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Old 09-24-2013, 03:44 AM   #106
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Originally Posted by mickeystoontown View Post
Goodness! I can't believe how long you had to wait in the airport. Thank goodness you had the lounge to wait in. I can only imagine what it would have been like if you hadn't.

I'm with Mary Ellen....did you receive any sort of compensation for the long delay? I would hope so.
It was the LONGEST wait we have ever had, but the reward at the end was our trip to the US and once we had landed everything fell into place.

They do not compensate you right away, but you can hand in a claim. We did so and I explained everything in my reply to Mary Ellen (MEK). If it goes through, than we will receive 900 Euros (actually 1200 Euros, but the law firm who handles this for us will get 25%).

Originally Posted by michelle9343 View Post
WOW I can not imagine such a long travel day!!! But the food did look yummy!!
I can not wait to
It was nothing I would like to repeat soon, Michelle, but it got us to the US and to spend time with some very special friends. Wish we could have gotten together more often, but that is something we can plan for the future.

Originally Posted by RGirl View Post
Hi Karin!!! Joining in!

Okay, seriously, I thought the low point of the travel day was getting STRUCK BY LIGHTENING!!!

But no - it got worse. Oh my goodness! What an awful day - I'm so glad that you had the world's longest vacation EVER to make up for it!

Can't wait to follow along.
Welcome, Roni!
It's a pleasure to have you here too!

Our plane being struck by lighning was just the "opening act" to our travel day. It would have been worse had it happened during our February vacation, when we just have a week.

And an update is in the works!

Originally Posted by Leshaface View Post
I'm here! Now off to catch up
Welcome, Lesha!
I am so happy to have you here as well.

Originally Posted by Leshaface View Post
Uhhhh hit by lightening! I've heard about that 'possibly' happening, but never knew of anyone that that had happened to.

Oh. My. Gosh. I cannot BELIEVE the day you had at the airport. Thank goodness you had the lounge, otherwise, that would have sucked even more!

I love the 'Planes' napkins. Too bad I don't know what it says on the napkin

A studio with 2 beds?!

Also, I think it's really great that you travel with your brother and that you guys get along so well and both love Disney. My brother and I are the exact same way. I believe we'll be doing a Disneyland trip in Nov with him and his wife, DH, DS, DM and I so that will be fun!
Being hit by lightning wasn't half as bed as having to sit at the airport for 13 hours and seeing our vacation time waste away.
It must have been very good karma when I found out about the upgrade and indeed did buy it. Waiting in the lounge was FAR better than waiting at the gate.

YES, OKW is the only DVC studio (that I know of) that offers two beds. Since I travel with my brother two beds are something we really look forward to!

And so happy to hear that you and your brother both love Disney so much that you can enjoy DL together with your families.
I love following your adventures, so I cannot wait for your November trip!
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Old 09-24-2013, 05:18 AM   #107
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Day 2, August 8

Cruise friends - Part 1

Even though we had had a very long day, we were up again by 7am. We took showers and got ready for breakfast, but before that we had a good look inside of the gift bag we had gotten from Jeff.

There were lots of lovely gifts inside, which included a set of Christmas dessert plates,

several ornaments,

a decanter set and a cute Sailor Mickey!

We looked for the gift bags we had brought for Jeff and his family and for Michelle and her family and once we had gotten ourselves kind of organized again, we walked downstairs to the car and drove over to Olivia’s for breakfast.
We were just a tad late, but they didn’t mind and were super friendly. We were led to a table and handed a menu and a minute later our server came by to say hello and take our order for drinks. Tom ordered some

coffee and ice water and I just ordered

some orange juice. Tom studied the menu while I didn’t even really glance at mine. I had known what I wanted before we had even left Austria. So once the server came back with our drinks I started off our order with the

Fresh Strawberries and Cream. Sprinkled with brown sugar they are just absolutely wonderful and my favourite way to start a vacation.
Tom ordered the

Crab Cake Eggs Benedict, two Poached Eggs and Two Crab Cakes on an English Muffin with Key Lime Hollandaise, while I ordered my other vacation staple, the

Traditional Eggs Benedict, two poached eggs with Canadian bacon on an English Muffin with Key Lime Hollandaise. It only took a few minutes and our strawberries were served and soon “inhaled”. They were so good.
And just when I gobbled up the rest of the strawberries our breakfast arrived and we were able to dig in. It got us into the best of moods for our vacation. Once we had finished our breakfast I wanted to try to pay with my Key to the world and it would not accept the code we had set when doing online check in.
So, once we had settled the bill by just swiping the card we were on our way to guest services. We just wanted to head inside, when I spotted something! Now that back of a head looked VERY familiar!

And then I took a closer look and indeed Jeff and his family were talking to bell services. I think I called his name and we all started running and hugs were on order.
We had first met Jeff and his wife Lily and their two beautiful children Molly and Philip, while cruising in August 2011. We had been on the same cruise meet thread and once we had met in real life we knew we had found wonderful new friends.
Jeff had just asked if we had picked up his present the day before when we saw him there. And after a quick chat we learned that they had not had breakfast yet, so we all decided to head back to Olivia’s so they could have breakfast as well. Needless to say that the servers made a big fuss because we were back again already AND because of the way Jeff had his hair done.
They seated us all at a nice large table right next to the one we had just been sitting at and we actually had the same server. They all ordered breakfast and we chatted a lot while waiting for it. And when they were done with breakfast we headed back to guest services to have them check my Key To The World.
Somehow there was a glitch and it did not agree to my credit card, so they needed Tom’s, but then they could not get the new cards to work. After about 20 minutes the Key to the World problem was resolved and we headed over to the store to pick up two gift cards for the kids, as it was pretty hard for us to find Disney themed gifts for them.
Then, with everyone fed and ready we headed back to our room on Turtle Pond Road, so we could give them our presents as well. The kids tried on their new T-shirts and we went through all the things we had gotten for each other. One of the things we had gotten was a light up castle ornament. Now, Jeff had posted a video of it some time ago and I was determined to find one for us once we would get to the states, but no need to, as Jeff had already gotten us one.
We spent quite some time at the studio, catching up until we decided it was time “to do something” together. We were weighing our options and decided on something the Jeff and family hadn’t done yet.
Playing Minigolf at Winter Summerland. So once that was decided we all headed to our cars and the kids decided to ride with us on the way over to Winter Summerland. The cars were quickly parked and we headed over to the entrance.

We were all so excited and once we had paid and gotten our golf clubs we were divided into two teams. And while being divided did not look like fun in the beginning, we didn’t mind, as we were together and had lots of fun anyway. There were lots of people who had had the same idea, so we had to wait a little bit, but we used the time to take some photos.

Soon it was our turn to hit the course and we all tried our best and while we tried so hard we shared a lot of laughs.

To be continued ............
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Old 09-24-2013, 05:43 AM   #108
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Real life update!

As you all know, we have been back for two weeks by now and are suffering from

We had initially planned on heading to Italy for a long weekend, but it just won't work out, so I started looking for a long weekend, and flights to Paris.
Imagine my surprise when I found REALLY cheap flights out of here on Jan. 3 and back on Jan 6 with perfect flight times.
I called Tom and asked if he thought he could get off work early on the 3rd and he was sure he could, so I booked the flights.
Still had to find a hotel. We still have our APs good until the end of October 2014, so I thought I could at least try for a discount. I checked how much I had in my budget and called.
Within my budget they offered me a Concierge room at the Sequoia Lodge (kind of Wilderness Lodge) which was not my first choice. I had her price out other resorts and for a little more than I had initially thought, here is where we are going to stay Jan 3 - 6!

We are so happy about it! And as Tom pointed out - today is already "Dalmation day".
Now if you are as puzzled as I was about dalmation day - we are 101 days away from our vacation.
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Old 09-24-2013, 11:03 AM   #109
Chiefs fan living in Bronco country
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I love meeting Disney friends! The gifts were so thoughtful and cool! Playing golf at Winter/Summerland is on my list of things to do.

Congrats on the trip to DLP and Hotel New York! on Dalmation Day! That is super clever!

Jill in CO
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Old 09-24-2013, 12:38 PM   #110
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Mmm that breakfast looks delicious! I love eggs benedict as well, but hardly ever order it.

I've never been to the miniature golf course over there, but it looks like fun! It's themed fantastically!

I love the pictures that you post. Do you make these yourself?
Originally Posted by dizneeat View Post
Real life update!

What a nice hotel!

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Old 09-24-2013, 04:19 PM   #111
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Congrats on your Paris trip. We love Winter Summerland. We always play everytime we are there.
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Old 09-24-2013, 05:06 PM   #112
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Oh my gosh what a long day. I just did the conversion and 900 euros will be over $1200 in US dollars...thats a nice chunk of change.
How fun to find Jeff's family right away. And mini gold sounds like a fun way to start out the trip.
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Old 09-24-2013, 05:21 PM   #113
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Karin, what a fun update. So glad you had a great breakfast at Olivia's (we ate there one day during our trip...but I haven't gotten that far in my TR yet), and then you hooked up with your friends and got to go to Winter Wonderland (which we also did on this trip).

Great gifts too!
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Old 09-24-2013, 05:27 PM   #114
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Nice update Karin, I am suffering from post Disney depression too! At least you are planning a cure! The most I could do is go to the Disney Store and buy Lily some gifts.
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Old 09-24-2013, 08:44 PM   #115
Wicket's Mom
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How nice you had such a good visit with friends. The eggs Benedict looked so good, I need some of those soon!

I know what you mean about Disney depression, I received pin today. It was for 30% off a deluxe! but since I have to foot the rent for a month in south Florida next March, no Disney this soon!
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Old 09-24-2013, 08:49 PM   #116
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Oh my! I nearly choked when I read in your "firsts" that your plane was hit by lightening. How scary!!!

Even with that and the late taxi though, it looks like you were off to a good start. How could you not be with that kind of food offered on your flight. And... being given such a cute little napkin too. How fun!

The lounge looks very did the buffet food. That was to be a long layover anyway, but the delay must have made it just horrid!! 13 HOURS!!! Hopefully you get compensated!

Wow, your seat had a remote control?? How cool is that??

Glad you made your way through customs easy enough.

Yay! For pixie dust upon arrival to OKW!

I love the pictures of the room at OKW! I am so happy to hear that it was big.

2:45 am? That is a LONG travel day.

I will give away a bit of my trip planning to you... because you have had such lovely breakfasts at oliva's, I have a breakfast booked there in January! Your recent pictures just make me want to get there sooner!!

How cool you have a january trip! You will be coming back from Paris just as I am leaving for FL!

And the miniature golf looks like fun. It isn't something you read about on many trip reports either.
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Old 09-24-2013, 08:53 PM   #117
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Karin I loved your breakfast choice at Olivia's .That was my choice too The Eggs Benedict!!! How great you got to spend some Fun time with Dis Friends !!! I Love Tom's Dalmation Day !!
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Looks like a lovely breakfast - especially when you get to go twice with a good friends! I'm glad the golf was so fun for all of you!
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Old 09-26-2013, 12:05 AM   #119
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Great update, Karin! What a fun DIS meet, and as usual, you teach me a lesson in enjoying the less obvious choices at WDW like mini-golf. I really need to learn to slow down, as my TR will make clear, I'm sure.

Oooh - are we going to end up with another mini-TR within a TR from you????
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Old 09-26-2013, 05:43 AM   #120
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Dalmation Day? How cute is that?

Breakfast looks yummy!

Your gifts are fantastic.

How fun to meet up with your friends.

20 minutes to get your KTTK card working is about 15 minutes too long, IMHO!

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