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Old 10-13-2013, 09:07 PM   #1
Catch you at the other end
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Anyone Game? 2 Castles and a Road Trip TR! Last Day and TR Wrap Up! #2796; 10/01

Anyone Game? Two Castles and a Road Trip TR!

Anyone Game? G’day.
And welcome to my Two Castles and a Road Trip TR.

And yes, you read it right. TWO Castles (and a road trip in between).
I don’t mean any combination of the 3 castles that seems to exist in Magic Kingdom right now….I mean the Sleeping Beauty castle at Disneyland.....

.....and the Cinderella castle at Magic Kingdom.

This TR will cover the 27 days that I was on vacay for and it will probably be picture heavy.

If a picture paints a thousand words. Just like in the song, I started this vacay when my love for life was running dry. It had been a pretty hard year at work and with real life; so I was in need of a battery recharge real bad. I found my love for life in spades......


......and sunsets during the road trip.

If a picture paints a thousand words; and if you can find a dozen words to describe something, I’ll be the one managing to do it in a hundred. Or more. Feel free to count up and let me know the final tally at the end.

If a picture paints a thousand words and I use about 100 words to describe each picture, then we’re all gonna be here for a TR bigger than Tolstoy’s War and Peace. By my current rough count, I’ve come home with somewhere between 9,000 and 10,000 pictures. You can do the maths.

If you’ve made it this far and still plan to stick with me, I thank you for coming along on the ride. I really appreciate your feedback and hope that you'll end up posting; rather than just lurking along.

Should you feel the burning desire, my itinerary for this trip and the PTR can be found here. But before you click on the link, you should know that the PTR is more of a blog and there are over a year of posts there.

Which means we’ve come to the DISClaimers section that I tend to stick up in any of my TRs.

  • I hereby absolve all responsibility for any therapy that you might want to claim as a result of reading through this TR. Just remember….we are in an open forum and it is your choice to read along......right? And who knows? We might end up being 2D friends in a box along the journey.
  • I openly acknowledge that this TR will cover more than the standard WDW content on this section of the boards. If any mod feels like it doesn’t strictly meet the guidelines of DisContent, well….please PM me. But it just doesn’t seem to make sense to me to break this report up into at least four sections (Disneyland, California and beyond, where-the-heck-do-I-stick-the-roadtrip-component-because-I-sure-ain’t-posting-it-on-the-Community-Board-section, WDW and Universal Orlando). I would hope that the mods will just turn a blind eye until about Day 16 or 17; when I finally get to WDW.
  • Despite the road trip through Arizona, the itinerary did not include hitting the “games” board in Vegas. Anything that did not happen in Vegas, does not stay in Vegas.
  • Despite the road trip, I sadly did not literally take the left fork at Alburquerque. I did try hard to include it in; but it just didn’t fit. Happily, I will guarantee that I will figuratively take the left fork at most possible turns during this TR.
  • Food porn is usually a feature in my posts. Anyone who feels strongly about food should be eaten and not photographed…please be aware that no correspondence will be entered into on this matter.
  • As always, deviations and deviants off-topic are usually another feature. Don’t worry…it’s not you, it’s me (although if you stick around, you could discover that it is you too….we just don’t know for sure yet).
  • Above all else….lurk if you must…but I would appreciate you posting and providing input and feedback into ‘our’ blog! Afterall…How else is this going to be am I going to get deviations and deviants? NOTE: I really do mean FUN!! FUN!! I mean FUN!!


Disneyland - Dec 1986, May 1990, Dec 1997, Aug 2003, Jun 2005, Jul 2007 TR, Nov 2008, The Mad Dash (Jan 2011, Nov 2012) Oct 14 PTR
Walt Disney World - Jun 2005, May 2010 (POR, BCV) PTR || TR, Oct 2010 (CSR) PTR || TR, Oct 2013 Anyone Game? PTR || TR in progress
Hong Kong Disneyland - Mar/Apr 2012 TR

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Old 10-13-2013, 09:08 PM   #2
Catch you at the other end
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Join Date: Feb 2010
Location: Melbourne Australia
Posts: 93,228

Quick Links for easy Navigation

Start of TR
Who am I?


Departure Day 13 September 2013, Australian Time

I Told You So
It's a Go for Food Porn
The Interminable Flight over the Pond

Southern California

Groundhog Day 13 September 2013, USA Time

The First Flight In
The Best Laid Plans #1
The Not Coffee
DisMeet #1: franandaj
It is not a real house - not until you decide to add a Haunted Mansion Room
I'm gonna wash the Day right out of my Hair
The Best Laid Plans #2 (Cheesecake Factory)
On our Last Legs for the Day Parts 1, 2

Around San Diego 14 September 2013, USA Time

Residence Inn Breakfast
The Road Not Travelled
About Seahorses and Fish Parts 1, 2
Bubbles and Bauble Talk
The Best Laid Plans #3 or How to GateCrash a Party

Disneyland Resort 15 September 2013, USA Time

DisMeet #2: mvf-m11c and our Dis-Miss Madness Story!
Slow and Sedately Wins the Race
Mermaid Time
Into Carsland and on Radiator Springs Racers
On the Radiator Springs Track
DisMeet #3: BringingUpDisney
The Face of Happy
Soarin' though DCA
Closing out the DisMeet #2 chapter: with a picture
Heading across the Promenade
Little Critter Lunch
Predictable and Repeatable in the 100 Acre Wood
The Odds are STILL Star Wars Astronomical
The Stark Tomorrow
A little Temple Time
The Adventure Continues
The Original American Girl Doll Shop (without Cash Registers) Parts 1, 2
Mickey and the Magical Map Parts 1, 2
DisMeet #4: 5ofUs
The LASTer's Supper: Cafe Orleans
Fun with the Firework Gods

Disneyland Resort 16 September 2013, USA Time

Rise and Shine Its Disney again
The Randomness of Life
DisMeeting a Year after the Turn of the Century (1901)
The Human Fast Pass
Far-flung Fun
All at Sea about the Day
Ticking Rides off the List
Pacific Garden Grove
One-ply Only
Over and Over - RSR Parts 1, 2
Finishing off our time with mvf-m11c
Haunted by Future Therapy
All Wet Again
No Contest. Everyone loves Disneyland's Pirates
Number #2 on my List - Peter Pan
From Here to Infinity
From Infinity to Space
Passing some time in Carsland
The Wonderful World of Colour Parts 1, 2
A Super UVA Dinner

Four Corners Road Trip

Road to Sedona 17 September 2013

The Best Laid Plans #4: Early Flight to Phoenix
Cruising at 37,000 feet
The Best Laid Plans #5: Not Gold Customer Service
DisMeet #5: Meriweather
A Rising Phoenix Star - The Musical Instrument Museum Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
The 17 to 179
Sedona, Arizona
Searching.....Searching....No Service
In Food We Trust - Lisa Pisa Dinner

Sedona 18 September 2013

An Early Morning Walk
Our Accommodation in Sedona
The Call of the Canyon Parts 1, 2
The Call of the Wild
Open Range Lunch
Sinagua Afternoon
Cathedral Rock Moon Rise - Night and Day
Elote Dinner

Jerome 19 September 2013

The Best Laid Plans #6: Uh Oh....Lens Issues
A Little Silver Mining in Jerome
An Early Grape Picking
The Longest Running Nature Show - Verde Canyon Railroad
Verde Canyon Railroad Parts 1, 2, 3
A Very Quiet Night

Road to Grand Canyon 20 September 2013

The Best Laid Plans #7: The Great Lens Disaster
A Field Breakfast
In Search Of.....A Loose Screw
In Search Of.....Another Lens Fix or Not
A Stop and a Shop: Checking out Upper Sedona
Oak Creek Canyon Drive: Arizona State Route 89A
A PITA lunch
Road to....Sunset Crater Volcano
Road to....Wupatki National Monument
East Gate to the Grand Canyon Village, South Rim

Grand Canyon, South Rim 21 September 2013

Early Morning Sunrise Parts 1, 2
May I Walk in Beauty
Breakfast at Bright Angel Lodge
A Look-See at Bright Angel Lodge
Along the Rim Trail
Bright Angel Trailhead
Kolb Studio and the Arty-Farty Association
Hopi House Navajo Dancers
A Cl*assy Arty-Farty Lunch at El Tovar
The Taming of the Rim
The Eastern Point of South Rim
Sunset at Lipan Point

Road to Page 22 September 2013

The Best Laid Plans #8
Cameron Trading Post Breakfast
Lost in Arizona
Rose Walk Inn
Floating Down the River Parts 1, 2, 3
King Canyon Dinner

Page 23 September 2013

Cowboy Hash
Finishing Unfinished Business in Page
Slot Canyon #1 - Owl Canyon
Slot Canyon # 2 - Mountain Sheep Canyon
Slot Canyon #3 - Antelope Canyon (The Almost Cave of Wonders)
Slackers Time
Horseshoe Bend (Finishing our Unfinished Business)
The Blair Collection
Looking Towards Utah
Bonkers, Indeed!

Road to Monument Valley 24 September 2013

Verda's World Famous Buttermilk Pancakes
Navajo National Monument Parts 1, 2
The Corner of the 160 and 163
The Road Beckons
The View, Monument Valley
Monument Valley - Into the Valley of the Buttes
Monument Valley - The Back Valley Parts 1, 2
Dinner at the View Restaurant
My Stargazing View

Road to Pagosa Springs 25 September 2013

Monumental Sunrise
Breakfast at the View
The Trail of the Ancients
One Push-Up is All it Takes to be in Four States
Rocky Roads Mountain High
Benys Diner
The Cabin at Pagosa Springs
The First Sunset
There is NOTHING like a Home Cooked Meal

Pagosa Springs 26 September 2013

I Watch the Sunrise
Chimney Rock Parts 1, 2
Prunus Virginiana (aka The Chokecherry Tree)
Pagosa Springs Brewery
An Extraordinary Ordinary Mountain Pass
The Cabin at Pagosa Springs, Part 2
The Second Sunset - Mountain Glow and Red
I'll have mine Medium Rare - Dinner

Pagosa Springs 27 September 2013

Where has the Sun gone???
The San Juan Historic Society Museum
The Best Cherry Pie I've eaten for a While
Downtown Pagosa Springs
Pizza Lunch
A Tame Kind of Wild Animal Encounter Parts 1, 2
The Third Sunset - Snow Glow
A Simple Dinner
Star Gazing over Colorado

Pagosa Springs 28 September 2013

Breakfast at the Pagosa Bakery
A Scenic Backroad Touring Drive
Ice Caves Ridge Trail
Nello's Lunch and our Pagosa Shopping Haul
Oh Deer!
Guess What?? Pagosa Springs Really IS a Hot Springs!
Alley House


Road to WDW 29 September 2013

It’s only 2000 miles from Pagosa to WDW
The First Airport - Durango La Plata
The Second Airport - Dallas Fort Worth
The Third Airport - Orlando International Airport
We Start with an Express Magical Experience
Checking In and Checking Out our Home

Walt Disney World - Magic Kingdom 30 September 2013

Wake Up! Wake Up! Let's Go!
Knowing I'm on the (Main) Street, Where you Live
A 4-Karat-er Crystal Kind of Breakfast Parts 1, 2
Knowing I'm on the (Main) Street, Where HE lives
Strolling through my Neighbourhood - Castles in the Air
Come Sea! I've gatecrashed another Party (The Little Mermaid)
NOT Butterbeer (Gaston's Tavern)
Is it More for Less or Less for More (the One about FastPass Plus)?
Time for an Enchanted Experience? Only if it's a 5 minute Wait! (Enchanted Tales with Belle)
The Mountain Train that Could (Big Thunder Railroad Mountain)
The Sweet Stale Smell of Sweat means I’m in the Wood Chuck (Splash Mountain)
After the Splash, it’s time for the Spin Dry Cycle (Mad Tea Party)
I got Lost in the Infinity and Beyond Playing a Game (Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin)
Heading Out At the Front of the Park
Heading Home to the Marketplace
DisMeet #6: TeenaS
Our Refillable Pixie Dust Karma
Let’s NOT Move It, Shake It, Celebrate It Parts 1, 2
Oh! What a Tangled web we Weave
DisMeet # 7: Where in the World
Main Street Electric Parade by the Numbers Parts 1, 2, 3
"The display of an image on an arbitrarily complex surface" (Celebrate the Magic Castle Projection Show)
Wishes Fireworks! But still no Cinderella Castle
Be Very Afraid....We're Singing in the Valley of the Dolls (It's a Small World)
If you were Afraid Before.....It's Hauntingly Scary Time Now (Haunted Mansion)
I'm Afraid....Now It's Time to Say Goodbye

Walt Disney World - Epcot 01 October 2013

Wake Up! Wake Up! Anyone??
Meeting up with Everyone at Epcot
LANDin' in California
Round the Track....Again and Again and Again
Time to Kill and Bogged down in Future World
Och! It’s Blissful Bites Brunch Time
Vignettes of the World
A Trip down Memory Lane B.C. aka Fun Storming the Viking Castle
Blissful Bites - F&W Lunch
Temple of Heaven Bites
The Smell of Sugar in Germany
DisMeet # 8: Pure Insanity! Travelling over 9000 miles for an ANZAC DisMeet
Another SAB afternoon....without pictures
Around the World with a Photopass
Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. What do we do? We swim, swim.
Turtle Talk with Crush
Just a Figment of your Imagination
Still stuck in the 80’s (Captain Eo)
GASP! We’re NOT having F&W for Dinner?!?!
A Most Illuminating Time
A Late Night Stroll around World Showcase

Walt Disney World - Park Hopping 02 October 2013

Wake Up? Wake Up? No!!
Beach Club - The Solarium
Beach Club - The Marketplace
Racing Again in Park #1
All Washed Up in Park #2
Room Hopping
DisMeet #9: The Luck of the Irish
Raglan Road Dinner
Mapping out a Spot in Park #3
Wishes DO Come True in Park #3

Walt Disney World - Hollywood Studios 03 October 2013

Wake Up! Wake Up! What a Wonderful World
DisMeet #10: Let the Gamers Begin at Cape May!
Fast Pass Plus....and Minus
Still On the Odd Astronomical Star Tours
The One about My Disney Experience
It's time to ask yourself; what do you believe in? (Indiana Jones Stunt Show) Parts 1, 2
A Slow Day in the Universe Far Far Away
Filling a Schedule Gap with an ABC-Upcake
The Midway Battle (Toy Story Mania)
Lights, Motors, Action Stunt Show Parts 1, 2
The One about AeroSmith and the Magic Band (Rock N Roll Coaster)
La Belle et la Bete Parts 1, 2
Stopping our way down Sunset Boulevard
DisMeet #11: Meet Me at the Derby Parts 1, 2
The Great (non Universal) Movie Montage Parts 1, 2
Fantasmic! Comparisons are Unavoidable Parts 1, 2, 3
The End of a Great Day

Walt Disney World - No Park Plan Day 04 October 2013

I'll Wake Up! You Sleep In! (Let's enjoy the Beach Club)
Let's Get Started. No Park Plans means Cramming as much in as Possible
Breakfast with the Earl
Another little known Fact about WDW - You Can't Buy a Greeting Card at All!
The 5th Park Where Entry is Free and You Pay as You Go
My Favourite Kind of Kitchen
Enjoying the Ride in the 5th Park
More Rides in the 5th Park
In Quest Of.....Magic Band Entry Required
Driving the Taxi Driver to the Beach Club
So Much for No Park Day - Epcot
Hopping for a Claw before heading Back Home
I'm Late! I'm Late! For an Important Date!
DisMeet #12: The Important Date - California Grill Dinner
Warning! Don't forget to Eat before reading this next Post - California Grill Food Porn
DisMeet No#13: Yo Ho Ho and Away we Go!
Photobabble Wishing with a Moving Camera
The End of Another Day

Walt Disney World - Animal Kingdom 05 October 2013

It’s Another Wake Up Early Morning
OT - The Savannah in My Backyard and My Version of AKL Parts 1, 2
OT - Safari Ride; but NOT the AK version
Conquering Everest
Too Queasy to Eat (Kusafiri Coffee Shop and Bakery)
All Washed Up and Wet; at Barely 10 am in the Morning
The Boring Stuff is the Stuff I Remember the Most (Dug and Russell M&G)
It's Only The Circle of Life if there's Air Conditioning Parts 1, 2, 3
The Delicious Stuff is the Stuff I Remember the Most
In Search of Shere Khan
Birds, birds, birds
Cooling Off with Another Drenching
Cooling Off with Another Snacking
The now Extinct Mickey’s Jammin’ Jungle Parade Parts 1, 2
On Our Way Out
What's For Dinner Tonight? My Contribution
DisMeet #14: A Very Fun Night's Dinner CookOut
Around the Boardwalk at Night

Walt Disney World - Epcot and Magic Kingdom 06 October 2013

A Not So Early Morning Wake Up: Around the Boardwalk in the Morning
Enjoying the Beach Club and SAB One Last Time
Food and Wine (and Epcot) Food Porn Parts 1, 2
Our Last Park Icon Pictures – Epcot Ball
Getting to Magic Kingdom
The Flaw in the not-so Magic Band
Re-capturing the Party Feeling
It's a Yo Ho Ho Wide sort of Ride
Bella Notte Dinner
DisMeet #15: There's a Party Going On Right Here
Dis-sers Rolling in the Fast Lane
Meeting the Ghostly Inhabitants on MNSSHP night
The Forgotten Ride - Splash Mountain
It's not good, it's not bad. We just don’t know the Full Story yet
MNSSHP - The First Parade Parts 1, 2, 3
Projecting the Same Mistake at Night
Everybody Scream - Happy HalloWishes: A Grim Grinning Ghosts Spooktacular in the Sky time
DS has One Must-Do for the Night
DisMeet Evidence
DS' View of the Second Parade Parts 1, 2
What Everyone Did Next
My Choice of Ride Parts 1, 2
SunDial's Choice of Ride
In Search of an Empty Park
Last Gamers out of MK

Universal Orlando - Universal Studios 07 October 2013

Early Changeover to Royal Pacific Hotel
First Foray into Universal Studios
Mel's Drive-In
It's Transforming Weather
Adults Being Kids
More Meet and Greets in Hollywood
Springing Around the Field
No Trace of the Superstar Parade
The Water Taxi Transport
Finnegan's Bar and Grill
Comparative Quick Walk Round
100 Years of Movie Memories
Closing out the Night

Universal Orlando - Islands of Adventure 08 October 2013

Early Entry of a Different Kind
The Bonus Castle in the Dark Side
Hats off to the Hippogriff
The Wizard selects the Wand-wavers
Breakfast at the Three Broomsticks
Sweet Space
Admiring the Architecture
From There to Here, From Here to There, Funny Things are Everywhere
Lycraland. Where everyone wears Underwear on the Outside
Wet! Wet! Wet!
Frozen is the BEST
Best Theme Park Restaurant (Mythos)
DS keeps True to Orlando form
A Walk-through the Castle
Last Attraction in IoA
Catching up with our Favourites at Universal
Tchoup Chop
Royal Pacific Resort at Night

Road to Los Angeles 09 October 2013

Wake Up! It’s East to West Time
It's Another Loews - Hollywood Hotel
Billboard Awards - Telemundo Style
Oishi Lunch
A Quiet Afternoon and CPK Dinner
Hollywood and Highland at Night
Graumans at Night

Los Angeles 10 October 2013

Wake Up! It's West Coast Sunrise Time
Graumans in the Morning
25 Degrees in the Morning
The Hollywood Walk of Fame
Day 28 and Finally! Some Shopping
A Quick Stop on the way to the Airport
My Bags are Packed and I'm Ready to Go
It's a Wrap!

Thanks for Reading!


Disneyland - Dec 1986, May 1990, Dec 1997, Aug 2003, Jun 2005, Jul 2007 TR, Nov 2008, The Mad Dash (Jan 2011, Nov 2012) Oct 14 PTR
Walt Disney World - Jun 2005, May 2010 (POR, BCV) PTR || TR, Oct 2010 (CSR) PTR || TR, Oct 2013 Anyone Game? PTR || TR in progress
Hong Kong Disneyland - Mar/Apr 2012 TR

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Catch you at the other end
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Who am I?

In any TR, one of the done things to do is to introduce oneself so that one does not seem to be so much of a stranger to the readers. I guess I had better do that.

This is me......

.......and I have been lurking on the boards since 2004 and a member since 2010. You'll find me hanging out with the Games, Photographers and the Aussie section of the Boards and lurking about on the CB. Contrary to popular belief, I'm really the shy and retiring kind.

My fingers, on the other hand.....well......on both hands......my fingers; they're the really sociable and chatty type. My post count has taken a complete hit during my time away as I try hard to go near a screen of any description when on holiday. Afterall, I spend enough time in front of one when working that when it comes to holiday time, I really feel the need to disconnect as much as possible.

And it also seems to be the done thing to introduce my travel companions and other cast members that may feature along the way. Pictures of my travel companions and cast members will be posted along the way; and I may come back and update this section at a later date.

My travel companions include my DS. He is 13 and he shows every sign of being a Disnophile, providing rollercoaster thrill rides are included. Currently, he's playing the new Pokemon game and is intent on re-naming all his Pokemon captures based on a Disney character. Yes, my job as a mom is done.

I'm also travelling with my DH. He is not 13 and he understands my love of Disney and happy to let me plan Disney vacays providing we pepper it with other activities. Having said that, I suspect that our next vacation destination will need to be somewhere where he can chill-ax a lot more than I allowed him to do on this one. He definitely isn't 13 anymore.

Other Cast Members include a whole bunch of Dis-sers. Afterall, this trip was planned based around a week long DisMeet with a couple of Gamers from that section of the board. The DisMeets turned out to be a heap of fun and it was great cementing the 2D friends in a box relationships in 3D.

The Dis-sers include:
  • franandaj. Her TR of the meets can be found here.
  • twofeathers
  • mvf-m11, His TR can be found here. If you're interested in our DLR meets, start on page 207.
  • BringingUpDisney
  • 5ofUs
  • meriweather
  • dhorner
  • goopysolelady
  • Bobbiwoz
  • SunDial
  • TiffanyD
  • luvchefmic. Her references for the DisMeets can be found here, here and here.
  • leshaface
  • Jade+3
  • WanderlustNZ. Her TR can be found here.
  • GrazingGoat1966

To the best of my knowledge, no one wore cement boots to any of the meets.

I guess that's the intro's done. Here's to the TR posts.....and pictures loading up quick!


Disneyland - Dec 1986, May 1990, Dec 1997, Aug 2003, Jun 2005, Jul 2007 TR, Nov 2008, The Mad Dash (Jan 2011, Nov 2012) Oct 14 PTR
Walt Disney World - Jun 2005, May 2010 (POR, BCV) PTR || TR, Oct 2010 (CSR) PTR || TR, Oct 2013 Anyone Game? PTR || TR in progress
Hong Kong Disneyland - Mar/Apr 2012 TR

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Maybe we will have an arrival or two today
Time to share your chocolate!
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Hey, ....glad you got recharged

A correction for you though
Sleeping Beauty caste is DL and Cinderella's is MK

Reading now....I will try to keep up

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No freaking out allowed
Just flying by
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Coming along for the stroll down memory lane...

isneyland - Too many to count! Last DL trip: May 2013 WDW - Nov 2011, Nov 2009, May 2007, Oct 2006, July 2006, Oct 2005, Oct 2003, Oct 2000
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Princess - Panama Canal Jan 2014, Pacific Coast May 2006, Alaska Sep 2004, Mar 1999 Australia/New Zealand
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I'll need some Boo Boo fun
Oh come on! You didn't even give anyone a chance to follow the rule!
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Hi Twinnie!! Looking forward to reading about your trip!
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Wonderful to hear that you were able to reconnect with life on your trip Looking forward to hearing all about it!

Love that photo of you at HKDL too

March 2011 DLR Engagement (HoJo & Peacock Suites) TR - March 2012 HKDL Honeymoon (HKDL Hotel) TR - Feb 2013 DLP (Hotel l'Elysee) & HKDL (Hollywood Hotel) TR - Aug/Sep 2014 RunDisney 10k DLR (DI&S & Portofino) TR

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Wait....there is an Aussie section of the board???
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me dw (pooksma) ds
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Glad you made it home safely! I'm glad to have you back on the boards and looking forward to seeing your photos from this trip!!
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DIS Veteran
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I am here and I will be looking forward to read your trip report.
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If it is "5 o'clock somewhere," does that mean it can be 5 o'clock anywhere and all the time?
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Smile ****yyeeaaaaurbackurbackurbackwemissedu!!****

Can't wait to hear all about your adventures!!

Por favor manténgase alejado de las puertas
My "ADVENTURES N IRELAND" - TRIP REPORT; JUNE 2011 (w/pics & video) -http://www.disboards.com/showthread....8&referrerid=0
MY "ADVENTURES N HAWAII" -October 2011 trip report (w/pics & video)- http://www.disboards.com/showthread....2&referrerid=0
My "IT'S 5 O'CLOCK SOMEWHERE N KEY WEST, COZUMEL & G CAYMAN DCL TRIP REPORT; JAN'12 (w/pics & video)http://www.disboards.com/showthread....3&referrerid=0
MY "ADVENTURES N NEW YORK CITY" TRIP REPORT; SEPT '12 (w/pics & video)http://www.disboards.com/showthread....1&referrerid=0
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Cheering for Disney
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No lurking here, ready to read, so time to start posting one of the thousands of photos!
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DL Carousal Inn and Suites 12/09
Paris Disney 07/11
WDW Allstar Music 4/12

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Where Are The Umbrella Hats
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I am here now too. It was a great time in the world.
Ed 4 out of 3 people have trouble with fractions
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