.

There is no indication that anyone here was "lying" "tricking" "blitz attacking" or "deliberately forcing" a very sick woman to leave her room. There was a communications mixup with unfortunate results. You got an apology and she got to stay in the room. If you want something more, call WDW and ask about it. How "pixie dusted" did you want the reply? I get the impression that you expected them to offer you compensation of some kind, even though you say you didn't want it.

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Old 07-22-2014, 04:30 PM   #57
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The guy didn't deserve to get anything from the situation if that's what was meant by 'pixie dust'.

Honestly, I think the guy was just looking for a sympathetic ear to the situation and got a canned response that made it seem like the person didn't really feel bad for the guy and was just checking off an item on his customer e-mail list. If that's true, I can relate.
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Originally Posted by LetsGoToo View Post
Many posters on this tread are saying their experience is just the opposite. That is, that the call center is off-site and that Disney doesn't do a good job handling calls from the rooms.

Disney isn't the only hotel operator with a large number of rooms.
Okay, so I only know my experience which is asking a "Front Desk" CM where she really was and being told 'a call center on property'.

Disney is the only hotel operator with over 30,000 rooms on a single site http://touringplans.com/walt-disney-.../number-rooms#. They clearly find the call center more effective and efficient than staffing each resort with enough people to answer room calls. Plus the extra space needed is being used for better things.
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Originally Posted by HiHoWeGo View Post
Tired, nauseous and alone, she broke down in tears.
That sounds more like your fault than Disney's... You couldn't wait until after the room change to go off to the parks?
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I just read through this entire thread...I'm utterly amazed at the gang attack that has transpired here. Once a few people make a point... out of the woodwork comes this full frontal attack from posters with nothing helpful, just angrily worded sentiments. Four pages of negativity. smh
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