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Old 12-29-2013, 08:58 PM   #1
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Don't forget the glasses and some Disney math UPDATE 4/8

What a better way to finish a Disney trip than writing a trip report!

We were planning on driving from NY to lake worth Fl Christmas week , when SIL & BIL said why don't we go to WDW that week. We look and see if we can get a room using FIL's DVC points. This was in the middle of October, figure there would be no availability.

We scored a 2 bedroom (lock off) at SSR.

The cast:
His wife T
SIL ( who is expecting and hasn't been to WDW since before animal kingdom was open)
DD1: age 8 1/2
DD2: age 8 1/2


FIL, T, BIL & SIL will drive up from lake worth on Sunday 12/22. DH, DDs and I will leave NY Saturday night/ early Sunday morning after DH and I get home from a wedding. We plan on driving through the night. Arriving late Sunday night. Going to a park on 12/23 with everyone.
Breakfast at Ohana for all 8 of us before BIL & SIL head back to Southern Florida in Fil's car. SIL's parents live there. And they have Christmas Eve plans.
The rest of us are staying at SSR , checking out on 12/27. Going to lake worth for a few days before driving back to NY.

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Old 12-30-2013, 07:47 PM   #2
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Our anniversary is 12/26. We decided to see if we could get V & A for that night. We were able to book it.

As the trip got closer, Dh got crazy busy with work. On the Wednesday before,he lets me know that there is a slim possibility he will have to fly either home or somewhere for meeting. Which would looks leave me and the girls driving home alone.
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Old 01-01-2014, 01:03 PM   #3
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When I last left off, DH thought he might have to leave during out trip. Leaving the girls and I to drive 20 hours home on our own. Thursday DH finds out he will have to work, but not at the end of the week but the beginning including the weekend.

So instead do our driving to Disney, the girls and I fly down on Sunday .
Leaving DH home working. He was unsure of when he would join us.

We had an early flight, but not crazy early. We left home around 5:30am ( I think) for our flight. Parked at an parking lot. Checked our bags. Saw our 8:20 flight was delayed I had forgotten to charge my phone the night before, so we sat down and I plugged my phone on. We where near the gate but not I front of it. around 8 ish we moved closer the the gate. No seats, but found a spot on the floor near an outlet.

Only thing as I soon realized was outlet did not work.
Place was supposed to start boarding at 8:25. At 8:50, they updated the board saying boarding at 8:40. There was so sign of boarding. We heard a ton of announcements about all the planes around us, but nothing about our flight.
9 o'clock we were the plane.

I could not believe how many people tried to use the front bathroom on the plane between loading and takeoff. We'll no takeoff but pushing back from the gate. We pulled away from the gate and sate on the runway for almost an hour. Not one announcement about how many planes in front of us. I closed my eyes and took a nap. I could not believe when I woke up that we were still on the ground.

I think the girls and I all stayed up on the rest of the flight. Landed around 12:15. Turned phone back on. Had a text from BIL that they went to Hollywood studios. 12:16 texted him back that we just landed. I think it took a bit to get to a gate. Used bathroom then headed to mini monorail to get to magic express.
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Old 01-16-2014, 08:03 PM   #4
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When I left off we were heading to the mini monorail. DD2 really wanted us to get the luggage so she would have her flip flops. I had remembered to pack shorts in our carry on bag but left her flip flops in the bag we checked.
Since we booked our flights on Friday for Sunday, we did not have the ME luggage tags.

We just missed a mini monorail, so had to wait a minute for one. We get on and DD1 goes to sit on the bench towards the left, DD2 went to sit on the right. A lady started to sit in the middle, then while in mid air she slide to the right. AND SAT DOWN ON DD2. I know she was trying to be helpful so my girls could sit together but she moved over while in the middle of sitting down with out looking.
Then she made a comment on how we didn't say sorry. I said something that she sat on my DD she should say she was sorry.
Kind of put a damper on the start of the trip.
I was a little flustered at this point, and got our selves so turned around. We usually fly Southwest but this time we flew Jetblue. We wound up on the ground floor on the wrong side of the airport.
Since DD 2 was upset about being sat on and wanting her flip flops, we wound up at baggage. We got our bags.
Worked out way to the magic express counter. Checked in, they printed us vouchers. I asked questions about DH using ME when he finally joined us.
Got in the line, was quickly sent to the ME bus.

At 1:13 I texted BIL we were on ME bus. He let me know that they were at Hollywood Studios and had Fast pass + for Fantasmic.
We waited about 10 minutes to for the bus to leave the airport. While waiting I messaged DH that all we did all day was sit and wait. Something like 45 on ground at JFK, at least 20 minutes to get to the gate at MCO.
We got to SSR. I dropped out stuff off with bell services . We went to the bus stop to get a bus to Hollywood studios

Wait was not bad

Before we entered the park, i had to go to guest services and get a new Disney rewards card. Then call Disney rewards to transfer all the points that were on the card we never received to buy my park ticket. Girls had tickets already. When we went in August of 2012, DH and I had AP and we bought the girls 6 day tickets from AAA. We wound up leaving DH's AP and the girls unused tickets home. Had to buy the girls new tickets and get DH a new AP printed.

I bought a 6 day ticket to match the girls. The CM switched out the girls ticket since they would have an issue getting in the parks every day with them.
at 2:36, i texted my BIL that I was buying my ticket. He let me know they were at the 3 o'clock beauty and the beast show and they were saving us seats.

The girls and I had not eaten since the snacks on the plane. Would we make it into beauty and the beast ?
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Old 02-13-2014, 11:05 AM   #5
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At this point it is almost 3 pm. We had not eaten since the snack for breakfast on the plane. We stopped for ice cream across from the beauty and the beast theatre. Girls got a cone in a bowl, and I got an ice cream sandwich. Best part was it cost less then when the girls and I got frozen yogurt at home the day before.

We took our ice cream and walked to go into beauty and the beast. We saw the CM turning people away. I nice asked if we could get in, said the rest of our party was in and we had seats. She asked if we knew where the seats were. Told her yes. Not totally true. I had a text telling me the general idea of where.
We found them and got to enjoy the show. They had our magic bands

Once the show ended we had to go figure out how to put our tickets onto our bands and get FP+ for what the rest of our party already had. First CM we spoke to at the kiosk said we had to go to guest relations at the front of the park to link them. BIL spoke to a CM with a ipad who was able to link them. But it took forever, and in the middle of her ipad stopped working. At this point FIL, BIL, SIL and the girls went to go on the Great movie ride, while T and I waited. The CM wound up taking our tickets ( and maybe our bands) into the little booth. When she came back, she said she fixed it. Got us the FP+ for Fantasmic and I think american Idol.
She also gave us a bonus fast pass to use on anything to make up for the wait.
T and I met them at the great movie ride.
I think at this point we went to American Idol - did not need the FP+ .

After the show, we decided to go and use our bonus fp for toy story. But first we found hula hoops

Even BIL got in the act

When we got to Toy Story mania, had a slight delay at getting to scan our magic bands but no issues using the pass. Fastpass line moved pretty good. We walked up the stairs and T realized she did not pick up her 3D glasses. We were an odd number, so i wound up riding alone. I tried to get a few pictures as we rode

At some point after this we did the muppet movie, and all teased T about getting her glasses
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Old 03-15-2014, 09:20 AM   #6
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I can't believe I just lost my update ��
No clue when we went on star tours. SIL being pregnant skipping it, but wanted a fee moment so T went on it with us

At this point it was almost time for fantasmic. We headed through Osborn lights

Went to fantasmic. Girls had popcorn.
After fantasmic we left HS, and headed to giordano for some pizza. I really have to save the number in my phone so we can pre order, maybe even take it back to the villa to eat.
Girls got kids pizza d had pepperoni, and s had plain.

Last time we went to giordanos we just got 2 pizza for the table. I like that better then what we did this time.

We headed back to ssr, had to pins the room. Bil wound up calling to find out our room number. We were in he paddock building next to the pool in the back next to the stairs.
Was surprised to see pillows on the hallway next to our room.
Called bell services to get our bags brought up. It was close to 11:30
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Old 04-08-2014, 10:24 AM   #7
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At this point in the trip we were 7 people in a 2 bedroom lock off. FIL and T took the master bedroom, BIL and SIL took the studio, the girls and I took the sofa bed in the living room. BIL was a little weird about the sleeping arrangements. Since it was a lock off, the 2nd bedroom had a couch and a bed instead of 2 beds. Iím not sure what he was expecting. Iím also not sure what we would have done if DH was there the whole time.
We decided to not stress over what time we were doing stuff the next day. When we all woke up, we went to Dennyís for breakfast. (I think)

We made our FP+ reservation. At first we picked
Buzz Light year Space Ranger from 12:55-1:55
Jungle Cruise from 4:55-5:55
Itís a small world from 6:25-7:25

After breakfast we went back to our Paddock bus stop to go to MK. Bus took forever. There were 3 busses to HS, 2 to Epcot and AK before a MK bus.
Looks like we did people movers then used our Buzz FP+

We then did a silly thing. We used our small world FP+. Wait was only about 20 minutes. We should have switched it for Little mermaid since that had a 40 minute wait.
My pictures are all out of order, but n. It is my mini me when we were on itís a small world

Girls did not mind the wait, since they had rocks to climb on

I took a few pictures of the ceiling

Ride got stuck

5 of us went on the tea cups I went with D and we did not spin it.

Watching us and taking pictures

FIL and T decided the need a rest. The rest of us stayed. We went one Haunted Mansion

At some point stopped at Pecoís bill.
At about 3:37 DH texted to have fun at Ohana without him for breakfast tomorrow
Then it was time for Jingle Cruise

Funny thing was as our skipper was showing us his favorite plants, the boat got stuck. We had to be towed back into the dock.
At around 5:36, I got another text from DH. This time letting me know that he was on an 8:05 flight that night but it was delayed. According to my text we did tiki room at about 6pm.
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Old 04-08-2014, 10:26 AM   #8
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We then did Pirates

Then Aladdin’s magic carpet ride

Before we got on magic carpet, we let FIL know we were almost done in the parks, and wanted to see if they had eaten yet. They told us no. I told them to meet us at BLT parking lot. We wound up going to the Ale house.
We later found out that FIL and T had just gotten to TGIF, but had not gotten out of the car yet.

Dh’s flight did not take off till after 10:30. He had not problem taking ME to SSR. He walked across the bridge and found this in the hallway outside our room.

I don't know if I had mentioned it earlier, but there was a pile of pillows outside our room this whole time. No clue why.
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Old 07-27-2014, 05:03 PM   #9
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Your trip sounds fun! Following!

My First Ever PTR!
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