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Old 01-08-2015, 10:15 AM   #1
Danny K
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Epcot Table Service Restaurants: Information, Ranks, and Reviews


I have seen many threads about which table service restaurant to eat at Epcot. The real truth is everybody has a different experience, but I have now eaten at all of them (most of them multiple times), and decided to make this thread. This is the epcot table service restaurants ranked based on mine and friends' experiences. I have also rated the: atmosphere, food quality, staff friendliness, kid appeal, and adult appeal for each restaurant using this scale:

A: Excellent, Something to Die For!
B: Very Good, Not to be Missed!
C: Average/So So, Not Bad, but Not Too Good Either.
D: Below Average, Many Drawbacks, Nothing Good.

I have also written below the rank of the restaurant, an explanation on why it is placed on the certain rank, and kind of a little review.

Epcot Table Service Restaurant Ranks

1. Biergarten Restaurant:
Food Quality: B Atmosphere: A Staff Friendliness: A Kid Appeal: A Adult Appeal: B Overall Experience: A
Biergarten is really the best table service restaurant in Epcot. I actually can't rate any other table service places in the theme parks above Biergarten with possibly an exception of Cinderella's Royal Table and Crystal Palace. The German Oktoberfest is just so much fun for all ages! First of all the buffet is full of amazing food that came originally from Germany, from salads all the way to desserts. The grilled items are especially something not to be missed. While the food is really good, there is also a german band show that is truly amazing especially for kids to enjoy. I forget the actual scheduled times for the show, but I think its every hour. And if thats not enough, Biergarten also has something based on german culture, which is the tables sit a lot of people, which means people sit together with others. I am telling you, all of that is just amazing. What I recommend is that you make your ADR about 30 min before the scheduled time for the band show, so you have enough time to get seated, and get food from the buffet, before the german band starts. I know that a lot of people on the DIS don't actually talk much to the people they are sitting with, but I recommend you do. Its german culture, and I can tell you one of those times My family and I ate at Biergarten, we met a really nice family and made friends. I still keep in touch with those people I met now, and they are actually planning a trip to my country to visit me! So please talk to the people more, Biergarten is made for people to get to know each other, its german culture. I have been to Germany itself many times, so I know. The atmosphere is really nice as well because it feels like a huge oktoberfest celebration. Biergarten is something to die for and definitely not to be missed. It is by far the best table service in Epcot!

2. Tutto Italia Ristorante:
Food Quality: A Atmosphere: A Staff Friendliness: A Kid Appeal: C Adult Appeal: A Overall Experience: A
Tutto Italia ranks second best table service in Epcot. OMG the food quality is simply amazing. You are first started with a small appetizer that automatically comes with your meal which is: Fresh Italian Olives, and Italian Hot Bread (Baked Freshly). The Olives and Bread are unlimited which means you can always ask for more. Honestly I could likely fill up on just that if I wanted to. The free appetizer alone just tastes amazing. In addition to that you can also order one of the traditional italian appetizers which is also outstanding quality. I especially recommend the Baked Zucchini Appetizer. OMG the zucchini baked italian style tastes incredible. All of that good stuff and we haven't even came to the main dish yet! Now the main dishes are seriously something I could die for! Freshly Baked Italian Pasta with different sauces, OMG its really outstanding. If you don't like pasta that much, there are also amazing meat and rice dishes as well. The Polenta with italian meets is also an excellent dish as well. Now to the desserts, Oh my word, Tutto Italia is the only restaurant on disney property with the desserts being very special and something to die for! My favorite ones are the: Tiramisu, Cannoli, and Gelati! They are all mouthwatering and delicious. Tutto also has a wine cellar next door which adults can order. I haven't tried the wine as I don't drink it, but my friends have and said it is real italian wine. One of the waitresses told me that the wine is imported from Italy. Other than the food the atmosphere is also amazing! Tutto Italia offers indoor and outdoor sitting, and in my opinion both of them are quite different experiences. Try once indoors and once outdoors. The indoor seating is mostly booths and has a good amount of space between tables (unlike many other disney TS restaurants). It also has professional italian paintings around the walls which makes it feel you are in Italy! The outdoor seating is an excellent experience as well, with a view of the famous italian fountain, and just the Italy Pavilion. The Outdoor seating also has a good view of illuminations and the scheduled events in the Italy Pavilion (Sergio, etc). I want to point out to all of you that a lot of people don't choose Tutto because you can get italian food anywhere, but the truth is you can't. You can get americanized italian food anywhere, but not real italian food. Well I guess you can if you live in Italy! I know what real Italian food is though because I go to Italy quite often as well. Tutto Italia is also a restaurant to die for and not at all to be missed!

3. Via Napoli Pizzeria:
Food Quality: A Atmosphere: B Staff Friendliness: A Kid Appeal: B Adult Appeal: C Overall Experience: A
Via Napoli is a rich italian pizzeria, and has outstanding pizza. OMG the pizza is cooked in wood fire ovens which makes them taste SOOOOO GOOD! They also offer good italian pasta as well, but if you are looking for pasta, I'd go to Tutto Italia though. The pizza tastes so incredible, in fact it is compared to the pizza made in Naples, Italy. Yes it is really that good. You can even watch the chefs make the pizzas Via Napoli also has outdoor seating but since Via Napoli is located farther up the pavilion, the view of illuminations and the italy pavilion events isn't as good. Also if you plan to eat at The Pizzeria, try to get a reservation around sunset, because the surroundings and atmosphere are the best at sunset and in the dark! Try not to miss Via Napoli, because I am telling you, I never had any better pizza than Via Napoli outside of Italy itself!

4. Restaurant Marrakesh:
Food Quality: B Atmosphere: C Staff Friendliness: A Kid Appeal: B Adult Appeal: B Overall Experience: B
Restaurant Marrakesh has really good Moroccan food. This is almost impossible to find in most places in the USA. I love the meat platters. The Royal and Marrakesh Feasts are also very rich dishes! In addition to the great food, there is also a show with Moroccan belly dancers. The belly dancers attract a lot of kids. Another good thing about Marrakesh is that it is not really popular. Usually you can get in without an ADR. But when the restaurant does have a lot of people the staff tend to get overwhelmed a little and find it difficult to keep up with the orders and everything. I can tell you I once went here on easter day, and OMG the staff were very confused about which dish belonged to who, and who ordered what dishes. That day twice the staff brought the wrong dishes to our table and we had to tell them what we ordered for them to make sure everything is right. As long as you don't go on a crowded day, Restaurant Marrakesh is an excellent place to go especially if you are looking for different kinds of food, you might have never had before. The staff are also very friendly and sometimes they can explain where in Morocco certain dishes came from and the history! I really love this place a lot!

5. Teppan Edo:
Food Quality: B Atmosphere: B Staff Friendliness: A Kid Appeal: B Adult Appeal: B Overall Experience: B
Teppan Edo is highly based on japanese culture, and is a very good experience. You are sitting with other people (like Biergarten) which is kind of a drawback. Its good at Biergarten, but with the type of restaurant Teppan Edo is, sitting with others can be something people wouldn't like so much. Anyway you get to watch the chefs make it for you, which I find to be a really fun experience for all ages! Kids especially will likely find it amazing. The food great quality as well. If you really want good japanese food go to Teppan Edo, but otherwise a place like this can be found in other places in the USA. I do love the experience at Teppan Edo though. Most of the chefs are very interactive and some of them explain to you what their doing!

6. Le Cellier Steakhouse:
Food Quality: A Atmosphere: B Staff Friendliness: C Kid Appeal: C Adult Appeal: B Overall Experience: B
Le Cellier is kind of like an upscale steakhouse. It has outstanding food quality but its really pricy for what it is. Also portions kind of on the small side. I'd recommend this restaurant for lunch if you are willing to pay the costs, but for dinner I find the portions to be quite small. The atmosphere and food quality are excellent, but the two times I ate here, I kind of felt rushed by the staff a bit. Its a small restaurant and quite popular. Don't get me wrong Le Cellier is a great place, but I find it highly overrated. If you can afford it eat here, but feel free to skip it because you can find really good food like this anywhere and possibly for cheaper prices and larger portions.

7. San Angel Inn Restaurante:
Food Quality: C Atmosphere: A Staff Friendliness: B Kid Appeal: B Adult Appeal: B Overall Experience: B
San Angel Inn has an outstanding atmosphere. Oh my word, it is like dining at twighlight with beautiful surroundings. You can also watch the boats for the Gran Fiesta Tour go around which might be fun for some kids. The food quality is quite lacking here though. Don't get the Taco's, they kind of have a blah taste. Other than the tacos the food is so so. The tables are also really close together so its like you don't have much privacy. I do find San Angel Inn to be very mexican, and it definitely feels like you are in Mexico. If the food quality would improve, I would rank it quite a bit higher. I recommend San Angel Inn if you want to give the atmosphere a shot, but if your just looking for mexican food, you might be a little disappointed.

8. Monsieur Paul:
Food Quality: B Atmosphere: A Staff Friendliness: C Kid Appeal: D Adult Appeal: B Overall Experience: C
Monsieur Paul has seen better days It was really much better when it was Bistro de Paris about 3 years ago. It used to be quite an upscale restaurant for adults when it was Bistro de Paris. Now its gone quite downhill. First of all the restaurant itself I find to be way overpriced for what it really is. The food quality is really good, but I still think it could be better. The staff are not so nice either. Just to point out France itself has a reputation for staff being rude sometimes, but still I don't those staff should be hired at a disney restaurant, especially one that is suppose to be upscale. I still have to give it some credit though because the atmosphere is really excellent for adults. If you are a couple or a group of adults, I might recommend this place if you can afford it. But for kids I definitely don't recommend. Don't get me wrong Monsieur Paul is average and not a bad restaurant, but I just think its way overpriced for what it is, and it can sometimes get loud. Bistro de Paris was MUCH better

9. La Hacienda de San Angel:
Food Quality: B Atmosphere: C Staff Friendliness: B Kid Appeal: C Adult Appeal: C Overall Experience: C
La Hacienda de San Angel is based on southern mexican tradition. I find the food quality to be a little better than San Angel Inn but its kind of different though. As I just said La Hacienda is based on southern style, while San Angel Inn is more northern style. Anyway its an average restaurant. Good food, but the experience isn't really anything special except you get a good view of the lagoon and Illuminations. I also find it somewhat a little overpriced for what it actually is. The truth is its disney world so everything will be more expensive, but some restaurants are worth the extra money while others are not so much. If you want a mexican experience, I would say go to San Angel Inn instead. The only time I would recommend La Hacienda de San Angel over San Angel Inn is if your just looking for mexican food like tacos, etc.

10. Akershus Royal Banquet Hall:
Food Quality: C Atmosphere: B Staff Friendliness: B Kid Appeal: A Adult Appeal: C Overall Experience: C
Akershus is probably the best restaurant in Epcot for girls under 14 years old, because obviously you have the princesses which are very appealing to kids especially girls. I actually like it as well because sometimes the princesses make a little parade around the restaurant. Other then the princesses, I really don't have any reason to recommend it though. I really don't see how it represents Norway that much. I find Akershus way more disney than actually a norwegian tradition. Actually to tell you the truth go to Cinderella's Royal Table rather than Akershus. CRT has a castle as well so its a step up. One of the reasons why I hardly never visit Akershus and I don't recommend it to most people is because I find Epcot to be a lot about countries and good food. When you have CRT why waste the really good options you have at epcot with a princess meal? As much as my family loves the food at Epcot, all of them (including myself) would probably kill me if I reserved Akershus over all the other great options. I went twice just to test it and give it some tries, but its really lacking norwegian culture. Don't get me wrong Akershus is not a bad place, but I just cannot rate it hire because it just doesn't represent Norway nearly as much as it should. I have norwegian friends who went there and were expecting something much better so they were extremely disappointed. If you must do Akershus, do a pre-park opening breakfast. That way you shouldn't waste your other good options at Epcot.

11. Coral Reef Restaurant:
Food Quality: C Atmosphere: B Staff Friendliness: B Kid Appeal: B Adult Appeal: C Overall Experience: C
The Coral Reef is a really fun experience especially for kids, because it is located inside an aquarium with many fish exhibits that can fascinate kids a lot. Adults that like aquariums will also find the Coral Reef interesting. Although it has a great variety of seafood, the food quality is a little lacking. I'd say Coral Reef is more for the experience rather than the food, but some of my friends do enjoy the seafood. Only go here if you or your kids are really interested in the aquarium or seafood. Otherwise don't bother.

12. Garden Grill Restaurant:
Food Quality: C Atmosphere: B Staff Friendliness: B Kid Appeal: B Adult Appeal: C Overall Experience: C
The Garden Grill is basically a buffet with characters, but oh my word, it is quite overpriced. The food quality is good but nothing special. It is a good character meal if you are a fan of mickey mouse, chip & dale, etc, but the price is somewhat beyond my budget for that kind of meal. I actually prefer Tusker House, Cape May Cafe, and Chef Mickey's to the Garden Grill. If you want to meet Mickey Mouse, I would really suggest Tusker House over this. Also what I said with Akershus, the Garden Grill is another place people tend to waste their good options at Epcot with. The experience is really good for kids, but for adults there is really nothing special about it. I would say the Garden Grill is a pretty average place. When I went there I pretty much pictured it like Old Country Buffet with characters. Other than the characters its nothing special. Skip it unless its really a must do for you, for some odd reason.

13. Rose & Crown Pub:
Food Quality: B Atmosphere: C Staff Friendliness: B Kid Appeal: D Adult Appeal: B Overall Experience: C
Rose & Crown Pub is kind of like a british casual pub. The food quality is nothing really special but its quite good and I find it nice to feel like I am in London out in a pub. Also one thing I really appreciate and admire Rose & Crown for is that its quite reasonable pricing unlike most of the other disney restaurants. The staff seem nice and welcoming as well. But the bad things about Rose & Crown, is that kids will likely not enjoy it much. I consider it as a kind of british pub for adults to hang out in, but there is really no experience kids. There are places you can sit to get a really good view of Illuminations as well! So anyway I recommend this for adults but not so much for kids.

14. Les Chefs de France:
Food Quality: B Atmosphere: B Staff Friendliness: C Kid Appeal: D Adult Appeal: C Overall Experience: C
I have really criticized Les Chefs de France for how it really represents France both times I tried this place. Its does have good food, but the service is slow a lot of the time, plus the staff can be quite rude sometimes. As I said earlier its a french thing to have rude staff, but you shouldn't bring rude staff to Disney. To be honest Les Chefs de France is like the french version of Olive Garden in my opinion. Nothing really special. Usually when I go to Les Chefs de France I always go for lunch and think of it as just a normal french cafe rather than something that represents french culture. The only things at this restaurant that are above average are the food quality and ambience. I also want to point out that Remy used to come to your table which was appealing to kids a little but he is gone now. I really cannot recommend Chefs de France for kids. I just don't feel like I am in France at all here, and trust me I have been to France so I know what it feels like. If you want a casual french lunch, go here, but otherwise I don't recommend Les Chefs de France. Also I just need to point out that it is way overpriced especially for dinner.

15. Tokyo Dining:
Food Quality: C Atmosphere: C Staff Friendliness: B Kid Appeal: D Adult Appeal: C Overall Experience: C
Tokyo Dining is considered a casual japanese cafe. The good thing about it is the prices are very reasonable. But this is really nothing special in my opinion. Its just a random japanese cafe you can pretty much mind in many other places in the USA. Tokyo Dining isn't a bad restaurant at all, it has average food, but I'm just saying its nothing special for anyone. Kids will likely find this one dull as well. I would only recommend Tokyo Dining if you are just looking for a casual japanese lunch or dinner, with no special experience or anything.

16. Nine Dragons Restaurant:
Food Quality: C Atmosphere: C Staff Friendliness: B Kid Appeal: D Adult Appeal: D Overall Experience: D
I really don't have much positive things to say about Nine Dragons. First of all Nine Dragons is an americanized Chinese restaurant. Its not real chinese at all. Also the food quality is mediocre at best. Its like an americanized chinese food version of Applebees. The only good thing about Nine Dragons is that the staff are nice and friendly. Otherwise Nine Dragons on the hole is mediocre at best. For some reason China Pavilion really doesn't have real chinese food. You can find better chinese food in Philadelphia, New York City, and many other places. I do not recommend this restaurant at all to anybody, especially since its kind of like wasting your good food options at Epcot.

There is also a New Moroccan Table Service Restaurant called Spice Road Table. I haven't been there so I can't rate it, but friends say its good and its kind of like the Moroccan Version of Tokyo Dining. Good Food but nothing really special about the experience. Some dishes are a little expensive for what they are, but the small plates are reasonable.

The End

So there we have it! These are all the Epcot Table Service Restaurants Ranked! It was a great pleasure to do this for all of you, and I hope it helps a lot of people! Please let me know if this helped you choose which table service restaurant in Epcot, and after that how the actual experience went at the restaurant you chose!

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Bob P
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Thanks for your effort in putting this together, it will be very helpful for people who would like to read a review that is not in a guidebook. Cheers!

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Earning My Ears
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Great review

I love this review! I agree about the Italian TS, it was wonderful. We haven't been to Disney in a long time and I'm looking forward to eating around the world when we go in December of this year. LOL I want to check out the Beirgarten for sure. Sounds like a lot of fun!! Twenty years ago before kids my husband and I went to the Italian restaurant during an off time. After lunch but well before dinner and had canoli and preseco. It was so much fun! Yum, I want to do that again.
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I appreciate the effort
But I do not agree with many of your rankings and ratings. For example I very much dislike Biergarten your Number 1 ranking, I do not particularly care for Le Cellier and very much enjoy Tokyo Dining and Rose & Crown Pub etc.
As always, this is one persons view, and it differs for each individual. Despite the nice formatting etc, this should not be taken as the end all be all fact.
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Again, these are only opinions. I agree with some and disagree with others.

We've stayed at every resort on site except CS.
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I agree about the formatting, but Biergarten is definitely not even close to my top of my list. In fact, it is one of our least favorite for food.

It's definitely nice to see other people's opinions, but it's just that...an opinion.
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I'm a 43 year old mom with a scar on my navel!
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Very subjective....
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As others have said, best restaurant is certainly subjective. I agree with some of your reviews (Teppan Edo) and really disagree with others (Chefs de France - we had very good service and really enjoyed the food). Can you create a poll where the restaurants move up or down based on a thumbs up or thumbs down vote? I've seen that on other websites and that might be a pretty good indication of the overall view of restaurants. The way it works is a registered used can give a restaurant a thumbs up or thumbs down (or no vote) and the restaurant moves up or down based on overall votes. In any event, at Epcot I'd give thumbs up to Chefs de France, Teppan Edo and San Angel Inn and probably a thumbs down to Rose & Crown. Would like to try Biergarten. Will probably never try Le Cellier since it has gone to 2 table service credits and looks claustrophobic. Akershus doesn't appeal to us.
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I think your ratings are pretty spot on. Fun thread.

Now, how about some ratings for the CS locations and stands around the WS?

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minnie mum
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.This was the second sentence in the OP.

The real truth is everybody has a different experience,
It is one of the few things I agree with. As a review by one individual it is fine. But as such, it should not be considered an objective guide on which to base one's own dining selections. I'm curious why it was placed on the main forum and not in the Dining reviews sub forum, where it properly belongs.
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