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Old 01-09-2014, 06:27 PM   #16
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picture provided by littlewhiterabbit

For really cool aerial views of the resort, check out this BING map of the resort and surrounding area- you can zoom in and out.
Teena said she thought she saw her car in the parking lot!!!

Aerial Map of Beach Club Resort

Need to feed your fix for pix?

Link to Yacht Club, Beach Club and Beach Club Villa Photos~ Post All Your Photos!!!

Yacht Club Photos by DISUnplugged

I started up two View Threads in the Resort Photo Subforum:

Beach Club Room Views

Yacht Club Room Views

The purpose of these threads is to give some samples of rooms in various view categories at the Yacht and Beach Clubs.

Video: Inside Look at Disney's Yacht & Beach Club Resorts, June 2013 Look for Teena at 1:14 in this video

Check out this YouTube video with a mini-tour of parts of the resort. Room depicted is in the Beach Club resort Video Tour

For your listening pleasure: Yacht & Beach Club Area Music

Trip Report and Review Links:

List of People Who Travel to Disney

Disney's BC Resort: Sun & Sand at EPCOT's Back Door by TigrLuvsPooh (Erika)

Hijinks & Shenanigans (but not much Mayhem), Hard Rock and Beach Club, July 2013 by natebenma (In progress).
Beach Club posts start on page 19

BC Review, September 2103, AskSiri
BC Review, September 2013, MattK67
YC Resort Review, 11 days August 2013, Disney Dukers
YC Resort Review, Aug 23-30, beebeeryan
2 weeks at BC in August, KAZPRINCESS
Beach Club CL,A ug 18-23, visegrip72
Yacht Club Review by TXTiggergal, Aug 11-17
Moms Only Beach Club Trip by Rafikifan, June 27-July 2013
Yacht Club Review by DisneyDoc5, June 2013
Live Report, TigrLvsPooh May 25-June 1, Yacht Club

Posts by CTDisney, April 2013-
Room 5154
Our Thoughts on Club Level
Yacht Club Resort
Highlights from Around the World

Yacht Club Review January 2013 by bean bunny

Happily Ever After Begins Here by missyrose, pictures by pixeldust, Oct 2012 BCV
A May 2012 Beach Club Trip of a Lifetime by Feckless
March Break 2012 at the Yacht Club by JanetMom

Frozen Fun at the Beach Club by counselormom, December 2011
Bazinga! It was LEGEN-wait for it-DARY by creativeamanda, June 2011

3rd Annual We are "NEVER" going to Disney in the summer again TR by natebenma, July 2009 and July 2010 Beach Club

Comparisons of Yacht/Beach Club to other Disney Resorts:

Beach & Yacht Club/Monorail Resorts, by helenb

Beach Club/Wilderness Lodge, by Wood Nymph

Yacht Club Concierge/Wilderness Lodge Concierge, MouseMommy1

Beach Club/Boardwalk Inn, ScottMC

Beach Club/Boardwalk Inn, pixarmom

Links to the previous, "closed" threads

2013 Beach and Yacht Club FAQ, Friends & Fun (Aug 2013-Jan 2014)
2013 Beach and Yacht Club FAQ, Friends & Fun (July and August 2013)
2013 Beach and Yacht Club FAQ, Friends & Fun (May, June and July 2013)
2013 Beach and Yacht Club FAQ, Friends & Fun (February, March, April May 2013)
2012/2013 Beach and Yacht Club FAQ, Part 4 (November 2012-February 2013)
2012 Beach and Yacht Club FAQ, Part 3 (August, September, October, November 2012)
2012 Beach and Yacht Club FAQ, Part 2 (May, June, July 2012)
2012 Beach and Yacht Club FAQ, Part 1 (March, April, May 2012)
2011/2012 Beach and Yacht Club FAQ, Part IV (November 2011-March 2012)
2011 Beach and Yacht Club FAQ, Part III (August 2011-November 2011)
2011 Beach and Yacht Club FAQ, Part II (April 2011-July 2011)
2011 Beach and Yacht Club FAQ (February 2011 - April 2011)
2010 Yacht and Beach Club FAQ, Part II (August 2010 - March 2011)
2010 Beach and Yacht Club FAQ(April 2010- August 2010)


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Beach and Yacht Club Community Page

This just in! As of March 2013, the pins have all been distributed! Thanks Nannette for taking on the task of mailing these out!

Are you staying at the Yacht or Beach Club or the Beach Club Villas and want to meet or be recognized by other DIS'ers? Thanks to a wonderful design from RustManFan of the Creative Designs Forum, and the enthusiasm of DIS'er Janloz, we now have fashionable pins available upon request and free of charge!

August 2014 5th Annual Beach & Yacht Club DIS Meet

Monday August 18, 2014, 6:30 PM
Solarium at the Beach Club

Expected Attendees: DisneyMomx7, TeenaS, NinjaMom, Buzzy, JanetMom, ScottMC & JNPants, mommyrosa2, Mousemommy1, tarak, Dancing Queen, HockeyMomR, Real (Happy) Dee


July 2013 4th Annual Beach & Yacht Club DIS Meet

Sunday July 7, 2013, 6:30 PM
Solarium at the Beach Club

DIS Meet 2013 Pictures

Couchy, Teena, Robyn's daughter, Disneymomx7 (Robyn)

With Flat Dee

July 2012 Yacht & Beach Club 3rd Annual DIS meet:

Sunday July 22, 6 PM
Solarium at the Beach Club

Here are a couple of photos from the Y&BC DIS meet on Sunday.

The first picture is DisneyDadinPA and his wife, with Lauren(The Magical One), another CM at the resort and Teena.

Here is the rest of the group:

Here is a closeup of one of the "Flat" visitors:

There was also a visit from the 3 Caballeros- I'm not sure if I have a closeup of this.

Expected attendees: TeenaS, Disneymomx7 (Robyn), Magical One (Lauren), catho72, tinacaplan, Flat Dee (Natebenma) and friends

And there was a surprise appearance by YCFan!!!

July 2011 Second Annual Beach & Yacht Club DIS meet and surprise "Nanny Shower":

Monday July 25, 6 PM
Solarium at the Beach Club

Thanks for the photos, kldmom2000!

For more pictures from the meet/shower, check out this thread: http://www.disboards.com/showthread....6#post42109256

Expected attendees: TeenaS, Disneymomx7 (Robyn), jennb, lov2b@disney (Sandy), kldmom2000, YCFAN, Magical One (Lauren), jultomzach (maybe), Flat Dee (Natebenma), Flat pixarmom

August 2010 Yacht & Beach Club DIS meet:

Thanks for the photo, LovintheLodge!

Sunken Treasure: The unofficial beverage of the Beach and Yacht Club FAQ forum:

Contents: Malibu Rum, Midori, orange juice, pineapple juice and Sprite with a splash of BOLS Blue Curacao.

Thanks, pixarmom, Feckless, WDW4us2006 and Ninja Mom for the photos!

Please note that the Sunken Treasure is no longer on the menu at Hurricane Hanna's, however if you get a bartender who knows how to make the drink, you may still be in luck!

Thanks to medicgirl177, who experiemented at great personal risk to decipher the secret formula:

Sunken Treasure- recipe by medicgirl177
1 1/2 shots Midori
1 shot Malibu Coconut Rum
1 shot orange juice
1 shot pineapple juice
Sprite or 7-Up to fizzy taste
1 shot Blue Curaçao
Over ice
Dress with Pineapple slice, cherry, or umbrella

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Yacht and Beach Club Voluptuous Noodle Swap Historical Page

I am sorry to inform everyone that the resort will no longer allow pool noodles to be held in storage and passed between guests, so the private Noodle Swap coordinated on the BC/YC FAQ thread has been discontinued. Bell Services will no longer be permitted to accept or keep noodles turned in to them.

Thank you to everyone who has participated in the swap! The posters on the this forum were able to successfully execute a pool noodle swap from June 2011 until September 2012. It was certainly fun and lasted a lot longer than anyone ever imagined when we started this!

Meet the Noodle Family:

Paul, Pastina, Penne and Ramen

They will making their first visit to Disney World and the Beach Club in June 2011. They have decided to take up permanent residence at the resort and will be spending time with different families as part of a "noodle relocation program"

************************************************** ********************************************

Well, after their introduction to the Beach Club/Yacht Club and Stormalong Bay, the Noodle Family has decided to stick around. The first handoff was successful!

************************************************** ************************************************** *********

(Photo) "Diary of a Non-Wimpy Noodle"

December 2011 antics by heatherbabydoll1:


Here's Bellebookworm9 enjoying the Noodle Family in October 2011:

The Noodles are having a little International Fun with ChipNDaleRule's family:

Anticipating the Upcoming Olympic Games- Is there a Yoga Competition???

Celebrating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee

The Noodles Get Married, August 22, 2012
Unfortunately, it didn't work out. Pinkgirl wanted to take them back to the UK, but, surprisingly, the noodles were inflexible. They wanted to stay at Stormalong Bay. Can't say I blame them!

************************************************** ************************************************** ***********

Are they pool hopping at another Disney resort? (why would they?)
Did they leave along with Matthew, Johnny or Robert after their guest appearances at Captains Grille?
Or did a more nefarious fate befall the family???

We have a few leads and have assembled a crack (crack-pot?) team of imaginary detectives to solve the case of the Great Noodle Caper (mmm... noodles with capers...). We will let you all know what Thomas Magnum, Jessica Fletcher, Barnaby Jones or the team from Scooby Doo discover.
(Check the abandoned Wonders of Life Pavilion- old man Jones was seen skulking about)

Update- due to the generosity of guests, a new set of noodles "resurfaced" and the swap continued for several additional months.

Time Flies When You are at the World

Starring: Buzzy

Post 1
Post 2
Post 3
Post 4
Post 5

Bonus Content: Buzzy’s Guide to the Ladies Rooms of the World Showcase

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Lily's Pad:

I know a lot of you are new to the thread- there is a lot of history here and a lot of great friendships made in past versions of this thread, but I want to introduce Teena to anyone who doesn't know her (yet).

Teena is a greeter in the lobby of the Beach Club

Originally Posted by TeenaS View Post
Hi Gang,

Just an FYI: My new hours (10 hour days) start this Sunday, June 9: 8:00 AM to 6:30 PM. That means I will probably take a 15 minute break around 10:30, then take my 45 minute lunch at 12:45, then a 10 minute break at 4:00 PM. I'll leave the lobby around 6:20 PM.

Look for her on Sundays and Mondays unless she and Bob are on one of their treasured cruises to Castaway Cay or out visiting her two shining lights in Vegas, her daughter Jeanne and her first grandchild, Lily born in July 2011.

Here is a link to some pictures when Teena was presented by Disney execs with an award from President Obama in May 2011 for helping out so much at Jeanne's school:

Presidential Award, May 2011

We were all eagerly awaiting "Peanut's" arrival in the months leading up to July and even had some fun, friendly competition to guess her birthdate and whether she was a Princess or a Pirate.

Lily's arrival was a very special moment for our beloved Teena in a year that has been tough due to some health issues. She bravely shared what she was going through with all of us, once again, in an attempt to help others who may be facing similar challenges.

Teena has faithfully posted on this board and has helped us all gain great knowlege about these resorts, so many of us who hang around here can now also answer the questions that are posted here.

I will occasionally post the photos she provides to me, because, well, Teena may know everything there is to know about the Beach Club but she don't know beans about technology!

Trip Report: Lily Goes Live: A Princess' First Visit to Her Kingdom (And More!)

This report follows Lily's first visit to WDW, plus trips to the Beach Club, Disneyland and MORE!

Princess Lily!!!

Disney (and the Beach Clubs) newest princess has arrived:

Lillian (Lily) Grace
Born 7/11/11, 7:59 am
6 Lbs, 11 oz, 20 inches

Please note that Lillian is a name truly worthy of Disney royalty as this was the name of Walts wife.

It also goes without saying that 7 come 11 is a great date for a baby born in Las Vegas!

Congratulations to Jeanne and Brian and to proud Nanny Teena and Pop Pop Bob!

Lily at 2 weeks old:

Lily at 3 months old:

Lily's First Halloween- Disney-style of Course:

Lily and her parents were first place winners in the Best Group Costume Category.

Teena's grandaughter is an adorable Dalmation!

Lily at Christmastime:

Lily, October 2012

From Teena, June 2013:

Jeanne said Lily FINALLY likes princess stuff. She was not into the princesses at all but Jeanne got so tired of her watching the parades (a friend taped them onto a DVD for her), Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Jake the Pirate, that she started putting Disney movies in the DVD player. She started with Cars and Nemo and after being sick of them being played over and over again, Jeanne put in Beauty and the Beast. OMG ... she loved it after the first hour of crying for Nemo. And when Belle dances around, Lily dances around.

I had purchased a bunch of princess dresses (of course) and one of them (the green one) is there in Vegas and the rest are here since I figured Jeanne would want her to wear them when we visit WDW. She has shown it to Jeanne but Jeanne had no interest in frilly things .... UNTIL NOW. Apparently she pointed to it after the second time of "dancing" to Beauty and the Beast and screamed "mama, mama, put on". So on it went and she danced and danced and danced. So we now have an official Disney Princess!!!!!


Jeanne, Teena and Lily:

BTW- Kudos to Cinderumbrella (July 10) and 333disneymom (July 12) who came closest in the "Is Peanut a Princess or a Pirate" pool-
Honorable Mention goes to BCV23 for having the correct date (July 11), but the wrong gender!

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I can't think of a more appropriate topic for my 10,000th post than welcoming my friends to a brand new thread!

to our new home, friends!

Don't forget to subscribe to this new thread.

If you are linking to this thread in your signature, please change the address to:


2014 Beach and Yacht Club FAQ, NEW THREAD Jan 2014
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Hi! We are planning 2 stays at Beach Club this year (have never stayed there before). The first is January 18-20 (in 8 days!!!) and the second will be August 22-26. Thanks.
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Been away for a while!!! Miss everyone so much. Hope the Holidays were fabulous to all????

Thanks for the new "Home" Dee!!
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Great new thread! Thanks!
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Thank you for the link and all you do, Dee! So exciting to have a new thread! Congrats on 10,000 posts!!!

Great news of the new soft room rehab. Wish they would update (meaning new bathrooms) the bathrooms the like did at the Polynesian and Contemporary (definitely not the same as the Contemporary).

Will be reading along although I do not post often. Another fabulous FAQ Beach and Yacht Club thread! LOVE the pics above...Hard to believe Lily will be three this summer!! (where does the
time go...my granddaughter will be 6 in Sept!)

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Down cheering on my DD & all the 10K runners as they pass the lighthouse! Go Go!! You're almost done!
Upcoming ......

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11/7-9 Wine & Dine
1/8-11 Marathon weekend
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5/7-11 Tink PDC
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Yay to the update! I hoping we will be returning in June... crossing fingers!
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Princess Half Marathoner '11 - '12 - GSC '14 for runGKTW! - training for DLH '14 for SOSC!

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Dee.... Congrats on your 10,000th post ....and thanks for all you do on this the thread!!!
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Thanks for the new thread, Dee. I love all your new updates.

We'll be there in March and I can't wait for the warm weather after the below zero weather we've been having.
~ Sue

Next up: WL - Jan 24 to 29, 2015; YC - April 15 - 21, 2015
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