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Old 11-12-2013, 09:57 AM   #946
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I may not get through all the responses this morning but I will be back to catch up later..... Happy Tuesday or otherwise known as my 6th favorite day of the week!!

Originally Posted by eandesmom View Post
Mnnn, Boma Breakfast, I hope to finally do this in May. Love the last morning pictures on your balcony at AK, just makes me smile looking at them. We have never done SOAT. Really hope to in December though I am worried the lines will be frightening...I don't think it comes up as a FP+ option...or does it? Maybe I should go check again lol.

Very cute that Kathy and Mark sailed by you while eating, the lighting is horrendous in there for photos.

I shed a tear as well at American Adventure, it's become a must do for me each trip.

I've yet to see the new TT (cracking up about your original Darren comment!) but as it is one of my most favorite rides, very worried I will feel much the same.

Great updates!
Hi Cynthia! I know you're a balcony/lanai fan so you would love that view for relaxing with a glass of wine.

You and Jeff may be more inclined to "get" SoaT since you have some engineering nuances to your profession. It really is a big science and math lesson culminating in a fun experience. I've not seem this as a FP+ option since they don't have a regular FP either. They only have one queue unless they redesign it - which of course, they could.

The low lighting at SA Inn was fine until I wanted to take photos. The shout out from Kathy and Mark on the ride past our table was so them. Funny!

I'm completely fine with the American Adventure until MLK Jr's "I Have a Dream" speech... that's my moment.

The new TT may be better for you since it now incorporates an element of engineering design and such.. you may appreciate it. The ride is still fun though.

Originally Posted by DisneyJo View Post
TT has always been our families favourite ride so I'm really worried whether we'll like the new version or not!!

It's so nice that you keep having DIS meets, I think my husband is banning them on our next trip
Hi Jo! Although I'm not a huge fan, the long lines prove that it is a favorite for others so no worries.

Ha ha! No Dismeets for you.

Originally Posted by jmm476 View Post
So I'm still confused... You are supposed to use the MB for test track? But it didn't tell you to use it? No wonder I'm having nightmares about this upcoming trip. I'm going to feel like a newbie with these bands!

Sent from my iPad using DISBoards
Hi Jill. Sorry to confuse. Everyone else in the room appeared to have magnetic strip cards that are swiped or tapped and that load the design. (MBs were still in test at that time so most people did not have them.) We were not given the card for whatever reason... we were the very last in the room so maybe we were overlooked? I didn't know what the MBs could/couldn't do so when I tapped my MB to the start icon it activated the design sequence and we could design the car. Sorry, I'm no help at all!! See Paula's response below for more.

Originally Posted by smile4stamps View Post
I'm not a huge fan of the new Test Track either. I preferred the old version... and I prefer Radiator Springs Racers to either of them

With the design a car we used the MB to design and then scanned the MB before we got into the car!

San Angel Inn is beautiful! I just wish we had liked the food! But then that was almost 5 years ago so we may give it another chance...
I agree Paula!! Radiator Springs Racers is FAR better than either version of TT. Just look at those Stand By lines still.

See, you paid attention and knew how to use the MBs!

There's been so many mediocre to bad dining reviews for SAI so it took us 3 years to actually eat here. We were lucky and had a good experience.

Originally Posted by DaveinFallsChurch View Post
I'm with ya on Test Track. It feels like a whole lot of work "designing" the vehicle in the queue for a whole lot of nothing on the actual ride. Yep, that extra 15% of power made the vehicle feel a lot faster. NOT.

I'm still grumbling about Voices of America being on a week long break when I visited the American Adventure last month. I hadn't seen them before and was really looking forward to hearing them. And taking pictures of them. Even the Fife and Drums were not available on the day I went.
Hi Dave! Yeah, I hear ya! I thought I added fully reclining leather seats, that was completely missing.

I didn't know Voices of America took a break. I suppose they were following suit for the government shut down too. And the Fife and Drum corp too? That's too bad since they are the centerpiece of the host country.

Originally Posted by katt789 View Post
I definitely agree with you on the test track stuff, I just don’t like it, the old one was a lot better, and the design process just slows down the ride a heck of a lot. It doesn’t help like an interactive queue, but just slows everything down? I dunno, that’s what I felt!

San Angel will always remind me of the blue bayou? At DLR, both places I really want to eat at, as they’re IN rides..kinda…more so at DLR. Also, Holly Madison got married at the blue bayou, like, INSIDE POTC, when you’ve got money, you can do anything, bahaha!

Oh my gosh I love those plates!! Looks like a pretty good meal! I think it’s next on my list of WS places to dine, that, and Teppan Edo. I always like to return to my favourites, although without the DDP there’s NO WAY I can afford all of the delicious foods at Le Cellier, bahahaha. Question, how much is the TiW card? I’m going to have to do some research on that since we just bought AP’s the other day! Yayayaya!

Never seen the American Adventure, but love the voices of liberty, they are so talented!

Aw, you guys rent DVC’s! That’s good to know! I really do like the idea of it, I’ve wanted to do it for a while, especially at Yacht/Beach club! I’m thinking next Nov! Got some time to save for it! Lol
I'm with you Katt, TT just isn't to my liking but I do keep returning so what do I know!

Exactly SAI is Blue Bayou with a Mexican twist. That was the other reason we wanted to eat there is to experience that ambiance like at DL. I had read that Holly married there - gawsh wish I could throw myself a party there. But I would want Jack Sparrow to be my rum boy!

TiW went up in price to $100 but with as many times as you go it may be worth it. Many TS places but at the value resorts and the AK CS the discount is good for most dining. We definitely recapture our savings in one trip with the 20% discount.

VoL are truly talented folk!

Actually we've yet to rent points... there was an earlier discussion on that one and it's rather silly to admit that we haven't but we do book with discounts.

Originally Posted by annie170 View Post
I preferred the first Darren in Bewitched, also. Guess we're showing our ages here!!

I love the atmosphere at San Angel Inn, but didn't care much for the food. That was quite awhile ago, so we may have to try it again. Those tostadas look delish!

American Adventure makes me cry, too. I feel like such a proud American!
Hi Annie! ha ha! Dick York all the way!

You and others have said SAI just wasn't that great. Maybe I didn't expect much and they over-delivered to my expectations. I do think we were lucky to have a great table location, great server, we liked the food, and it was a pleasant experience. Next time I may be disappointed.

Ahhh yes, I agree!
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Old 11-12-2013, 10:32 AM   #947
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Originally Posted by IheartDDuck View Post
Nice, pixie dusted with Fastpasses!

I am on the same wavelength with you about Test Track. The boys LOVED it in July, so we had to suffer through a few rides that just felt like they took forever.

American Adventure is one of my favorites. I get all welled up inside.
Hi Dani! Pixie dust in the form of a nice man, yes!

I'm the kind of gal that just wants to get to the thrill part of the ride. Don't make me waste time having to think and pick out my design and do I want this or that.

American Adventure otherwise known as the "grab a tissue, this will be sentimental and emotional adventure"

Originally Posted by DisneyKid4Life View Post
Wow, the Magic and pixie dust just always seems to find you. I'll be sticking pretty close come December to see if some of it falls off my way. Nice snag on the TT fastpasses.

I agree Brenda. While I'm not one that's necessarily against change, I am against it if it doesn't make an improvement. And the TT change doesn't make an improvement in my eyes. I'm reserving judgement on MyMagic+, but the same rules apply.

Haha, although Em clearly enjoys the design process.

San Angel Inn restaurant has to be one of the coolest looking anywhere. So amazing how much it looks like night time.

I'm deeply embarrassed to say that I have never seen the American Adventure. Now that I see all the stairs, I now know why.

Actually this really is on my to do list.
Oh Rob, I'm sure that guy was looking for the two perfect people who could appreciate TT and all its new design technology to entrust those FPs! Oops on that one!

You are nicer than me, I'm judging already!

Yes, SAI is perfectly at home by the riverbank of not only a faux pyramid but a volcano! I'm certain that is in someplace in Mexico! Seriously though, it is fabulously themed and we really enjoyed it.

That's ok Rob, the escalators have a nice little spot for you. No worries, just like getting on that ferry boat on my list, I'm sure one day it will happen for you!

Now you have me thinking....I always look at this from a US citizen perspective but when you think about how international Epcot is, it may be hard to connect who and what all that is in the presentation represents.

Originally Posted by klacey1 View Post
I like the new ride portion of TT, but really hated the lack of direction with designing the cars, when to tap your KTTW on the reader before you rode, etc. San Angel Inn sure is dark! The contrast between inside and outside in your pictures is crazy!
Gotta admit, I didn't pay much attention in the design room and didn't see anyone taping their card on the readers....

SAI is pretty dark for sure.
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Old 11-12-2013, 01:27 PM   #948
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I did it. All caught up. Loved reading your dining reviews, both Boma and San Angel are on my list for places I would like to try. As for TT I wasn't to crazy about the old one, haven't had time to try the new one. I'm sure there was more I wanted to say but not coming to mind. I do love your reports!!
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Old 11-12-2013, 01:58 PM   #949
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Just joining in. Slow day at work so I decided to read a TR. I got caught up over breakfast and lunch.
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Old 11-12-2013, 02:00 PM   #950
You better have crackers
I heard of light reading, never wet reading
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It was telling me last night I maxed out fp’s and I have an annual pass so I cannot. LOL
Maybe once I am at my goal I will try SOAT.
I hate the designing of the car. Seems like a waste to me but if it keeps the little ones entertained.
If Mark was involved I would go with the trying on sombreros. LOL. I do like how you all keep running into each other.
Looking forward to more.
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Old 11-13-2013, 09:09 AM   #951
It's been you all along
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I am with you 100% with Test Track. It looks super cool but where's the storyline

After seeing your San Angel pictures I seriously want about 5 bowls of their tortilla soup. It's so so so so so good!

And just one or two tears in the American Adventure? I wish I had your willpower. I'm pretty sure I go through 3 tissues while in there
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Old 11-13-2013, 10:09 AM   #952
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Still trying to get caught up with responses.... lost my responses I tried to post last night so I'm trying again....

Originally Posted by BridgetR3 View Post
Oh man, I hope we can keep our designs from Test Track. That was my boys' favorite part of the ride.

Love Kathy's shirt in your picture with her! We re-enact that scene often with the kids!

Here's hoping you LOVE Yacht Club!! I know we loved the Beach Club this June!
Hi Bridget! I think that the designs are saved to the cards but I'm not sure how you would view them later.

Definitely a cute shirt! You can hear me saying "mine" for the last cookie at our house!

Definitely we're YC lovers! I'll miss it next trip... BC was our first on-site resort so it holds a special place in our hearts.

Originally Posted by francis6306 View Post
Test Track!!! I just want to ride this ride!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You know… if all the pixie dust lines up just right and I make this Mom's Panel thing, I could be in the World while you are there… but I can't allow myself to think about that…
I'm with you! And yet, I can't come up with a better queue experience so I should hush!

I wish you all the luck with the mom's panel. When do you find out about round 2?

Originally Posted by DMGeurts View Post
I almost missed your update... Yah - not a huge fan of TT anymore either. So sad. The girls and I didn't even bother building our vehicle - we just rode single rider, and I am glad we did... This definately solves our main issue in Epcot... Left or Right for morning FPs... Although - FP+ is going to solve that issue for sure by our next trip anyways. LOL

It looks like you had a great day in WS... We have only seen the American Adventure show once - and I doubt that we will be going back... Not that we didn't enjoy it - but when all three of us end up sound asleep in the back row... Well... It's just too comfy and too dark for us tired park goers. LOL

Can't wait to hear about your check in.

I totally agree, no use going left for the FP dilemma! This was our first time doing the interactive design since we've only done single rider as well.

ha ha! It is dark and it is comfy... it completely invites a little snooze for those tired world showcasers! The CM may need to add on a little rise and shine spiel to their exit speech!

Originally Posted by teekathepony View Post
Hi Brenda! Coming to you from the airport this morning! What better way to pass the time until disney then by dising?
I'm interested to see the new test track, even if everyone agrees it's not much improvement. I'm not a lover of change either and for the record, I also preferred he first Darren on Bewitched! Hehehe
Another Dismeet? Awesome! Your seats in San Angel are awesome, I've always wanted to eat there just for the atmosphere!
Can't wait to see your next room!

Sent from my iPad using DISBoards
Hi Wendy! I hope you are having an awesome trip! You are a true Diser - catching up from the airport.

I'm curious to see what you thought of TT. Ha ha, Dick York rules!

That Kathy and Mark were all over the place I tell ya, we couldn't not run into them.

The atmosphere at SAI was more my angle as well since I was a little scared of the food from what I'd read. Turns out it wasn't bad and it was quite nice!

Again, I hope you and Johnny have an awesome trip!

Originally Posted by emilyindisney View Post
I'm loving all the DIS meets you've done so far on this trip. It's nice to see how friendly the DIS community can be!

San Angel looks so good. How funny that you got to see KatMark sail by!

Is an amazing upgrade in store again for YC? Hahaha!
Hi Emily! The Dis meets really are the highlight of our trips! Truly some great people here.

Speaking of which, good thing we were seated by the water so we could have yet one more Dis encounter with Kathy and Mark.

Stay tuned for check in and the room that had a foyer.... but that's all I'll say for now.
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Originally Posted by natebenma View Post

Brenda- it can't be said enough- Thank you to Chad for his service and to your family for your sacrifices.

THANK YOU Dee!! That is so kind and awesome!! Truly!!

Originally Posted by khertz View Post
UGH, Test Track...Why did they have to mess with a good thing?! I gave it a shot on our trip, and just as suspected, I don't see the point of the new attraction at all. It is also pretty silly to be able to use your MB to design the car but they don't tell you that anywhere!!

The atmosphere in the Mexican pavilion is probably my favorite of all the pavilions! Never eaten at the restaurant, but it looks like you and Em had a lovely view!

I did the American Adventure for the first time a few years ago, and it was really lovely! We haven't the past few trips because I think DS would be too antsy and loud in there, so I look forward to being able to check it out again when he is a little older.
Hi khertz! I agree! What was wrong with it before dumping all that $ into a refurb?? Obviously it has many fans since the stand by lines are still very long. Since they didn't ask my opinion before they did that I suppose it doesn't matter now! Perhaps those MB have more secrets that we know.

After many visits to the lovely Mexico pavilion or rather the Plaza de los Amigos it was nice to actually dine there. And yes, the view was perfect.

Definitely touring some of the dark narrated attractions is hard for little ones. Good strategy to give it a few years for your little guy to get older!

Originally Posted by momabbate View Post

Brenda, Thanks for raising a great son that serves our great country!

I promise to get caught up soon. I should have known I couldn't take time away from the dis when reading the most popular thread. (I don't know where you ended this month.)
Hi Sandy! Awwww thank you for sharing that! It is so touching. My sentiment for you as well.

No worries about being caught up... obviously I can't keep up with my own stuff. (They gave me the consolation badge since no ones thread will ever rival Jess' Frump Style.

Originally Posted by Queenofallthings View Post
I have to tell you, that although I am Canadian, the American Adventure makes me weep every single time! I think you can't help but think of your own country and how lucky we are to have such great neighbours to the south
Hi Jacquie! Awww what a great thing to say. How sweet of you!

Likewise, I shed a tear during the Canada circle-vision with Martin Short since the beautiful music and the video of the gorgeous parts of your country are so moving and inspiring. I was thinking last time that it must make a Canadian proud to see their country show cased so beautifully.

Originally Posted by Wood Nymph View Post
I guess I'll be in the minority and say that I like the new Test Track. I like designing a car and I'm really glad that the lame pre-show is gone now. The part with the car speeding outside is still the same, so all is good in my opinion.
I will give you that the prior queue with the test dummies wasn't that exciting but then again, I liked Daren number 1!

That's the best 45 seconds of any ride in Disneyworld when the car accelerates through the doors.

Originally Posted by peachmermaid View Post
Darren #1 all the way!! I still miss Mr. toad in wdw so... Yay for nice people passing their fast passes on to people instead of pitching them! I love smart travelers.

Yay the American adventure! That just makes my nerd side so happy!!

I may have to try this restaurant... If there is any place that can convince me not to be crazy picky, it's wdw! It looks so nice. I heard it's cramped, but it think the atmosphere would make up for it.
Hi Jennifer! Mr Toad RIP (in the HM graveyard no less!) It was so nice of that man to do that!

Good to see a fellow American Adventure fan in the house!

It is pretty cramped at SAI but if you like Mexican food that is pretty traditional this place is ok. Nothing too scary on the menu. I may not consider myself picky I have specific cravings some times. Definitely the atmosphere is a plus.

Originally Posted by SAT887 View Post
I have yet to try Sum of all Thrills - one of these days! We tend to gloss over things because of height requirements. The girls still have quite a few inches to go for that one!!

I loved your pictures of AKL - they are really getting me excited for our few nights there in Jan!!

SAI looked like a good time (minus not being able to see you in the one photo!) - So being the DIS idol that you are - when you guys go to the parks you always run into someone don't you!?
Hi Sarah! SoaT is hard to do with one parent sitting out since there's no rider swap or anything. Definitely not little kid friendly.

How exciting to be going back in Jan. I loved your room (villa) this last trip!

Uhhhh there's days when we don't run into people we "know"! It is funny to hear from people who are bashful or shy... see earlier in my TR the mom/daughter encounter on the monorail. I think I hope I wasn't doing anything embarrassing or annoying!!
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Originally Posted by Leshaface View Post
I don't mind an early alarm during Disney vacations. It's accidentally forgetting to set an alarm the night before is what upsets me the most!

Would love to visit Boma one day! Not sure if the food would be a little too out there for DM, but it looks like you had 'normal' food, so I think she would be okay!

Awesome score on the TT FP's! And i'm with you on TT. Prefer the old version.

DH refuses to eat at San Angel Inn! I would just love to go there for the atmosphere of it. It definitely reminds me of BB at DLR.

Need to see the American Adventure show (writing that down in my mind, which i'm sure is not the best place to be kept since i'm tired...)
Hi there! I think I live life on the edge, I don't think I've ever set an alarm while at WDW. But I can completely see the other side of it if one isn't set and needing to get somewhere... on time.

Boma definitely has "normal" food from what we've experienced - which is only breakfast so what do I know. I'm cautious when I try new things so that's what I like about the Boma buffet, you can try a little and move on if you don't like it.

No way of bribing DH for SAI huh? Definitely has BB tones to the restaurant.

The American Adventure you should try one time at least. With a little one it may be hard to work that one in since it is a longer dark show. But one day....

Originally Posted by TTTSLH View Post
I'm in and loving this report. So excited to hear about the castle report...
Hi there TTTSLH! Welcome and thank you so much for joining!! I've got a few more updates to go before the Dream Suite but hang in there since I hope it will be worth the wait.

Originally Posted by Nakkira View Post
It choked me up too!
HI Nakkira!! Welcome! You just can't help it. They have such beautiful voices.

Originally Posted by momabbate View Post
I did it. All caught up. Loved reading your dining reviews, both Boma and San Angel are on my list for places I would like to try. As for TT I wasn't to crazy about the old one, haven't had time to try the new one. I'm sure there was more I wanted to say but not coming to mind. I do love your reports!!
Yay Sandy!!

I'm glad you are caught up!!

Originally Posted by APiratesLifeForMe2 View Post
Just joining in. Slow day at work so I decided to read a TR. I got caught up over breakfast and lunch.
Hi there PiratesLife!! I love the user name!! Welcome and thanks for joining! I'm glad you selected this TR!

Originally Posted by scottny View Post
It was telling me last night I maxed out fp’s and I have an annual pass so I cannot. LOL
Maybe once I am at my goal I will try SOAT.
I hate the designing of the car. Seems like a waste to me but if it keeps the little ones entertained.
If Mark was involved I would go with the trying on sombreros. LOL. I do like how you all keep running into each other.
Looking forward to more.
See, we are cursed Scott!! Silly FP+.

Designing your own coater and riding the actual design is much better than the TT pre-ride queue so if you try it I hope you like it.

I think you are right. Hats and Mark just go together! We were like magnets this trip we couldn't stay apart!

Thanks for reading!

Originally Posted by foodrocksluver View Post
I am with you 100% with Test Track. It looks super cool but where's the storyline

After seeing your San Angel pictures I seriously want about 5 bowls of their tortilla soup. It's so so so so so good!

And just one or two tears in the American Adventure? I wish I had your willpower. I'm pretty sure I go through 3 tissues while in there
Yeah, explain the dark Tron city thing and all the other parts of the ride... maybe I just don't get it!

Ha ha! Cravings!

Em always knows when I start crying ....she knows the exact moment that I lose it. They should have a little tissue dispenser by the seats. I suppose it would be a magnet for little ones keeping entertained and puling them out but an idea nonetheless!!
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I loved your last update. San Angel and American Adventure were two new things we experienced on our past trip and we loved them both!
I thought my kids would be bored to death in American Adventure, but they liked it. Surprisingly my DS8 was actually was on the edge of his seat the entire time and I downloaded the Golden Dream song for him once we got home. He may be becoming a little history buff?
And you can't beat the atmosphere of San Angel. We all agreed it's a must do for our next trip. You had great seats next to the water.
My family enjoys Test Track, but we have never been on the old version, so we have nothing to compare it to.
Our winning trip to WDW and Cinderella's Castle Suite! Boo To You and The Castle Suite Too! – September 2013
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Great Last day at AKL and Welcome to Epcot pictures.

Love all your balcony shots and all the animals just wandering around outside your window. One day I will stay there so I can see that. My kids would be thrilled to have a giraffe right outside.

Congrats on the FP to TT. Always nice when someone spreads the pixie dust around.

I haven't been on the new TT yet so I will have to see what I think when I go in Jan. I like the old version and so far it doesn't sound like the upgrade made it better.

Nice picture of you with Kathy!!

I have never seen American Adventure. I am a bad American. Have to get over there to see that this time.
Me 41 : DH 42 DD 9 DS 7 Zera
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Brenda, I am not going to take any more trips. I get too far behind on TR's (including my own). Forgive me for taking so long to get here.

Nice on the FP's for Test Track. Not a fan; we didn't even bother with it in August.

We didn't mind hiking over to Mexico. And, of course, you know Mark had to try on a hat or two while we were there. I was so happy that we found we would be dining at the same place later that evening.

I love the American Adventure. We missed it this trip because we had a DIS meet and the timing wouldn't work. We will for sure do it next year.

By the way, if you get back to DL and see that Grumpy/Santa shirt that your husband posted on FB, would you look and see if they have a 3X? Mark would LOVE to have that shirt (even if it says Disneyland). A 2X works, but he worries that they will shrink and why he goes with a 3X.
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WE BELIEVE IN MIRACLES! ~~Nearly twice as many children die from Congenital Heart Defects in the U.S. each year as die from all forms of childhood cancers combined.
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I am all caught up (well, to be honest, I read the other day, I just didn't post...and Didn't say HAPPY VETERAN'S Day and Thank you to Chad and your entire family for your service to our country).

I saw Kathy in the midst of one of your pics...right after the newly designed TT...I love the AA as well, so touching/uplifting!

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I believe I am all caught up!

Sounds like you enjoyed the breakfast at Boma, even if your selections were not particularly ethnic. Ben and I enjoyed the one time we dined there.

So, between breakfast at Boma and Tusker House, did you prefer TH?

I enjoyed reading about your go on Sum of All Thrills. Although it is kind of a hidden gem, the lines are usually pretty long when the attraction is open. My husband used to work at Raytheon when he was first out of college, so we get a kick out of their "subtle" sponsorship.

I can see how following up with more design stuff may have been a bit of overkill. We liked the new version of Test Track. The boys had fun designing their own cars. I kind of liked the "black light-chic" of the inside track. And as always, the speed track is super exciting.

Hooray for a another meet with Kathy and Mark and another one in the hopper for later that night!

It has been years since we have dined at San Angel- we used to go on every trip, but have not taken the boys there. And after our awesome experience at La Hacienda, I'm not sure we will be returning soon. But you really can't beat the ambience of the restaurant. I have read that you can see a hidden mickey in the smoke of the volcano, but I have never seen it.

I enjoyed reading about another great dining experience at Yachtsman with your favorite waiter. That is so cool that you keep in touch with him!
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One of these days I'm going to have to spend more time in Epcot. There's so much there that I haven't done! Of all the things you mentioned in your last update I haven't done a single one! That's pitiful. Clearly more trips to wdw are in order! I have been inside the Mexico pavilion though and I think the San Angel Inn is so beautiful. It hasn't made it onto my list of place I want to eat yet though because the reviews of the food seem so hit or miss. Maybe we'll have to try it sometime though.
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