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Old 05-07-2014, 05:19 PM   #2251
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this trip report rocks!!
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Hey Brenda, I hope you and DH are still having a wonderful time in WDW! I'm so glad we were able to meet up with you on Saturday!

Great updates from KTTK. DH and I really enjoyed the tour when we did it a few years ago. Really strange that they wouldn't let you use your camera on stage? Because of that tour we got turned on to eating upstairs at CHH and now we do that every time!

Gotta love disney shopping! What a cute dress.
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Old 05-11-2014, 06:55 AM   #2253
WE BELIEVE IN MIRACLES! ~~Nearly twice as many children die from Congenital Heart Defects in the U.S. each year as die from all forms of childhood cancers combined.
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I am so behind on reading your trip report!
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Old 05-11-2014, 11:49 PM   #2255
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Hi guys! We're back from our recent WDW trip. I will have much to share....great Dismeets and some magic moments made this a great trip. I enjoyed spending time with my hubby but Em was definitely missed by both of us.

Let's get this wrapped up so I can start the next TR - which if anyone is still interested was our December trip that had some awesome Dismeets and some wonderful firsts for us as well.

Originally Posted by Tracy161 View Post
Amazing summary of your KTTK tour!!! So many of us Disers have been on that tour in the recent months (or, rather, reported on the tour in the recent months! ) and I'm beginning to feel left out! It's definitely on my must-do list though and your report of it makes me want to get on that sooner than later. It's neat also because all of you have mentioned different things about the tour so I've really enjoyed reading from different perspectives.

Your tea at GF looked amazing!!! I would have absolutely ordered a PBJ finger sandwich as well!

Good jab at Rob for his bathroom... shall we say "mishap?"
Thanks Tracy! I saw a few groups doing the KTTK tour this week and felt left out myself. Keep it on your list, you'll love it.

Ha ha! Yes, the PB&J is apparently a common request among adults.

I'm just glad that Rob is a good sport.

Originally Posted by Queenofallthings View Post
Well it's official, you have convinced me to try both the tour and the Afternoon Tea at the GF!! So excited that another trip is literally right around the corner for you guys...and we will live vicariously thru you
So glad that I inspired expanding your horizons Jacquie! Now if only I could swing a 3 week land/sea trip like you I'd be delirious with happiness!

Originally Posted by TheMaxRebo View Post
Just wanted to wish you a wonderful trip!

oh, and I updated your Dancing Barb gif a little:

Thank you Phil! That was awesome!!

Originally Posted by goofy4prez View Post
Brenda, I have some serious catching up to do here on your thread.

I hope you have a wonderful time on your WDW trip and look forward to reading about it and seeing all the great pictures you decide to share.

Your pictures of your stay at the CR really have me excited about my own trip coming up the beginning of June. I booked the CR with some caution, but the closer we are to being there the more excited I'm becoming. Your pictures are awesome. Again, have a great time.
Thank you Bob! I need to get a few photos up on FB as a preview of sorts.

You are only a few weeks away from your trip so I'm sure the excitement level must be pretty high about now. I love the smell of the CR when you walk through those doors.

Originally Posted by livsmom04 View Post
Great update! Loved reading about the KTTW tour since we can't do it for another 6 years. But if Jason and I go alone again that is something we want to do. We are however thinking of doing the backstage one in Epcot this September.

Sent from my iPad using DISBoards
Thanks Charlotte! Any Disney tour is sure to be great! They certainly know how to share enough of the magic that you want to come back for more. I think there may be a little brain-washing that happens during the tour which is why I'm so Disney obsessed!

Originally Posted by klacey1 View Post
I cannot believe the view of the castle from the walkway and of the EWP from your balcony! Gorgeous!
Thanks for the factoids from your tour! I always go back and forth on whether I want the magic "ruined" by taking a tour or if I want to learn some fantastic Disney history. Awesome you spotted where Tink lands! That was the best part of the WDP party for me-- she flies right over the Tomorrowland Terrace.
Have a wonderful trip!!
Definitely a front row seat for the EWP was a treat.

The tour has some trade-offs but you do need to have a desire to see Disney in a different way. I'm naturally curious and nosey so it is a great fit for me!

Yep, when I saw where Tink lands I was excited to see it since you can reference my comment above - the nosey part not the trade-off!

Originally Posted by JulieODC View Post
We loved our KOTK tour a few years ago! Isn't it amazing how much thought goes into every single detail? I know that beforehand, but had a whole new appreciation after the tour was over!!
I completely agree Julie! Every detail of every attraction has such great thought and planning that goes into it. I would be even more amazed if I knew the history behind each detail. I saw some KTTK groups this last trip and wanted to eavesdrop to catch some new details.

Originally Posted by Aristocath View Post
Thank you for that amazing update! I wanted to do the KTTK tour on our last trip but my kids were too young and I'd have to go by myself. Fast forward four years and they are 16,14 and 11 so they are having a morning of touring by themselves and my husband and I are taking the KTTK tour! I booked it this morning. I was so inspired and interested by your report I decided I needed to do it. So thanks, Brenda!
You are so welcome Aristocath! Great plan to let the kids play while you take the tour with your hubby! I know you will enjoy the tour!
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Originally Posted by DisneyJo View Post
What a lovely day you two had, the tour sounds great and if I wasn't going in the middle of the summer when it's going to be hotter than hot it's definitely something I'd like to do. I did do a tour during my training but it was designed especially for us so it'd be great to do another - plus I can't hardly remember a thing
Jo, with your background and experience as part of the mom's panel you could do tours yourself!! I'm sure your special tour was amazing. Considering how a portion of your prep was the Dream Suite I'm sure it was better than anything Disney offers to the general public.

The summer definitely is brutal to take that tour since it is outside a good portion of the time. Even this month it was 90 degrees a few days.

Originally Posted by momabbate View Post
Wow, what a great day! I would love to do both the tour plus the tea. I know neither will make my 2015 trip. Chris thinks the tour would ruin the magic. He wants to wait till we have more visits. He would laugh at me if I suggested the tea.
I always thought you we a nicer person then me. I don't slow down for Chris. I already told him he can sleep as much as he wants. When I am ready to go to the parks I plan on going or staying later. I took it slow my first trip and it drove me nuts. Elizabeth kept up just fine. Hope you have a magical time!
Definitely don't take the tour if you want to preserve the mystery of Disney. However, tell Chris that I've had afternoon tea with a bunch of Disers including one hubby and he didn't get his man card revoked! However, I think he did order a drink from the bar so perhaps that was a statement that I should have clued in to.

Yeah, you are definitely nicer than me. My hubby calls our long park days a "forced march" with so much walking. I had to slow it down this trip... we didn't even see the children of the world serenading us on IaSW.

Originally Posted by dtr_angel View Post
The tour and the tea sound amazing! I love inside disney information! I've read so much about the tour but still want to do it myself someday! Guess I'll have to wait another 14 years haha.
Tours are great but the real magic moments of the trip are seeing Gavin enjoying the wonders of Disney with you and Daniel. So glad that we were able to meet up.

Originally Posted by teekathepony View Post
Beautiful ride on the ferry, and also what a great view of the water pageant!
My parents did the KTTK tour too, they loved it! It sounds so interesting, but myself, I prefer to keep on pretending it's all running on magic. (Although DH wants to do it so I can see me giving in some day!) I don't mind heRing about it or reading about it, but I just do t want to see the things for myself just yet.

Im so glad you were able to find the correct washroom. After Rob's incident, I was afraid perhaps they were labelled incorrectly or confusingly. I will confirm that the words ladies and gentlemen are two of the few that we still spell the same here.

M. T. Lott, that's cute.

It sounds like a fantastic tour! And your evening afterwards sounds very nice too (but it's too bad you missed dinner at WPE!

Sent from my iPad using DISBoards
Hold out if you don't want to spoil any of the magic! I believer there are other tours that don't go back-stage so they may be a good compromise.

Ha ha! Thanks for confirming the washrooms are clearly marked for even our Canadian friends. I will say the women's room with the figure of a lady on the wall is another big clue!

Originally Posted by DisneyKid4Life View Post
Way to back me up there Wendy, lol. You could have at least lied and said the spelling was different.
What? I don't have a problem with her honesty!

Originally Posted by RGirl View Post
Hi Brenda! Playing catch-up as always…..

Loved the pic of the electrical outlets in the Tangled “rest area.” I was kind of wondering where they had put those!

- I LOVE the pic of the “egg”!!!!!

Your nighttime pics on Day 11 are just gorgeous - I love the sky! And how cool to see the water pageant from your balcony - I have never seen it.

I just loved hearing about the tour! Thank you SO much for taking the time to share it. It will be quite a few years until Willow is old enough to accompany me on that tour…..

And I think you are back in WDW right now! I hope you are having a great trip!
Thanks Roni! Yep, we are just now back. thanks for the well wishes.

Do you believe they now have lockers for charging your phone in Tomorrowland? I wouldn't be surprised if next they started adding them to all the TS tables.

The water pageant is a really cool thing to see if you are anywhere near Seven Seas Lagoon or Bay Lake.

Originally Posted by Lovemy3babes View Post
Oh, the photo of the sky turning to crimson is beautiful Brenda! I absolutely LOVED your description of the Keys to the Kingdom tour. I read every, single bit....even the hidden parts. I would love to do that some day with Morghan. How fun for Disney fans!
Glad you enjoyed the tour intel Kelli! That would be a great tour for you and your DD. I may have forgotten some of the details of the tour but I definitely didn't forget the great feeling of being a part of that tour and seeing the magic that happens behind the scenes.

Originally Posted by teekathepony View Post
Apologies. But you know, sisters before misters and all that.

Originally Posted by eandesmom View Post
LOL! I loved it when I was a kid but can't do it now. I have a hard time with sugar in general. The only cereal I do these days is plain cheerios with raisins or granola with raisins on my greek yogurt. I actually miss the plain cheerios, the boys want the honey nut and since they obviously need the extra calories, I do let them have it but it's too sweet for me.

Not really a tour, but they were backstage pre-parade and also for the recording session. He had some interesting words for it.

We bought some dresses there back in 2010, super cute and quite (surprisingly) reasonable.

Well I will be there over labor day for a certain race....

It was pretty noisy, I know my mom and her cousin had a whole separate chat going on and I couldn't really hear that.

It was interesting, touring plans showed the crowds at at 10 and boy on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday...they were! I'd hoped it was less spring break than it was, we are usually so much later than most places but I think some schools actually time with Easter, versus a certain week each year.
Since DL has so many locals pouring into the parks it tends to be busier during the weeks that most school districts are on Spring break which mostly coincide with Easter.

Originally Posted by eandesmom View Post
I think you overestimate how much I run, and my fitness level! I am lucky on the genetic side and have gotten better in the willpower area, it's probably more those 2 things than actual exercise though that certainly doesn't hurt.
All I can say is ! To be blessed genetically AND still put the effort into being fit you are in the minority for women in your age group.

Originally Posted by NoOrdinaryPrincess View Post
Just caught up! Excellent review! Can't wait for more!
Thank you! I'm planning to get another day posted here very soon....
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Originally Posted by scottny View Post
Day 11 ended nicely.
Nice you did the KTKT.
The tour sounds good. We had it booked last year but it got all screwed up so we did not do it.
Love going to tea.
I wish the AP discount was still 20%. I hate only 10%.
Have a great trip.
Hi Scott! Bummer. Sorry the tour got screwed up and you didn't do it.

Speaking of AP discounts, I forget that not all stores offer AP discounts at WDW which is far different from DL which offers 20% off all merchandise. Since most of the merchandise they sell is the same at DL I tend to do my shopping there.

Thanks, the trip was nice.

Originally Posted by Leshaface View Post
Haha I like that you snuck a picture of the survey picture of the Mayor

I like how trivia question number 2 has the answer in number 3!

Wow with all that wonderful information from your tour, I won't need to be taking a 'real' tour now! Thanks!

I'm loving seeing all your pictures while your at WDW! Hope you're having an amazing time and can't wait to hear/read all about it.
Ha ha! Yes, the Mayor was one of the entertainment questions.

Would you believe I hadn't seen Wreck it Ralph until this past winter? I'm seriously lagging on my Disney movies. Don't ask me about Frozen! I haven't seen the whole movie yet, I fell asleep half way into it!

Oh thanks! If I wasn't so lazy I would have posted more photos from my phone while we were at WDW. I actually have a lot more photos on my phone that I intended to share but got distracted and didn't. Oops!

Originally Posted by bhwhiz View Post
this trip report rocks!!
Why thank you bhwhiz! Thanks for reading!

Originally Posted by khertz View Post
Hey Brenda, I hope you and DH are still having a wonderful time in WDW! I'm so glad we were able to meet up with you on Saturday!

Great updates from KTTK. DH and I really enjoyed the tour when we did it a few years ago. Really strange that they wouldn't let you use your camera on stage? Because of that tour we got turned on to eating upstairs at CHH and now we do that every time!

Gotta love disney shopping! What a cute dress.
Hi Kristy! I'm so glad that we were able to say hi as well. Paxton was adorable!

Strange huh? I could use my camera anywhere on-stage if I wasn't a tour member so it was odd.

Speaking of CHH, I took Michael there to tour upstairs so we could scope it out for future meals. He thought I was just teasing him since we walked around but didn't eat there....yet.

Thanks! Disney clothes on sale is my kind of shopping!

Originally Posted by blessedmom4 View Post

Thank you so much Judy! I love that! How precious to see the Disney characters with their moms. Happy Mother's Day to you as well.

Originally Posted by vettegirl View Post
I am so behind on reading your trip report!
No worries Lori! I think you have a great excuse. I have some photos to share with you of our meet up. I can message them to you. Thanks for making time for us so late at night. You looked amazing!
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disney meema
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Late to the party, but I've read your trip report and loving every moment : )
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Wednesday August 28, 2013: Day 13, Part 1

This day ended up being full of first for us…. To start, I finally ordered something that I really liked for breakfast at The Wave at the Contemporary Resort. To read about this dining adventure, please see here.

Next up, another first…. A WATER PARK. Yes, ladies and gents we were donning our swim suits and dipping our tootsies into the lazy rivers and flumes of one of Disney’s waterparks. If Stacey has this on her list of Must Dos then who am I to argue?

We were at the bus stop at 9:45am and had no clue which water park we preferred. Since it really didn’t matter we decided to play bus roulette and hop on the first waterpark bus that came along. That bus happened to be……

We almost second guessed our decision since my preference was actually the tropical beachy feel of Typhoon Lagoon. We stepped on the bus after conferring about 5 seconds, you wanna? Do You wanna? I guess we’ll try it. Seriously ladies? I’m sure that’s the thought bubble from the bus driver.

We arrived a little after 10am and the water park was already crowded. We made a stop in the Beach Haus store to rent towels ($2 each) and a locker ($15 with a $5 refund when the key is returned.) They assign a locker number on the key. We used the changing facilities in the restrooms before venturing over to the beach area.

Having no clue where to go or what to do since we didn’t grab a map we found the signs that had maps for the park. Here’s some interesting information from AllEars.net.

Blizzard Beach (BB) is the largest water park at Walt Disney World Resort. It applies an outrageous ski resort theme to an awesome water adventure park. It's action-oriented, with the emphasis on slides and thrills. It features over 17 slides, a wave pool, an area for pre-teens and an area especially for little tikes. The water is heated to 80 degrees at BB.

Here’s the map of the park:

We did take a second to read the water park rules....A rule breaker for #1 would terrify me if someone also broke rule #4! I hope rule #5 is observed OUTSIDE the water.

We found a spot to place our towels and then made the tough decision; hit the green slopes or the purple slopes? We decided to start off in the wave pool called Melt Away Bay. There was a photopass photographer there who took some photos before we were drenched. They give you a photopass card with an elastic band that you can put around your wrist.

The zero entry beach was a great way to get our feet wet before we decided what we wanted to do first.

Just wading in the water wasn’t quite the excitement we were seeking so we decided to go to the purple slopes for the Double Dipper. It was about a 15 minute wait. This is an inner tube plunge where you race side-by-side before plunging into the pool at the end. That was a fun 20 second plunge!

That was a great warm up for the next ride. We decided to go to the green slopes for our next ride. We had a choice of climbing 1001 steps or taking the chairlift. We chose the chair lift since the wait wasn’t too long. On the way up the lift we observed some drama on the ground below. Two gals were going at it in an altercation that drew the attention of everyone within a quarter square mile including a photopass guy who was first on the scene. One of the gals knocked over a trash can trying to get to the other gal. From the name calling it appeared to be a case of one chick becoming too friendly with another chick’s guy. That was no way to resolve the situation…. I think they should have broke out the glass slipper and seen which one that it fit.

Ski lift to the fun stuff at the top!

After that bit of excitement we got in line for Teamboat Springs. This is a 4 person tube ride. The wait was longer but there were umbrellas set up along the line for shade. We were in a big raft with a father and his young son. It was a long, meandering ride to the bottom. The raft spins and tips all the way down. If the line wasn’t so long we would have done that one again.

However, we decided to be lazy and try the lazy river which was nearby.
So here’s the thing with the lazy river, it’s really not so lazy because it takes some effort to a. find an empty tube or two and b. get INTO the tube. The water is flowing swiftly and it is not an easy feat to plop into the tube. In my first attempt I missed the tube since it floated away and I sank to the bottom. A second attempt got me into the tube but I couldn’t get centered easily. In the meantime Em had found a tube but there was no way we were going to be able to float around together since the current was moving too fast.

We went around once before giving our tubes to the next set of people waiting on the steps. There were a lot of people just walking through the lazy river with no tubes. It was doable but you had to dodge the people in the tubes floating past.

A brilliant idea that took me a minute to realize this was not a misdirected sprinkler. The spray of water cools the walkways so your tootsies don't burn up in the heat.

We wanted to do Summit Plummet, the big daddy of plunges in the park but the line was nearly an hour and we didn’t feel like waiting that long in the blazing sun. Instead we went back to the wave pool and cooled off.

The one that we didn't do!

We were enjoying our time at the waterpark but had an ADR at Tokyo Dining at 1:30. We were not going to be able to make that so we called Disney Dining and were able to move our lunch reservation out to 2:30pm. That gave us time to get changed, return our towels and locker key and get our $5 deposit back for the key.

The line for surfer Goofy was almost non-existent with only one family waiting. We stood there on deck to be the next and final family to pose with Goofy. There was a family with small kids that walked up in line behind us but the character handler told them the line was now closed. One of the little boys was so bummed and looked like he was going to cry. Oh man! I couldn’t stand there and get our photo taken and not let those kids pose with Goofy. We told the family that they could take our place and we’d move along since we had to get to lunch anyway. The character handler gal stopped us and said no way! We were not leaving without posing with Goofy. She let us go last and still get our photo taken.

We made our way to Epcot where we trekked all the way to Japan for our lunch ADR. My Tokyo Dining review is found here. We came with our appetite so don’t be alarmed if you see that we ate appetizers AND an entrée AND dessert (Em)… it was another great dining experience for one of our favorite restaurants.

Continued Next Post

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Wednesday August 28, 2013: Day 13, Part 2

While in Epcot we hit up some of the attractions in World Showcase. We walked towards Mexico. The Illuminations globe was being ferried out and the bridge was up. That was pretty interesting to watch.

And now we can pass through…

Em wanted to watch the circle-vision show in China. We’d not done this before so it being in an air conditioned pavilion appealed to us as much as being interested in yet another circle-vision production.

Someone else needed a break it would appear.

Our next stop was to experience the thrill of a Viking voyage on Malestrom. Has anyone seen the sign out from that you may get wet? I think perhaps a bit of over-caution there but I wouldn’t say this is a ride that if you don’t get wet you didn’t have fun. I like rides that go backwards even if this doesn’t rank up there with Expedition Everest!

For this particular sea faring adventure, the standby line was only 10 minutes so we were in a boat in no time. And look! There’s the light of day. I’m still kicking myself that I didn’t notice the first time (or two) on Malestrom that the ride peeks outside the wall.

In the dump shop, the troll was just asking for a nose picking! Em has too much class (read maturity) to stoop to such antics.

While we were in Norway I wanted to mark something off my top 10 Must Do List. Kringla Og Bakeri is home to the famous School Bread – which I had yet to try. I hoped to split this with Em but she didn’t want any part of it since she is not a coconut fan. So with fork, knief and camera in hand I documented this exploratory operation. First, a photo of the outside and then the inside.

It looked good…. The first bite didn’t really have the cream filling so it was a little dry. It tasted like an Entenmann’s Danish. It was just ok, nothing spectacular. Exploring further into this little treat I started to taste more of the cream and that made all the difference in this being just ok to being good but not quite amazing. I’m not sure I buy into the hype for this bakery item but I can say that I have successfully marked this off my top 10 must do list.

Next on the must do list was something conveniently located next door in Mexico. Since I was in an ambitious mood for marking items off my must do list, why not add the avocado margarita to the completed column? So I did.

We went into La Cava where the bartender whirled me up one avocado margarita. It looked lovely with the red hibiscus salt on the rim…and then I tasted it. For $14 plus tip I didn’t make it far….after about 8 sips it just didn’t do it for me so I ditched it in the nearest trash bin. It just wasn’t the margarita for me…I didn’t expect the drink to be so sweet. Is that Midori in it?? Such a shame to go to waste…but I did mark it off my must do list.

I’ll return to La Cava but I’ll be looking for a more traditional margarita.

Continued Next Post….

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Originally Posted by disney meema View Post
Late to the party, but I've read your trip report and loving every moment : )
Thanks for joining! You're never late... they party is still going, so welcome!
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Looks like a great morning at Blizzard Beach. I'm always amazed at how fast you ladies move through the parks. It takes us FOREVER. Of course we do have kids to pull along.

I don't understand some of the food fascinations at Disney either. We tried and not liked Dole Whips, Zebra domes and school bread. Maybe my family is just picky!
Me DH DS11 DS7
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It's been awhile since we've been to a Disney waterpark, but I don't remember paying for renting towels. Those parks are a lot of fun, though.

I don't get the hype for schoolbread either. To me it seemed like a dinner roll with some cream filling and coconut on top.

Your meal at Tokyo Dining looked really good!
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Welcome back. Did your DH like his trip enough to return again?

How do you manage to keep from getting all sunburned when at a water park? You look like you would burn easily? We went to Blizzard Beach once and I think I spent most of the time in the lazy river. I didn't want to wait in long lines for the slides. I burn easily.
~ Sue

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I'm excited to see a new update.

Glad you found something you enjoyed at The Wave- can't go wrong with a Mickey waffle!

I enjoyed reading about your visit to Blizzard Beach. Your story about the drama there cracked me up. We like Typhoon Lagoon more- the wave pool is more intense, the tropical theme is more to our liking- but Teamboat Springs really rocks. My favorite family water park ride.

So nice of you to offer your spot in line for Goofy to the family behind you and I love that you still got your photo!

I am very tempted to try out Tokyo dining. Nate loves shrimp tempura and the rest of us love Bento boxes and sushi. The reviews I have read have mostly been positive.

What a fantabulous seat and view!!!

Your revelation about Maelstrom still cracks me up!

I'm with you on the review of the schoolbread. I love anything with coconut and after everyones raves I was excited to try it for the first time. MEH. Like you said, the pastry was dry. It was way too sweet for me.

2 months to DL!!!

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